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Good morning @gimbakakanda
I saw an article on @AJEnglish written by you titled "Why Nigeria cannot afford a stand-off with South Africa"

Let me appreciate the fact that you have not denied the fact that you are a Nigerian YET.
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish In Nigeria, there is a Yoruba adage that says "Bi omode ba l'aso bi agba, ko le l'akisa bi agba" simply saying although a toddler can have enough clothes like the elderly ones, he does not have enough RAGS like the elderly ones..
The philosophers called that THE WISDOM OF AGES.
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish I am aware that you are still young and still enjoying academic sponsorship, but your exposure to the wider world should be enough to give you more depth as you penned down this article INDICTING your motherland of WEAKNESS.
Excuse me please, for what purpose & to what end?
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish If the diplomatic weakness of Nigeria on #XenophobicAttacks in South Africa you were portraying was the expectation that Nigeria should DEAL with them, we have war experience than them.
I wish we can have "International Friendly War" with them just for a test, but in REALITY🤪🤣.
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Are we happy as Nigerians about what happened in South Africa? Far from it.
The day Nigeria President was talking about sending officials to check out the real issues,
I tweeted that everything should "scatter"🤣
It is so annoying but, DIPLOMACY is needed
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Having said that, let's check out your assertions on why YOU THINK Nigeria is weak as at today as far as South Africa is concerned.

Let's get it clear, the recent attack by South Africans is just another unfortunate #XenophobicAttacks that have been going on for years. Terrible!
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish The reason why "anger in Nigeria boiled over and young Nigerians took to the streets protesting South African aggression and unleashing some of their own on South African-owned businesses" was because we've tolerated the madness of Southy long enough👇👇
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "Examples abound of powerful countries going to great lengths to protect and repatriate their citizens who have faced danger abroad. But Nigeria is not one of them"......

That assertion up there👆 is wrong Sir & FACTS abound to dispute that:👇
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish The attack happened on September 3rd 2019 (a week ago), @NigeriaGov after analyzing the situation was already repatriating Nigerians a week after with @abikedabiri on ground. Mind you, the attack was not on ALL Nigerians in Southy, so the level of emergency should be considered.
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Here is @abikedabiri while receiving them and you know this is not the 1stT TIME Nigerians have been rescued from such environs.
If you have FACTS that Nigerians were rescued from Libya, Italy etc, why then did you say "But Nigeria is not one of them"?

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Libya returnees were shouldered by Nigerian Govt when the News broke out in 2017.
November 29 2017, 242 stranded Nigerians were rescued & brought back to Nigeria.
Do you really think it was accurate for you to say But "Nigeria is not one of them"?

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Feb 24 2018, @abikedabiri did announce that more than 2,000 rescued from Libya by @NigeriaGov WITHOUT even talking about what, why & HOW they got to Libya.
"Nigeria does not to protect and repatriate their citizens who have faced danger abroad"? Really??

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "In the past, the country has stood its ground on a number of occasions when defending its national interests"....

That's FALLACIOUS, when did OBJ/Atiku GIVE AWAY Bakassi to Cameroon? Was that in defense of National interest by the past you praised? WHY?

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "In the past, the country has stood its ground on a number of occasions when defending its national interests"..

Have you read what @business had to say about P&ID SCAM carried out "IN THE PAST" that potentially costs Nigeria N3 trillion? INTEREST KE?

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "In the past, the country has stood its ground on a number of occasions when defending its national interests"...

Have you read "Nigeria’s OPL 245 oil field scandal" still ongoing Sir? Whose INTEREST did the PAST leaders protect in that scandal?

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Did you remember "Halliburton scandal" & how IN THE PAST, the past leaders you were giving such accolades SOLD US OUT? Was National interest defended?
You mentioned the past, that's why I checked the PAST & INTEREST.

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "In the 1960s, for example, Nigeria had a face-off with France over the latter's continuous tests of nuclear weapons in the Sahara desert. The government of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa acted decisively".....

Can you go back to HISTORY & tell HOW LONG it took for the Govt to do that?
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Talking of Govt taking action especially on this South Africa provocative attack, I don't think it is wise to think that a Govt will wake up within 1 or 2 weeks weeks a break all ties with her diplomatic allies.
The 1960s you alluded to didn't happen that way, CALM DOWN!
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish I saw this article on "Determinants of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy during the First 2 Republic and Impact on External Relations".
I think you will do well to consider several PARAMETERS that lead to taking diplomatic actions before despising your Nation.

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Nigeria led the international effort to isolate and pressure the apartheid regime in South Africa"...

Yes, & that should tell you that Nigeria is never a WEAKLING. Decisions of 200M people can't be taken in a hurry. CHILL

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "It also directly intervened in the Liberian civil war, dispatching Nigerian troops to fight"....
I'm curious that you remembered how Nigeria intervened in the 90s & you forgot how Buhari sent intervention to Gambia just 2 years ago....WHY Sir?

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Barrow of Gambia was appreciative of Nigeria's gesture when Buhari intervened in 2017, the same way we RESCUED unprofitable South Africa when their generation was almost wiped out by apartheid.
That Southy chose to be ungrateful does not mean we are WEAK.

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "Most of the reactions to the violent attacks on Nigerians and other Africans in South Africa reflect a yearning for Abacha-style diplomacy"..

Your parochial view of diplomatic issue by mentioning Abacha-style diplomacy may push me to ask you HOW OLD WERE YOU during Abacha's?🤔
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish And last year President Muhammadu Buhari decided to "keep quiet" on President Donald Trump's alleged "s***hole" remark about African nations..

Guy, Trump has said worse about his own Americans who are not on the same page, so not responding is no biggie

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "At present, it is clear Nigeria does not have the military, the intelligence capability or the diplomatic clout to pursue a serious escalation against even a regional power, such as South Africa".....

I will ask you a simple question again: HOW OLD ARE YOU?
This is FUNNY!
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "At present, it is clear Nigeria does not have the military".....

By making this unguarded utterance about Nigeria in 2019 & having enough BACKING to get it published by @AJEnglish shows clearly that you are not just ignorant of FACTS, you are also childish in your perspectives.
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "At present, it is clear Nigeria does not have the military, the intelligence capability or the diplomatic clout to pursue a serious escalation against even a regional power, such as South Africa"...

Don't twist it, with this statement👆, it's clear that your DIPLOMACY is WAR🤣
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish Listen, Nigeria & Nigerians is never known to be cowards. Circumstances have trained Nigerian troops to be rugged and battle ready.
Nigeria was in Gambia 2 years ago, where was South Africa troops?
Guy, the strength of a device is in its usage, have you seen Southy in war b4?🤣
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "South Africa used to be a bully that Nigeria could restrain through its support for proxies inside the country and its neighbourhood. But since the end apartheid, this relationship has evolved into a regional competition, which Pretoria is winning"....

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish That South Africa is anything close to Nigeria in terms of economy or what have you is another issue to study. You cannot at one breath be praising the past leaders who ruined & weakened Nigeria for personal gain & at the same time complaining that Nigeria is weak.
What happened?
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish I don't have time to talk about how Nigeria began to struggle but, suffice to remind you that OBJ allegedly spent $16B in our power sector, we never saw it. That weakened us economically.
Sir Atiku actually gave us insight how THEY weakened Nigeria. IT WENT DOWN THE DRAIN👇👇
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish As at the time we were supposed to be making use of our oil boom and enormous wealth, the same "past leaders" you were praising ensured that they were looting everything that would make us GIANT INDEED: They halted the refineries without building any. Military FUNDS looted. So?🤷‍♂️
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish The money Diezani ALONE forfeited as JEWELRY to FG is the entire Net-worth of the Obamas, the former President of USA.
When leaders kept eating the future, they are WEAKENING the Nation. Did you support them to return?

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish You will need to listen to @atiku Atiku saying selling ASCON a facility worth $3.5Billion property for $250 million was "some mistakes"......
The same man did not remit what was meant to benefit NIGERIANS to Nigeria Port Authority in tunes of $140M

@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish "Only if the country becomes materially secure and industrially productive will it be able to regain its soft power and international clout and stand up to the old bullies in its neighborhood"..

You ended your article with the same Govt ideology you are against: SELF RELIANCE🤣
@gimbakakanda @AJEnglish If you have any doubt as to whether Nigeria is already making remarkable progress, kindly ask me & I will show you the CHRONICLES of the TANGIBLES not the paper projects of the past.
Your article lack depth, it's full of kindergarten assumptions.
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