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THREAD: Our friend Harold Finch is in The Library on Telegram, but I felt this thread about Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court was super important. Here goes!
1. OK, Time for a thread on the new round of smears and lies about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. There is a lot going on here, so let's break it down and look at whats going on.
2. We all remember how Christine Blasey Ford lied bold faced on national tv to try to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation. the Left trotted a whole busload of fake accusers to try to stop his appointment and preserve their ability to swing the court's decisions.
3. They are worried about abortion being over turned and other decisions.
4. We know it was an organized slander campaign to kill his nomination. the goal was to make it so ugly and unpleasant he just dropped it and walked away. Thats why #creepypornlawyer and McCabe's scummy amoral lawyer were involved.
4. And yes, Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti, known for his attempted shake down of the president with porn actress Stephanie Cliffords (cont)
5. and for allegedly beating his girlfriend and being indicted for committing fraud and embezzlement against his clients and trying to extort Nike, on tape and camera.
6. It’s coming up on one year anniversary of Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation and some important things have happened and are about to happen.
7. Late last week, the 9th circuit court overruled a federal judge who had granted opponents of the trump admin's denial of asylum seekers a NATIONWIDE injunction. They told the judge he could only enjoin for the area his circuit oversaw.
8. Not to be dissuaded the same Obama appointed just ignored the court and re-instated it.

He was slapped down 7-2 in a response by the US Supreme court.
9. This has some major consequences: this sets the precedent that both the 9th Circuit and the USSC, the US Supreme Court, will stop activist judges from using nationwide injunctions to derail national executive branch policy, exceeding their authority.
10. This presents an enormous problem for the left, who are relying on Lawfare, use of activist judges & never ending frivolous lawsuits to bog down, slow and block this administrations policy.
11. Loss of ability to use nationwide injunctions by activist courts force the Left to take cases all the way to the surpreme court, and mean they cannot rely on lower courts to do their will
12. With the court now 5-4 solidly conservative, and with Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the midst of another fight with Pancreatic cancer that saw her receive a liver stint to releive blockages of bile and liver jaundice.
13. She is elderly and far outside the average life span of adult females in the US and is not cancer free.
14. This is DEEPLY alarming for the Left, they've lost the court and they understand its going to be 6-3 before Trump leaves office. But before that happens, they still have very real, and serious, problems in the immediate short term.
15. We are about to start the new USSC term and cases be heard, cases the Left expect to lose, and cases that are going to be devestating to the Left.
16. One of the cases the USSC has agreed to hear is the case of New York Pistol and Rifle Association against NYC, to determine if guns can be carried or transported outside the home. This goes to the heart of concealed carry, and right to self defense.
17. NY amended the law and asked the NY Pistol and Rifle Assoc to withdraw the complaint, but they rightly told NY they didnt go far enough to protect the freedoms of gun owners and the case stands.
18. This case will affect every one of the 50 states in the union and if NY loses, most gun control laws in CA, NY, IL, MD, Wash DC, CT, NJ, OR, WA and HI will be unconstitutional overnight.
19. This lawsuit has the Left so scared, they have actually threatened the US SC. See remarks by Sheldon Whitehouse and others in the link below:
20. The Supreme Court is also set to hear arguments and issue rulings on President Trump's legal authority to undo DACA, and also issue a ruling on if the citizenship question can be added to the US Census.
21. The Left expects to lose all three of these cases- And that is what this is ALL about.
22. AT THE VERY HEART of the effort to slander Justice Kavanaugh and his confirmation is the INTENDED GOAL OF DE-LEGITIMIZING THE SUPREME COURT ITSELF, AND ITS RULINGS.
23. This is meant to pave the way for states like CA, NY, MD, CT, Wash DC, and others to IGNORE Surpreme Court rulings and to claim they are not legitimate; This will create a constitutional crisis, but the Left has no other option.
24. The probability is VERY HIGH they lose all three cases, and this would put an end to Gun Control, Illegals Voting in Elections, and with the wall in place would spell the End of Progressive importing a new Voting Block via illegal immigration.
25. So right on queue, immediately in advance of the beginning of the next US SC session, the Left launches a coordinated effort to de-legitimize a Key USSC justice and by extension the court, and its rulings. This is a desperation tactic.
26. This is made even more desperate by the fact that if Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not well, or becomes sick in the near term, these judgements will be even more likely to go against the Left. Make no mistake, they are panicked, and this is the result.
27. I (Finch) could talk extensively about how this story is a lie, and how it is easily debunked (take for instance that the victim 'doesnt remember it happening') but thats a moot point.
28. It’s not designed to sway voters, its not designed to help legal cases- it ONLY SERVES ONE PURPOSE- AS AN EXCUSE TO BE USED BY LEFTWING BLUE STATES TO IGNORE SCOTUS RULINGS.
29. On social media, in discussions in person, we need to make absolutely clear what they are doing; highlight it & call it out. Expose it. Expose their strategy to ignore the Rule of Law.
31. ADDENDUM: what does constitutional law say about states ignoring Supreme Court Rulings? What legal remedy is there? How would enforcement work?
While I thank everyone for their kind words I want to make sure it is clear that this was not my work, but the work of our dear friend Harold Finch, who was kicked from Twitter and now posts exclusively in “The Library” censorship free on Telegram: t.me/The_Library_II
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