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50 reasons why your #autistic child might be in an extremely bad mood. By an #autistic adult who is still in a bad mood. #thread #autism #Neurodiversity /1
1. They might be too hot. Yes, it's only 21°C... They might still be too hot. I'm too hot right now. #autism #autisticparent
2. They may be too cold. Stands to reason. You might not be cold, but they may be. Temperature sensitivity is a big deal for #autistic people. #autisticparent
3. They might not like the fabric their trousers are made out of. Honestly. I own jeans I liked the look of but can't wear because they're too... coarse? Stuffy? Heavy? Not sure. #autisticparent
4. Their clothing might have those little tags in that are sharp and itchy and horrible and pointless. I hate these things. #autisticparent
5. Their hair might be driving them mad. Again, it's a sensory thing. But it's possible their hair might be irritating their skin or getting in the way. #autisticparent
6. It might be too damn bright in here, with those horrible flickery lights. Turn the lights off!! #autisticparent
7. There might be an unpleasant, artificial smell in the air that you either don't smell or dont notice. But it can be smothering and awful for #autistic people. #autisticparent
8. It might be really humid or really dry in the air. Both can be picked up by very sensitive #autistic people and can be very uncomfortable. #autisticparent
9. Is there some repetitive, quiet but insistent noise coming from somewhere? A car engine idling, white noise, a hum from a fridge? Can be excruciating. #autisticparent
10. All of these so far could be "Yeah we all get these" but I don't think that's true; for #autistic people these issues can cause extreme discomfort and even pain. Font assume you 'get it'. #autisticparent
11. They may have just had a significant setback in one of their hobbies. I was evil and a terror to be around if I'd lost a race on Mario Kart. Might be fiery but short lived. #autisticparent
12. They may have just had a real success in their hobby but are now feeling lost as they're not sure where to go from here... This might just be me. #autisticparent
13. They may have just had a special interest inexplicably disappear on them, leaving a massive hold in their life. #autisticparent
14. They may feel like you are not interested in their favourite interests, or you may have been inadvertently dismissive of one of their interests. #autisticparent
15. They may be so excited by their favourite interests that they can think of nothing else, and they resent any attempt to get them to do anything else. This is happening in my house right now. I'm doing my thread!! #autisticparent
16. They might be hugely overwhelmed by their interest, especially if its been indulged in big way recently - this can happen at museums, festivals, exhibitions etc. I know it doesn't seem fair, but it happens. #autisticparent
17. They may miss their favourite interests that for whatever reason they can't do right now. Particular problem on holiday. I remember being livid I couldn't play Donkey Kong 64 cos @andrewwharmby1 wanted a family trip to Wisbech for some mad reason. #autisticparent
18. They may have misunderstood you when you said they couldn't do that right now. It's always an issue if you use implication or metaphor. They may have heard something different to your intention! #autisticparent
19. They may have discovered some injustice that has occurred somewhere in the world. Expect this a lot from #autistic teenagers! #autisticparent
20. They may be annoyed by some unreasonable punishment you've given them in the last five years. #autisticparent
21. They may have seen someone suffering, either in reality or on TV or even in a book. Remember that #autistic people can be extremely empathetic 8n a very strong, emotional way. #autisticparent
22. They may have picked up on a bad atmosphere in the room. You think they don't know you've been arguing with your spouse? An #autistic person might be able to feel the tension... Its a horrible, unfocused feeling. Unsettling. #autisticparent
23. They might have made quite a strong judgement about something you've done... who was it whose daughter was livid as you couldn't give a homeless person some change? That's a great example of this. @Lillred was it you? #autisticparent
24. They may have been treated badly at school today. Bullying is a massive problem for #autistic children. #autisticparent
25. They may have witnessed bullying at school and be furious but powerless. #autisticparent
26. They may have been treated unfairly at school by a teacher, who may well be oblivious to the pain caused. God, teachers need to be fair when dealing with #autistic children... #autisticparent
27. They might have homework to do and be terrified, knowing they're going to forget it and then get detention, even though they have no intention of not doing it. #autisticparent
28. There may be a school trip, or some other big routine change tomorrow. This can be huge. I *hated* the weekly swimming trips at primary school because of the change in routine. #autisticparent
29. Have you accidentally altered the day routine? This would be enough to cause serious issues, especially if they're already stressed. #autisticparent
30. Did they achieve something big at school today that hasn't been acknowledged by anyone? This affects all students but can be very potent for #autistic students. #autisticparent
31. Have they had any chance to recharge their batteries recently? Have they had any down time? No? There you go then. #autisticparent
32. They may have had to mask way too much in a sensitive situation, and are now broken and letting it all hang out. #autisticparent
33. Have they spent time in a crowded space, such as a bus, train, busy shopping centre? This can drain an #autistic person very rapidly indeed. #autisticparent
34. Are they desperate for the toilet but weirdly unwilling to go, or don't seem to realise they need to go? That may be a thing. #autisticparent
35. They might have a headache. #autistic people get headaches a lot. #autisticparent
36. They may have tummy ache. Gut issues are common with #autism. #autisticparent
37. They may feel like they can't get themselves to be understood by you or others. This can be made much bigger if they are non-verbal. #autisticparent
38. They may feel overwhelmed by too much emotion, positive or negative. It's amazing how many meltdowns happen at Christmas. #autisticparent
39. They might feel intimidated by eye contact, or feel you're demanding this of them. #autisticparent
40. They might have discovered that you've lied to them as out something. Maybe even Santa, where babies come from or something similarly seemingly harmless. #autisticparent
41. They may be remembering a pet that died long ago. Grief is hard for #autistic people. #autisticparent
42. They may really want to see their grandparents but also really don't want to. This kind of contradictory behaviour is commonplace. #autisticparent
43. They may be terrified of a certain place for no obvious reason. Maybe someone told them a ghost story about the place, it'll never be forgotten. #autisticparent
44. They may feel extremely frustrated by their motor control. #autistic people can struggle particularly with sports as we often have a sort of ungainliness that is no friend of the world of games. #autisticparent
45. They may be exhausted but unaware that they need to sleep. #autisticparent
46. They might have listened to an emotional song or read an emotional book. These things can really hit #autistic people hard. I have songs I can't listen to... #autisticparent
47. They might be absolutely sick and tired of feeling different for no apparent reason. #autisticparent
48. They might just be angry with the world generally. That's where I am right now. #autisticparent
49. They might just need to be left alone for a while to chill. #autisticparent
50. Or they might just be in a really bad mood! Not everything is cos of autism, after all! #autisticparent
If you like what I'm doing, and you can afford to, I'm always in the market for a large latte. Thanks for reading and please share the thread as it might help people.
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