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yoonmin au—

jimin’s friends think min yoongi is perfect for him, and jimin believes it too. the problem is that yoongi has an on and off relationship with someone older. maybe this time, during thr beach trip, they are broken up for good and yoongi will finally notice jimin.
> thanks to @134340_HOME for the gorgeous moodboard!

> there’s no cheating involved but there’s discussion of cheating and/or emotional cheating, also there's a really big age difference between yoongi and his girlfriend!

> angst, of course: min yoongi is bad at feelings!
@134340_HOME this au is a commision out of my drafts, meaning it’s my original idea and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it, so please give it lots of love. if you’re interested in an original commission, dm me and i can send you my list of prompts.

“I do not want to go to the beach if you’re all going to be paired up and I’m going to be standing on a side being the third wheel,” Jimin explains, annoyed already at his roommates for even implying he’s going to have fun at the beach with them during the weekend.
“Ninth wheel,” Hoseok corrects from where he stands, rummaging through Jungkook’s closet.

“Perfect,” Jimin exclaims ironically. Jimin doesn’t want to go and he will not go because he knows that one night he will have to listen to his friends complain about him being single.
They will moan about how impossible and unfair is it for Jimin to be single when he is so nice! and so cute! and he’d be a perfect boyfriend!

And Jimin doesn’t want to have that conversation again, he's tired. There’s nothing that can convince him of going. Absolutely nothing.
“Yoongi is going,” Hoseok goes directly for the jugular.
Jimin takes a deep breath after those words. He shouldn’t have said nothing could convince him to go.

Min Yoongi is the man of his dreams. Min Yoongi is his best match, according to their friends. Min Yoongi, is Jin’s best friend and the smartest and funniest person Jimin knows.
Min Yoongi, is someone that could change his mind. “Yoongi has a girlfriend,” Jimin says seriously. There’s a long silence.

Jungkook sighs but it’s Hoseok who speaks, “not anymore.” He smiles slyly.

“But Yoongi hyung is just out of that relationship,” Jungkook perks up quickly.
Jungkook was listening to everything while playing Overwatch but only joins when Yoongi is the topic. “I know hyung and Jimin are like... meant to be, and we all know he and Jimin would be the perfect couple but… noona just broke up with him, so he’s sensitive right now.”
Jimin tries not to show emotion about the information. Min Yoongi single? That’s new. “It doesn’t matter if he just got out of his relationship and it doesn’t matter if he’s single, because I’m not going to try anything because I’m not going to the beach.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes.
The beach is great.

Hoseok’s family own a huge house in Daecheon beach and it’s incredible. Jimin changed his mind eventually, not because of Min Yoongi being single or Taehyung threatening to kill him if he didn’t go. It had nothing to do with it. He genuinely likes the beach.
It was a three hour ride Jimin had to share with Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook to get there. And of course, Taehyung and Hoseok were more excited about how could Jimin seduce Yoongi now that their hyung was single instead of the fact that they were spending the weekend together.
“You know, just don’t mention his break up at all,” Hoseok warns. “Not only because it’s bad luck mentioning exes on the first date, Jiminie.” It’s not even a date, Hoseok is being annoying with this. “But it’s been like two weeks since it happened, he’s… still processing it.”
"I'm not trying anything," Jimin complains. Taehyung and Hoseok laugh at him. "Kook, you believe me right?"

The younger nods. "I advise you not to try anything. Hyung and noona... they always get back together." Jimin flops back on his seat.

"Not this time," Hoseok whispers.
Jungkook huffs at that, "let's hope."

It seems the younger and Hoseok know more about Yoongi's relationship that what they're saying but it's none of Jimin's business so he doesn't ask. He doesn't want to seem curious and then have Hoseok and Taehyung teasing him again.
Taehyung sighs dramatically though. “I’m actually glad he’s not dating that hag anymore.”

“Oh my god Taehyung!” Jungkook scolds quickly.

“She could literally be his mother, Kook!” Taehyung crosses his arms. “I don’t like such dramatic age gaps. They are always problematic.”
“I know, but she’s nice and smart…” Jungkook tries.

“And at least twice his age,” Taehyung spats. “Her son is your age, Kook. He could be Yoongi’s younger brother and she's dating hyung...”

Jimin remains quiet at the discussion. Hoseok sighs, “just don’t mention her, Minnie.”
Jimin nods slowly and looks at the road ahead. Hoseok focuses on driving and after a moment of tense silence, Taehyung and Jungkook start joking again. Jimin knows their friends never liked Yoongi's relationship but he's not that close to the man to know every detail.
He understands though -judging by what they were talking about- why they think someone like Jimin would be better with Yoongi. But he tries not to think about it.

When Hoseok parks outside his beach house, it's late at night and there’s already a car waiting for them there.
“You losers are already here!” Hoseok screams as greeting soon as he steps out of the car.

Jin rolls his eyes from the driver seat. Jimin can see he's next to Minjun, his girlfriend, who seems the only happy one to see Hoseok. Namjoon and Yoongi are waiting outside the car.
"Where's Seolhyun?" Hoseok asks and Yoongi lets him know she's arriving later with her girlfriend. Jimin isn't close to anyone from their group, only with Seokjin, so he's embarrased about spending the weekend with Hoseok's college friends.

They all gather outside the house.
Jungkook and Taehyung, somehow, befriended all that group so they hug Yoongi as soon as they see him, making the elder almost disappear between the big boys.

The man only nods Jimin’s way as greeting. And that’s actually all Jimin expects from the elder during their weekend.
“Okay, rooms distribution and house tour!” Hoseok screeches before opening the door. Everyone follow after him with less enthusiasm, except for Taehyung. “I’m going to sleep in my parents room downstairs." Hoseok gestures to the first floor. "The rest of you are upstairs."
They go upstairs, the house is huge and Jimin is already dizzy. "Tae and Jungkook get my room,” Hoseok points at the second door in the hall. “Seokjin and Minju can use Dawon’s room,” he points to the door in front. He sighs, "I hope you all respect the integrity of my house."
Jungkook has the decency to laugh. And then Hoseok points to the rooms across the other hall. “Seolhyun gets one of the extra rooms... and Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin get the other one.” The three look between each other. “Don’t worry there’s a bed and a bunk bed for all of you.”
Jimin didn’t know Namjoon and Hoseok had fought, it’s weird Hoseok didn’t put Namjoon in his own room when he wanted so bad to get in his pants… and oh, of course he’s sharing rooms with Yoongi. Taehyung snickers once Jimin notices his fate.

Yoongi nods and goes to the room.
After settling in the rooms and avoiding Yoongi, it’s too late to go to the beach. But there’s a pool in the third floor so they decide to stay in to drink and eat. Tomorrow morning they’ll go to the beach.

Yoongi quickly takes charge of the barbecue, says he knows how to do it.
Jimin thinks that’s kind of really attractive.

Then he realizes Yoongi is just grilling meat. It’s nothing out of this word, he scolds himself. He looks away from him and leaves the poolside to go to the kitchen. Jimin has to keep it together for the rest of the weekend.
Seokjin and Minju are preparing dakkochi in the kitchen and Jimin wants to be productive too. He starts handing out beer cans.

He finds himself staring at Yoongi before approaching him. The elder is concentrated, tongue pressed against his cheek. Jimin thinks Yoongi is pretty.
He’s easily one of the prettiest boys Jimin has ever seen. And Jimin is beautiful himself, so he can easily tell if someone is pretty. Yoongi is very pretty.

The loud shouting of Jungkook carrying Taehyung and throwing him to the pool quickly bring Jimin out of his daydreaming.
He quickly moves to give Yoongi the beer can. The elder smiles widely at him. "Finally! I thought you were going to stay standing there for another five minutes." Jimin's eyes widen, he was caught staring. This is bad. This is so bad. Before he can say anything, Yoongi chuckles.
"I don't bite, there's no need to be nervous," Yoongi lets him know. Jimin is speechless, it makes Yoongi laugh again. He takes a sip from his beer and then cuts a small piece of meat he just got out from the grill. "Here," he pushes it to Jimin's face. "Tell me if it's good."
Jimin accepts the meat. Most of his interactions with Yoongi have always been like this, they've talked about mundane things but the elder always manages to make Jimin a blushing mess.

He thinks he's good at pretending to be unaffected. "It's too hot," Jimin scrunches his nose.
"But is it good?"

"It needs more salt," Jimin shrugs. There's a reason his interactions with Yoongi are always short, Jimin can't handle being with him for too long.

Yoongi nods solemnly, like he's taking Jimin's advice into consideration. "Your wish is my command," he teases.
When the food is ready they stay in the table outdoors, discussing about everything. Jimin actually likes when they all hang out together, Hoseok's friends from college and them -from the dance studio-. He always liked their ability to jump between themes with such naturality.
Jimin likes how Namjoon is so intelligent, always recommending a book or a movie, he likes how Seolhyun teases them with no filter or shame, he likes how Seokjin makes Hoseok laugh so much. He likes, also, how Yoongi seems to know a little bit about about everything they talk.
Yoongi always has an opinion on anything, he always something to say. Sometimes he whispers it, to himself, but he has something to say something.

Yoongi is just talking (while pouting) and Jimin is smitten. He is funny, Jimin doesn’t think he’s ever met someone as fun as him.
But he’s out of Jimin’s league, Jimin has always thought so and now it’s not the time to even think of Min Yoongi when he's just out of a relationship. So he just takes another sip from his drink and listens to Namjoon's retelling of an anecdote about their first year of college.
Yoongi and Seokjin can handle his drink, the same way as Jimin, so when everyone else is getting drunk already, Jin, Jimin and Yoongi are quite sober. And they’re teasing everyone. Taehyung and Jungkook are in their little world and Namjoon and Hoseok are blatantly flirting.
They are talking about sex, of course, because that's the only path a drunken night conversation can take. Hoseok is bragging about his abilities to a nervous Namjoon and it has Yoongi and Seolhyun laughing madly. "Yoongi, you haven't had gay sex ever so shut up," Hoseok slurs.
"Gay sex," Seolhyun whispers and she and Yoongi laugh, even Jimin has to laugh a little at his roommate. “Yoongi, Hobi is right," a tipsy Namjoon comes in defense of his crush, "you can’t say anything about how good he's in bed because you don't have references” Namjoon accuses.
"References of what?" Yoongi asks amused. Seokjin only shakes his head.

"Anal sex," Hoseok says like it's obvious. Taehyung giggles but he probably doesn't know what they're talking about, he's falling asleep on Jungkook's shoulder.

“How do you know I don't have references?”
Jimin looks up when Yoongi speaks. Seokjin snorts and whispers something about Yoongi being dumb for playing along with Hoseok's drunk antics. “Just because I was dating a woman, it doesn’t mean I don't have anal sex references.” Seolhyun laughs like a madwoman. Jimin gulps.
Minju giggles, she's a little drunk and raises an eyebrow at Jin after Yoongi's comment, Jimin does not want to know what goes between those two so he pays attention to Yoongi instead.

“That doesn’t count, Joonie is talking about getting fucked in the ass,” Hoseok hisses.
“I’m also talking about getting fucked in the ass,” Yoongi shrugs. His face expressionless.

They burst out laughing, Seolhyun and Seokjin. Jimin blushes. He knows he's blushing and he searches for his drink to swallow it. He blushes at the sexual implications of Yoongi’s words.
He’s so embarrassed. How can Yoongi talk so calmly about that. Hoseok is screeching and they're all being loud. After a moment, Jimin looks up from his drink and he catches Yoongi staring at him. Jimin quickly looks away.

Ah, he feels warm all over and it's not the alcohol.
The next day they finally go to the beach.

Jimin is a little hangover, but he accepts a beer from Minju as soon as he wakes up. They're already drinking during breakfast. That’s kind of the point of going to the beach during the weekend, being drunk all day and all night.
Jungkook and Taehyung are trying to convince Seokjin and Seolhyun to convince their girlfriends to play volley with them and since they're all paired up, Jimin ignores them. Meanwhile Hoseok is trying to pull Namjoon inside the sea leaving Jimin alone next to Yoongi.
Yoongi and Jimin sit on the shore, but Yoongi is under a beach umbrella covered in the shadow, while Jimin lays just under the sun, hoping to get tanned.

Yoongi is dressed all in black which is a big contrast to the bright weather. “You don’t like the beach?” Jimin wonders.
“I'm okay with it, but I get sunburnt easily, and I don't like the sand.” Yoongi explains. Jimin nods and he thinks the conversation is over until Yoongi speaks up again. “You don’t look like you get sunburnt.” Jimin looks down at himself, he’s wearing only his blue swim trunks.
“You must get tanned,” Yoongi comments. Jimin looks up to find that the elder is staring, a lot. Towards his body. Almost like checking out. Jimin shakes the thought away.

“Yeah I do.” They both go quiet. Hoseok's squealing as Namjoon carries him to the sea is all they hear.
Namjoon and Hoseok are definitely getting too touchy near the sea. Yoongi scoffs. “Wanna bet they’re going to send us to buy the food so they can stay there making out?” Jimin laughs lightly.

In about ten minutes Hoseok yells at them, asking Yoongi and Jimin to go get lunch.
It’s a bit awkward, if Jimin is honest, only in the sense everyone is with their partners and Jimin is being paired up with Yoongi. He hopes Yoongi doesn’t know their friends think they’re perfect for each other.

They’re walking alone in the shore towards the restaurants.
Yoongi eases into conversation all the way there, he complains about sand and Jimin's need to be half naked but it's all teasingly so Jimin giggles through most of their walk.

“Do you dance or sing, Jimin?” Yoongi asks while they wait in queue of a small restaurant in the pier.
“Ah, I do both?” Jimin knows Yoongi makes music because Hoseok has brought some of his tracks to the studio. He wants to impress the elder. “I major in dance but I sing too.”

“You like musicals?” Yoongi wonders. “I know you dance like.. hip hop with Hoseok but I was wondering.”
“Oh, yeah, I guess I do," Jimin nods. His only experience with musicals is high school but he liked them.

Yoongi hums. “Have you ever been to the Plaza theatre? It’s a small one near yours and Hoseok's apartment.”

“Ah, I’ve heard of it.” Jimin nods. It’s a respected business.
“They are in open casting right now, for Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. They are making it into a musical, it's going to be cool, the adaptation. And I don’t know, seeing you right now... here, under the sun," Yoongi shrugs, "I thought you could maybe try it out.”

“As Orlando.” Jimin blushes as soon as Yoongi explains. “You… fit the character.” Jimin feels warm all of a sudden, not because he's perpetually tipsy due to all the alcohol nor because the sun is up and hot at this hour, but because Yoongi is calling him pretty. Really pretty.
“Haewon is in charge of the arrangement for the new songs of the musical,” Yoongi says casually. And Jimin's warmth easily goes away. He tries not to grow tense at the name, he focuses instead on the sand that has somehow gotten into the pier.

“That’s your ex, right?”
Yoongi hums, he stares at the sea. “I could put a good word for you with her if you’re interested.” But Jimin is not, and he's mood is kind of sour. The seafood doesn't taste as good now especially because Yoongi doesn't try to talk to him again until they return to the house.
As soon as Jungkook wakes up after his afternoon nap he decides he wants to play in the pool with everyone, and they can’t really say no to Jungkook.

It's getting late but they’re in the pool back at Hoseok's, and by discard, Yoongi and Jimin get paired up for the wrestling.
Yoongi sits on Jimin’s shoulders, complaining about how unfair it is to play wrestling paired up with Jimin because they're the shortest and they will fall faster than the rest. "Taehyung and Jungkook together are a giant!"

In order to keep him up, Jimin has to hold his thighs.
With Yoongi’s skin under his hands, and even with all water falling onto his face, Jimin feels all kind of emotions, from giddiness to lust. He laughs when Namjoon pushes Yoongi and the elder complains about society's injustice.

This setting and the proximity does him no good.
He won’t do anything about his crush on Yoongi because getting involved with someone who still thinks about their ex is a bad idea.

He still stares when Yoongi pulls up his soaked shirt and drowns a shot while shirtless and wet on the edge of the pool. Staring is not a bad idea.
Most of them are tired from the beach and pool all day so they go to sleep early.

Jimin stays drinking with Jin and Minju, and the couple try to convince him to flirt with Yoongi because they’d be cute together and Jimin would be perfect for him. Jimin doesn’t argue with them.
Jimin sneaks inside their room around 3 am, thinking about Min Yoongi.

Namjoon is snoring on the big bed, taking all the space, Jimin giggles. Yoongi is already sleeping on the top bunk so Jimin messily crawls into the bottom bunk. He’s so drunk, he quickly passes out.
It’s their third day on the beach and they stay in the pool at night to keep drinking. Hoseok and Namjoon are playing around, Namjoon holding Hoseok from the waist so he doesn’t get away.

Jimin sits on the edge of the pool, talking to Taehyung and Jungkook about classes.
Yoongi sits away from them, sipping from a glass of wine and busy with his phone.

Jimin's sight of him is suddenly blocked by Seolhyun who kneels down in front of Jimin with a glass of rum. "For you," she says but when Jimin tries to take the drink but she pulls it away.
"It's yours if you go to Yoongi before he does something stupid," Seolhyun tells him. "He won't listen to us."

"And he will to me?" Jimin asks but he has already decided to leave the pool.

"You underestimate your power over him," she says with a snort and Jimin shakes his head.
He stands up and goes to Yoongi either way. With his glass of rum as reward for distracting the elder. Yoongi looks up as soon as Jimin gets closer. He locks his phone. "Seolhyun sent you?" Jimin nods and looks for a towel. "Tell her I was just on Instagram, wasn't being stupid."
"Tell her yourself," Jimin decides and starts drying up before sitting in one of the chairs. Yoongi puts his phone down.

"She won't believe me, she thinks she's my mother and wants to take care of me," Yoongi rolls his eyes and drinks from his wine. "I can take care of myself."
"They worry about you," Jimin tries. He hates talking about this.

"And that's what friends do," Yoongi agrees. He chuckles to himself and takes another sip. "I understand that, but it's low of her to send you just because she doesn't trust me alone with my phone. It's childish."
"And you’re mature?” Jimin asks, he sits in front of the elder.

“I hear that I am all the time, so maybe I am.”

"All the time? I doubt anyone here thinks you're mature."

Yoongi laughs lightly. “You know how my ex is older than me?” He looks at his phone. Jimin knows.
He nods. “She is always hanging around people older than me and they’re always surprised when they meet me, because they say I’m so mature for my age.”

“Well you must be for them to say it.”

Yoongi snorts. “I actually think It’s not entirely true.”

“How come?” Jimin wonders.
“I guess I’m kind of a dork too?” Jimin laughs. "I'm not entirely immature though, I'm not childish," he squints his eyes Seolhyun's way. "Just... dorky?" Jimin has to nod, Yoongi is really dorky.

“Well you can be mature and have fun, they aren’t exclusive,” Jimin says slowly.
Yoongi hums, and then he looks at Jimin in a way he has never watched the younger before. "And what do you suggest I should do for fun, Park Jimin?"

Jimin has to look away, because he feels like there's a double meaning to his question. Yoongi's gaze is still on him.
Jimin is nervous, he searches for his drink, takes a gulp and then tries grinning at the elder. "Get in the pool with me?" he tries.

It makes Yoongi chuckle. He smiles at Jimin, showing his gums. “Okay.” And Jimin has to look away, because his own smile is stretching too wide.
Yoongi doesn't check his phone again during the rest of the night.

Yoongi isn't checking his phone, firstly because he's inside the pool with Jimin most all of the time, and then because he keeps the phone facing down as they talk and drink with everyone until midnight.
He can tell Seokjin and Seolhyun whisper between them, probably about Yoongi's ex, but Jimin doesn't mind. Yoongi isn't looking at his phone because he's talking to Jimin.

And that makes him feel good.
Namjoon never comes back to their room the last night.

“Do you think he’s going to come back?” Yoongi wonders.

“Not at all,” Jimin rolls his eyes. “He must be very busy in Hoseok’s room.” It makes Yoongi laugh lightly, and then that’s it. End of the conversation.
Yoongi lays on the bottom bunk ready to go to sleep. He chose that bunk when they first arrived, and only yesterday he was sleeping in the top one. Jimin was so drunk that time he didn't realize the elder slept on the other one so Jimin didn't have to climb the bunk when tipsy.
Jimin goes up the bunk before Yoongi sees him blushing.

It was very considerate of Yoongi, Jimin thinks it was sweet. He should say thanks, if the elder hadn't changed bunks yesterday Jimin would have fallen to the floor, but it's silent between the two and he can't speak.
Jimin feels awkward about how quiet it is between them until Yoongi speaks. “Can you come down? It’s weird to talk when you’re up there and I can't see your face. Namjoon is not coming back, you can use his bed. I bet it's more comfortable.”

Oh, so now they’re talking. "Okay."
Jimin lays on the big bed and Yoongi remains in the lower bunk bed, watching him. Jimin feels nervous at being stared at, he hopes his overzised shirt and briefs are a good look for Yoongi. “What do you want to talk about?” He wonders once he has the blankets around him.
“I don’t know… Let’s talk about Namjoon and Hoseok,” Yoongi offers awkwardly.

Jimin snorts. Yoongi really knows how to start a conversation. “What about them, hyung?”

“I don’t know, it just surprises me how long they managed to push the eventual.” Jimin laughs at the irony.
“Hoseok likes the chase,” Jimin explains. “Likes knowing Namjoon is desperate for him and will push him and push him.”

“The chase,” Yoongi scoffs.

“What’s with the scoff? Boys can like the chase,” Jimin whispers. Glad Yoongi can’t see his blush.

“Well, I wouldn’t know.”
“You wouldn’t know boys can like being chased too?” Jimin asks and he takes advantage of the conversation. “I thought you also liked men.”

“I do, but I haven’t chased a boy in years,” Yoongi says easily. Jimin gulps, he's entering dangerous territory, he plays with his fingers.
“Actually I haven’t even kissed a boy in… five years maybe?” Yoongi chuckles at himself

“What? you dated Haewon for five years?” Jimin finds himself asking before realizing his words.

He thinks Yoongi is going to grow tense but he doesn’t. “No, no,” Yoongi laughs. “Just three”
Just three years? Just? “That’s a lot,” Jimin comments with awe and Yoongi only hums.

“It would be almost four but if you count everytime we broke up then it’s less... whatever. It doesn't matter. Last time I kissed a boy I was eighteen? I started dating her when I was twenty.”
“Oh.” Jimin nods slowly. That’s really young. And Taehyung told him she was forty nine now. Meaning Yoongi started dating her when she was forty six and he was twenty. Jimin thinks that’s... something. “So no boys during a long time for you?”

Yoongi chuckles. “No boys at all.”
“What about you?” Yoongi sits up on the edge of the bunk bed to look at Jimin.

“Well, I only kiss boys,” Jimin blushes when he says, he’s nervous about Yoongi's’ eyes on him. With him sitting across there’s nowhere Jimin can hide. He looks away, shy. “So it hasn't been years…”
He’s staring at the white ceiling when Yoongi suddenly mumbles to himself, “God, you really are cute.” Jimin hears him loud and clear though. He really said that, Jimin is not imagining anything.

“Ah hyung, why would you say that?” Jimin tries to cover his cheeks with his hands.
“Because you’re blushing,” Jimin turns to him and finds Yoongi smiling at him, endeared. “You’re blushing all shy when you talk about kissing boys, that’s cute, Jimin”

Why is Yoongi saying that? Does he know Jimin likes him? “You started talking about it,” he accuses with a pout
“I mean,” he smirks, “I wanted to talk about kissing boys with you.”

Jimin bites his lower lip, he’s so nervous all of a sudden. “Why?”

Yoongi stands up from the bunk bed this time and he sits next to Jimin in the larger matress. He’s so close. “Why do you think?” He whispers.
Jimin can’t believe this is happening. He looks up to where Yoongi sits next to him, his crush, looking expectantly at him with intense eyes. Jimin takes a deep breath before lifting himself up on his elbows. “Do you want me to kiss you, Yoongi hyung?”

Yoongi gulps. “Yeah…”
He doesn't know who moved first, he knows he leaned over slightly when Yoongi licked his lips, he thinks Yoongi met him halfway. But before he knows what was exactly happening his arms were around Yoongi's neck and the elder was slowly pushing him down to the bed, kissing him.
It’s all very tentative at firs., Yoongi holds Jimin's face and kisses him slowly, as if he's unsure of what he's doing, like he wants to drag it out. But when Jimin flicks his tongue across Yoongi’s lips, the elder pushes back, deepening the kiss.

Jimin melts into his touch.
It’s nothing more than a simple kiss after a simple kiss, but it's Yoongi, who he always thought about, so Jimin can't help but want more. Yoongi's hand on his neck, Yoongi's hand on his waist, Yoongi's hips around Jimin's legs, he wants more.

But Jimin keeps himself composed.
It’s not hungry, it’s just kissing. It's Yoongi smiling slightly before catching Jimin's lips with his. A slow slide of lips, careful hands resting on all the right places.

Until it starts getting heavier, and there’s more tongue, and it’s more wet and hands start roaming lower.
“You really haven’t had sex with a boy in five years either?” Jimin asks, between airy moans.

Yoongi laughs. “Why do you want to know, Jimin ah?”

“That’s a lot of time,” Jimin breathes out. Yoongi kisses his neck.

“It is,” Yoongi agrees, hands dangerously low on Jimin’s back.
Yoongi is busy with Jimin's neck, trailing wet kisses on the skin there. When Jimin feels him bite lightly he squeezes his legs around Yoongi's hips. It reminds the elder of their position and then Yoongi pulls Jimin up, so he can lay down and the younger can sit on top of him.
They continue kissing but now Jimin feels like he's more in control so he kisses deeper, breathes heavily onto Yoongi's mouth to catch his breath before kissing him again. This time Yoongi lets his hands go lower to get a hold, and he’s groping Jimin. Jimin kisses him harder.
It’s like they’re both waiting for the other to ask for more but neither say anything. They only kiss and then kiss some more, and Jimin wants to ask for more but he doesn't want Yoongi to think he's desperate or too eager.

Yoongi is the one who starts to slow down eventually.
The kissing suddenly turns soft, and Yoongi is leaving small pecks to Jimin's lips. "What happened?" Jimin asks slowly, afraid Yoongi was put off by how intense Jimin was.

"If we don't slow down, I'm going to get hard," Yoongi says sincerely. He cringes a little at his words.
"Ah," Jimin bites his lip

"And we don't have to... do anything else," Yoongi decides. "I don't want to stop kissing," he quickly says probably after noticing Jimin's pout. "Let's just... calm down." Jimin nods eagerly and it makes Yoongi laugh, he's smiling into their next kiss.
Jimin shouldn't be surprised about how much he likes kissing Yoongi. He could stay here for a long time, just kissing him, feeling him so close, it's almost dreamlike.

At some point they both start to go tired and their kiss starts to slow down too, now only quick kisses.
"Wanted to do this so bad," Yoongi whispers right before catching Jimin's lips. "You're really pretty," Yoongi lets him know, playing with his hair.

Jimin feels warm all over, he blushes and mutters, "I wanted it too." Yoongi hugs him closer after the small confession.
"That's good," Yoongi lets him know. "Finally got it out of my system."

"Mmh?" Jimin hums, he and Yoongi are still lazily kissing, it's nice.

"Everyone said you're a good kisser, I was curious," Yoongi jokes and he even squeezes Jimin's waist. But Jimin doesn't answer.
“We should sleep, we have to leave early tomorrow,” Yoongi suggests after the prolonged silence where Jimin remembers his crush is one sided. Jimin nods.

“You’ll stay in the bed?” he asks nonetheless, maybe he can pretend for a little longer. Yoongi nods and pulls Jimin closer.
They sleep next to each other, Yoongi stays.

When Jimin wakes up, he isn’t in the room. Jimin tries not to think too much about it, it’s the last day and they have to prepare their bags to leave the beach at midday so the elder must be out having breakfast already.
Jimin blushes the moment he sees Yoongi in the kitchen, they greet each other and Yoongi lets him know he made breakfast for him. They eat silently side to side.

Jungkook raises an eyebrow at them when he sees them. He throws Jimin a suggestive stare but Jimin only ignores it.
That’s only it between them.

They made out all night, cuddled a little afterwards maybe, but nothing else. It ended like that. It happens. Making out with someone you know, with a friend of your friends, it doesn’t mean anything. It happens all the time. And you get over it.
But when Jimin gets back to classes, he gets a text from Yoongi and they start talking.

They text for some days but it’s friendly. Both him and Yoongi know the kiss didn’t mean anything more than a kiss and it's fine. He actually likes Yoongi as a friend, he’s easy to talk to.
Jimin likes the way it progresses, their new friendship, it’s slow but good. It's a good start.

Until one day Jimin sees something in Instagram he would have rather not see. A simple picture of a gallery, but everyone knows what it means.

Yoongi is back with his girlfriend.
Jimin thinks he feels heartbroken, or as close as heartbroken as he has felt in a long time.

“I’m sorry, hyung,” Jungkook mumbles.

“It’s okay Jungkook, we weren’t really… anything. We just kissed,"

“Either way,” Jungkook sighs. “He shouldn’t have kissed you, you like him.”
“He didn’t know that,” Hoseok defends the elder. “He… was not fine when we were in the beach and Jimin was there and the mutual attraction was obvious, but he didn’t know Jimin liked him. Liked him for real,” Hoseok repeats to emphasize.

“It’s not hard to tell,” Jungkook snaps.
“Jungkook” Jimin cuts him off. Yoongi isn't mean. Jimin knows he’s not. He didn’t kiss Jimin to lead him on. It was just making out, it happens all the time. Jimin was blowing it out of proportion. He should just get over it

He should have known, Yoongi always get backs with her
But he can’t get over what happened between them when he gets a text from the elder asking if he wants to hang out. He knows he should say no, he knows he should ignore Yoongi. He has a girlfriend and Jimin likes him, it's not a good idea. But they were starting to be friends...
Jimin texts him back, says he’d like to without thinking twice. He waits for an answer but it doesn't come, instead Yoongi is calling him. Jimin closes the door of his room just in case.

“Hey Jimin ah,” Yoongi slurs. “How are you?”

Jimin’s stomach twists. “I’m good… you?”
“Good," he says dryly. "You want to meet up too, right? Where do you want to go?”

“Somewhere fun.” Jimin is just his friend, nothing else. Friends hang out.

“That’s really vague,” Yoongi chuckles.

“I don’t know, something like the beach,” Jimin starts. “That was fun.”
“Fun? Because of the pool games? I don’t like games that much,” Yoongi says sincerely.

“That's because you’re not playing the right ones.” Yoongi chuckles at Jimin’s words.

“Okay then, take me to the right games, Jiminie.”

“Okay hyung,” Jimin shouldn’t be smiling this much.
After a moment Yoongi wonders. “Just one thing. Can you not tell anyone we’re going out?”

“Mmh?” Jimin quickly sits up. “What do you mean anyone?”

“Just… don’t tell Kook or Tae,” Yoongi asks. Jimin feels weird. Why can’t he tell his friends? What does Yoongi want to hide?
"Why?" Jimin asks

Yoongi takes a moment to answer. "They will misunderstand it." He doesn't explain much more.

Jimin wonders what is there to misunderstand from seeing each other as friends. He doesn't like it but he wants to go out with Yoongi, just as friends. “Okay I won’t."
On friday they decide to meet at an arcade from the closest mall to both of them.

Yoongi is there early and he looks good, ripped black jeans, white shirt and blue flannel, Jimin smiles when he sees him and before it gets tense between them Jimin drags him to his favorite games.
Unsurprisingly, Jimin is better in all of the games except for the basketball one. Yoongi has a pretty good aim and he throws the ball with technique, for the first time he beats Jimin with almost double the score.

“You played basketball when you were younger?” Jimin wonders.
“Can you tell?” Yoongi asks rather smugly. The fake overconfidence looks good on him.

“Well, it wasn't because of your height,” Jimin decides to tease.

It makes Yoongi laugh. “Mean,” he says in an exaggerated pout, but he looks really cute. "You're one to talk," he bites back.
Jimin giggles. “I noticed because you throw the ball like a pro,” he explains and tries to mimic the movement.

“Like a pro?” Yoongi laughs. “What? Because I flick my wrist?”

Jimin nods eagerly. “Like in… Slam Dunk!”

Yoongi laughs loudly this time. “That’s cute Jimin ah.”
Before trading their tickets for a prize they go for something to eat.

They eat silently after the ran out of topics to talk about. Until Yoongi is picking on his fries and he wonders, “hey Jimin ah, can I ask you something weird,” Yoongi’s words bring Jimin out of his thoughts.
“Yeah sure,” Jimin agrees slowly, cautious. There’s a long pause where Yoongi seems loss at words, and Jimin can only hear the small sounds the arcade games make. Jimin feels tense all of a sudden and his gut never tricks him. Yoongi sighs, he looks up.

“Is this a date?” he asks
Jimin tenses at the words. He wasn’t expecting a question like that. Yoongi shouldn’t be asking a question like that. “You have a girlfriend,” Jimin says slowly.

Yoongi gulps. He looks away from Jimin, back to picking on his food. “If I didn't have a girlfriend, would it be?”
Jimin doesn’t want to reason with that. “Don’t say stuff like that, Yoongi,” Jimin speaks coldly.

This is not a date, he’s not someone meddling in the middle of a relationship. That’s not what Jimin is like and he would be disappointed if Yoongi was someone like that.
Yoongi threads his fingers through his black hair. “I know it sounds wrong because it is, and I know I shouldn’t say it. But I can’t get it out of my mind. It genuinely feels like a date,” Jimin tenses at his words. Yoongi looks up, “can you honestly tell me what do you think?”
Jimin hates this, he doesn’t want to say something wrong but he also wants to be honest with Yoongi. “If you didn’t have a girlfriend, I’d think it would be one. But you do have a girlfriend.” Jimin waits until Yoongi meets his eyes. “So we’re just friends out in the arcade.”
“Would you want it to be a date?” Yoongi inquires.

Jimin answers quickly. “It doesn’t matter if I wanted for it to be a date or not.” He thinks his real answer is actually on those words, so he adds a lies just in case Yoongi is perceptive. “I wouldn’t want it to be a date.”
Yoongi nods slowly and Jimin thinks this is the end of the conversation, but it isn't. “What do you think of her?” Yoongi suddenly asks, his voice lowers. “Of Haewon.”

“I don’t know her,” Jimin says honestly. “I’ve seen her like twice at Jin's, but we’ve never really talked.”
“She’s an intelligent woman isn’t she?” Yoongi nods as Jimin talks. “She must be really interesting... at least what Jungkook has said to me about her is that she knows a lot about everything.”

Yoongi nods. “But what do you think of me and her?” Yoongi rephrases his question.
“I just think… there’s a really big age difference between you two.” Yoongi nods, he must be used to that. “And I think, that with an age difference like that, it’s clear to me that she has certain power over you”

Now Yoongi doesn’t seem to like that. “I don’t think so.”
“Of course you don’t think so, you’re dating her.” Yoongi bites his lower lip. He was the one that asked so he keeps quiet. “I think there’s clear vertical lines between you two. She’s more experienced and well known in the field you’re interested in, it’s almost mentor like.”
Jimin takes a deep breath. “And I don’t know her personally, I don’t know the details, I’m saying this only as an outsider and because you asked, but if all your friends think there’s something wrong with your relationship is because they know it’s not an equal relationship.”
Yoongi remains quiet. “You must hear this all the time, but what is a woman who is successful on her job, dating a boy half her age who wants to success on the same field? Isn’t that a perfect situation to use you?” Jimin rants and he’s just happy to get it all out of his chest.
Yoongi chuckles dryly. “Well, it’s true you don’t know that much about my relationship, Jimin” he scolds.

“And I don’t know either why you’re so confused about it you need to ask my opinion nor why you’re sneaking out to go out with me if you love her so much,” Jimin bites back.
Yoongi tenses at Jimin’s words, he clenches his jaw. Jimin knows he has upset the elder but he can’t bring himself to care. He wanted Jimin’s honest opinion. Yoongi says he’ll go pay for the food and that’s the end of the conversation. He doesn’t bring the discussion up again.
Jimin thinks he won’t see Yoongi again. After their failed meet up and the words exchanged about the elder, Jimin doubts Yoongi would even want to be his friend, so he just accepts the fact that maybe their friends were wrong all along and they’re not meant to be at all.
"What are you doing on thursday?" Taehyung is laying on Jimin's bed, scrolling down his phone.

"Nothing," Jimin answers dryly.

"I'm going to a fancy exhibition. Wanna go?" There's a long silence between the two. They both know who's going to be there. "He's going with her."
"Why would I go?" Jimin stares at his laptop screen, he doesn't want Taehyung to think he's interested in going.

"I think he'd freak out." Jimin turns to see his best friend. He ended up telling Tae everything, from the kissing to the secret date after two weeks it happened.
"I don't care," Jimin lies. Taehyung keeps quiet, he knows Jimin cares, he knows Jimin is curious to see Yoongi and Haewon together to understand, he knows Jimin cares because he's mad at Yoongi for kissing him and for leading him on. Jimin cares because he still likes Yoongi.
"Fancy exhibits always have free champagne, we can always get drunk in case you don't like the installation." Jimin laughs at the offer but he doesn't agree on going. Taehyung sits up this time. "Don't you want to meet her?" Jimin gulps. "Aren't you the slightest bit curious?"
"Taehyung..." Jimin warns. He shouldn't be.

"You just need to look hot," Jimin raises an eyebrow and Taehyung coughs, "like you always do, and stand next to the corpse," Jimin hits Taehyung's arm this time, "next to her," he corrects, "and Yoongi can realize his big mistakes."
Jimin shakes his head at how absurd his best friend is. "Come on Jimin, it'll be fun. It'll give you the closure you need to stop sulking inside your room."

"'m not sulking," Jimin pouts.

"He's the one losing you, not the other way round," Taehyung scolds. "No more sulking."
It's quiet between them and Taehyung goes back to his phone with a smug smile on his face and Jimin goes back to his paper, they don't say nothing else but that's because Taehyung already knows Jimin's answer.
The exhibition is huge, Jimin never leaves Taehyung's side. The younger is busy saying hi to a lot of people and then complaining to Jimin about the unnecessary small talk. "Art shouldn't be about having contacts, yet here we all are," Taehyung grumbles after a sip of champagne.
"If I ever want my paintings to be there," Taehyung gestures to one of the walls, "I have to come to these things diligently," he sighs.

Jimin twirls the champagne glass. They haven't seen Yoongi yet. "What does Haewon have to do in an exhibition then? Isn't she a musician?"
"She's friends with the director of the Museum," Taehyung says lowly, he doesn't want people to eavesdrop. "All those important people mingle together."

Jimin gulps. He should have asked more about her before, with each passing minute he's more terrified about meeting her.
When they stop in front of the sculpture room Taehyung is distracted by some people that seem to be his friends from Art School. "Go mingle with the important people," Jimin jokes, "I'm going to stay here trying to understand why is this worth being called Art."

Taehyung disappears for a moment and Jimin starts wandering through the pieces. There are car pieces hanging from the ceiling and a map made of books. Jimin tries to keep his snort to himself.

“Ready-made,” someone speaks next to him and Jimin knows who he is. He stays composed.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jimin turns to see Yoongi. He looks good in a suit and tie, his silver earrings and bracelets make it all cohesive.

“It’s a french term, some guy called Duchamp found random objects and just placed them on galleries in form of protest to the Arts”
He wonders why is Yoongi alone. “And how is this,” Jimin looks at the car pieces, “protest?”

“It’s not,” Yoongi finally turns to see Jimin, they don’t gaze away from the other. “It’s just objects that don’t have utility on their own, you can’t ride that car or read those books,”
“With no utility on it’s own, all the objects have left is to become art.” Jimin shakes his head, that makes no sense. Yoongi chuckles at Jimin’s expression. “You know that famous sculpture, bicycle wheel? It’s a wheel on a stool. Can’t use the bike, can’t sit on the stool. Art.”
“Are you trying to impress me with your vast knowledge on non utilitarian objects?” Jimin quickly asks, he doesn’t think it twice so he makes Yoongi laugh.

“I had no idea how to start the conversation after the last time we saw each other, this was the safe approach,” he says.
“You started out just fine,” Jimin doesn’t know why he takes a step closer to Yoongi. “But know you have to be honest and admit that whole protest about the utility of art is bullshit,” this time he whispers and once again Yoongi smiles shyly.

“Don’t tell anyone here.”
“Oh no, they know it’s bullshit,” Jimin takes a sip from his drink, “they’re just acting snob. It’s a social norm to act as if it’s all very deep and artsy. Where would the fun in these kind of events be if not?”

“Welk, they aren’t particularly fun, either,” Yoongi reasons.
"You're not having fun?" Jimin asks. "With all those Instagram posts about galleries and plays and recitals, I'd think you'd love it here."

"Maybe I am a little snob too," Yoongi grimaces but it makes Jimin smile.

"Have you said hi to Taehyung, yet?" Jimin wonders. "He's here."
"Yeah, I saw him," Yoongi looks towards the entrance where Taehyung is deep in conversation. "I was waiting for him to leave you alone to come over."

Jimin tenses. "Why?"

"Didn't know if you were still upset at me, so I wanted to talk to you first before making it awkward."
"What am I supposed to be upset at?" Jimin asks.

"I shouldn't have come onto you when I'm not single," Yoongi answers. "I asked you out in secret, and that's not okay." Jimin catches the way Yoongi plays with his fingers, with his rings. "I shouldn't have gotten mad at you."
"You shouldn't have, you asked for my opinion and I only said it." Jimin clenches his jaw. "But that's the least important. You can't ask me if we're out on a date when you're in a relationship, I'm not that kind of person, Yoongi."

"I know," Yoongi nods. "I'm sorry."
Jimin nods and looks away. He's about to tell Yoongi he's going to go, he can't stay next to the man longer without wanting to ask him a thousand questions but it's not the time.

Before he can say anything there's a female voice coming from behind him. "Yoongi, there you are"
Judging by the way Yoongi's eyes widen Jimin knows who's coming towards them. This was never a good plan, Jimin should have known. He tenses, wondering how much of their conversation she heard, is she going to accuse Jimin of seducing her boyfriend? He takes a deep breath.
She looks young, at first sight Jimin wouldn't be able to guess her age, however she still looks older than Yoongi especially standing next to him. She's tall, wearing heels she's almost the same height as Yoongi, if not a little taller.

He focuses on Yoongi's hand on her waist.
"This is not Taehyung," she says amused once her eyes move from Yoongi to Jimin.

Jimin is frozen, suddenly he feels small. Is it because she's older? because she's dating Yoongi? because he can just tell she's someone important in this place. "No, this is Jimin," Yoongi mutters.
Jimin quickly bows once he's introduced. "Nice to meet you," he manages to say even if he doesn't mean it. He needs Taehyung, he wants to get out of here.

"Ah," her eyes widen. Her make up is perfect, Jimin notices. "You are Jimin. I've heard so much about you," she slurs.
Jimin glances towards Yoongi, he's looking down on the floor. Jimin feels so awkward. "Really?"

"Yoongi told me you had fun at the beach," she says casually, no malice in her words, but Jimin knows what's actually wrapped around the statement.

"We all did," he decides to say.
This time she smiles at him and her wine red lipstick distract Jimin. "It sure is nice finally meeting you, I didn't know you were interested in plastic arts."

"I'm just here with Taehyung," Jimin manages to answer. Yoongi avoids Jimin's gaze and Jimin starts feeling anxious.
“Ah, that talented boy,” she says brightly. Yoongi finally looks up but not towards Jimin. “I can’t wait for him to be in a exhibition.”

“I can’t wait either,” Jimin agrees. “He deserves something like that”

“I’m seeing what I can do about it,” she smiles. Yoongi blinks at her.
“Thanks,” Yoongi mutters and Jimin feels sick. There’s something about the way he looks at her Jimin doesn’t like. He expected to feel jealousy but that feeling only lasted for a while. He’s uncomfortable and he finally understands why their friends are so worried about Yoongi.
Jimin doesn't look away from him, and for some minutes he's wrapped into a mundane conversation about his thoughts of the exhibition. Yoongi makes some comments now and then but he never talks directly with Jimin.

"Yoongi hyung! Noona!" Taehyung calls out once he finds them.
Yoongi seems more at ease with Taehyung's presence. It doesn't go unnoticed by Jimin

Taehyung is really good with small talk and he's soon discussing with Haewon about some photographer's work that is in exhibit at the first floor. During that Yoongi finally glances Jimin's way.
He doesn't know how to describe what that look means, but Jimin knows he wants to talk to Yoongi.

"Do you want me to introduce you?" Haewon asks, Jimin looks away from Yoongi to catch up with the conversation next to him. Taehyung is shaking his head.

"You don't have to!"
"No, it's fine! He'd like to hear you compliment his work," she says. Taehyung nods slowly. "Is it okay if I take Taehyung for a moment?" this time she looks at Jimin. He doesn't like her at all.

"Can I have Yoongi during that time, then?" Jimin asks back, pointing towards him.
She lets out a small huff, almost a laugh. "Sure, have fun." Yoongi smiles a little to himself, but it's not like any smile he has offered Jimin before. "Not as much as in the beach though," she jokes but Jimin doesn't find it amusing.

He manages to chuckle, "don't worry."
He looks away as to not see Yoongi kiss someone else, even if it's just a peck.

Taehyung throws Jimin a pointed look over his shoulder as they start to walk away, Jimin can only sigh. He feels like every word she uses towards him is measured and every look holds meaning.
The moment they cannot be seen anymore, Yoongi holds Jimin's wrist and pulls him out of the sculpture room. "What the fuck was that, Yoongi?" Jimin panics as they move through the exhibition. They reach the center where a live band is playing a song in a foreign language.
Yoongi doesn't answer, he drags Jimin towards a door that says staff only.

They're in a long hallway with cement walls. The door closes behind them, but the electro music comes muffled through it. "She knows we kissed," Jimin mutters while Yoongi still searches for his words.
"She knows I went out with you too," Yoongi admits. "She knows I asked you out, she knows I..." Jimin waits for him. Yoongi isn't looking at him, he pulls at his black tie, like the thing is making it hard for him to breathe. "She knows I like you."

Jimin gulps at him.
"Then why," Jimin chokes. He doesn't really know what should he ask. Yoongi only looks at him, not offering much more information. "What?"

"It's just a crush, it'll go away. She finds it amusing more than anything, she probably thinks it's funny that you're here," he mutters.
"You told her you liked someone and she thinks it's amusing?" Jimin asks in disbelief, what kind of relationship is that?

"You don't wanna know what she thinks," Yoongi shakes his head. "She's going to be mean to you, she does that. Just going to say some stuff so you should-"
"I'm not leaving," Jimin cuts him off. Yoongi looks up at him at that. "She can be mean to me if she wants, I'm not leaving because of her." Yoongi blinks slowly. "If she has a problem with me she can say it to my face."

"Jimin..." Yoongi is going to try to reason with him.
"No, look at me," Jimin tells him and Yoongi does. Jimin's back is pressed against the wall and Yoongi stands right in front of him. "She may feel like she owns this place and... you," he adds slowly. "But she doesn't get to choose wether I stay here or not, I choose that myself"
Yoongi doesn't say anything, he just glances away from Jimin. "I can't help you," Jimin says slowly, "unless you want to be helped." Yoongi clenches his jaw at how tender Jimin's voice has gotten. "And I want to help you but you can't get me in the middle of this," he decides.
"Jimin," Yoongi mutters lowly. He isn't looking at the younger so Jimin searches for him. Their faces are close this way, "what do you think I should do?" Jimin wonders if it's the first time he asks that.

"What do you want to do?" Jimin asks, not knowing the right answer.
"Kiss you," Yoongi chuckles a little bit sadly. The confession doesn't make Jimin giddy, he sucks on his lower lip as to not pout.

"You can't do that," Jimin counters. But he moves closer to Yoongi, close enough that their chests are pressed.

"I can't do that," Yoongi repeats.
"What are you gonna do?" Jimin asks, his focus on Yoongi's lips, so close to his.

"I'm going to go out there and pretend I haven't been thinking about you since you walked inside with Taehyung," he says.

Jimin laughs dryly this time. "Now you're just trying to charm me."
Jimin raises one hand to Yoongi's arm, he would have to lean in the smallest bit but they can't. He sees Yoongi smiling faintly but sadly. "I don't know what I'll do."

"I can't tell you what to do," Jimin reasons. He really can't because he doesn't know what Yoongi can do.
"What I can tell you is that if you're thinking about kissing me instead of her, then that should be you enough for you to make a choice," Jimin gulps as soon as the words leave his mouth.

"I'm thinking about you more than I should," Yoongi says directly to Jimin's weak heart.
"You shouldn't be if you're dating someone else," Jimin says honestly.

"I know," Yoongi whispers. "I know it's wrong." Even if Yoongi is in the situation he is in, that doesn't give him free pass to behave wrongly.

"Then think about what you'll do and then let me know."
Yoongi nods at him. Jimin doesn't need to push him away he talks the step back himself. They take each other in for a moment, before Jimin leans over to fix Yoongi's tie. "There. That's better." He rests his hand on Yoongi's chest. He doesn't say anything, only hopes for the best
It’s a week later, that Jimin finds out Yoongi broke up with Haewon, this time, supposedly for good but Jimin can't know if it's true. Last time was definite as well but that didn't turn out that way. Hoseok mentions it casually during lunch but he’s attentive to Jimin’s reaction
“For real?” Jimin asks, tries to keep his reaction controlled.

“It seems,” Hoseok says. "He told me that, said he's sad so he wanted to see me tonight."

Jimin plays with his food. “I don’t know, Hobi,” he mumbles.

“What do you mean with you don’t know? It’s for real.”
Jimin shrugs, he doesn't want to explain the whole situation. Yoongi didn’t seem keen on breaking up with her when the two of them went out to the arcade and he seemed scared more than anything in the exhibit. Jimin doesn't know if it's over for good until weeks have past by.
But maybe it is true, maybe they are over for good and Yoongi has finally gotten over it because he calls Jimin two days later. “Hyung?” Jimin scolds himself mentally for answering so quickly after reading his name. He shouldn't get his hopes up nor act on his feelings so soon.
“Hey Jimin ah, how are you?” he asks casually, as if there wasn't a clear tension between them or a pending conversation.

Yoongi wants to meet up soon, and Jimin feels wary. “What do you want to do?”

“Just go out for a walk… I think I need to talk to you," he admits.
Jimin bites his lower lip. “It’s not a date,” Jimin warns before agreeing. It's only been some days, Jimin doesn't want to get involved with him so soon if Yoongi can go back to Haewon at any moment.

“It’s not,” Yoongi assures him. "I just want to see you." Jimin wants that too.
They are at a park and they bought coffee from a small store that sells sweets. It’s cold and Jimin can see people with warm clothes walking across from them. Jimin holds his cup of coffee closer.

“Why did you break up with her?” he finally asks when they sit down on a bench.
“The exact reason why or in general?" he wonders

"Whatever you want to tell me," Jimin hides behind his scarf. He feels like this conversation is going to make him tired.

"She said some stuff about you I don't want to repeat," Yoongi says curtly. Jimin looks away, jaw clenched.
"Nothing personal, she doesn't know you as a person so it really doesn't have to do with you, in general I think she would have said the same about anyone I'm interested in that isn't her," he sighs. Jimin understands that and he doesn't ask more. "It was meant to hurt me."
"She went from finding my crush on you funny to actually feel jealous and when I told her the truth, she was mad at me," Yoongi explains. He looks tired, pale and Jimin wants to touch him but he shouldn't. "You see I've always seen her as someone that has suffered a lot,"
"What do you mean?"

"She's a woman in an important position and she has gone through a lot in order to get there, it's been hard for her and I admired her for her hard wowk," Yoongi speaks sincerely. "And her ex husband is a piece of shit too, and she's strong, I've always-"
"It isn't so black and white." Yoongi cuts himself.

"Life?" Jimin asks, not exactly sure what Yoongi means.

He chooses his next words carefully. "I was mean to you, I lead you on when I was in a relationship and I knew you like, I mean I- what I did, isn't it like cheating?"
Jimin doesn't answer because Yoongi knows already. "I'm not a bad person," he says. "I thought she couldn't be a bad person either, because people have treated her wrongly. She was a victim. How can a victim be bad?" Yoongi suddenly asks and Jimin has no answer for that at all.
"I think," Jimin tries however to answer Yoongi, "being a victim doesn't define a person. She could have been a victim in a situation at work or with her husband... but that isn't present in every aspect of her life." The same way it isn't with Yoongi. "She wasn't one with you"
Yoongi nods slowly. "I wanted to cheat on her," he admits. Jimin tenses at his words. "That's an ugly thought to have. That time, I wanted you to tell me it was a date so I could cheat on her. I wanted to hurt her." Jimin takes a deep breath. "How did I end up feeling that way."
It isn't a question. "I keep saying I'm not a bad person, I'm not-"

"You're not," Jimin interjects. If he was, Jimin's friends wouldn't love him like they do, he's not. Yoongi looks at him with wet eyes.

"But I've been pushed to have all this bad thoughts and she makes me sick"
"That's why I broke up with her, she makes me sick." Jimin nods and the way Yoongi's voice breaks is too much for him, he leaves the cup of coffee next to him and leans over to hold Yoongi's hands into his. "I end up acting like someone I don't know, someone that isn't me,"
Yoongi looks down to their hands entwined, he smiles to himself. "I like you, I told her so when I broke it off. I told her I liked someone else and that I wanted someone else." Jimin sits closer to him. "But I can't, you told me not to get you in the middle."

"I know."
"Can we be friends instead?" Yoongi tries, this time his smile is sincere. Jimin's heart skips a beat.

"Yes, yes we can," he's quick to answer.

Yoongi chuckles. "Friends that like each other," he says slowly, almost in a teasing tone.

"Yes, friends that like each other."
Yoongi is playing with Jimin's fingers, and Jimin can't hold it in anymore "Come here, you need a hug"

Yoongi doesn't move anywhere, it's Jimin who leans forward to wrap himself around the elder. It makes him go still for a moment but then Jimin feels Yoongi's hands on his back.
“Hey Jimin, want to hang out?” Yoongi asks as soon as Jimin picks up the call.

The last month has been like this, they text all day and all night, and during weekends Yoongi asks Jimin out, not on dates, just to hang out for a while. Jimin knows Yoongi needs the distraction.
He knows Yoongi needs to keep himself busy otherwise he'd get sad and maybe fall back into his habits. However, Jimin is starting to hurt from all the time they spend together. Because he wants more, but it's not the moment and he doesn't know how much more he'll have to wait.
Jimin wants to see Yoongi but he doesn’t know if it’s the best. His growing feelings for him and the elder’s romantic situation are not a good combination, but Jimin finds himself saying yes whenever Yoongi asks.

"Wanna come over to my place?" Yoongi asks, and Jimin says yes.
They are listening to music on Yoongi’s bed. They've done this more than once, lay next to each other and just listen. Jimin is waiting for Yoongi to show him his own music but for the moment he's only playing some of the artists he’s really into and Jimin listens attentively.
The elder eagerly explains and comments all the songs, he knows every trivia there is about the production or the lyrics and Jimin thinks it's cute that he knows all of that. He knows they're listening to jazz and Jimin knows it’s technically good but he gets bored either way.
“You listen to old men music,” Jimin complains in a whiney voice. It makes Yoongi snort. “Don’t get me wrong hyung, I know it’s good but it’s boring!”

“Old man music. That's funny,” Yoongi says dryly. Ah, Jimin only notices in that moment, it’s old woman music not old man.
He has the urge to listen to something else, something a lot different. He wants Yoongi to smile at him, not look so down.

Jimin leans across the bed to get to Yoongi's bedside table where he reaches over for Yoongi’s phone. This way he's sprawled over Yoongi and the man tenses.
Jimin smiles over his shoulder as he scrolls down Yoongi’s phone. “Do you ever listen to a song from the top 50?” He goes through Yoongi’s Melon App. Yoongi shakes his head slowly, eyes set on Jimin. “Boring,” Jimin scolds.

Jimin quickly changes to something more fun. "Really?"
"Oh come on Yoongi, you can listen to some mainstream kpop once in a while," Jimin teases and leaves the phone back on his place. He doesn't want to move from top of Yoongi but he has too. He doesn't goes back to lay next to the elder though, he kneels on the bed next to him.
Yoongi looks up at him, amused. “Come on, dance with me,” he tries to pull Yoongi up.

“Jimin,” Yoongi speaks sternly to stop him from trying.

“Come on!” Jimin tries again. “You said you were a dork in the beach, did you lie?”

Yoongi scoffs. “You dance, you’re the dancer.”
“Fine then, you’re being boring,” Jimin rolls his eyes at him, and hopes he doesn't look ridiculous dancing while kneeling. He pays attention to the way Yoongi sits up against the headboard and looks at him. His eyes darken somehow, and Jimin feels all of him is being watched.
“Don’t make fun of me hyung,” Jimin warns.

“I won’t,” Yoongi assures him, he looks expectantly at Jimin. “Wanna see you.”

Jimin should tell him not to say that kind of stuff but he likes the warm feeling on his chest so he remains quiet. “Don’t make fun,” Jimin repeats.
Why is he getting himself into this situation? Jimin closes his eyes and starts fooling around as if he were in a club, it makes Yoongi laugh of course, but not because he's making fun of Jimin. He sounds endeared. Jimin tries remembering some steps of the song's choreography.
Yoongi laughs harder when Jimin finally gets the step right, he opens his eyes to find the elder looking more at ease. He's smiling up at Jimin. "I told you not to laugh," Jimin scolds.

"You're so cute," Yoongi says smartly.

"You deserve punishment for laughing," Jimin pouts.
He knows this is bad high school flirting but he can't help but feel excited about the way Yoongi looks at him. "What's my punishment, Jimin ah?"

Jimin gets closer to him and tries to pull him up so they can kneel on the bed together. "You have to dance with me, hyung."
Jimin is stronger so he manages to bring Yoongi up. The elder also lets himself be dragged until he stands in front of Jimin. Their faces are close again. "You have to show me what to do," Yoongi says lowly. And Jimin gulps. He wants to kiss him, but he knows he shouldn't.
"Just," Jimin puts his hands on Yoongi's hips, to make him sway a little from side to side, "I'm not asking for more, but you have to try to follow my steps." Yoongi chuckles to himself.

"Okay," he agrees. Jimin lets go of Yoongi quickly, it's better if he doesn't touch him.
Yoongi doesn’t move too much, he only does it to amuse Jimin for a moment, but then instead of following Jimin’s steps he gets closer to the younger and he rests his hands on Jimin’s waist and he holds tight. Jimin feels tense under his touch, it makes his skin tingle.
He dares touching Yoongi's upper arm to keep him at this distance, he doesn't want him to go away. The song changes but Jimin isn't paying attention. His attention is on how Yoongi gazes to Jimin's lips.

Jimin leans closer but then, all of a sudden, Yoongi starts tickling him.
Jimin screams at the sudden attack, he tries to push him away but Yoongi grabs his wrist, Jimin twists and pulls until they end up falling to the bed.

He squirms under Yoongi’s touch, laughing because the elder won't stop tickling him. “Yoongi stop!” Jimin laughs breathless.
Yoongi keeps tickling him, and by being on top of Jimin he has more advantage. “Look at how much you’re laughing, you sure I’m boring?” He says with a stupid smile on, Jimin can’t stop laughing because he's weak to tickling but he manages to push Yoongi's stupid face away.
Jimin flips them around once Yoongi lets go of him to try to hold Jimin's wrists again, and when Jimin is the one caging Yoongi under him he tries to pin the elder down to the bed, but the man won't stop with the tickling so at the end Jimin only falls on his chest, defeated.
Yoongi moves his legs to try to cage Jimin and probably flip them around again but the younger manages to sit on one of his thighs before Yoongi can lock him. If Yoongi rises his leg up he's going to rub against Jimin so the younger tries to get away to avoid the embarrassment.
But the tickling starts again and Jimin has to squirm at that,
rubbing against Yoongi’s thigh. Yoongi holds him down by the waist and Jimin keeps rubbing against Yoongi’s thigh in an attempt to get away or… just enjoying the friction. Yoongi notices, he pushes his thigh higher.
They are facing each other, panting and flushed cheeks after the tickling subsided. “Hey,” Yoongi whispers to his lips.

“Hyung please,” Jimin doesn’t recognize his voice. He squeezes his legs, to push Yoongi’s thigh harder against his crotch. Yoongi presses up to get a reaction.
“Jimin, fuck, I can’t give you what you want right now, you know it,” Yoongi sounds in pain, his voice is hoarse and he’s flushed all over too. “I can’t,” he repeats.

Jimin tries to control his ragged breathing. “What do I want?” Jimin asks. How Yoongi knows what he wants?
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