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Like many, when Laura-Carrie SCREAMED & the House at 708 went Black I was left wondering=WHAT THE F**K JUST HAPPENED?
After 2 Weeks of pondering & research I now finally grasp the Clues left by Director David Lynch & Co-Writer Mark Frost.
To comprehend how #TwinPeaks ended, you need to watch BOTH Episodes 17 & 18 AT THE SAME TIME in synchronicity!
Use Quicktime or media players or even 2 Browsers then Synch the time to 43 minutes in for both Episodes then play both.
The Ending is revealed & TECHNICALLY there's no need for a Season 4 as now BOB & JUDY have been kicked out of our existence.
What Laura whispered to Agent Cooper in the Waiting Room set all this in motion.
She told Cooper how to prevent her murder in the first place, then bring her HOME.
Cooper has been trying to fulfill this task all through Season 3.
JUDY retaliated, robbed of Laura's death, she spirits her away&places her in an alternate reality with no memory of her first 17 years as Laura Palmer. This will make Laura unable to find her way back to the TWIN PEAKS REALITY & fulfill her purpose which is to destroy JUDY.
Using the FIREMAN's Clues Cooper FIND(s) LAURA(Leland's Plea) in Odessa Texas where she's lived for a quarter of a century as Carrie Page & takes her to Twin Peaks to her childhood home.
But, as it's an ALTERNATE Reality the Palmers never lived there&preventing Laura's killing changed everything in BOTH REALITIES.
This however doesn't matter
Cooper did his job, just as Lodge-LAURA had instructed him & brought her Laura's BODY to within striking distance of JUDY
These DUAL Realities are separated by, pardon me, a THIN VEIL of Drapes.
As Cooper&Laura approach the Door to 708 it's clear JUDY's suppression of Laura's memory is failing. When you hear the 2 names Chalfont & Tremond you know those are 2 people affiliated with the Black Lodge.
When Cooper walks slowly back to the Street, he is lost. His morale deflated.
His drive & focus was to BRING LAURA HOME just like LAURA told him.
Now it's gone off the Rails, somehow.
What unfolds now is a CAREFULLY CRAFTED AMBUSH of JUDY by LAURA.
As Carrie/Laura looks at the House, it's true, it's not her ACTUAL Home, that's in the TWIN PEAKS Reality we're all familiar with. But it IS identical otherwise.
Suddenly Carrie-Laura hears her Mother's voice calling for her to get up for School (from about age 15 on, it was a battle to get her Butt up for school due to her ever increasing Wild Nightlife to kill the pain BOB-Leland's molestation & emotional abuse was causing her)
As Carrie-Laura hears her Mother's call, her Lost 17 Twin Peaks Years SNAP instantly into place.
Cooper's true purpose was ALWAYS to assist Laura to SNAP back into Reality at the right TIME & SPACE to finally destroy JUDY.
All the horror, pain & sorrow caused by her Father & BOB are REALIZED as LAURA awakens & RETURNS in a devastating SCREAM that is akin to an EMP-PSYCHIC BLAST that BLOWS JUDY's Earthly existence out like a Candle, destroying her.
From the age of 12 JUDY sent BOB to corrupt & possess or destroy Laura.
Laura's pain & suffering was incalculable.
BOB used Leland's weakness to molest his own daughter.
& it was JUDY who sent BOB.
The Denizens of the Black Lodge FEED off pain & suffering & gleefully devoured the pain & suffering THEY had caused her.
LAURA'S SCREAM was an Overdose & if Garmonbozia was an Opioid this SCREAM was akin to 500 POUNDS of Fentanyl.
Did Sarah Palmer survive that?
I honestly don't know.
How much of Sarah was left in there?
From Cooper's reaction to LAURA'S SCREAM it's clear he had NO IDEA this would happen.
Cooper appears to have had no idea JUDY was possessing Laura's Mother.
His job was simply to find Laura & bring her HOME.
In synchronicity to Episode 17, the moment Mrs Tremond shut her Door JUDY-Sarah's last moments on Earth are spent moaning & shrieking in TERROR as she lashes out a Laura's Iconic Picture-WHICH SHE CANNOT DAMAGE!
Laura has WON!
LAURA's SCREAM then destroys her. (In Episode 18!)
In Episode 17 the next Scene shows 1989-Laura spirited away from Cooper by 1989-JUDY, BUT we now have all the MISSING PIECES!
He will find Laura in Odessa & Laura will annihilate JUDY!
Special Agent Dale Cooper won.


THIS Particular BLUE ROSE Case has been Solved!
Laura Palmer, who now stands out on that Street with her FULL memory restored is finally FREE!
BOB's influence over her is GONE!
JUDY's influence over her is GONE!
The Credits for Episode 17 Roll with a dedication to Jack Nance who, as Pete Martell represented the good of the Twin Peaks Community.
Episode 17 is the actual end of the Series with 18 being an epilogue, if you will.
Laura is 42 years old & if you follow what was revealed in S3 E8 it's clear she was a Higher Being(Angel) summoned to defeat JUDY/BOB & has now succeeded.
I wonder what her next 25 years will be like?I'm thinking she & Cooper are going to get along swimmingly & my only concern is, will they be able to make it back to "Their" Twin Peaks?
Cooper did say (WE LIVE INSIDE A DREAM) "I hope to see all of you again, every one of you..."
Since David Lynch leaves much of whats he shows you to your own imagination I BELIEVE that in MY Reality Dale & Laura standing out on that Street WILL return to their Twin Peaks Reality to settle down as a Couple & become Regulars at the R&R Diner.
(Romantic Sucker)
***Even if they can't, they are TOGETHER & although worn & damaged by their experiences they had a powerful bond & foundation for their future.***
Coffee Time!!
Thank You David & Mark for such an amazing & wonderful Story!
To Folks confused on this point, there were TWO Twin Peaks & 708 Residences.
1 was the Tremond Residence in the Alternate Reality where Cooper & Laura were,
the other was in the original Twin Peaks Reality we're all familiar with where JUDY-Sarah was losing her SH*T!

My Video where I use #LauraPalmer's #SoulWAR to explain Spiritual Inertia
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