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9/11/2001 New Pearl Harbor

9/11/2001 was the catalyzing event called a “New Pearl Harbor” proposed by the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) Document

Saxons under King Hengist took Briton 9/11/476 in an act of treachery.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge (William Wallace V Edward I) was 9/11/1297.

Manhattan was discovered by Henry Hudson 9/11/1609.

Ben Franklin & General Howe failed to reach terms of peace 9/11/1776.

The Battle of Brandywine was the first time “Old Glory” was flown in war on 9/11/1777.

Capt. William Morgan killed by Masons for exposing their rituals 9/11/1823.

Brigham Young ordered the Mountain Meadows Massacre on 9/11/1857.

The 1st Parliament of World Religions met on 9/11/1893.

The 1st Kibbutz (Commune Farm) in Palestine is built on 9/11/1921.
The Palestine Mandate creating Israel is signed 9/11/1922.

The US Dollar Seal is printed on the US $ Dollar by FDR on 9/11/1935.
Indira Gandhi “Satyagraha Movement” (Soul Force) began 9/11/1935.

Munich Olympic Hostage Crisis was 9/11/1971.

Pentagon began construction (77 foot tall, 77th Meridian, flight #77; GHW Bush Carrier Group is CVN-77) on 9/11/1941.
Charles Lindbergh gave a speech denouncing Jews at the UN on 9/11/1941.

George Bush Sr gave his “New World Order Speech” to the UN on 9/11/1990 exactly 11 years before 9/11/2001.
American Airlines Captain Chuck Burlingame in MASCAL exercise at Pentagon, simulated a commercial aircraft hitting the Pentagon in 1990 & 11 years later pilots AA #77 into the Pentagon.
Bill Clinton impeachment papers are delivered on 9/11/1994.
A Remote controlled Cessna hits White House 9/11/1995.
Twin Towers are destroyed on 9/11/2001.
Gaza Genocide began 9/11/2005.
9/11/2008 an electronic bank run nearly collapses the US Treasury.
On 9/11/2015 a bin Laden Construction crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque in Mecca causing a stampede killing 450 people.
WTC #4-5 sat above the Foreign Gold Depository; the tunnels closed since the 1993 WTC Bombing; Where’s the gold? Die Hard with a Vengeance featured the gold vaults raided by deception.
WTC #6 home to the Import-Export Bank was not hit by anything; the building was blown out & completely destroyed from the inside.

The central crater likely caused by US made Kinetic Weapon called “God’s Rod”; firemen discovered a Cross in WTC 6 thus dubbing the building “God’s House”.
WTC #7 was not hit by anything; Lease Holder Larry Silverstein ordered the building “Pulled”; a Demolition term. The building fell at Free Fall acceleration as did WTC #1 & WTC #2.
UA Flt #93 disappeared with no wreckage in Shanksville, PA; Witch’s greet each other with “93” meaning “Do what thou wilt”. UA #93 was flying in United Airlines livery for 3 years after 9/11.
UA #77 ploughed through 9ft of Titanium Cable reinforced high strength concrete walls at the Pentagon built 77ft tall on the 77th Meridian, beginning on 9/11/1941 with a B-747 airborne command post Venus 77 overhead
leaving no wreckage during Pentagon Terror Drill Operation MASCAL (Mass Casualties) headed by Cmdr. Chuck Burlingame who also happened to be piloting AA#77 on 9/11/2001; Liber 77: Book of the Goat is Thelemic Bible written by George Bush Jr’s maternal grandfather Aleister Crowley
AA #11, a B-767-200 was put up for sale 3 yrs after 9/11; the size of the A/C hitting the North Tower was more in line with a B-737. A B-737 engine was found at Church & Murray St & matches the size of the aircraft which hit the North Tower.
UA-175 was photographed by countless people; the aircraft had no windows & visible fuselage additions. Liber 175 “Book of Uniting” is the ritual uniting of a person with a demon. The demon Ahriman was photographed in the smoke of WTC #2.
Victims of the 9/11/2001 Twin Tower Sacrifice Ritual were dumped in the “Fresh Kills” landfill.
UA #93 Thelemites & Witches greet each other with “93”, short for “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the Law”; “93/93” short for “As Above, So Below”. 93 the number of the demon Aiwass “The Force be with you” another familiar greeting among witches seen in Star Wars.
Aleister (Great Beast) Crowley’s Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Crowley means “Wood of the Crows”; Black Star or Black Sun is the Crow’s Head, “Saturn”. UA #93 disappeared into a field at Shanksville, PA on 9/11/2001 (Flt #93 in reality landed at Cleveland International)
93 is also the gematria of the “Lost Word” in Masonry known only to Temple Architect Hiram Abiff.
Barbara (Pierce=Jesuit Gunpowder Plot “Percy”; we saw that name in the “Green Mile” with Percy torturing & killing Jesus as well) Bush was Aleister Crowley’s ritual daughter “Babalon”;
GHW Bush is AshkeNAZI “Scherff” aka “Wizard of Oz” or “Poppy” for his Heroin production on the path to Emerald City (Emerald Tablet). The aircraft operating as UA #93 continued flying in United Airlines livery for over a year following 9/11/2001.
UA #175 Liber 175: Book of Uniting Thelemites United themselves to a particular Deity;
it's no coincidence whether intentionally created or not that Ahriman, the Persian god of Darkness appeared in the smoke of the South Tower after it was hit by the remote flown B-767 claimed to be United #175.
After the South Tower was hit, FAA Air Traffic screens showed UA#175 still flying. UA#175 was receiving ACARS interrogations after allegedly hitting the South Tower. The remote flown UA 175 hit the 77th Floor & AA 11 hit the 93rd Floor as part of the Thelemic Ritual.
AA Flt #11 The New Aeon of Horus was initiated on 9/11 with the Ritual hitting the 93rd Floor of Tower 1 which began construction on Aug 5, 1966 “Year One Satan”.
Aleister Crowley refers to number 11 as the number of Ceremonial Black Magick, the particular Magick found in Crowley’s AA Astrum Argenteum (Silver Star). AA11 therefore was the Opening Act of Thelema. The aircraft operating as AA#11 was put up for sale 2 years after 9/11/2001.
AA Flt #77 Liber 77 aka Liber Oz or Book of the Goat Crowley says 77 is the “Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter”. All put on display on 9/11/2001; no coincidence AA77 hit the 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian while an E-4B B747 callsign Venus 77 orbited overhead;
GHW Bush was 77 yrs old, his Aircraft Carrier is CVN #77.
Aiwass, Thelema & Agape all equal 93 in Gematria; Aiwass is the demon Crowley channeled for his Thelema Religion; 93% is also the percentage of earth that needs to die (7% of 7.3 Billion = 500 Million, the number of people indicated on the Georgia Guidestones on Hwy 77).
93% is also the percentage of the Universe made of Dark Matter. The New Aeon of Horus is “11”; Rebellion is “13” (1+7+5=13) beginning with the 50th Jubilee Year following the 7th Shemitah (7X7), the “Ultimate Manifestation of Spirit in Matter”.
The Jubilee Year? 2016. Catching on to what the Jubilee represents?
Thelemites & Witches greet themselves with “93” short for “Do what thou wilt” or “93/93” short for “As Above, So Below”.
In Liber 175 Crowley Thelemites Unite themselves to a particular Deity. 11 is the number of Black Magick & Liber 77 aka Liber Oz, 77 is the “Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter”. All put on display on 9/11/2001.
Zim Shipping, a Rothschild & Israeli owned shipping company with HQ in Haifa, Israel leased office space in WTC #1 for 20 years, built new offices in Norfolk 6 months before 9/11, & moved out of the 17th floor of the North Tower 1 week prior to 9/11/2001.

Hollywood warned us over & over.
The 1985/89 Back to the Future movies predicted the demolition of the Twin Towers; rebuilding of the Freedom Tower; building the Millennium Hilton (Black Monolith in 2001 & 2010 Space Odyssey movies); blaming Muslim Terrorists & the Oct 21, 2015 release date of “The Walk”.
Why? WWIII was planned long ago to pit Zionism against Islam.
For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man's enemies are the men of his own house. Micah 7:6

And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. Mat 10:36

“We never made the case Osama bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11” Dick Cheney
“We never verified any Iraqi authority complicit with Al-Qaeda for 9/11 or any other act against America” CIA Director George Tenet.
“There is no proof Muslims were involved with 9/11/2001”

“Osama bin Laden has never appeared on an FBI Most Wanted list in connection with 9/11/2001”- FBI Director Robert Mueller
“…if you are going to intentionally demolish a building, you need to get at the structure under the building.” Peter Jennings
“Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with 9/11/2001” Senate report on torture Christmas 2014
WTC Ground Breaking was “Year One Satan” 1966, the same year the Church of Satan was formed. They opened in 1973; Saturn has a 28 year solar cycle which corresponds to the Feast of the Beast (Satan as the Beast arrives in Rev 9:11).
1973 + 28 =9/11/2001. 50 years as Jubilee; 2016 was the Satanic Jubilee.
Hollywood Warnings in Movies:
Neo’s Passport expired 9/11/2001 in the Matrix; in the 3rd installment Neo becomes “The One”
The Patriot (The Patriot Act written before 9/11) featured Mel Gibson weighing 2 Oak Rocking Chairs each weighing 9 Lb 11 Oz, the summer before 9/11/2001.
Freemason Clint Eastwood’s movie Hereafter featured a Tsunami hitting an Asian coastal town & a scene with Big Ben indicating 3:11 (The date of Fukushima was Mar 11).
Nicolas Cage (Knight of Malta) movie Knowing (Gnosis means “To Know”) featured the Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig burning & sinking in the Gulf of Mexico exactly 1 year before the incident.
The Interview was an enormous publicity stunt by Sony (Sun) Pictures (Japan means Land of the rising Sun; Hollywood means “Holy Wood” of Apollo) similar to Argo (Ben Affleck is a CIA asset).
Both movies resulted in sanctions against Iran (Khorasan=Land of the Sun; Iran=Aryan “Noble Caste”) & North Korea (Korah or Core are the Rebel Priests of Num 16, the Amalekites at war with God.
Their logo Yin Yang is the Solar track of the Sun across an Obelisk (Baal’s Shaft) over a Solar Year; Red, White, Blue the colors of Witchcraft Initiation & Masonic Initiation).
This episode aired March 4, 2001.

1116 human bodies vaporized during the collapse of WTC I & 2 but collapsing buildings have never before vaporized human bodies.
Salted (Enhanced) Nuclear Weapons such as Thermobaric Weapons (others include X-Ray & EMP enhanced weapons) convert Neutron radiation to Infrared Thermal Energy via Iron or Aluminum Oxide “Thermite”;
minimal light flash (IR and UV spectrum is not visible), minimal radiation & maximum heat is very useful in vaporizing steel reinforced concrete flooring & structural steel.
Evidence points to the use of US made Demolition Thermo-metric devices, but the question still remains: How did the Airliners vaporize on contact? Tesla Weapons answer that.
There is more to 9/11/2001 than first meets the eye. It is not my intention to cause panic, or promote revenge, rebellion or violence.
It is simply my intention to point out some of the more hidden aspects of the event & analyze the facts as best I can from a Science, Engineering & Cash flow perspective.
How is it that a White Van parked at 6th & King St. was painted with a mural depicting an airliner hitting the Twin Towers?
The WTC Complex was acquired by Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy, Lewis Eisenberg & Sheldon Adelson (a Mitt Romney campaign financier & alleged producer of Innocence of Muslims) in July 2001.
The NY Port Authority lost an asbestos lawsuit; estimated cost of Twin Tower asbestos removal was $2-10 Billion; demolition of the buildings was prohibited due to asbestos.
Solution: Insure the towers & follow standard protocol in Magic: Pledge, Turn, Prestige.
Distract with Terrorist threat, find a suitable “Scapegoat”, demolish the Towers, blame dead Terrorists; collect $10’s of Billions. Simple, yet there is far more to the story.
9/11 was inspired by Aleister Crowley Crowley channeled a demon named “Aiwass” whose gematria=77, to write “Liber 77” aka “Liber Oz” or the “Book of the Goat”; hence Flt 77.
His system of ceremonial magick was called the “Order of Thelema”; Thelema + Agape=93; hence Flt #93. He called the number 11 the number of Magick itself, the number of the “New Aeon”.
The number 77 is the sublime, supreme Septenary, the magical manifestation of spirit through matter. The number 93 is the Gematria of the Lost Word in Freemasonry. Crowley’s Thelema (Will) + Agape (Love)=93. Aiwass, his channeled Demon is also 93.
The number 175? Abram is given the h’ to become Abraham in Gen 17:5. American Flt # 77 hit the 77ft tall Pentagon 60 years to the day after its cornerstone was set in Masonic ceremony on the 77th Meridian 9/11/1941.
UA Flt #77, a Boeing 757 passed through 6 separate 18in thick walls made of titanium cable reinforced high strength structural concrete.
Magical? 77 is Ayin Zain, the Hebrew translation of Oz or Greek Alpha & Omega; Begin & End of the Word & Jesus Christ.
77 represents the Devil in Tarot.
77 is the Sabbath Goat called Baphomet, Azazel or the Goat of Mendes.
77 is Capricornus in astrology.
77 is “Sex Magic” in OTO (Order of Eastern Templars) & Kabbalah.
77 is the number of infernal names of Satan in LaVey’s Satanic Bible.
Biblically, 77 is Lamech’s revenge in Gen 4:24. UA Flt #93 crashed in Shanksville, PA.
The number 93 in Gematria (Numerology) represents Thelema meaning “Will”. 93 is Agape meaning “Love”. 93 represents Aiwass, Crowley’s channeled demon & “Familiar Spirit”.
UA Flt #175 hit the South. The number 175 is used in the ritual “Liber 175”, used to invoke a deity through adoration either through devotion, ceremonially, dramatically or artistically.
NRO (Nat Reconnaissance Office) conducted an Exercise on 9/11/2001 simulating an aircraft hitting one of its buildings, as Flt #77 lifted off with Capt. Chuck Burlingame, who planned Operation MASCAL Oct 2000, & May 2001 simulating a B-757 slamming into the Pentagon.
Osama bin Laden was on the FBI 10 Most Wanted List in connection with the Nairobi Kenya Embassy bombings & the USS Cole in Yemen bombing, yet he checked into the American Military Hospital in Dubai July 2001 for 10 days for a “Kidney Ailment”.
The CIA Station Chief was witnessed in his room. bin Laden has however never been placed on a Most Wanted List in connection with 9/11/2001. FBI Director Robert Mueller “We never made any connection between Osama bin Laden & 9/11/2001”
NBCCBSABCFOX all Osama bin Laden with the event in mere hours right Katie Couric?
NYC Office of Emergency Management ie Rudy Giuliani issued a collapse warning 5 minutes before WTC #2 fell. Why was this Clairvoyance never given to firefighters over the radio?

BBC reporter Jane Standley reported Bldg #7 collapsed 23 minutes before it actually fell; a live shot of bldg. #7 can be seen over her left shoulder during the report.

bldg. #7 was under the flight path & not hit by anything. The British Government had to have been involved.
Edna Cintron can be seen waving from the hole left by Flt #11 at the North Tower for 30 minutes. How can this be possible with white hot melting steel around? It can’t. UL, 9/11 Commission & Popular Mechanics are nothing more than Bullshit reports.

Ryan Air Flt #441 was chartered by the Saudi Arabian Royal family on Sept 19 to transport 20+ members of the bin Laden family from LA, Houston, Orlando, Washington, D.C. & Boston to Paris.
How is this possible when bin Laden had already been identified with a nationwide no-fly order in place?
The Patriot Act was written and signed into law 11 days after 9/11; 1004 pages? Seriously?
Afghanistan was invaded on Oct 7, 2001 just 26 days after 9/11/2001. On 9/11/2001 the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) finished the day at 9605.51; add these numbers & 26 results, the number of letters from A to Z, Oz if you will.
8 years later the DJIA hit 9605.51 again. Magical eh?
Gulf War II began on the occult Holy Day of Purim. Puru is an Akkadian word meaning Destroy, Crush or Bring to Naught; it also means “Cast lots for Marduk”.
Purim 2003 was exactly 555 days after 9/11/2001, the opening salvo of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles was called “Shock & Awe”, a Kabbalist term for “Shekinah” meaning “Presence of a Deity”.
That year, Purim 3/20/2003 coincided with the Zoroastrian New Year called “Nowruz” meaning “New Light”; on the Witchcraft calendar the day was the eve of Ostarra.
AA Flt #11 was not scheduled to fly on 9/11/2001. An aircraft broker from Washington, D.C. put up a B-767-200 with the same tail number, same serial number & same avionics package as AA Flt #11 in 2004.
A CFM-56 engine used on B-737-300 aircraft was found at the corner of Church & Murray St, damaged & covered in concrete dust; no 737’s were said to be involved on 9/11/2001.
UAL was flying an aircraft matching the same tail number as Flt #93 for over a year as reported by several witnesses. UAL reported Flt #93 had landed in Cleveland. Cleveland tower recorded Flt #93 landing in its Tower Log.
Shekinah is represented by the number 777; the London Subway bombing occurred on 7/7/2005; these numbers add to 777.
Masons use 555 on their coffins to indicate 3 Nails (Roman V=5; Hebrew Vav=6 means “Nail”) used in the Crucifixion; the Washington Monument is 555.5ft tall or 6666in.
Quick recap: On 9/11/2009 the DJIA closed at 9605.51; 8 years later on 9/11/2009. the DJIA closed at 9605.51. Purim, Nowruz & the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom are 555 days after 9/11/2001. Magical isn’t it?
On 3/6/2009 the S&P 500 (Standard & Poor’s average of the largest 500 stocks) closed at 666; in China this is the number of the Dragon; biblically the number of the Beast. 3/6/2009 forms a 9/11. Cool eh?
On 9/11/2002 Larry Silverstein admitted “Pulling” bldg. #7 on a PBS documentary. “Pulling” is a professional demolition term; Larry used $911 Billion in insurance proceeds from insuring the Twin Towers against separate acts of “Terrorism”, to purchase the Sears Tower in Chicago.
3/29/2006 VP Dick Cheney on the Tony Snow Show said “We never made the case Osama bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11/2001”. 9/7/2010 FBI Director Robert Mueller “There was no proof Muslims were involved with 9/11/2001”
“Osama bin Laden has never appeared on an FBI Wanted list in connection with 9/11”.
7/19/2010 Talmudic Rabbi, dual Israel-US Citizen Dov S. Zakheim (Mitt Romney adviser) retired from Booz Allen Hamilton to write US foreign policy.

Bush Jr’s TX & Pentagon Comptroller admitted on 9/10/2001 the Pentagon was missing $2.3 Trillion. Researcher Susan Lindauer claims the figure is $9.1T.

Dov's Grandfather Julius Zakheim (Zhabinka) was a Ukrainian Rabbi & Bolshevik Communist relative of Karl Marx (nee Moses Mordecai Marx Levi) who instigated the Bolshevik Revolution.
Dov’s dad Jacob, like Rahm Emanuel’s father Benjamin, were both Irgun terrorists & Stern Gang members.
Dov taught at Columbia University. Obama’s missing school records, Elena Kagan & Rashid Khalidi’s “Audacity of Hope” ship were also at Columbia University; Obama’s book is “Audacity of Hope”.
Dov taught at Yeshiva University & National War College (Senior US Military School); in 2011 he was appointed by Obama to investigate $60 Billion missing from war contracts in Iraq & Afghanistan.
Dov was also CEO of Flight Termination Systems which manufactures remote flight control systems for Drones & commercial type aircraft such as the B-737/757/767. A B-737 hit the North Tower, not a B-767-200.
The 7 Twin Towers were completed 28 years before 2001. Saturn has a 28 year Solar Cycle & is split by its 7 Rings; the planet is therefore used to represent the Hermetic Axiom “As above, so Below”.
Every 28 years, an Elite planning session called “Feast of the Beast” is held. The WTC complex had 7 buildings; #7 “Solomon Bldg.” was demolished without being hit by anything on 9/11; BBC reported it’s collapse 30 minutes before it actually collapsed.
Larry Silverstein admitted to “Pulling” Bldg. #7 on 9/11/2002; on 3/11/2004 he used $911 million of his multi-billion $ insurance settlement to purchase the Chicago Sears Tower; 911 hours later on the Roman holiday of Fordicidia (April 19) an alleged Terrorist attack was averted.
11 days after 9/11/2001 on 9/22 the 1000+ page Patriot Act was passed by Congress. Nobody can write or read that fast including its author, FEMA Chief Michael Chertoff (Chertoff Group is the sole lobbyist for L-3, Rapiscan, Univision Full Body X-Ray & Terahertz scanners)
Astrologically, Saturn & Pluto were in opposition on 9/11/2001. Saturn (Cronos) represents Structure, form & Material Power. Pluto represents Destruction.
Saturn was in Gemini which represents the “Twin Towers” aka Castor & Pollux; Remus & Romulus; Horus & Set or Jacob & Esau. Pluto was in Sagittarius which represents Transformation by Foreign influence, hence Arabs were blamed.
The Twin Towers represented the Twin Pillars found in every Masonic Lodge “Boaz & Jachin”.
3000 years ago Israel’s 13th Judge Samson killed 3000 Philistines through self immolation by pulling the down Twin Pillars at the Temple of Dagon (one of 77 infernal names of Satan) Ref Judges 16:27-29; 3000+ people were killed in the Twin Towers.
Civil War (Judges 20) was the result then & will be the result soon; the rise of 33rd degree Mason Dick Armey’s “Tea Party” is no accident.
Barak was Israel’s 5th Judge (Judges 4). In Arab mythology, Abraham’s Winged White Horse is “El-Barack” & Muhammad’s Winged White Horse is “al-Buraq”. The word means “Lightning”.
The Mayan Calendar date Dec 21, 2012 is the beginning of the 5th Sun; Barack Obama’s term covered the period leading to this date.
The Rainbow Arch in Masonry symbolizes “As above, so Below” with either opposing Dolphins or the “69” symbol turned on its side; these symbols like Obama are of Nabataean (Arab) origin.
On Yom Kippur “Day of Atonement”, Mossad Chief Meir Dagan was given approval to use Saudi Arabia’s airspace to attack Qom, the Holiest Shiite Site in Iran; his name means “Giving Light to Dagon”, a Philistine god. In Rev 9:11 Satan is cast to earth.
American Airlines has admitted Flights #11, #77 were not scheduled to fly on 9/11/2001. United Flights #175, #93 must have had passengers on board complicit in the event.
Flt #175 was a military 767 reported by dozens of witnesses to have had no windows;
dozens of pictures show protrusions on the underside not compatible with a commercial airline, much less one that would be pre-flighted by a US Commercial pilot or one that would be visible from the passenger terminal.
Flights #11 & #175 did not have passengers nor did commercial flights with these call signs hit the Twin Towers.
Flight #93 did not crash, nor was it shot down in Shanksville, PA as Don Rumsfeld initially reported.
Flt #77 did not hit the Pentagon & 19 yr old Arab speaking hijackers did not make the high speed circling dive maneuver reported by news agencies.
My best guess is Flt #11 & #175 were flown in proximity to similar B-767 & B-757 military aircraft; Transponder codes were swapped & then the Military Aircraft were remotely piloted using similar technology in the Predator & Reaper Drones, into the Twin Towers.
These military aircraft were flown using technology supplied by DOD Comptroller, Dual citizen Rabbi & multi-trillion $ thief Dov Zakheim’s Flight Termination System Corporation & guided precisely using either GPS or Microwave Landing Systems to their targets.
Both aircraft disintegrated on impact with the Towers an hour before the Towers fell. The only weapon I’m aware of being capable to disintegrate 2 fast moving 200,000 lb. aircraft is a Tesla Shield.
Laugh if necessary, but the technology has been patented & perfected for 100 years.
UA Flt #175 received ACARS (Air Crew Alerting System) messages 20 minutes after its supposed crash from UA dispatcher Ed Ballinger:
“I heard of a reported incident aboard your aircraft; please verify all is normal”
“How is the ride, anything dispatch can do for you”
“NY Approach looking for you on 127.4”
A destroyed ACARS system cannot confirm receipt of messages.
Flt #93 was recorded on Cleveland Tower logs as landing. The Mayor of Cleveland also reported the flight as landing in Cleveland. The ship number was reported in service for more than a year after 9/11 by several witnesses.
In 2007, a B-767 matching Flt #11’s serial number was put up for sale in Washington, D.C. by an aircraft brokerage. True or not 9/11 is full of missing or false information.
The Towers may have been constructed as Tesla Towers; (Antennas for receiving Scalar Electro-Magnetic Energy). Nikola Tesla demonstrated this technology in NY 100 years ago with his Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island;
the difference is Tesla Towers which function as transmitters have no metal or conductive materials; the Twin Towers were 100% metal & conductive metal & concrete flooring; the buildings were in effect grounded antennas for Scalar EM energy.
This is my estimation for why the aircraft disintegrated on impact & left no forensic parts for examination.
Demolition Thermonuclear devices installed in the basements caused vaporization of internal webbed support columns & produce “Free Fall” acceleration of the buildings.
Seismograph evidence is recorded roughly 9 seconds before the buildings began their fall; destroyed from the top down.
My best guess is patented Thermate (Sulfur, Magnesium, Aluminum) demolition charges were set on perimeter columns. Together, these resulted in vaporization of steel & concrete in the buildings, “Free Fall” acceleration & a controlled “Pull” toward the center.
The 9/11 Truth Movement admits to Thermite, not Thermate; there is a very big difference. Thermate is used on Patented Demolition Devices that needed to be installed on the Perimeter Columns; Sulfur + Thermite=Hot Knife through butter.
Cold Fusion devices are another option; fissile material such as enriched Uranium or Plutonium, ground to a powder, mixed with deuterium (heavy water) & placed in a binding material may explain concrete vaporization to a powder as fine as flour.
So what about the aircraft with passengers on board?
Flt #77 never hit the Pentagon. Likely, a Raytheon Bunker Buster Cruise Missile caused the damage observed. Commercial aircraft do not punch holes in steel reinforced concrete; convenient though as Comptroller accountants searching for the missing $Trillions were killed.
Flt #77 likely landed at the closed Stewart AFB. The odds of Charles Burlingame conducting a Pentagon exercise called MASCAL while a Navy Reservist simulating a commercial airliner hitting the Pentagon & then piloting Flt #77 is rather slim.
Flt #93 landed at Cleveland International where its passengers deplaned on the north ramp. No cell phone calls & no heroic takeover by passengers occurred. A missile hit the ground at Shanksville, PA; no wreckage or passengers were found at that site.
Commercial aircraft do not disintegrate into 10 ft X 20 ft holes. UAL, Cleveland’s Mayor, Cleveland Tower & news sources all reported Flt #93 landed at Cleveland Airport.
Motivation? Revenge & The Love of Money, the root of all evil. War on mythical “Terrorists” began on 9/11/2001. Afghanistan is an Opium Field & the crossroads of 2 major Oil & Gas Pipelines.
Ultimately, the Middle East is being set up for WWIII: America & Israel versus Iran, Syria, China, Russia. America will be destroyed from within by UN Agenda 21 & Civil War.
Rudy Giuliani admitted to finding $165 million in Gold Bullion in tunnels connecting the NY Federal Reserve at 33 Liberty St. 33 is the number associated with Masonic Sovereignty ie Liberty from God.
Under WTC #4 & 5; there was an estimated 5000 Metric Tonnes of Foreign Gold stored there. Where is it? Giuliani moved out of his renovated offices in Bldg. #7 on 9/10. Why?
Warnings in plain sight:

The WTC Complex is lined up to mirror the Great Pyramids in Egypt.
Mel Gibson (2001) weighed 2 oak rocking chairs at 9 lb. 11 oz., declares them perfect twice & destroys them to start The Patriot.
Neo’s passport is shown expiring on Sept 11, 2001 in the first installment of the Matrix.
Lisa Simpson (1997) holds up a NY bus ticket for $9 perfectly lined up with the Twin Towers.
FOX TV (2001) Lone Gunman plot is terrorists hijacking & flying commercial aircraft by remote control into the Twin Towers.
FEMA planning documents (1999) feature the Twin Towers in crosshairs.
Sept 10, 2001 FEMA is in NYC for a Terror Drill,; spokesman Tom Kennedy says a terrorist event in NYC is their #1 concern.
The BBC reported WTC #7 had fallen 23 minutes before the building fell, during the live on air broadcast; not being hit by anything, how could they have known this?
Die Hard: 2 men speaking of their flying experience say 9 years & 11 years; Die Hard with a Vengeance theme is a gold heist from WTC #4, #5.
Another Willis movie Armageddon shows a countdown timer at 9:11 as they set the explosives.
John Voight’s birthday on Enemy of the State is 9/11.
Problem Child street address is 911.
Gremlins 2 reporters are from Channel 9 & 11.
Terminator 2 an overpass sign reads ‘Caution 9’11”. Ever seen an overpass this low? Me neither.
Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 6th Day his 2 appointments for the day are at 9 & 11.
Peace Maker Clooney is framed in a scene between aisles 9 & 11; where is the 10th?
Independence Day at Area-51 a clock reads 9:11 as the camera pans by.
Bone Collector Jolie holds up a paper with page 119 marked on date 11/9; obviously both in reverse (Engine #119 joined the Transcontinental Railroad: 119 is the Area Code for Iraq & Iran)
Thirteenth Floor & Godzilla featured clocks with 11:45 & 8:55; 2 ways to indicate 911.
a Kabbalah “Tree” laid on its side: IXXI is a 9 & 11.
1998 “Big Lebowski” A check is dated 9/11; George Bush Sr on TV in the background.
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