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1. Welcome to today's White House Daily #shadowbriefing. Five months ago when I started these, I thought anytime now the White House would restart conducting daily briefings. It's part of our democracy, how could they just abandon them. Well five months and dozens of
2. of briefings later, it appears the White House has no concern for our democracy and I'll be doing briefings for at least another 18 months or so. So with that in mind, here goes for today. The President enjoyed a leisurely weekend of golf, TV watching, tweeting about TV
3. watching and some more tweeting about everything in the world that's bothering him. He didn't attack any Hollywood stars this weekend, but did take time to detail how bad another black female reporter is, of course with the caveat that he's never seen her. So normal times at
4. la casa Blanco--that was for Hispanic Heritage Month, and it's the only thing the White House will do for Hispanic Heritage month except retweet @realDonaldTrump with a taco bowl. Hispanics love him according to @PressSec a known expert on Hispanic culture. The President
5. did take a moment to get a briefing on the situation in Saudi Arabia by talking to a series of Fox News anchors. We know this because he never would have sent that tweet about Iran if anyone in the national security apparatus had actually talked to him this weekend. To be
6. clear, the President's position on this is clear. Whomever is responsible for the drone attacks, he will blame Iran. He's locked and loaded to attack Iran but first he must await permission from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. You might wonder why the Crown Prince of
7. Saudi Arabia is controlling US foreign policy. It's a good question. The answer is complicated. It has to do with a combination of a lack of leadership on the part of the President and some complicated business dealings in which the Saudi's bailed out various Trump family
9. and the Saudi's who get to control the most powerful country in the world for pennies on the dollar. It will be detailed extensively in the new edition of the Art of the Deal. So let's get right to your questions. Q. Didn't the President and his Secretary of State threaten
10. Iran, locked and loaded, before the intel was clear. A. Of course they did. Intel is for children. Real leaders go by their gut and @realDonaldTrump has the best, and biggest, gut around. We waste so much money gathering and interpreting information when the President
11. already knows what the answer is. That's why he got elected and that's why America is experiencing so much winning. Q. The President tweeted today that Iran lied about the last drone strikes and once you lie, you shouldn't ever be believed. Isn't that a hard argument for
12. to make? A. What do you mean. Q. The President said he didn't know anything about the Stormy Daniels payments and then audio recording came out showing him directing them. He's lied more than 12k times since he's been in office. Why is he allowed to lie and Iran is not?
13. Because he's the President of the United States and we're the most powerful country in the world. Countless men and women have died to protect his freedom to lie with impunity. That's what makes America Great. Make and keep America great at the same time. Wait, can you
14. actually do that. You can't be for both making American great again and keeping America great because implicit in making america great again is it's not great. But it has to be great because Trump is President. Did that answer your question? Q. I give up--someone else ask
15. ask a question. Q. The President called news reports that he was willing to meet with the Iranian President with no preconditions fake news. In reality, both Sec of State and VP said the same thing recently. Is it fake news? A. It's fake news because the President says its
16. fake news. Those guys are not the President and shouldn't be saying these things. It's fake news I tell you. Q. But the President himself said the same thing at a press conference recently. Was that fake news? A. Of course not, when the President says something its real
17. news, not fake news. Q. So which is it, will he meet with the Iranian leader without preconditions. A. The President's current position is no, his previous position was yes his future position is maybe. He was for this before he was against it and still actually doesn't
18. understand the question. He's the President, he creates reality not the facts. Previous Presidents allowed the facts to create reality. Trump thinks that's stupid. He, and he alone, can and does create the reality for Americans. It all stems from reality TV and he knows
20. so don't expect anything better. Remember the troops love him because they're patriotic and he made America great Again and forced football players to stand up. Troops are willing to die for him...just ask him..he'll tell you.
21. Does the President have any comment on the new allegations against Justice Kavanaugh. A. He sure does. He was telling senior staff this morning that this is why we do white washes and phony investigations. He said if he'd let the FBI actually really investigate Kavanaugh
22. there is no telling how much shit they would have come back with. The President firmly believes the best way to get what you want is to subvert Justice. That's why he has his boy Barr at Justice. In fact he's thinking of renaming the institution either the Dept of
23 Subversion of Justice or Trump's Justice--of course with a healthy fee for the use of the Trump name. Q. The President suggested that DOJ should be used to rescue Kavanaugh's tarnished reputation. Isn't that inappropriate? A. Yes if it was the Dept of Justice. But as the
24. Dept of Subversion of Justice it's completely appropriate. As Trump's Justice it's even better. Q New subject, @realDonaldTrump suggested today in a tweet that the Democrats were not serious about gun control. How can he say that? A. Well we've established that he can
25. can and will say anything he wants. On this one, it's called strategery. Everyone knows the Dems want a deal and Trump won't make them. So he sends out a few lying tweets and everyone gets confused and gives up. He's a genius. He has as much interest in gun control as
26. @PressSec has in doing a briefing. Q. The Manhattan DA has just subpoenaed the President's and Trump organizations tax returns as part of a investigation into the Stormy Daniels payoff. Will the President comply. A. Fuck no. Who the hell does the Manhattan DA think he is
27. The DOSJ will crush him. They'll take over the DA's office and install on e of my kids to run it. We've stiffed Congress for any information and had no consequences. Why would we turn around and cooperate with some local pissant DA. The President said that guy Vance can
28 fuck himself. For God's sake he couldn't even keep the President's good friend Jeffrey Epstein alive in a city jail. Talk about a loser. @realDonaldTrump has no social life without Jeffrey, he misses him dearly....and his friends. Last question. A. Why is the POTUS so hot
29. and bothered by the Obama's deal with Netflix. A. The President does not believe that creating content for mass audiences should be paid for. It's in the public interest, they should do it for free. Q. But what about the Apprentice? Should he have done that for free?
30. There's no comparison there. The Apprentice was so good for America that he should have been paid by the taxpayers. Plus, anyone not born in the US shouldn't get a deal with Netflix. It's un-American. That's it, I've had enough, I'm outta here.
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