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1. Welcome to today's daily WH #shadowbriefing. Tomorrow will be 6 months since the last White House briefing -- you remember Sarah Sanders--she's writing a memoir now about not doing daily briefings. With today's news I have some sympathy for them...but here at the shadow
2. briefing are on the case rain or shine good news or bad news, whether we're interested or bored on any given day. Now that's commitment. So let's get to the big news of the day. The President fired National Security Advisor John Bolton this morning via tweet. That's the
3. third national security adviser he's fired via tweet. He's also fired a Secretary of State and head of our National intelligence operations. Many have tried to figure out what links all these firings. Here at the White House we have a saying....in the real world the truth
4. will set you free. Here in the White House the truth will get you fired. No one should be surprised by this. All of you in the media who were shocked this morning, that really is fake news. You all knew this was coming. And for those who say the President is unpredictable,
5. that too is fake news. he's the most predictable President we've ever had. It's simple. The President is the smartest person in the world. He does not need data, he does not need facts. And he certainly doesn't need smarts advisers who disagree with him. If you want to
6. succeed in this administration just follow the model of @VP and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. They may have their private views, but when the President speaks they quickly praise him for his genius. They'll lie for him, they'll publicly suck up to him, they'll disparage
7. anyone who disagrees with the President. This is a fact free White House. It's simple and streamlined. The President decides what the facts are based on his gut and it's a complete waste of time to provide him with actual real facts and data. And if you do it too often, you
8. get fired. @realDonaldTrump was very clear when he was running for President. He said only he could solve America's problems. He mocked our intelligence community and our law enforcement apparatus. He made clear that objective truth didn't matter, only the truth he spoke
9. mattered. Any voter who is surprised, any reporter who's shocked, shame on all of you. He told you he was going to do this, now he's doing it. You should be praising him for promises made and promises kept. Ok, I'm glad I got that off my chest. I know you're all straight
10. on that now. So there should be no questions today right? Oh there are questions. Ok. Q. Did Bolton resign or was he fired. A. It depends on what definitions you are using. Outside the White House you'd be right to say that the official resigned since he offered it and
11. it was accepted. But this is not the outside world. This is Trump world. So when he was offered the resignation, he did not accept it so he could go on twitter and fire Bolton. It's important to keep up that reality. It shows the President is firmly in charge. People
12. don't quit, they get fired. The President has studied the political strategy of Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and many other authoritarian nations in History. Reality is not something that exists in a vacuum, reality is created by the President. That's how he rolls.
13. Q. I want to followup on @realDonaldTrump reluctance to use facts and data when making decisions? A. It's clear he doesn't, you don't make so many mistakes by actually running a process through agencies with the input of experts. Not sure what's so hard to understand here.
14. Let's move on. Q. Is the President concerned that his job approval has fallen again to 38%? A. There you go again with numbers. No the President is not concerned because he knows those polls are fake. @realDonaldTrump knows most of America loves him. Look at that rally
15. Last night. So many white faces, so much passion for him, so much hatred for anyone that is not like them. He knows he's pursuing the right policies. Any other President after the devastation in the Bahamas would have let fleeing residents into the US for safe haven.
16. The genius of Trump is to tell them no. Tell them no because they don't look like real Americans. Their skin is dark, they don't speak like us and their accents are not like Melania's. He knows that real Americans applaud that and want a white America. Polls are fake.
17. Seb Gorka is on the radio today campaigning for the job as National Security Adviser. Does he have any chance. A. Well I don't want to get ahead of the President but he has a lot of things going for him. First, he's white. He does speak with an accent, but it's a lot
18. like Melania's, so that's ok. He thinks it's kind of sexy. And he does have family connections with the Nazi's and that goes a long way the @realDonaldTrump given his family's connections to the Klan. Q. The President is being compared to a mob boss that has everyone
19. literally paying up tribute to him. Whether its a sweetheart deal with the airport near Turnberry or forcing Pence to stay at Doonbeg, the President gets paid. It's now clear he did have something to do with the Trunberry deal after denying it and its come out that there
20. at least 600k in limo expenses to get Pence back to Dublin each day. How do you respond? Well first, while the President may have denied any knowledge of Turnberry yesterday, that was yesterday. Today is today and he's not denied it today. So just let go of the denied
21. thing. On the broader question, the President has the right to make money while he's in office. The country can afford it for him to skim a little off the top. Who's that hurting, no one I tell you. A billion here a billion there, it's just a rounding error. He also
22. thinks the Mafia and organized crime has a very efficient business model, one that respects strong leaders, and one the government can learn a lot from. So he's not troubled by the comparison. And you know the alternative is socialism.
23. Q. Ted Cruz blamed the deep state for Bolton's ousting. reaction? Q. No it was Trump and Jared. They didn't need the deep state for this one. Q. Any truth to the rumor that Bolton offered to shave his mustache in order to keep his job. A. I wouldn't guide you away from
24. that. Q. Did Bolton leak the stories about being cut out of the Afghan policy discussions in order to save his reputation. A. No I leaked those to take attention away from something stupid the President did that day. Turned out ok though for Bolton.
25. Has the President made up with HR McMaster. A. NO, he just enjoys leading people on. He'll ghost him pretty soon and Gorka is dead set against him. That's it for today, tomorrow we plan a special six month no briefing party--lots of surprises and door prizes. Don't miss
26 and don't forget to catch @WMM_podcast for some real news.
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