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I've had a pot of coffee let's do this

Demons are real, but the understanding is incomplete. Before the industrial revolution their warfare was almost entirely spiritual as this was the weakest vector for them to impose themselves upon the world without active summoning. 1/
Technology is not understood by 99.9% of the people that use it. Yet it is given freely with zero thought to its consequences. This isn't even getting into the issue of how the average person is only given tools of little social consequence compared to the levers of tech. 2/
Technology does truly amazing things and we are at the point where we are actually messing around with the molecular level of things. The actual fabric of material reality. The working title of CERN's FAQ on this stuff was Surreal FAQ. 3/

It is acknowledged that a lot of weird stuff begins to occur when you get to this level of technology. I will not get into the topic of CERN itself and the beliefs around them. I cite them as the simple acknowledgment that reality becomes insecure at that level of technology. 4/
Downscale that to the tech that any regular person is allowed to use. There's nothing to say that reality also doesn't become insecure at the smaller level. Postmodern philosophers have noted perception and experience takes a beating as society moves toward Ellul's Technique. 5/
The science of technology's effect on the human body is still nascent. It's just assumed that it's all harmless. People resort to hyperbole from either direction to avoid the discussion of the effects technology has on human biology. We've known that it affects our dreams. 6/
Over a decade ago a paper came out that saw a connection between black and white TV and the color of people's dreams.

Those who grew up primarily with grayscale television had grayscale dreams

12% dreamed only in grayscale 7/


Dreams have always been one of our connections to the spiritual world. It is one of the weaker vectors. The OT is rife with these stories. Saint John Cassian, from whom the Western monastic tradition owes much, warned of the spiritual power and character of dreams. 8/
Jacques Ellul speaks of a concept called Technique, which is the totality of methods that are used to achieve the most efficient end. This is how society becomes technological. Technology doesn't shape to humans but humans shape to technology. An object to be shaped. 9/
I point to all of this to make my case that it is acknowledged that technology can have actual effects on the human body and brain, that it shapes people, and that it has the power to affect dreams, the place where church fathers have recognized demons can establish dominion 10/
It's an open secret that many in Silicon Valley limit their own children's access to technology that they help develop. Note that it's the educators serving high income children who do not want young children exposed to it 11/


89% of undergraduates in a study reported "phantom vibrations"


Brains can become noisier from the techniques that are used to do smart phone social media posting


Again, all I am pointing to is that we are shaped by tech 12/
I've so far avoided the obvious talking points of the effects digital pornography have on the brain. It's not anecdotal that digital pornography leads to more fetishes. They are studying it and seeing it creates a greater risk of being into child porn 13/

"Born this way" is propaganda to avoid having people look into the environmental ways conditions can be induced. No one wants to believe a pedophile can be made by technology. They must all just be born that way or touched by an uncle, right? But technology can shape people 14/
Gay pornography is disproportionately represented in pornography. And even at being an average of 25% of the industry, it makes up 30-50% of the revenue. Gay men consume porn more than straight men. Are we to believe this is simply all nature? 15/

Studies into the role pornography plays (SEM here means Sexually Explicit Media) reveals that sexuality is influenced by pornography. This is not a matter of "just have a wank", there is evidence that sexual behavior is shaped by digital pornography 16/

I don't think I need to connect the dots here. Technology shapes human beings. It doesn't just exploit human biology. It has the ability to shape it. It has the capability of altering humanity in many of the places that the mystics and clerics have warned people to guard for 17/
There is obviously no uniform or universal consensus view on demons. I will try to avoid getting into the weeds on this. The common view by 16th century theologians however was that demons were preternatural, not supernatural. 18/

The preternatural occupies that twilight zone between the natural and the supernatural. If the supernatural breaks the natural, then the preternatual simply bends the reality of the natural to its will. This is what I meant earlier about the realm of demons being spiritual 19/
Demonic possession being the most well-known form of the preternatural demon. If you believe in possession, then you believe a preternatural force is imposing its will on a human, shaping their perception of reality and making them mentally ill. The demon shapes the human 20/
Occultist of all stripes view magic as an element of the preternatural. This is why magic is defined by some as a form of bending and shaping reality to your will. The preternatural also pertained to portents, which created a tension the church had to manage and balance 21/
I joke about technology allowing the interdimensional technodemons to possession people and steal their soul. But the levels that humanity is tinkering with the very fabric of reality and the effects that smaller scale technology have on human beings should be considered 22/
Let's mention a few cultural things. Drag queen story hour, Billie Eilish (a 17 year old) singing about seducing your dad in "Bad Girl" and seeming like a demon in "All Good Girls Go To Hell".

This is emulation and simulation of demonic behavior. 23/
Like television inducing grayscale dreams, all technological media create the phenomena of hyperreality. The very fabric of reality beginning to tear thanks to technology. One could interpret this at the preternatural world beginning to bleed into the natural. 24/
Some of my Catholic friends view it as just demonic possession. Hard to say. There's no consensus on anything like this. What's simply being mirrored and what's guided by some malevolent force is all debatable. But people's reality and biology is being warped by technology 25/
Technology is not inherently demonic. Then again as Clarke said, any form of significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. But it is a vessel by which demons and the preternatural enter the world as it erodes the foundations of our reality 26/
Go ahead and call me kook. Call me a nut. Call me whatever name you want to in the book. But human beings have long understood the veil between worlds isn't as strong as we'd like to think and we are messing with that delicate fabric. And it's really only just begun. 27/27

I haven't looked at a single reply to this thread and I never will. I said what I said. How you deal with this reality is on you.
Final PS: Chef reminded me of a passage from John Michael Greer about lost know-how. In Japanese folklore, the Tsukumogami are tools that have acquired a kami or a spirit. One can imagine technology transcended into having preternatural qualities itself.

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