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I'll post updates on the pending US-Saudi-Israeli strike against Iranian targets in this thread.
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sari has issued a warning to foreigners & company employees to leave certain areas in anticipation of potential strikes.
In other words, Donald Trump is waiting for the Khashoggi-murdering, Yemeni baby-genociding Crown Prince MBS (who is also the Saudi Defense Minister) to tell the American Commander in Chief what to do? Trump knows all this is BS. But if fits perfectly into Israel's Iran plans.
Not-so-coincidentally, the presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran met in Turkey yesterday.
Turkey, a NATO member, continues to blast Israel in the midst of ongoing tensions in the region.
Two sources told Reuters that it may take "months" for Saudi Arabia to return to normal oil production levels. In the meantime, Trump is already tapping our strategic oil reserves to try to keep oil prices from affecting US consumers.
Iran announced that President Rouhani will NOT be meeting with President Trump at the UN General Assembly.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke last night with Iraq's prime minister. No public information on the substance of the call. The USA has around 5,000 US troops in bases throughout Iraq that could be hit by Iranian retaliatory strikes if conflict escalates.
Since the Yemeni drone strikes on Saudi oil, Brent Crude has spiked 20%. Sweet light oil called "Brent Crude" serves as the benchmark for global oil purchase prices.
These satellite photos show some of the damage to Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi regime had originally downplayed the damage, but the photos show that the strikes were extensive and precise. #Iran
Israeli PM Netanyahu just said on Israeli radio 103 FM that there is "no choice" but to attack Hamas in Gaza and that Israel is "preparing something special" to "surprise" them.
This is the closest the USA has been to direct conflict with #Iran since the 1988 Operation Praying Mantis - the biggest naval engagement since WWII. The US attack inside Iranian waters was in response to Iran putting mines in the Persian Gulf during its tanker war with Iraq.
I haven't been to sleep for the night yet, so I'm going to go catch a few hours. Need to take my daughter used car shopping later and hopefully livestream about Iran situation tonight.
The case is being made that the Yemeni Houthis couldn't have carried out the strikes b/c the targets were hit on the northwestern side. US officials suggest that means the missiles came from #Iran or Iraq. I wonder what OTHER country is to the northwest???
Fars News in #Iran says that Iranian Revolutionary Guards have detained another vessel - a ship purportedly smuggling diesel.
The oil tanker just detained by #Iran in the Strait of Hormuz is said to have 11 crew members.
A US Airforce RC-135U Combat Sent spy aircraft currently flying off the Lebanese/Syrian coast. RC-135U is used to detect air defenses & radars. It is possibly carrying out an operation ahead of US-Israeli air strikes on Iranian assets in Lebanon/Syria. #Iran
Trump wants to strike #Iran, but there is no real intel that they carried out the strikes. So Trump's excuse for his unjustified actions will be that the Saudis told him THEY had credible intel that Iran was guilty. That way his strikes will be the Saudis fault, not his.
The ship seized by #Iran left from Lankah port in the Persian Gulf, headed to the UAE. It is allegedly carrying 250,000 liters of "smuggled diesel". The ship was stopped 20 miles east of Greater Tunb island in the Strait of Hormuz.
Details on Pompeo call to Iraqi PM. Pompeo says US has info that strikes on Saudi oil did not originate from Iraq... If not Yemen or Iraq, that means the story he's pushing is that the strikes came from mainland #Iran - which is typical CIA-Pompeo disinformation.
Kuwaiti lawyer: "#Iran sneezed and halted half of Saudi oil production for weeks. How are you going to go to war with them? Don't believe Trump. If war breaks out the Arabs will lose all their oil and we will go back to being Bedouins."
British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the UK doesn't know who carried out the attacks, but will be told shortly. “In terms of who is responsible, the picture is not entirely clear. I want to have a very clear picture which we will be having shortly." Coordinated Propaganda!
TRUMP just admitted that the USA doesn't need middle eastern oil... which means that military action over their oil conflict is not in the USA's interest... but he will act against #Iran regardless... just to be nice to our allies. Trump is a warmongering tyrant. #ImpeachTrump
Saudi Arabia was proven to have helped finance the 9/11 attacks. Trump has tweeted about that in the past. Yet, Trump is willing to commit the US military to action on behalf of the bloody Saudi regime against #Iran. TREASON!
Trump tweeted that we owe HIM thanks for making the USA the #1 oil producer. But the USA became #1 in 2014. Obama even talked about it in his State of the Union speech. politifact.com/truth-o-meter/…
The Russian Kremlin has released a statement warning against taking military actions based upon hasty, unproven conclusions.
A Saudi government plane took off from the Washington Dulles airport about an hour ago. I wonder who the Saudi officials were meeting in DC ... and why? Preparations for military strikes??? #Iran
Today, use the hashtag: #NoWarWithIran
Trump's poll numbers plunge over the summer. #Trump is considering a military strike against #Iran. Don't let Trump "play the Iran card in order to start a war to get elected -- be careful Republicans!
BREAKING: As intel suggested last night, Israel has just carried out airstrikes against Iranian allied forces. The strikes, confirmed by Syria & Iraq, took place against militias near the Iraq-Syria border. Yesterday, Israel killed at least 18 Iranian-backed militia forces.
Israeli airstrikes carried out in Al-Bukamal Syria after US spy plane swept defense radar for #Israel jets. Trump/Netanyahu are clearly working together.
#Israel targeted an Hashd Al-Shaabi arms depot. Hashd = Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF)... an umbrella organization composed of 40 militias including Sunni Muslims, Christians and Yazidis, but mostly Iranian-backed Shiites. PMF has fought against US-backed ISIS for years.
The Israeli airstrikes against #Iran-backed PMF took place just across the Iraqi border in the "Green Belt" of Al-Bukamal, Syria. PMF has been fighting ISIS for years in this region.
#Iran, Turkey and Russia have issued a joint statement condemning Donald Trump's decision to recognize Syria's occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory. They said the move violates international law and threatens peace and security.
@netanyahu told @GLZRadio today that #Israel is prepared to be "drawn into" a war between the USA and #Iran over the #Saudi oil attack... which is BS. Israel won't be "drawn into" it. They are the instigators of the entire conflict!
The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs @KSAMOFA just released a statement that the weapons used in the Aramco oil attack were Iranian, but the perpetrators of the attacks are still unknown.
Poor Saudi Royals!!! They financed the 9/11 attacks that killed thousands of Americans. And now, somebody made them have to cut back on oil sales amidst their campaign of genocide against Yemen. #Trump is a diabolical bastard and a traitor for siding with these criminals.
The #Trump administration has been saying today that the oil strikes were launched from Iranian soil. But the Saudi statement says they don't know who committed the attacks. These are a bunch of salivating psychopaths who are willing to spill blood to take #Iran's oil.
Press: Do you think it is the responsibility of the Saudis to defend themselves?

Trump: It is the responsibility of the Saudis, if somebody like us, which are the ones who are going to help them, I know they will be very much monetarily involved. abcn.ws/2AmVSTh
Zionists in #Israel & Washington DC are behind the push for war with #Iran. They don't care how many innocent people die for their unbridled greed. May God execute swift and severe justice against them for their perpetual cycle of evil blood lust & violence. #NoMoreWar
Foxtrot Broadcast (skyking message) sent a while ago. High priority message. Skyking is the callsign for SIOP aircraft & missile ops which are responsible for deploying strategic bombers & recon aircraft. New military strike in the region may be imminent. websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901
Sun rising within 45 minutes in Iran. Additional strikes in the region beyond Israel's attacks tonight in Syria seem unlikely at this point.
Trump has dispatched ZioCon Sec. State Pompeo to Saudi Arabia “to discuss what they feel” should be an appropriate response to #Iran. But Pompeo has made his own position clear: War with Iran.
Al-Malikiyah, #Syria: US military convoy of 150 trucks delivered large amounts of weapons this week to US-backed SDF fighters to help the west maintain control of the oil rich region. The USA controls 1/3 of Syrian territory, north/east of the Euphrates River.
Mike Pompeo brags about how the #CIA has training courses on how to lie, cheat and steal and that these behaviors are tools to handle "problem sets". These things are NOT American values.
Mike Pompeo has no evidence that #Iran carried out the attacks, but he doesn't hesitate to use the CIA tactics of lying, cheating or stealing to push propaganda to serve the purposes of the globalists & military industrial complex. cnn.com/2019/09/14/pol…
Warmongering Senator Chris Coons: "Iran is really pushing our resolve. If there's attacks by Iran on our close allies, like Jordan, Israel, or the Saudis, we need to take seriously taking action against them." @ChrisCoons #ZionistScum
Why is it that these neocons immediately call for major actions against parties like Syria or Iran BEFORE any evidence of their involvement has been found? We live in a wicked generation of vipers who have sold their souls for money and power at the expense of human blood.
Using Turkey as intermediary, #Iran sent a message to Trump saying that it had nothing to do with the Saudi oil attack and that if the USA targets Iran in any way, Iran will carry out a strong response.
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