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One hot take
1) We use "conservative" for the wrong group of people in the English-speaking world. The pro-status quo faction in English language politics is invariably progressive.
2) Xi has way less power in the Chinese central leadership than Western media reports indicate but you'll never hear them break that narrative because reporters are too lazy to study the situation in Mandarin and audiences are too lazy to build a new model that isn't "Stalin".
3) The Air Force should be part of the Army.
4) Military coups are a totally defensible extra-constitutional mechanism in certain contexts, especially countries that share names with flightless birds.
5) We should invert the amount of tax money that goes to municipal and national governments.
6) Chicago should be on Eastern time.
7) Math research should look a lot less like it does today and a lot more like Stack Overflow. (credit to @iancyshipman)
@iancyshipman 8) Cloud computing has turned into a proprietary nightmare that will set back the technology industry by years.
@iancyshipman 9) 75% of journalists have a motte-and-bailey approach to their professional ethics.
@iancyshipman 10) Military fixation on high intensity great power conflict in the nuclear age is dangerous because it distracts from other, more important missions.
@iancyshipman 11) The above fixation exists mainly to support defense contractors.
@iancyshipman 12) @quantian1's Grand Unified Theory of Jeff Epstein is probably correct:
@iancyshipman @quantian1 13) Big standard libraries are vastly superior to big frameworks.
@iancyshipman @quantian1 14) The lionization of the teaching profession is mostly undeserved and the Prussian classroom model is borderline child abuse.
@iancyshipman @quantian1 15) Legislators are generally emotionally immature people.
@iancyshipman @quantian1 And we're back, now with plenty of ammunition from the Democratic debate.
16) Mass gun confiscation is the most direct route to something resembling a civil war in the United States. Most state and local police wouldn't enforce it, and those who did would end up in body bags at an alarming rate. Gun confiscation would get a lot of people killed.
17) Nuclear power is the only viable means of rapid decarbonization.
18) The West will continue to have a warm relationship with the southern half of China and a cold relationship with the northern half.
19) The 2008 recession ruined Silicon Valley by causing a mass migration of terrible finance people from banking middle management to tech middle management.
20) The time for San Francisco to fix its problems was 2005. They're already path-committed, it's only downhill from here.
21) Kamala Harris is the closest thing to a fascist we have in American politics. Trump is more of a vaguely racist William Jennings Bryan, much more of a swamp-and-hill populist than a proper fascist. Kamala has a fully developed Schmidtian sense of executive power.
22) "Ghost in the Shell" is the best anime film.
23) "Gladiator" is far superior to "Star Wars".
24) We should aggressively pursue a political union of the core English-speaking countries (US, UK, Can, Aus, NZ).
25) Entirely open borders between the aforementioned core Anglophone countries would be something that people would complain about in the run-up and then treat as entirely natural a year after implementation.
26) There are a baker's dozen Enron-level scandals floating around in the federal defense budget.
27) The half-a-million Puerto Ricans now living in Florida after the hurricane are going to fundamentally change the calculus around Puerto Rican statehood.
28) Since they can buy a nuke from Pakistan and have it on a plane same-day we should consider the Saudis an atomic power.
29) A very large proportion of the people who spend lots of time criticizing Israeli policy are rank anti-Semites.
30) People who aren't anti-Semites should spend a lot more time than they currently do calling out the horrible behavior of the Netanyahu government.
31) The bowtie is the best signal that I know of for identifying young male political radicals.
32) Civ VI is better than Civ V.
33) I'm pretty sure the narrator in "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is supposed to be Roman Polanski.
34) Bitcoin and Lightning Network are so technically impressive at this point that I'll be shocked if we don't see adoption on at least the scale of something like PayPal or Square in the next two or three years.
35) One of the chief problems that states will need to deal with in the coming decades is an inability to tax transactions and income that exist on protocols like Bitcoin.
36) Everybody in the US should learn Spanish, not because of some interest in cultural integration but because it's a beautiful, useful, expressive adjunct to English.
37) The ability to write relatively bugless code in an "easy to use" programming language without a type system takes way more practice than learning how to use a "difficult and complicated" language with a robust type system.
38) Final executive authority in the US should be held by the cabinet, not the president. At least until we can figure out the Anglounion that is.
40) I'd be quite alright with a Western policy towards Russia and China that looks more like what the Russians and Chinese have deluded themselves into thinking the West does.
41) The revolution in Hong Kong is the most important political event in recent years because it has provided a proving ground for the kinetic version of network-centric politics and because it will go a very long way towards destabilizing the CCP regime.
42) I'd be more worried about basic human rights in a country run according to the political philosophy of Ross Douthat than a country run according to the political philosophy of Curtis Yarvin. One is a Spanish mission colony, the other is a seedy frontier town.
43) American football is an objectively homoerotic sport.
44) Brexit is short-term bad with a lot of opportunity for long-term good, mainly because it drastically increases the likelihood of Anglounion.
45) The Anglosphere countries can absorb culturally distant immigrants in a way and in volumes that continental Europe just can't, and that's a thing that the Anglosphere should be really proud of.
46) The whole point of a large chunk of your population being armed is that the state can't impose its will with violence at scale, regardless of the political direction of the state. That's why more urban liberals should own rifles.
47) The Dutch invented modernity.
48) Perhaps the most underrated technological advancement due in the next five years is cheap global satellite internet access. The implications in places like China will be profound. No national firewall stands a chance. Imagine the HK protests on every Beijinger's newsfeed.
49) Punctuation belongs on the outside of "quoted strings". Quote marks are necessary when referring to media like "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Oxford commas are legible, helpful, and required. If an acronym is common and sounds like a normal word upcase the first letter, like Nasa.
50) Yang will be among the last three Dem candidates standing. His "forwardian" spin on liberal politics is here to stay and will increasingly be seen as a timely update to the social contract. California's next governor will win on a similar platform.
Calling it a night at 50, this has been fun y'all, let's do it again soon.
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