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This Carbon Markets refauxlution has been planned for years by the World Bank, IMF, NGO's and global corporate interests. Get ready for more shilling and praising the global wartime-style economic plunder and global taxing of all life. Big $ eugenics lurks under the green mask
The "4th industrial Revolution" will be sold as the solution - financialization of all resources and "carbon" in a global market where all resources (including us, who are considered human cattle), movement, and action are tracked by global big tech/date for the World Bank/IMF.
This is the reason behind the #climatecrisis war propaganda that's been blasted into our skulls for decades - the "threat" must be met in a global war effort, the consolidation of all economies into Carbon Markets. Guess who stands to benefit from this massive theft?
Merck Family Fund, Rockefeller Foundation, Packard Foundation, Michelin Corporate Foundation, Ford Foundation, Boeing Company, Bloomberg Philanthropies, David Rockefeller Fund, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, Wells Fargo | all on board
And of course, the World Bank is licking it's chops as the big banks, NGO's, massive corporations, and big $ fauxlanthropy unveil CARBON PRICING in the 4th Industrial Revolution global economic prison. Big tech/data and social credits will be crucial.

Cargill is also at the forefront of "sustainable development" and "Carbon Pricing" rhetoric, along with Unilever, Marck, Bayer-Monsanto, Google, Wal-Mart and others who stand to benefit from this massive global economic fraud behind the green mask.
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, of which EAT, of the Eat-Lancet report, is a partner is a major driving force behind the push towards this new 4th Industrial Revolution technocratic control grid climate cult taxation scheme.
the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, @wbcsd markets this global fraud as "progress" and "environmental stewardship", "equality" and "justice" for people and nature. Take a look the companies are behind WBSCD...this is who stands to benefit:
@wbcsd These member companies want to save the planet and bring "equality" and "justice" to the poor and the environment?
@wbcsd "Carbon Pricing" is global financialization of all life, control of all resources by global corporate technocratic council to save us from the #ClimateCrisis - THIS is the narrative that the mouthpieces will be soon praising, the @WBCSD members couldn't be more pleased.
@wbcsd The World Business Council for Sustainable Development: these champions of the greenwash are pushing global dietary guidelines (#plantbaseddiet) as well as a #NewDealforNature, the solution to the problems which the #ClimateCrisis war propaganda presents
@wbcsd @wbcsd promotes the #NewDealForNature- this fuzzy propaganda term will soon get more PR. It will entail global megamarkets based on "Natural Capital" and "Payments for Ecosystem Services", trojan horse terms for ways global megacorporations can greenwash and fund further scaling
@wbcsd "Ecosystem System Services" - will we pay carbon offsets to the World Bank so @LeoDiCaprio can profit on the 1,000's hectares he owns in Ecuador through his fauxlanthropy NGO? @wbcsd @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn have a very interesting way of saving the planet from the #ClimateCrisis
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn And of course, this all boils down to control of resources...including "human resources". Julian Huxley, internationalist eugenicist and first Director of @UNESCO founded The World Wildlife Fund @WWF.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @WWF is also pushing the #plantbaseddiet as a response to the #ClimateCrisis war propaganda rhetoric. Julian Huxley's eugenics family's influence continues to push for technocratic elite control of all resources, people, and land.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO and the soon to be mainstream idea of "Natural Capital" and "Ecosystem Payment Services" are solutions that @WWF The World Wildlife Fund says will save the planet...turning the whole world into a digitized carbon trading scheme.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO Marco Lambertini, Director General, @WWF International and contributor to @EATforum Eat-Lancet Commission. #plantbaseddiet and global dietary guidelines (aka processed cheap crap) funded and subsidized by a massive global financial fraud shell game system of "Carbon Pricing"
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum Social Credit system beta tested by Google in China right now will allow total technocratic control of payments and production. The "4th Industrial Revolution" 5g IoT along with social media will be the backbone interface of the new Carbon Payments global financial system.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum "Carbon Pricing" IS the Social Credit system being tested in China, simply rebranded and marketed to us as a solution to the #ClimateCrisis war propaganda. Meat tax is just the beginning.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum What are the goals/demands of the media spectacle child exploitation Edward Bernays wet dream PR-otest? Exactly what the NGO's, big banks, and global megacorporations want - a #newdealfornature , a global financial scam WW2 style mobilization of all nations in a never ending war.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum This is what the children used as cannon fodder in this refauxlution are told they are demanding: undefined, fuzzy, feely words like "climate justice for everyone", "renewable energy for all". Madison Avenue reaches peak dystopian scifi with the war propaganda/revolution slogans.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum Big Tech is here to help fight the #ClimateCrisis endless war. Google,member of @wbcsd and FReSH, a cabal of companies dedicated to social engineering our food habits. Recognize any of these companies associated with EAT Lancet commission and the #plantbased dietary guidelines?
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum Google employees, along with Amazon and Microsoft are marching from their "campuses" in solidarity with the astroturfed school children to raise awareness o the #ClimateCrisis.
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum NYT's article on the big money NGO shaping food policy around the world - the very megacorporations running @ILSI_Global, as well as @nytimes are on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development @wbcsd, a global organization of over 200 massive international companies...
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum @ILSI_Global @nytimes @CocaColaCo , @Cargill , @Bayer , @Walmart , @GoldmanSachs , @PepsiCo push the #ClimateCrisis war mobilization narrative through the @wbcsd with @UN & hundreds of NGO's representing the global financial interests demonizing & seeking to tax/ban meat and promote a #plantbaseddiet
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum @ILSI_Global @nytimes @CocaColaCo @Cargill @Bayer @Walmart @GoldmanSachs @PepsiCo Meet Monsanto: champions of the environment/#sustainabledevelopment working with the @wbcsd and @WWF, major players in the #ClimateCrisis financial scam about to be revealed as "Carbon Pricing" and "Payments for Ecosystem Services" walk the astroturf carpet under media spotlight
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum @ILSI_Global @nytimes @CocaColaCo @Cargill @Bayer @Walmart @GoldmanSachs @PepsiCo @WWF and Monsanto will soon be selling CARBON. This creates whole new digital economic markets where our pensions and tax money can go to @LeoDiCaprio, @RockefellerFdn and @Bayer through the @WorldBank via Carbon Credits in a new global social credit system monitored by big tech
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum @ILSI_Global @nytimes @CocaColaCo @Cargill @Bayer @Walmart @GoldmanSachs @PepsiCo @WorldBank It's all about control of resources. The World Resources Institute, @WorldResources, another promoter of the #ClimateCrisis world war propaganda, was started/funded by The MacArthur Foundation
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum @ILSI_Global @nytimes @CocaColaCo @Cargill @Bayer @Walmart @GoldmanSachs @PepsiCo @WorldBank @WorldResources World Resources Institute, when not exploiting vulnerable children for #ClimateCrisis war propaganda, is also quite concerned with propagandizing us into feeling great about eating a #PlantBased diet (aka processed corporate kibble).
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum @ILSI_Global @nytimes @CocaColaCo @Cargill @Bayer @Walmart @GoldmanSachs @PepsiCo @WorldBank @WorldResources THIS is what it's all about. "Carbon Pricing". Meat will not be the only thing banned and taxed- every aspect of life can be regulated and controlled via these Social Credits. Total technocracy. #ClimateCrisis 4th Industrial Revolution = Brave New World
@wbcsd @LeoDiCaprio @UN @WWF @RockefellerFdn @UNESCO @EATforum @ILSI_Global @nytimes @CocaColaCo @Cargill @Bayer @Walmart @GoldmanSachs @PepsiCo @WorldBank @WorldResources World Resources Institute running a "teach-in" during the #ClimateStrikes that schools + mass media are encouraging children to skip school & attend...lecturing about #plantbaseddiet & social engineered total surveillance "smart cities" saving the world.
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