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+ 1ST VERSE: RM’s first verse introduces how he’d grappled with his existence all his life. He muses that he probably won’t know the answer to such an ontological question such as “Who am I?” and then goes on to say that he couldn’t explain or describe himself in a few words+
+ because “god wouldn’t have bothered” to create all that “beauty”—linked to ANSWER: Love Myself: “The sad me / The hurting me
/ That which will be even more beautiful, ‘美’ (beauty).”

+ 2ND VERSE: On this verse, he seems to break the fourth wall by asking the audience what they feel at the moment & then seems to answer himself in soliloquy how he feels good but having a little discomfort. He ponders on the thought of himself being either a dog or pig/swine+
+but having “other people come and hang a pearl necklace” around his neck—can be linked to Am I Wrong?: “We’re all dogs, pigs, become dogs because we’re angry.”

In the MV, he follows this w/ a spit, his saliva the color of green w/c reminds me of the absynthe he once drank in+
+ the Blood, Sweat, & Tears MV & Suga’s line about a “poisoned chalice.” It seems he thinks it’s ridiculous how people view him and box him into a role & seems to force-feed him w/ that imposed role.
+ 3RD VERSE: The third verse, however, reveals a consequence of that spitting or act of rebellion thereof. He reveals that he smiles frequently than before & that he feels like he’d become “the superhero” he hoped he would become—this dream’s revealed in his UN speech last year.+
+ Yet being a superhero has its downsides, & RM discusses how people tell him contradictory suggestions. “Some say run, some say stop/ This one says to look at the forest/ That one to look at the wildflowers.”

“Forest” & “Wildflowers” actually remind me of a popular book in the+
+early 2000s. It’s called Kokology: A Game of Self-Discovery. In this book are personality tests that give you short analyses in every chosen answer you made. I can’t pinpoint w/c tests it were, but there have been choices of going to a “forest” or looking @ flowers/flower path.+
+Alternatively, “forest” could mean the big picture or a general view while wildflowers the specific. The forest could also be something arduous or the wilderness where you can get lost. The flowery path could be pretty & easy but trivial.
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+ 4TH VERSE: On this verse, RM remarks about his “shadow” whom he named as “Hesitation.” This seems to recall their hidden skit in LY Her album entitled “Skit: Hesitation and Fear” where the group talks about trying to present a “good image” with their albums talking about+
+grand topics like LY. But at the same time, it seems like they were pretending although there’s truth to their messages. They discuss in all honesty how they want to live by what they say. They also talked about their success & how they’re afraid to freefall after such a sudden+
+ rise.

RM describes his shadow in this verse as though it haunts him wherever he goes, saying it “keeps appearing” and “glaring” at him. In a way it sounds like his conscience keeping watch.
+ 5TH VERSE: On this verse, it seems like he’s talking with himself or his reflection. He describes that he likes being heard or listened to even if he seems foolish, even drunk (perhaps unintelligible/incoherent) to the other party.

+ 6TH VERSE: In this verse, he seems doubtful of himself. The refrain of “What do you mean?” seems like that of disbelief for what the people are telling him he is. He then goes on to say that perhaps he’s only made up of his flaws for that is what everyone sees,& that the world+
+may not care about how inexperienced he is. These seem to say that his mistakes seem a bigger deal than his deficiencies.

This also reminds me of Nietzsche: “You pursue philosophy w/ young, inexperienced people; [with] older people [you] turn to history.”

People evaluate+
+you for what you’ve done.

7TH VERSE: On this verse, RM talks about being disturbed by regrets even when he’s about to sleep, but he’s grown accustomed to it & knows he can’t turn back time. He comes back again to talking about his existence and how he grapples about it once+
+ more, and it raises him “back up again and again.” He also addresses it seems the famous “But Namjoon” excuse that his haters use.

The 1st question here is “Who Am I?” in the 1st Verse. This question about his existence is a recurring visitor in his musings.+
+ 8TH VERSE: In this verse, he comes back to the topic of the first verse. But he asks that person who seems to be him himself to tell him their names, which recalls to his U.N. speech at the U.N. Assembly on September of last year. He then asks as though the names could die+
+, leave/go, & fly. With this it seems like he’s asking if he wants to let go of the names altogether, the identities created, or k word them. The options seems morbid, but he’s asking ways of getting rid of one’s roles created it seems. Then he asks the climactic questions.+
+ “Where’s your soul?/ Where’s your dream?/ Do you think you’re alive?” This seems to harken back to his mixtape song, Always: “Are you sure that you’re alive?”

Again these are questions of existence, but the difference is that it queries the quality of someone’s life.+
+No More Dream also has this question: “Hey you, what’s your dream? Is that all your dream can be?”

9TH VERSE: In this verse, RM reveals his name being “R.” He once said in an interview before that this new stage name “RM” he has could mean Real Me. Simultaneously it could mean+
+ being a part of ARMY, as he usually puts “RM” in caps when he posts on twt, meaning that ARMY fandom is a part of his identity or what makes him who he is. He wordplays with “me” too, & when you differently romanize and connect the pronunciation of R (AR) and Me (MY), it+
+ becomes the word ARMY. RM reveals that R is both what he is conscious of & “people know” & what he created himself. This is telling of a persona, a mask that you create, yet may also be his real self. He follows this with a conditional “in order to spill out what was inside of+
+ me”—meaning in an attempt to show/express himself to the world, he made this persona. He raps of possibly being deceitful to himself & to others but he’s not ashamed & concludes that this is his map of the soul—it’s still who he thinks he is & the perceived deceit is just that+
+, a perception.

10TH VERSE: In this verse, he addresses himself directly. Advising himself not to lose his “temperature” and not being hot nor cold.

This talk of temperature reminds me of humors in Ancient Philosophy.… +
+ From this site it says that “Heat stimulated action, cold depressed it. The young warrior’s choler gave him courage but phlegm produced cowards. Youth was hot and moist, age cold and dry.” Perhaps this verse aims to talk of moderation rather than extremes (hot/cold). +
+ 11TH VERSE: In this verse, he describes his persona/s & acknowledges that they all exist at present, & “living and breathing every minute, every second.” Again, this appears to be a wordplay for he is “Personifying his Persona” as an entity apart him & yet a part of him.+
+ CODA/12TH VERSE: This verse is repeated twice but ends as a coda. He again questions “Who am I?” but then he inserts his desire for freedom. He wants to “go” & or “fly.” But at the same time he’s full of responsibility of perhaps being a superhero who “give you all the voices+
+ till I [he] die[s]” and “give you all the shoulders when you cry.” It seems this is his shadow speaking, his “Hesitation,” that wants to be free of responsibility yet at the same time is embracing the role given to him.
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