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In honor of #NationalCheeseburgerDay we need to go over Kosher meat.

Who is hungry?

#wellhellzbellz #feralseminary #Kosher
Please note

1. Kosher slaughter is as humane as any method & more humane than animal kingdom offers.

2. DO NOT confuse any religion or people w/the Satanic elements who use rituals to their ends.

3. Unless you're a vegetarian, don't be a fucking pansy.
Shechita is very specific and performed by those who have that calling.

Blood is forbidden, so it must be completely drained.
1 min. video. Not necessary to watch, just showing source of picture.

1. slit throat
2. hang animal
3. disembowel/skin

3 min. video. Shows sincere Rabbi Herskowitz and the dedication to ensure proper Kosher meat.

4. Devein
5. Salt
6. Soak to remove remaining blood


All blood must be promptly removed from carcass. Then meat is kashered, a process of soaking and salting the meat to draw out all the blood. If this procedure is not performed promptly the blood is considered to have “set” in the meat.

Operative word: PROMPTLY 👈🏽
Wait ... say that again.
The primary purpose of ancient temples was to perform ritual sacrifices as offerings to God.
Funny how nobody could explain the original purpose for the Molten Sea, aka Brazen Sea.

Pretty obvious once you understand the Kosher process.
Simplified overview:

☑️ Bless animal
☑️ Slit throat
☑️ Hang up
☑️ Drain blood
☑️ Disembowel
☑️ Soak and Salt
☑️ Ready to cook and eat

✅ The skin often given to Levitical Priest performing the sacrifice.

#wellhellzbellz #temples #kosher #brazensea #symbolism
Watch if want. In their own words, LDS prophet, apostles claim temples are restoration of Biblical temples.

Neither "baptize" nor "baptism" are found in Old Testament.🤔Strictly NT concept.

Q: WTF's going on w/Brazen Sea?
A: Symbolism for 🤔

Next time.

#Q867 A favorite. Shows kindness of Q team. They take no joy in telling us truth about those we trust.

"Who are we taught to trust the most?
This will not be easy." -Q

👉🏽Our goal is to help soften ground, making connections w/intel provided.

"So much left to be connected." -Q
Btw, cheeseburgers aren't Kosher.😜
Can't mix dairy and meat.
We can make fun of any religion. They all have unsavory 😜aspects. We have to finish the Molten Sea topic.

30 sec. South Park clip to help you feel the spirit.

The Molten Sea has detailed specs in Bible & Torah.

A: Exact ratio for saline solution to purify kosher meat.

Oxen represent 12 Tribes — haven't explored it much.

II Chronicles, Chapter 2 link

#MoltenSea #BrazenSea #Temples #Wellhellzbellz
Not found in OT, baptism symbolizes?
Death & rebirth — they don't hide it.

I have a little rhyme:
The Molten Sea was used to brine.
Meat was purified before they dined.

I'm going there someday🎵
To symbolize a sacrifice
Just like the olden days.🎶
Baptismal fonts in LDS Temples are built to exact specs of the Molten Sea from the Temple of Solomon.

Approx. size of a large hot tub, but deeper.

There is method to my madness.
Remember Santa, aka Saint Nich?
Saint Nicholas (270 -342 AD) saved 3 boys from butcher's brine tub. He resurrected pickled boys.

Seen in tapestries, paintings, stained glass windows from Middle Ages. Famous story.


Creepy AF coincidence.

#wellhellzbellz #Santa #cannibalism #BrazenSea
Do Mormons know what's going on w/ancient symbolism? Not.A.Clue.

Similar to Crucifix & Holy Communion, I'd argue virtually all Christians unwittingly participate in their perversion of symbols.

Only casting stones at the Death Cult.
We're all in the same boat.

The most popular LDS Primary Song. Every church-going Mormon child has this song memorized. The propaganda starts young.

Lyrics starts @ :20

I didn't expect to find this level of darkness; I'm pretty freaked out.

Do you know what goes on in Mormon Temples?

I bet you don't.

We're sworn to secrecy — upon penalty of death. I went through before 1990.

The Haiti Temple was just dedicated.

We must finish the symbolism.

1. Washing and Anointing:

First ordinance in temple. Someone blesses your body parts, including your loins. They tap your side, nothing too sketchy — other than the overall symbolism.
2. Endowment:

Only details necessary to grasp. In room of people covenants are made: Promise to follow God, consecrate everything if asked, be chaste, pray always, etc.

Hand shakes, tokens given. Penalties acted out in unison.

You slit your throat. Everyone performs gesture.
2. Endowment: Penalty enactment removed after 1990.

2nd enacted Penalty: Slit one's stomach from chest to waist. 👉🏽Disembowel gesture.

LDS founders were Masons. Similar to Masonic Secret Societies. All are sworn to secrecy — scared to death.😳

3. Pass through curtain/the veil to heaven, a room symbolizing celestial kingdom.

You just died and went to heaven.
Contemplate, take it in.
God reveals deeper truths to those with pure minds.
If you have the spirit, you'll understand.
If you suck, you'll probably be damned.
Once I figured out Molten Sea's purpose at Solomon's Temple, it all became clear. #KosherMeat

#HumanSacrifice for prosperity.

#AbrahamicCovenant — think about it.
Double meanings: one for you and me; one for them.

Kosher process:⤵️ #ThesePeopleRSick
☑️Slit throat
☑️Consecrated to God
☑️Die, pass thru veil
☑️Baptism, burial & rebirth


Solomon's Temple
Holy of Holies Batman!
WTF goes on in there?!
Only highest level invited in.

#Wellhellzbellz Just another pleasant thought from yours truly. Sorry. Not everyone needs to be awake—just enough to end death cult.

#VanderbiltPool Built for specific purpose & easy cleanup.

*Some kosher slaughterhouses better than others. They're working on it. Not our focus.
Mormons encouraged to do baptisms for the dead, starting at age 12. Not allowed in other areas of temple until adulthood.

They aren't baptizing for the dead. Dumbest fucking cover story ever.💩💩

Was Jesus really baptized? Why get baptized to follow yourself? Another day frens
Hope you enjoyed #FeralSeminary. kek

Yes, I know it was gross. Our oblivion has allowed them to continue. We can stomach it for good of humankind.

Never forget — Solomon worshiped Molech.


#wellhellzbellz #molech #temples #solomon #cannibalism
Damn! I have some savage threads. I forgot about this one 'til someone retweeted it. Ties right in to the subject.

#Vanderbilts #HumanSacrifice #wellhellzbellz #dgfffcf

#KosherMeat process & #temples ritual are identical!

Who knew!? 😱


#Wellhellzbellz #QanonLDS #MoltenSea #BloodOath
🚨 Note‼️

Church removed blood oath penalties in 1990: slit throat, disembowel gestures.

Mormons have NO IDEA what temple rituals really symbolize. Leaders at top lie.

Christians who drink blood, eat flesh — same.

Good time to look at all religious beliefs for deceit.

#QanonLDS related thread.

Awakened outsiders are only way to bring light to this darkness.

Know any Mormons? Yeah, nearly impossible to wake. Their faith in the Church is too strong.

They're building temples all over the world. Yikes!

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