Is History All True Series: 🤷🏻‍♀️
There’s Even A Pill 💊 Now, To Wash Off The Greasy Lips Of “The Evil”

🔹So, if it was good enough for Jesus Christ, “a” prophet of God, to be birthed in a manger; and for he to live a simple high life, of practicing what he preached;...
... (certainly no consumerism, yeah? ) then what does it mean, that hardly anyone does too; nor is it good enough for most? 🤔
🔹Oh sorry, is that how they got you to give up GOD❓ This paradigm, that you have inferred “free reign to sin”, ‘cause that’s what JeZeus “died” for? Huh? YOUR sins? Um; why❓ Or else you can pay for a scapegoat, or “pay away” your sins with BLOOD sacrifices❓😳
Really❓ That make sense there, huh, Alice? 🤷🏻‍♀️Unless you’re practicing SATANISM❓ Didn’t think so.
🔹Well; criminality is clearly easy to foster then; isn’t it? Especially when true “justice” is so elusive for many, too. Conveniently. This bizarre system we were born into is all that we know, after all...
🔹So, with all these despicable sins pulling down our Spirits, everywhere - like worldwide, it suggests, to me, anyway, that those plastic yarns just might not be true...❗️Just me?🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹What if we really are, God’s lost sheep;out in the wilderness, ja? Captured. Now leaderless; unprotected; & therefore powerless? & without the wherewithal to see that we’re meant to do better❗️
Better! Not more; nor harder! Than this fishy “system endorsed” status quo set out for us.
🔹And what of Conscience, then? What; you believe that those “confession” and “sin sacrifice” whatnots, are good enough to successfully direct the IMMORTAL life of your SOUL❓What rubbish❗️Come on❗️
🔹I went to mass twice this Sunday; but left before they started eating Jesus’ body, and drinking his blood❓🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹Interestingly; those little handouts they hand out at the door, often say “Church of the Laity.” Basically, those not in “The Clergy.” So what; do they have their own church then, these “clergy?” Um; why❓ (clue: follow the white rabbit to the end of this thread, ja.)
🔹Here Folks; take this pill 💊 , and let’s see if it helps you to see past the ones and zeros of the matrix: (i.e. The System of Enslavement)
🔹Like; that most of us (and I mean MOST) are floating through life cuffed to a rack & chain all day❗️ (road systems; & “transport?”) Usually, including little more to the routine, than the trips to & from the sweat lodge, ... maybe a detour to the child cells, on the way to self-feeding, grooming & sleeping. In #SouthAfrica, we then even lock ourselves in for the night; with gates, high walls, beams, and bars. (Man, “they’re” too clever❗️)
🔹Of course with the booster-soul-replenishing time of two weeks’ holiday (no use to them if all the slaves have died from exhaustion, ja❓) away from this life-force-grind; which is precisely a “grind” for you, because, if holidays are what you’re waiting for all year long,...
... then you’re hardly in integrity with yourself at all, really - you’re just trapped in servitude❗️
🔹Which you get given tokens for, based on your usefulness to tax income, (read: good behavior) to choose your ablution & extra meal & transport rights; back to your rest pod, ja🤷🏻‍♀️❓
🔹And all day, never even seeing “land for concrete” much, unless you’re rich; which means you’re worth enough (owe enough to “the government”) to get special privileges❗️
🔹Why? Well, all that’s effectively happening, is that you’re paying “bakshish” for bootleg specials to be delivered to your CELL, (read:taxes) at a job you hate (read:jail); where many folks paying the least taxes need to even clock in and out for the day, (like babies?🤷🏻‍♀️ 👶🏻)...
... instead of just doing their job however best they operate, to deliver high outputs; and not just twiddling their tired genetically modified thumbs (aren’t we “what we eat?”) at their desks, until the bell tolls, ja? (I mean; I’m a night owl. What’s the use ...
... of being chained to a desk all day when you do your best work in twilight?) And then they need to race around in “lunch hour”, to deal with their own affairs, as well❓🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹Which I’ve discovered; after spending this past two years mostly housebound, because I, like most, (See my other threads) have no constitutional rights; takes up quite a lot of ones day❗️
🔹Not just errands. Actually doing things❗️Like thinking: that most underrated of faculties🤷🏻‍♀️. Or how about just understanding things too. The big stuff❗️(What are we living for, otherwise❓)
🔹Just going for a daily meal, and doing things around the house, takes hours. How are people doing all that, while ALSO grinding away for all of their daylight hours❓
🔹Well, I guess that’s why there’s never much time for anyone to read anymore. You know; like educating yourself. School doesn’t facilitate much of that really; just teaches obedience.
🔹And we keep racing along on that treadmill for 50 weeks of the year; for what? A few weeks’ “paid leave” per year? From what? Incarceration? Like a get out of jail for a week or two, card❓Just it isn’t actually free; is it? In our Monopoly money economies.
🔹Where we cycle in front of that TV screen, on that treadmill all day; while they do what exactly; sweat your soul❓🔥💀 (Know the show? Saw it? Too creepily true for words. (That’s how they laugh at us…)
Dear God 🙏🏼✝️; BIG Q’s:

🔹Seeing as this experience here, in flesh, is MEANT to be temporary; (Yoh, don’t ask right now, okay!) how can YOUR children be sure that they are following a true religion? i.e. a Godly Religion? A correct way of life?
🔹Does it afford you special privileges over those of other beliefs? A superior mindset? Eg: Like “anyone not in religion X is going to hell?” [If Yes, answer is NO ❌]
🔹Does it allow you to rape women and children; or harm anyone, if they are in other faiths? [If Yes, answer is NO ❌]
🔹Does it suggest inequality (note: not different roles) between the genders, unfairly? [If Yes, answer is NO ❌]
🔹Does it separate you from the good, and faithful, because they are not in your religion? [If Yes, answer is NO ❌]
🔹Does the religion’s god need blood sacrifices and adrenalin to sustain “it?” [If Yes, answer is NO ❌]
🔹Does it call for WAR IN GOD’S NAME? [If Yes, answer is NO ❌]
🔹Does it claim to have mechanisms that absolve you of sin; versus practices of improving oneself, to overcome sin and strife? [If Yes, answer is NO ❌]
🔹Well, I have news for you, folks. You don’t need GOD to answer such elementary questions like this! You don’t even need dogma to tell you what is right or wrong. WHY? Because GOD GAVE YOU LOGIC❗️
🔹We shouldn’t need to ask the Lord for answers to questions / problems, that are OVIAAS❗️Should we? Like, is it not obvious that if we’re here, that we were “put” here; which means God doesn’t have preferences, nor favorites!
🔹Can a “GOD” ever support SLAVERY / SUBJUGATION of others? HIS CHILDREN? No, folks. That’s THE EVIL whispering in your ears there❗️
🔹So, if a simple life was good enough for Jesus Christ, “a” prophet of God, why are we chasing this absurd consumerism, and replacing mindfulness with pouty instagram moments?
🔹And with all these prophets, who arrived regularly, before Jesuses coming, as well as many during his time, including his cousin. And, if they had parallel teachings, and were both recognized prophets, then didn’t it ever strike any scholars as odd, ...
...that the ministry of “God,” along with its messengers; “the prophets”, just stopped there, and went no further; and became what; a stagnant religion❓🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹Mostly filled with all that do-as-I-say, with very little true impact in service to community. Er, folks; what do you think God’s Church is for❓🤷🏻‍♀️ Clearly it hasn’t been teaching LOGIC❗️
🔹Undoubtedly; the whole premise of the Bible story is that there was a genesis of quite a many prophets before The A.D. “era”, which is when, exactly? 0001 A.D. or 325 A.D. when Catholicism was founded❓
🔹Oh; what; you didn’t realize you weren’t following Christianity; BUT Catholicism❓
🔹Well, don’t worry; it isn’t your fault at all actually, Child of God❗️🙏🏼It’s The Evil; and what it did to you. 😭💔
🔹 No one told you who the Jesuits even were, did they? Nor that their “Catholicism” is a mish-mash corruption of the religions that they hijacked, when they invaded your lands; but then perverted, and subverted your doctrines for their own ends❗️
🔹 Like, all the doctrines they added to gospel. Like the immaculate conception; which gave the line of leadership succession of The Kerk / Church, to “their pope” because otherwise we’d realise,...
... that if Jesus was married to the ✝️High Priestess, Mary Magdalene, and that they had children; that obviously there was a holy bloodline; and just where were they, then❓
🔹A holy regent family, here upon this earth - by God’s decree❗️For a very specific reason (I honestly am forbidden to share); so let’s just say, that their obligation is to bring order and progress to God’s People, okay.
🔹Well, if there was such a family, and their bloodline birthed new knowledge with each subsequent generation, to advance the path of our souls’ “evolution”, (which is the only real one)...
... then wouldn’t their absence (no leadership / nor sense checks) suggest something concerning? 🤔Like maybe that the planet they were continually rebirthing spiritually, was maybe captured❓
🔹[Yoh, dis a vreeslike cool movie hierdie, Koosie! Soentjies, Engel. 😎🌹]
🔹So if I was to think like a career criminal - (honestly; my high morals may have kept me from being a billionaire...
...Because every facet of architecture in society has gaping holes in it. If you can see ‘em. That’s where they flush the light out. The gangsters and thugs. Love you, Prophet Lenny. 🙏🏼❤️👑🌹)
...then I’d need to get them to “agree” to using their souls as batteries (turn them away from GOD; and reroute their souls source of endless light);... I could drink their children’s blood as the elixir of life; dine on their babies rejuvenating properties; slave their women and little ones: the MAIN on and off world dark Sith empire industry, yet “no one” notices❗️🤷🏻‍♀️)
🔹I mean, what do you think that Illuminati eye symbol thing everywhere, is? Their holy “see” (Sauron❓) eyeballing its slaves from that reptile eye; (be happy you haven’t seen a real one yet)...
... over the great pyramid that they looted’s’ subjugation? Of The Holy Grail BTW. Which they still have. Though you won’t know what exactly it is. Luckily for you. (But don’t worry; what I know, has been shared with a Loyal Crew.)
🔹And so what’s happening to the woman and children, then, everyone “asks?” Um, maybe they’re being degraded and abused, because “their protectors” have been hypnotized with all this base energy googly eye feather stuff, pulling their souls down,...
...from what should be a naturally valiant state; (how can chivalry be dead? Please stop the sugar and booze❗️) with all manner of creepy and mindless pursuits; like the “religion” of sport, say;
🔹Er, it’s good exercise; and hormone and tension release, plus simulated play fighting; like is seen even in cat play, ja ❓
🔹God is quite simple, as is Insight; As Below; So Above: ~ @Prophet ✝️ Anubis
🔹So, go kick a ball in the fresh air, dude; instead of drinking beer in a black hole TV upside down parallel universe❗️Or is that a “program”?
🔹Like; MEN have a duty, given to them by God ❗️(hint: physical advantage #OccamsRazor) to protect Mother Gods’ daughters and children.
🔹Just like God cherishes His precious jewels; 🌸 He gave some of that happiness to you, His Sons; too. ❤️
🔹And so while you guard her sanctity; she carries and blesses your heart; with infinite comfort, love, honour, and happiness; which is the natural state in a marriage - in God’s True Earth❗️
🔹Which is also why, if I was “plotting to achieve my evil ends”, I would need to remove the holiness of women from gender union, which as you’ve probably guessed, probably means “the Holy Ghost” is poor Jesus’s (Zeus/Horus/Yeshua: cut and paste) “deceased” mother; ✝️ #ISIS;...
... bless the lie, because of course; Gods are immortal. They can’t be killed; merely enslaved.
🔹So now we just have a dad and his son. Plus a “ghost.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ See how they get us to make fun of ourselves, and our religions?
🔹So that you will lower your vibration; and turn your light away from GOD.
🔹And what is the result? Well, I’d say this low vibrating; insulting; (and come on Censorship Boards; are you joking? 💆🏻‍♀️) downright criminal, not to mention, unenlightened, pop and political culture around us, might be a clue❗️
Father; my eternal gratitude, for bestowing me with the grace to mostly recognize, Your loving, bountiful gifts, of a good mind; calm reason; critical thought; fairness - which too, you have bestowed upon ALL Your children, if they could just see it;... follow High Divine Ways; no matter which mindful faith or practice led them to those Heights. Amen. 🙏🏼✝️🌹
Well then, folks. Give that pill a try then, maybe; yeah? It’s called #FREEDOM. ‘Cause a type of “Matrix” really is all around you. Like, right in front of your eyes …
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