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honestly not convinced by this sports-hero inspiring music behind the debate
"what Carter did" a bit of an odd flex but ok
Houston we have a problem
Beto straight-up blaming Trump for El Paso

(the shooting not the city)
Yang is in some sort of telethon and ends abruptly and without apparent verbal punctuation
Buttigieg harkening to the unity of 9/12 when we could come together do things like pass the PATRIOT act and invade countries and beat Sikhs to death
Harris kind of stepping on @jbarro and my territory tbh, talking about the DoJ memo
Sanders angry-finger-wagging but also mentioning specific policies
Warren very much on her game.
Dear Joe: it's unwilling to postpone. Sorry.

Also, Joe is charming even if you wonder if he's about to smell Warren's hair
Joe Biden totally has an [unspecified] plan to pay for healthcare. Warren will pay without raising middle class costs by taxing richer people despite math
Bernie WROTE THE DAMN BILL if he may say so, and will give us $200/year meds by just kicking the shit out of Pfizer
In possible attempt to evoke Obama, Bernie and Joe and Elizabeth are saying "to be clear" a lot
Sen. Klobuchar asked dumb question to name the extremist on stage, sensibly ignores it. Gets off good line: "Bernie may have written the bill, but I read it."
Let's be clear, Warren says, again, because she hates me. She doesn't really address Klobuchar's accusation that health care bill will force people to lose their chosen docs.

but not convincingly
Sanders is, and there's no other way to say this, just scolding Buttigieg. Waiting for him to grab his ear.
Sen. Harris, why don't you support Bernie's bill any more? Harris: Obama is good, Bernie is nice and I congratulate him in a somewhat condescending way, I have my plan. Now, DONALD TRUMP IS EVIL
Beto coming off calm and sensible with more than a whiff of "am I sure I want to get into this clown show?"
Castro showing proficiency with expressing wonkery smoothly until he gets in a shouting match with Joe Biden over whether or not Biden said people have to buy in and it's embarrassing
Buttigieg steals Yang's turn to speak and now everyone is sniping
Yang: "I'm Asian so I know lots of doctors," taking the lead in very mildly transgressive dad jokes
Booker, visibly annoyed at not getting any time, pulls back from precipice of specifics to the safe plateau of vague appeals to unity
siri how long does this go
Beto, asked about racial division, has a shoutout for 1619. He's really quite good on this issue of racial injustice.
Beto: "we have a white supremacist in the white house." He's not pulling any punches. Castro: shooter drove 10 hours inspired by this president to shoot people who look like me. Holy shit.
Booker: there's no red badge of courage for calling Trump a racist, but guess what, there was racism before. Savages the criminal justice system (tho not enough).
Senator Harris, why didn't you stop bad policies when you had the power to do so? (Daaaamn). Harris: I know about the unfair system and I have a plan that activists like and I would hold prosecutors accountable.

Sen. Klobuchar: why did you side with cops killing black citizens? Klobuchar: That's not my record. Blames the grand jury for failure to prosecute cops.

(Some admirably tough questions here.)
Klobuchar finishes strong on criminal justice reform question. VP Biden, what about the war on drugs? Biden: whole model has to change, nobody should be in jail for nonviolent crimes, rehabilitation, I was impersonated by imposter between 1980-1998
Booker: Our criminal justice system "so savagely broken." Cites different results by race. There are 17,000 people unjustly incarcerated: let's all pledge to release them.
Biden calls Beto Beto, apologizes to Beto for calling him Beto, Beto has "r u fuckin kidding me" look and says it's fine
Gross. Sen. Harris asked if you can do big gun stuff by executive order, Biden says you can't. Harris says "let's say yes you can", ridicules idea of waiting for Congress, appeals to emotion. Joe in background: "it's unconstitutional." Doesn't address issue at all.
Biden in response: constitutional scholars say you can't just ban guns by executive order. Duh.

Beto, with admirable directness whatever you think of it substantively, says yes I would confiscate "military" weapons. "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15." Well, it's honest.
Klobuchar: we're gonna have to fuck up Mitch McConnell who's in

Sen Booker, how would you possibly get this Senate to pass your gun reforms? Booker: America is sensible. Calls for "more courageous empathy." Yeah but the Senate tho
Warren: gun reform is a long hard fight and we have to eliminate filibuster and end donation corruption
Bernie: i will not be intimidated by the NRA, I am highly irascible
Question to Biden: yo you know you and Obama dramatically increased deportation right

Biden: oh thank god Trump is in office or I'd be screwed on this one
Julian Castro, why should Latinos trust Democrats when you break your promises on immigration and generally suck

Castro: Trump is worse and also Biden takes credit for Obama's good stuff and evades blame on bad stuff
Yang: Immigrant success is awesome and powerful (yes). Immigrants should come to American because your kid can run for president (eh, not appealing) and the water's great (???)
Questioner: Are Trump supporters racist? Beto: Anyone who supports this is supporting racism. Pivots to talking about successes of rural communities that embraced immigration. He's doing very well and it makes you wish he were plausibly electable.
Sorry that last one was Buttigieg not Beto. It's all blurring together and I'm not even drinking.
At break: I think the most effective ones are Warren, Beto, Buttigieg, Pretty good Booker, Klobuchar. Not moved by Bernie, Biden, Castro, Yang. Dislike of Harris increased.
I'm informed by Very Serious People that I don't like Harris because I don't like strong accomplished women.
I'm kind of done with this and the bottom line is that there are several plausible people here.
Harris uses Wizard of Oz to suggest Trump has tiny dick and why not it's 2019

Also Bernie's got his finger out like he's hailing a cab all the time
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