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Thread: Harold Finch Opines on the CIA Agent Extraction Story

1. Harold Finch lives in The Library on Telegram these days. He does yeoman’s work in posting key information for researchers and other interested parties:…
2. Every now and then, he posts a thread in The Library that needs to be promulgated to a wider audience. Here is another one of those. Enjoy:

<Begin Finch’s thread>
3. I have some thoughts on the Jim Sciutto CNN release about the supposed CIA agent extraction. Here is the intro to Sciutto’s anti-Trump hit piece:

3A. In a previously undisclosed secret mission in 2017, the United States successfully extracted from Russia one of its highest-level covert sources inside the Russian government, multiple Trump administration officials with direct knowledge told CNN.

3B. The rest of the story degenerates into the typical anti-Trump diatribe from Sciutto, who served in the Obama regime as the chief of staff to the US ambassador in Beijing (!). You can read it here if you wish to waste a few minutes:…
4. Let’s explore the veracity of this article. Today, @themarketswork of Epoch Times wrote an extremely thorough article on this I’d like to explore in depth.…
@themarketswork 5. Jeff points out that this high-level Russian government asset was the source of the claims that Russia meddled in 2016 US Presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump. This info was what John Brennan used to jump start the illegal coup.
@themarketswork 6. Jeff refers to a NY Times article published later that undermined Sciutto’s piece. From Jeff’s article:
‘’The [NY Times] article, which effectively discredits key points in CNN’s reporting, noted that CIA officials became concerned over the source’s safety ….
@themarketswork 6A. “… during governmental allegations of Russian election interference and made a decision in “late 2016 to offer to extract the source from Russia.’”
@themarketswork 7. Now this is interesting in itself because we know that then-CIA Director John O Brennan went to Moscow and met with “high-ranking officers” from “Glavnoye razvedyvatel'noye upravleniye” (GRU) (the Russian military intelligence directorate), ….
@themarketswork 7A. … “Federal'naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii” (FSB) (the Russian internal security service – formerly the KGB), and “Sluzhba vneshney razvedki Rossiyskoy Federatsii” (SVR RF) (the foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation).

@themarketswork 7B. [T]here is evidence that Brennan, the man who voted for communist Gus Hall for president, did make [a secret] trip in March 2016 for purposes unknown.
@themarketswork 7C. News of the CIA chief's visit to the Russian capital was first made public [on 23 Apr 2018] by a Russian foreign ministry spokesman and subsequently confirmed by the CIA.


Read the rest here:…
@themarketswork 8. At the very LEAST, this means this asset who supposedly was exfiltrated at essentially John Brennan’s urging must be evaluated as a likely player in the plot by US intelligence to target and stop Donald Trump’s election and, failing that, ….
@themarketswork 8A. … to smear him as a Russian asset in the White House as a cause to justify a coup d’état.
@themarketswork 9. At the least, there are serious questions about whether this source/asset is in fact a Russian double agent. It also leads me to question if John O Brennan, known to have voted for communist Gus Hall fir US President during the height of the cold war in 1976, ….
@themarketswork 10. ... was in fact working as a Russian Intelligence asset during the 2016 elections and possibly before that!
@themarketswork 11. Think about it: Donald trump made it no secret during the 2016 campaign that he was going to rebuild the US military, deal with ISIS and Iran in Syria, and make US a prime oil exporter.
@themarketswork 12. And strengthening the US military, dealing with a Russian ally Iran in Syria, taking part of the oil market share away from Russia, and forcing NATO countries to increase financial contributions and military readiness was NOT beneficial to Moscow.
@themarketswork 13. Also, Trump’s election wasn’t in Brennan’s personal and political interests either. Trump was about turning power over to We The People and away from unaccountable federal agencies.
@themarketswork 14. John Brennan used DHS and later the CIA to go after millions of Americans via spying, targeted journalists for prosecution for doing their jobs, and, in the case of Michael Hastings, very likely had him murdered.
@themarketswork 15. And that is to say nothing of the Obama-ordered CIA-run drone assassination program that killed US Citizens without trial or due process.

@themarketswork 15A. John Brennan, the CIA director and the man largely responsible for the U.S.'s drone strategy, is so influential that some Pentagon officials have taken to calling him the "Deputy President."


Read the rest here:…
@themarketswork 16. John Brennan’s business links to Communist #china were also in direct conflict with Donald Trump’s China policy.

@themarketswork 16A. Brennan's corporate parent was looking for lucrative contracts from Chinese state-owned companies at the same time Brennan's unit worked on sensitive US intelligence issues in Washington.
@themarketswork 16B. Brennan wound up as an employee inside a multi-layered company [The Analysis Corporation] with offices in Baghdad, where it sought sensitive security business from the Iraqi government; ….
@themarketswork 16B1. … suburban Virginia, where it sought sensitive intelligence business from the US government: and Beijing, where it sought sensitive security business from the Chinese that involved providing physical security ….
@themarketswork 16B2. … and gathering information about potential security threats for Chinese business interests in Iraq.


Read the rest here:
@themarketswork 17. This and subsequent business dealings need to be explored in depth separately, in particular, the total loss of the CIA’s HUMINT network in Communist China while Brennan was CIA Director.
@themarketswork 18. It should also be noted the Hillary email server was operating at this time and was being monitored by Chinese intelligence in real time. [There are no such things as coincidences.]
@themarketswork 19. Remember that John Brennan went on live TV and blamed the President for endangering this source, and that he said this AFTER that secret trip to Moscow before the election when he met with Russian Intelligence chiefs.
@themarketswork 20. CNN ITSELF KNEW of the PREVIOUS attempt to extract the asset from Russia, predating the election. But Jim Sciutto and CNN published a lie this week, blaming the President.
@themarketswork 21. Notice that Asha Rangappa of CNN, connected to all the FBI #coup plotters, is involved in this as well. I’ve noted several times previously that she is a conduit from FBI and CIA leakers to CNN.
@themarketswork 22. It’s CRITICAL to understand this occurred just after Comey was fired, and also after Clapper and Brennan leaking details of Steele dossier to CNN who then aired it. This was what Brennan and Clapper leaked as a follow up:
@themarketswork 23. All of you who follow me as “Name Redacted” will recall that Asha Rangappa and her FBI ex-husband Andrew Dodd (who was in Comey’s inner circle) needed to be looked at for leaks from FBI to CNN and their connections to others like Strzok, Page, Comey and McCabe.
@themarketswork 24. She went after my account and threatened to use her ex-husband to doxx me personally. That response is interesting given this tweet:
@themarketswork 28. This is exactly what I’ve been saying all along: the DOJ is looking at the ENTIRE NETWORK that engaged in the #coup – from the disinformation agents in the Kremlin whom Brennan used, to Brennan and Comey who spearheaded it, to the media who were key players in it.
@themarketswork 29. Final thoughts: @BryanDeanWright is correct, but Brennan and Comey essentially *were* running the country under Obama. The two most dangerous and corrupt men in America, bar none.
@themarketswork @BryanDeanWright 30. <End of Finch’s thread>
@themarketswork @BryanDeanWright 31. Finch is on target again. The complexity of the cabal’s actions are slowly being unraveled and exposed. I find it particularly interesting in the pattern of these false CNN bombshells – they always seem to hit just before seriously damning info about the cabal is revealed.
@themarketswork @BryanDeanWright 32. That they’re going to the discredited “Russia collusion” well yet again means that they are running out of spins in their agit-prop campaign. Looks to me like that IG report on FISA abuse which is due out soon will be particularly damning! Let’s hope so… ///The end.
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