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@neurology_live 1/ Did Dr. Uma Menon take into account that people are being hit today widely with microwave weapons to induce sudden intense headaches, and remote-access electric-shock weapons to induce seizures? All docs need to become aware of these weapons: everydayconcerned.net/2019/07/03/onc…
@neurology_live 2/ When patients have no history of mental illness/seizures/brain trauma but show up w. signs of same, or mention RFID implants, hearing voices, seeing retinal images, and sensations of being burned or high-itch, all docs need to go thru' these steps: everydayconcerned.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/ten-st…
@neurology_live 3/ Physicians & neurologists are seen as being part of the educated, informed sector of society. More than time for all to become aware that "Neurology" & "Psychiatry" are NOT the only aspects operative today, when Military Bio-comms/Biometrics wpns are in use by #DOD #DOJ. @APA
@neurology_live @APA 4/ As Dr. Farber eloquently puts it, in ref. to Dr. LaPorte, psychologists, psychiatrists, & physicians who ignore the elephants/tigers - the Military Neuroweapons & High-Tech Surveillance context-- & assist in naming ppl "delusional" are Stigmatizing. everydayconcerned.net/2019/09/10/fai…
@neurology_live @APA 5/ Intelligent physicians today know perfectly well Psychiatry is a profoundly faulty "science."Dr. Farber: "Psychiatry is an effort to discredit people by declaring them “psychotic.” Dr. Mandel: "Subjective Ideation & projected bigotries" @APA_Psychiatric
@neurology_live @APA 6/ But not all docs are intelligent, as we know. Many are money-hounds, many corrupt, many bought and sold by #MengeleMen in #DOD #CIA--witness MK ULTRA. Many take part in blatant Psy Ops run by Mainstream Media. @APA_Psychiatry
Incl. the Cuba/China one. everydayconcerned.net/2019/09/04/fai…
@neurology_live @APA 7/ But just as MSM hounds paid by #CIA to run #MediaPOPPCons on the public commit grave #CrimesAgainstHumanity, so do physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Covering up barbaric #GovtCrime by calling victims schizoid/delusional is a #WarCrime. @APAPsychiatric
@neurology_live @APA @APAPsychiatric 8/ Docs today work for the military, as does #DrJamesGiordiano, an apologist for the most Execrable Crimes being committed today by #DOD #DARPA on the brains of humans--working slyly to gain consent for the Extreme Neuro-Invasions he & his pals execute: neurobioethics.com/treatment-or-e…
@neurology_live @APA @APAPsychiatric 9/ It is the Human Rights duty of all docs today to become informed on the true facts today of #SurveillanceAbuse involving Neuroweapons--microwave, sonic, scalar, spectrum--on Americans, Europeans, all worldwide. @mandelnews @prayingmedic @Thomas_Binder
@neurology_live @APA @APAPsychiatric @mandelnews @prayingmedic @Thomas_Binder 10/ Note that #DrJamesGiordiano in that vid linked in 8/ slips in blather abt. NEUROMODIFICATION WITHOUT CONSENT as what "social wants" and "ecology" and "community canvases of engagement" dictate. This is the language of Stalin, Hitler, Tavistock, Delgado, Brezinski. #HuxleyKnew
@neurology_live @APA @APAPsychiatric @mandelnews @prayingmedic @Thomas_Binder 11/ #DrJamesGiordiano, a fake Neuroethicist, discloses that the #DOD is now using paid stooges worldwide--probably Unethical Psychs & Docs--to neural-map brains in every culture as NORMAL and ABNORMAL using CULTURAL NORMS that these particular inepts draw up. This is COMMUNISM.
@neurology_live @APA @APAPsychiatric @mandelnews @prayingmedic @Thomas_Binder 12/ Turning back the clock of Organic Evolution, true progress, #DrJamesGiordiano wants to rush humanity toward the Transhumanists' Humanity 2.0, while he & his pals take the reins to dictate what NORMAL should be & NEUROMODIFYING EVERY HUMAN into it. Why aren't docs protesting?
@neurology_live @APA @APAPsychiatric @mandelnews @prayingmedic @Thomas_Binder 13/13 If you have been trained as a physician you know abt Do No Harm/Hippocrates. But today, DOCTORS ARE HARMING PEOPLE. I appeal to all docs, esp. neurologists, psychiatrists: Start speaking out abt Neuro Modification, Neuro Enhancement, Neuro Augmentation. #FindYourConscience!
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