🔵BENGHAZI, The REAL STORY~Betrayed Again 9/11/

🔷Why Benghazi Went Bad

🔷Amb.Stevens went to Benghazi to secretly retrieve US Stinger Missiles that the State Dept had supplied to Ansar al Sharia in Libya WITHOUT Congressional oversight or PERMISSION

🔵Benghazi 9/11

🔷HRC brokered the Libya deal through Stevens & a Private Arms Dealer named Marc Turi

🔷HRC &BHO supplied shoulder fired Stinger Missiles to Afghanistan which were used against our own military

🔷It was a set-up~against our own men
🔵Benghazi 9/11

🔷A set up by our treasonous President & Sec of State
🔵Benghazi 9/11

🔷Shoulder-fired Stinger Missiles provided by Obama’s thugs
@carmindabrendel @OrtaineDevian @OldManStoneZone @Eudoxia73996321 @jones_kip @BrianCMulloy76 @BMcAdory9 @CylantJustice @celtgunn @TrumperSeaney 🔵Benghazi

🔷On 7/25/12, a US Chinook HELICOPTER was DOWNED by one of them

🔷Not destroyed only bc the Taliban didn’t arm the missile. It didn’t explode, had to land.

🔷The recovered missile’s serial number led back to a cache of Stinger Missiles kept in Qatar BY THE CIA

🔷Obama & Hillary were in full panic mode. They sent Stevens to Benghazi to retrieve the Stinger Missiles in a “do-or-die” mission

🔷They say this explains the STAND DOWN ORDERS given to rescue teams during the siege of our Embassy

🔷I say, “not so fast”

🔷The State Dept not only supplied missiles [they] supplied the Taliban with the BLUEPRINT of the Embassy

🔷HRC & BHO received at least 30 emails & phone calls requesting more security or permission to leave”urgent”

🔷“Stand Down”

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @Eudoxia73996321 @BerryDivine77 @Djmwhb3C @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @RicMaldonado2 @carmindabrendel @hogansgoat2423 @Gypsy_Spirit311 @diddla5555 🔵BENGHAZI 9/11

🔷[They] think we’re stoopid. It’s insulting

🔷It was the State Dept, NOT the CIA, that supplied the Stinger Missiles to our enemies

🔷Petraeus wouldn’t approve supplying the missiles because of their potential to shoot our planes down

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @Eudoxia73996321 @BerryDivine77 @Djmwhb3C @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @RicMaldonado2 @carmindabrendel @hogansgoat2423 @Gypsy_Spirit311 @diddla5555 @TWITMO_INMATE @ChristinePolon1 @lafleurjmmyp @ChloeJappy2020 @claudia_kintigh @aDeo_creata_est 🔵BENGHAZI 9/11

🔷The Benghazi Massacre was planned & carried out by HRC & BHO for a couple of reasons:

🔷(1)CIA & State Dept were running guns through Benghazi consulate. Amb Stevens didn’t feel good about it~that made him and his staff liabilities~HE had to go

@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @Eudoxia73996321 @BerryDivine77 @Djmwhb3C @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @RicMaldonado2 @carmindabrendel @hogansgoat2423 @Gypsy_Spirit311 @diddla5555 @TWITMO_INMATE @ChristinePolon1 @lafleurjmmyp @ChloeJappy2020 @claudia_kintigh @aDeo_creata_est @DragonRageGamin @lenlucas46 @Edward47058863 @FalliveneEdward @PWeepingAngel @ROCKINGANGELBMI 🔵BENGHAZI 9/11

🔷WHY HRC had a Private Server, (in order to delete the digital evidence) & WHY Obama told the UN that the attack was the result of the YouTube video

🔷There’re a lot of loose ends

🔷I’d like y’all to bring the loose ends to this #Thread #Patriots #Gold
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @Eudoxia73996321 @BerryDivine77 @Djmwhb3C @Lied2B2point0 @HB04920973 @RicMaldonado2 @carmindabrendel @hogansgoat2423 @Gypsy_Spirit311 @diddla5555 @TWITMO_INMATE @ChristinePolon1 @lafleurjmmyp @ChloeJappy2020 @claudia_kintigh @aDeo_creata_est @DragonRageGamin @lenlucas46 @Edward47058863 @FalliveneEdward @PWeepingAngel @ROCKINGANGELBMI @Bluepopcorn8 @CylantJustice @go4itbas 🔵BENGHAZI 9/11

🔷Let’s not forget the useless pawn, Bergdahl in exchange for theTaliban generals

🔷Bergdahl was a traitor but Obama used his exchange for the 5 generals

🔷Why? The Taliban was blackmailing BHO over the unauthorized Stinger Missile deal

@SpaCare @sxdoc
🔵9/11~ #SilentNoMore

🔷A timeline listing CRUCIAL events before & after the 9/11 attacks establishes CIA foreknowledge

🔷It Strongly suggests US Govt CRIMINAL COMPLICITY

🔷It’s also clear that the 9/11 events are based
upon an agenda that has little to do with the attacks
@OrtaineDevian @AmericanVotesUS @Eudoxia73996321 @volarconalas @TexasDeplorabl4 @TexPatriotGirl @TrumperSeaney @T_WWG1WGA @Cordicon @NOOBSTRUCTION 🔵9/11 #SilentNoMore

🔷Osama was a CIA asset for over 10 yrs

🔷CIA funneled $5 BILLION to his org thru black op budgets into his organization known as Maktab al-Khidamar-the MAK

🔷Ask CIA Afghan Ops Chief Milt Bearden & Dan Rather


@OrtaineDevian @AmericanVotesUS @Eudoxia73996321 @volarconalas @TexasDeplorabl4 @TexPatriotGirl @TrumperSeaney @T_WWG1WGA @Cordicon @NOOBSTRUCTION @carmindabrendel @HB04920973 @GmanFan45 @SmartiPants83 @James69Jimmy @trixirilla @ladydwinter @Bluepopcorn8 @MichaelsANewman @IrmaBel53130008 🔵9/11 #SilentNoMore

🔷Dick CHENEY & Donald RUMSFELD are some of the suspects of 9/11/01

🔷They were powerful positions & there’s evidence they had foreknowledge of the attacks

9_11 as sequel to Iran-Contra_ Armitage, Carlucci and friends _ Dig Within.pdf

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