Y'day I committed a technical error in casting Muhurt chart of Chandrayan-2 launch & went ahead analyzing it. I realized latter in the day that the TZone was incorrect. The correct Lagna of chart is Scorpio and not Dhanu. I apologize & correcting the mistake with right chart. 1/n
I was unhappy y'day seeing the muhurt chart of Dhanu Lagna. It looked quite disappointing. However, now that I hv the correct chart, I must say that the Muhurt Chart does not look that bad. It must b kept in mind that NO Muhurt chart can be totally auspicious w/o any blemish. 2/n
A competent Jyotish pandit needs to select a Muhurt wherein Good dominates over the bad so that the given task/project/venture gets to the reasonable to great success. At least doesn't end up in failure. Thus, to suggest muhurt is a task of great responsibility for a Pandit. 3/n
This particular muhurt chart of Chandrayan-2 launch also hv good & bad configurations wherein the bad dominates the good but not to a great extent!Let me list good.
1) Vrishchik Lagna. 5th lord Guru in Lagna
2) 9th lord Moon in 5th
3) 10th lord Sun in 9th with Lagna lord Mars
4) All 3 Lakshmi Sthanas r connected. i.e. 1st lord Mars in 9th. 9th lord Moon in 5th and 5th lord Moon in Lagna. Thus generating Tri-parivartan yoga amongst 1-5-9 bhavas. This is a very auspicious configuration!
Let me list the blemish in the chart.
1) Lagna lord Mars is "debilitated* & in Dhanu Navamansha. Graha in Dhanu Navamansha suggests "fall" @ times.
2) Guru in Lagna is retrograde (vakri). Vakri graha in Muhurt Lagna or Vakri Lagna Lord suggests repeat efforts in the mission.
This "repeat" factor especially dominates this chart because there are 2 more grahas -Shani & Mercury- also in retrogression.
3) Maraka lord (7th) Venus is vargottam & placed in 8th bhava of Ayushya with exalted Rahu. 8th Bhava is influenced by all malefic -Ra, Ve, Ke & Shani 7/n
4) Lagna palced Guru and LL Mars are in the nakshatra of 8th lord Mercury where as Lagn and Moon both are in the nakshatra of Shani (which is natural and functional malefic).
5) Finally, the muhurt Lagna Scorpio is the Maraka rashi in modern Bharat's chart.

Thus I gave reasonably detailed view of conducive and inauspicious config of the muhurt chart.
Results as we know now:
1) The dominating negative configurations did not allow the mission to complete in totality and ensured that the repeat effort (retrogression) is needed. 9/n
The lander Vikram crashed (LL debilitated Mars in Dhanu Navamansha) on the surface loosing control and that final part of the #Chandrayaan2 mission of @isro Bharat remained unsuccessful.
2) The formidable auspicious configuration of the muhurt chart however indicates the mission is successful in almost reaching the moon's surface as well as the success in getting orbiter in moon's orbit. This is going to keep providing valuable information of Moon 11/n
3) Exchange of 1-5-9 lords (Mars/Guru/Moon), Guru in Lagna and aspecting Moon placed in 5th awa Mars placed in Lagna ensured huge popularity, respect and accolades for @isro world over. Their ambitious efforts were appreciated by the world. especially by @NASA 12/n
At the end, with the advantage of hindsight, I wish t say that, if heavy retrogression (as much as 3 grahas) would have been avoided and Muhurt Lagna would have been chosen better, Lender Vikram could have landed safely as intended. @isro
Side note: Vikram (Vrishabh naam rashi) was going through extremely bad effects of Ashtam Shani+Ketu effect and success/survival was difficult for the kid.
I deeply urge @isro to seek advice of another space knowledge called Jyotish Shastra for best possible muhurt next time 14/n
Space missions r incredibly risky and carry huge stakes. They r fraught with unknown forces of the nature. In this light, it is only prudent to seek the knowledge whose source is Shiva. Auspicious Muhurt renders divine protection to a mission against unknown dangers. @isro [End]
@isro Small correction:
Read as “5th lord *Guru* in Lagna”
@isro Needless to say that I would be extremely delighted if Vikram is alive, in good condition and ongoing efforts of @isro to establish the communication with him are successful in coming days.
Let’s keep our hopes alive & wait for updates from them.
Favorable Vakri Graha in muhurt lagna viz-a-viz his welcome or not so welcome repetition.
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