I will be live tweeting the rally right here.

Consider yourselves warned 😁
Ten-ish minutes!

So probably half an hour lol

Live stream here!

Pence is speaking now so I guess we'll be a little late 😉
He's doing his dorky fist pumps 😂 he's the best
His facial expressions are my favorite thing in the world 😂😂😂
"USA! USA! USA" there's nothing like a Trump rally!
Trump is here for Dan Bishop. Y'all need to elect him tomorrow, North Carolina!
"they tried to do the recession thing ... They tried the Russia thing, that didn't work ... the media and their partners, the Democrats ..."

He just called out a bunch of women in the front who come to all of his rallies.

he's so appreciative of the American people, I love him even though I'm jealous because he never notices me at his rallies 😭
This guy is just a big old cuddly cheerleader for America, what an awesome time this is to be an American!
He's talking about the unemployment numbers now

"Best you've ever had"

He's promising that women's unemployment will "probably" soon be the lowest ever

Well that's gonna be a hard promise to break 😂

I love him
"2020 is essentially just as important" (as 2016) YES!
"to stop the far left, you have to get out and vote for Dan Bishop"

Dan Bishop is up now
Trump's face when Dan Bishop calls him the greatest fighter to ever occupy the White House 😂♥️
Someone passed out or something in the crowd. Medical timeout. This happens at pretty much every rally.

Slow me one other politician who can get people to stand in line for 2 days just to see them!
*show me 🙄
People are just randomly screaming "we love you, Trump" while they're waiting for the medical staff to finish
Ok we're back. I like Dan Bishop, I hope NC gets out & votes for him!
Bishop is telling everyone to go to votedanbishop.com & share the video at the top on social media to get his message out around the lying fake media.

This guy gets it.

We need more Republicans like him.

Greg Murphy (whoever that is) is up now
Lindsey Graham getting a bigger ovation from the crowd than all of the NC politicians lol
"Comey is a stone-cold liar and leaker" lol
Please follow this account for no particular reason

"none of these Democrats, whether it's Pocahontas or Sleepy Joe" could handle China.

"Tariffs are a beautiful thing when you know how to use them"
"yuman trafficking" is not funny but I laugh every time he says it because the way he says it cracks me up 😬
"the United States is the #1 producer of oil natural gas anywhere in the world"

Not if Pocahontas wins
"I wish we could have got a bigger arena. We tried. I was even willing to stand out in the rain and get my hair soaking wet ... Wouldn't be pretty, but at least it would prove it's my real hair. Might not be great, but it's better than most of my friends who are the same age."
Haha "you're gonna see the media tomorrow - 'Donald Trump hates people.' they're kind of right about that."

Hahaha he just sneakily brought up John McStain's vote to save Obamacare. He will never stop 😂
"within about a month, we'll have close to 180 federal judges"

"I'm a big believer in budgets, but we had to rebuild our military."
He's sweating like crazy & he's been talking for well over an hour and he hasn't even taken a drink.

He's talking about how he tells all the foreign leaders how they need to pay to protect themselves for a change and imitating them acting all dumbfounded 😂 I love when he does impressions
"Obama is more popular in Germany than Trump - of course he is! I'm making them pay their bills!" 😂😂
He has so much fun doing these rallies lol
"you finally have a President who is standing up for America"
"a vote for any Democrat is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream."

Fact check: TRUE
"tomorrow, we take the first step towards firing Speaker Pelosi"
I think he's wrapping up but he's still going strong so I'm not sure lol
Crowd noise poll for "made in America" vs "made in the USA"

(Made in the USA won overwhelmingly)
He's reminiscing about his first night in the White House admiring the Lincoln bedroom with Melania lol
Hahahaha he just said "we might have to go for an extra term"

"Tomorrow the media will be saying, 'Trump wants an extra term! We told you he's a dictator!'
I'm only kidding."


I don't think he's looked at the teleprompter in at least an hour, anyone who thinks this man is mentally deteriorating is mentally deteriorating themselves
😂😂😂 (talking about bringing back the old style lightbulbs) "I'm not a vain person, but I look better under an incandescent bulb than I do under these lights ... you can buy the old lightbulbs and save a lot of money & you can even look better" LOL I LOVE HIM
Ok I think he's almost done, the wrap-up lines are here & he's finally reading the teleprompter again
"we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, WINNING!"

*"you can't always get what you want" plays*


that's all, folks. I love my President!

Go vote for Dan Bishop, North Carolina!
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