1/ @willmenaker

Estimated percent likelihood of knowledge/involvement in my ncp/hacking situation: 100%

Menaker’s Myers Briggs would probably be an INTJ.

{Sh*t, this took longer than I thought. Warning, this is going to be by far the longest assessment}
2/ In corporate life terms- he’s solid, technically capable, hands-on, team-leader/middle manager material. Logical, likes things organized and factual, however willing to bend facts/perception/reality though in support of what he feels fits the way things should be organized...
3/...in terms of structure—whether a hierarchy at the workplace, religion, political campaign/viewpoint, etc.

Because, as someone with INTJ-type personality traits, he’s put a lot of internal work into what he thinks the correct structure/world view should be.
4/ And while INTJs, for practical reasons, will try to work 'within the system' as much as they can stomach it, ambitious ones will also attempt maintain perceptions while trying to destroy the old one system while building a new one.
5/ INTJs aren’t just thinkers, they’re also ‘doers’, who want to see their ideas and vision put into world-view practice. They are architects, and builders, who like to see their projects come to fruition.
6/ As someone with INTJ-type personality traits, that means he’s put a lot of internal work into what he thinks the correct structure/world view should be. As this ‘vision’ is developed internally for the most part, it’s very hard to tell an INTJ how to think or what to do.
7/ When they encounter anyone else questioning this with what they believe to be either “non-factual” information or via a “structural attack”, it comes as an almost personal insult (since they’ve authored this information to a certain extent internally—
8/ it has become literally intertwined with their ego and self-perception.

More ‘politically adept’ INTJs will use either: masking techniques (i.e., not letting you know how they actually feel)...
9/ ... temporary retreat strategies, or humor to defuse this type of conflict, while still steadfastly pushing towards their agenda.

They tend to be good at running smaller teams, the societal acceptance in hierarchical structure plays in their favor...
10/ while giving them the level of control they need—and disputes are more easily and quickly settled.
11/ Where INTJs get tripped up:

EQ/Emotional Flexibility.

Reality is, most people exchange in “emotional currency” and there is a fair amount of bullshit and stupidity in this exchange that tends to rub INTJs the wrong way.
12/ Their need for structure can metastasize into control freak tendencies that may make the people around them (team, family members, etc) feel put down or excluded...
13/ ...and when challenged in this area, INTJs will often plead for reason—using a call for discipline, the need for organization and hierarchical structures, so they are able to ’maintain the floor’ (and get their way).
14/ This lack of emotional outlook is often a handicap in personal and professional relationships. Since they don’t have the level of extroversion, i.e., extend ability to maintain enjoyment of group settings, other peoples company for the sake of company, mingling, small talk..
15/ ...ability to ‘truly express their feelings versus describing their thoughts’ networking for the sake of networking, relying heavily on subordinates opinions, tolerance for bs or emotional hand holding that goes along ‘Winning Friends and Influencing People’
16/ If this natural lack of E.Q. causes enough damage in either personal or professional relationships, they will study, practice and work to improve in this area, but it is something that never quite comes naturally.
17/ Often times, serious conflict arises between the INTJ’s Ego and their actual place in the power structure.

Being thinkers, they will come up with contingency plans. If they can’t tackle the problem head on, they will look for alternative routes.
18/ INTJs often develop sneaky, cut-throat tendencies (based on coping mechanisms of being an intelligent introvert in an extroversion driven culture) that can become weaponized in those with latent narcissism issues—
19/ for example, when their ‘Ego’ and ’Structural Authority’ (whether internal or external) is challenged.
20/ How do INTJs that fall into more ‘dark triad’ traits solve their wounded egos, slights and narcissistic injury? Simple. Via sabotage.

(More on the sabotage aspect later)
21/ INTJ summary

Good traits: Intelligent, team leaders, problem solvers, hard workers (both time and effort) good bullshit detectors.

Morality systems that may be based on factual information and a larger worldview, vs blind-acceptance/indoctrination.

Bad traits: Masked ambition. May be willing to subvert their ‘intolerance of bs’ while simultaneously using the political capital they’ve built up in this area by appearing as a ‘straight shooter’ via lying, propaganda and subversion techniques, to ‘achieve the mission’.
23/ Also, if you cross a sufficiently resourced/latent narcissist INTJ —watch your back, and be prepared for a ‘fair-game’ level of retaliation.

Famous examples: With an INTJ with ‘good traits’ you end up with an Edward Snowden.

With a narcissistic, ‘dark triad’ INTJ, you end up with someone closer to a Robert Hanssen.
*old system
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