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PRESUMPTION by @AishaYesufu

Good morning Sis,
Few people tweeted at me yesterday & today when they saw your thread #DontBeLikeBuhari & the continuous toga #Incompetent #Inept #Clueless
I have a little time to earn #BMC N30K now🤣
@AishaYesufu A few days ago, after waiting for 2 days & I noticed that you were not forthcoming to my request, I tried to put a few thoughts in my heart together, not to proof any point, it's just an avenue to raise our level of discussion concerning #ProjectNigeria👇

@AishaYesufu Responding to your thread will never mean that you are completely wrong & will never sweep under the carpet the reality of a few stuff you raised under the leadership of @MBuhari as @NGRPresident although, I think it could have been said in a more decent manner. We are different!
@AishaYesufu Let's agree 1st on TERMS:

#FACT is a thing that is known or proved to be true).

#FALLACY is a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound arguments.

#Presumption is an idea that is taken to be true on the basis of probability.

I checked GOOGLE to get d definitions🤣
@AishaYesufu The #Fact is that your concerns are real especially on the issue of SECURITY under #PMB & it's a fallacy of presumption for anyone in Nigeria to think the concerns are not genuine just because @AishaYesufu said so.
We're all victims of event if they go wrong.
I agree with you Sis
@AishaYesufu Just like you said, if there is one thing he was supposed to have been a roaring success on, it should be SECURITY.
By now, I was expecting @MBuhari to have changed the Military chiefs EXCEPT (Air force).
I was expecting a new strategies from new hands leading the Security. Agree
@AishaYesufu While we don't have the general perspective on why the Military service chiefs are still extending their services by @MBuhari I am also of the opinion that by now, we should be bidding them goodbye (except air force chief) for their service to the Nation. WE NEED FRESH IDEAS.
@AishaYesufu Having said that in total agreement with the #Fact you raised on security in Nigeria under #PMB, I think it is a #Fallacy to say things have gone worse since 2015.
Sister @AishaYesufu it is a #Presumption to that that, so let's check the #Facts but that doesn't mean we a good NOW
@AishaYesufu SECURITY issue is still one of the biggest threats to planet earth. As each Country is trying to resolve one, another security challenge is coming up & you can easily see that just played out in Saudi oil bombing a few days ago. USA killed Osama yet terrorism hasn't stopped. FACT
@AishaYesufu #FACT is still obvious, Boko Haram menace pre 2015 has been decimated.
We used to have Boko Haram threat in Abuja, in 2011 even @PoliceNG headquarter in Abuja felt the terror.
Abuja is safer since 2015, let's not downplay that despite other challenges.

@AishaYesufu Boko Haram menace hit UN building in Abuja in 2011, that was how terrible the situation was. Please don't play this down, that the seat of power was attacked repeatedly in the past showed that things were really bad.
Let's give credit a little...

@AishaYesufu Don't let us downplay the progress we have made concerning SECURITY while you tend to paint the President a failure, #Facts on ground will not agree with you.
We used to pray in Church every time pre-2015 because it was a weekly occurrence that Churches would be attacked then.
@AishaYesufu Things were so bad pre-2015 that even our loving Premier league had to be suspended. They resumed back in Boko Haram stronghold after Buhari decimated Boko Haram in Borno State.
Do we still have bucket of attack in the North?
Do we still have terrorist attack in the almighty USA?
@AishaYesufu Late Chief Bola Ige, the Attorney General of the Federation was shot dead in his bedroom in Bodija, Ibadan in December 23 when Obasanjo was the President, that's how terrible our SECURITY situation was in the past.
We hardly here such now despite our other security challenges.
@AishaYesufu Chief Aminasaoari Dikibo, PDP Deputy National Chairman was ambushed near Asaba in daylight and was murdered in October 22, 2004.
As in that was how terrible the past we were coming from was.
Has Buhari failed in some aspect of security? YES.
Are there successes? A LOT OF THEM.
@AishaYesufu Political assassination under the past Presidents in Nigeria and even Journalists were assassinated and till date, nobody could explain WHO killed them.
We haven't heard any politician or journalists assassinated since 2015, if you know any please tell me.
Security is better Ma.
@AishaYesufu If we are talking about kidnapping in Nigeria, we remembered Madam Okonjo Iweala's mother was kidnapped.
I remember Ozhekome was kidnapped in his own village.
I remember we couldn't travel from Abuja to PH again then except in the day with Luxurious buses escorted by 2 Officers.
@AishaYesufu The point I am making on the issue of SECURITY is that, while we have new security challenges to tag Buhari as a failure in that area, we should also ask how did Buhari's government achieve relative peace in the Niger Delta? Should we call him a failure that Tompolos are lost?
@AishaYesufu Without paying ransom to warlords & awarding pipeline security contracts to militants like Jonathan did as President, without begging Tompolo & Asari Dokubo, without giving them critical Naval supplies.
How did Buhari stop them? That's a SUCCESS STORY there.
@AishaYesufu Ehen, you know why I had to bring the issue MILITANTS up again?
It is because you raised issues of Katsina Governor & bandits.
When Y'aradua negotiated with Bandits called Niger Delta Militants, what did we call it pls?
When Wike negotiated in Rivers nko?
@AishaYesufu You see, when Y'aradua granted Amnesty program, Niger Deltans & many ANALYSTS applauded that "nonsense".
Could we have had another approach to decimating them? Emm, Buhari used another approach & till date, Tompolos are at large. Even Nnamdi Kanu can't dance for Python🤪👇
@AishaYesufu Wike was with Ateke Tom, a know militant leader, he was even crowned KING in the kingdom. He was applauded.

Katsina Governor was having security challenge in his State, finding a way to resolve it with bandits in his State, the next thing sister @AishaYesufu blame Buhari.
@AishaYesufu Here should be the consistency of thought: since you're bold enough to blame PMB for the responsibility of Katsina State Governor, you should also blame Buhari for Wike's coronation of Ateke a known militant.
Are you aware of killings going on in Rivers hotels? oya mention WIKE.
@AishaYesufu Governors were negotiating with OPC when they were operating in the South West.
Governors were negotiating with Militants in the Niger Delta.
Katsina Governor was negotiating with Bandits in his State to sort out security issues...GBAM, Buhari is a failure.
How una dey reason?
@AishaYesufu Here is the #Fallacy of #Presumption I'm still talking about as far as security is concerned.
Governors have no problem taking N500M as SECURITY vote. Apart from Kaduna Governor that has said it openly that he doesn't have such security vote, EVERY Governor has it but we blame FG
@AishaYesufu When Security issue happened in Kaduna, we blame the Governor..@elrufai
When Security issue happened in Lagos & "badoo boys" were terrifying everywhere in Ikorodu, kidnapping of Shool Children, who went after them primarily? Lagos Governor.
When it happened in Benue, blame FG🤣
@AishaYesufu Oyo Governor will collect SECURITY vote, then blame FG for his security failures.
Benue will collect, then blame FG.
Yari as Zamfara Gov was blaming FG for his USELESSNESS as Gov until this new PDP Gov got there & faced the security issue IN HIS STATE...
Buhari name must enter.
@AishaYesufu You mentioned IDU to Rigasa train and you also called Buhari a failure.
So, how else should we describe you calling the success story failure because of challenges in another aspect entirely?
Who did you see INSCRIBED to the success of Abuja-Kaduna rail pls? The same Buhari🤣🤣
@AishaYesufu The #CLUELESS and #INCOMPETENT Buhari used his being #INEPT to commission that Kaduna-Abuja rail.
That same Buhari has succeeded in the issue of rail transportation within 4 years than EVERYONE before him?
Oya, define FALLACY.

@AishaYesufu The success of Abuja Metro Station is one thing you will have to live with for ever because whenever you move closer, the name you will see is COMMISSIONED BY C-IN-C, President MOHAMMED Buhari🤣🤣🤣
The Incompetent one did it, deal with that.
@AishaYesufu Itakpe-Ajaokuta-Warri rail line is another SUCCESS STORY you will have to deal with FOR EVER...
You know whose name is INSCRIBED on that age long project after 30 years?
@AishaYesufu Lagos-Abeokuta section of Lagos-Ibadan rail is 86KM, STARTED in 2017 and COMPLETED in January 2019 by the CLUELESS PMB....
Which 50KM rail line did ANY PAST leader start and completed in 16 years?
Buhari started & finished that within 2 years.
It's being extended to Ibadan..
@AishaYesufu Arunma Oteh didn't mince word to describe what she saw Buhari doing concerning Lagos-Ibadan train within such a short time.
If Buhari will remain INCOMPETENT to do so for the next 4 years, please o, keep calling him that name because IT IS WORKING FOR OUR GOOD🕺🕺🕺🕺
@AishaYesufu Arunma Oteh gave us the break down of how INEPT, INCOMPETENT and CLUELESS Buhari operate his own style of redefining the English meaning of those terminologies...
Please Ma, if calling him that will make him do what others can't do in 16 years, CARRY GOOOOOOOO....
@AishaYesufu Should you want to know more about how CLUELESS Buhari is in BUILDING Nigeria, you can cosult @Official_NRC and challenge them on that.
You see, the fallacy of presumption is defined by your assertions.
@AishaYesufu If there is anything to call being CLUELESS and INCOMPETENT by Buhari, I think 2nd Niger Bridge project should be a case study of what differentiate an excellent administrator and a talkative.
The man you tag CLUELESS does not involve himself in noise making competition.
@AishaYesufu Zik Mausoleum Buhari built, that PDP failed to do in 16 years is a good way to define how CLUELESS this Buhari is.
As long as his INCOMPETENCE can be traced to verifiable projects, we are cool.

@AishaYesufu Here is what Uzo Kalu tweeted sometime ago to show how INCOMPETENT Buhari is in his region.
As long as this is what defines his being CLUELESS, my sister please don't stop your thread o....
@AishaYesufu Sometimes ago, @iamekweremadu cannot deny the INCOMPETENCE of Buhari again in his region and how Buhari did what was not done in 16 years despite being the Deputy Senate President, I simply corrected him & moved on. We are cool with such definition of CLUELLESS.
@AishaYesufu Wait sister @AishaYesufu I remember another story of being clueless by Buhari now.
You remember that we used to have Harvard graduate as our COORDINATING MINISTER of the ECONOMY in the past ehn? Within 3yrs, Kemi Adeosun removed more than 50K ghost workers COORDINATED in the past
@AishaYesufu Look at STRATEGIC off grid application of Solar Panels by @realREANigeria and tell me that INCOMPETENCE and CLUELESS have no new definition if Buhari is to be the yardstick.
Wait, you don't know such project can only come from a sound ADMINISTRATOR?🤣

@AishaYesufu Rural Electrification must have had more than enough TALK SHOW from ORATORS since 1999, UNTIL the CLUELESS, INCOMPETENT and INEPT Buhari came...
Now see how "boys" don't need English again to define what it means in reality...Buhari lo le seeeee

@AishaYesufu The 90KWp Solar Mini Grid, Designed to Serve Kare/Dadinkowa Communities is part of what is going on, since you are not aware of such, I think it's ok to show you what IT MEANS.
Guess what, your Buhari is the President who gets this done.
@AishaYesufu Are you aware that Federal Universities are being systematically setting up OFF GRID by Buhari led administration?
#EnergizingEducationProgramme through @realREANigeria & it's ONGOING.
If you still don't get, ask me, I will show you with my palasa phone
@AishaYesufu Bayero University just got their reliable power through the @realREANigeria under the leadership of one and only CLUELESS BUHARI.
You will do well, to show your followers such project as part of Buhari's failure. You won't die if you do. #TryIt
@AishaYesufu I want to let other stuff go for now, but let me just drop how CLUELESS & INCOMPETENT Buhari is concerning #PolicyDirection
What is a POLICY DIRECTION?: A plan of action adopted or pursued by an individual, government, party, business etc....Is Buhari CLUELESS like Mummy Oby?
@AishaYesufu You must have heard something called National Social Investment Programmes. That is a CLEAR CUT POLICY DIRECTION in combating poverty.
Have you heard of N-power program of this admin? That is a CLEAR CUT POLICY DIRECTION in combating poverty.
@npower_ng @Trader_Moni are still on.
@AishaYesufu Have you heard of NHGSFP - National Home-Grown School Feeding Program? That is a CLEAR CUT POLICY DIRECTION in combating poverty.
Have you heard about #TraderMoni? That is a CLEAR CUT POLICY DIRECTION in combating poverty.
Are there issues? YES, but it is IMPACTING LIVES +vely
@AishaYesufu Have you thought of #ConditionalCashTransfer of the FG? That's a clear cut POLICY DIRECTION towards reducing POVERTY.
Follow @HUPcct & see a lot happening & a lot can still happen IF we criticize logically.
That should define Buhari's INCOMPETENCE.

@AishaYesufu You need more info on the Social Investment Program, I will drop them here for your followers to critic it.
Are there issues? Oh yes. Is that a failure? Nooooooo

@AishaYesufu There were concerns and @AjuriNgelale asked about those issues.
If those issues were found out, please let's push it to the fore irrespective of who is affected.
Should that then mean everything is a failure? FALLACY OF PRESUMPTION.

@AishaYesufu We've never done any diversification even when we had opportunity to do so away from mono-economy of crude oil. Now I need not explain what Reserve of a Nation means, if you need that Madam Oby is closer to you, she can explain with more perfect ENGLISH.
@AishaYesufu As at 2010, Nigeria reserve (ECA+ FR) was around $67B, average oil sale between 2010 & 2015 (5yrs) was around $100 per barrel. As at May 2015, both ECA+FR was around $30B i.e it was DEPLETED as at the time we were selling avg of 2.2 million barrel per day. Things were bad.
@AishaYesufu What that simply meant was that not a DIME was added rather, it was DEPLETE. Question: what happened to the crude oil sold for 5 years of 2.2 million daily at an avg of $100 per barrel?
I can show you part of what happened. I call it #HowMuchIsEnough
@AishaYesufu What projects could we trace such DEPLETED reserves to in 5yrs & what projects could we trace #Unremmitted crude oil money to in 5Yrs before May 2015 that PMB took over? I will be happy to engage on this issue of ECONOMY here. Madam Oby can tell us the projects.
@AishaYesufu So if your Reserve as a Nation (or even as a family) was DEPLETED, and unfortunately crude sale went down to as low as $28 in 2015 what would you have used to settle your economy, can you build something on nothing?
How do you BUILD on what was never built? Make we dey reason am.
@AishaYesufu Debts all piled up to the tune of 7Trl by previous admin before Buhari came in, How could you escape recession when leaders were profligate with our resources? Should INEPT Buhari not clear the mess of the past? The money being used would have done greater things & you know.
@AishaYesufu I've got to do a few things now so let me round up my #BMC N30K thread🤪🤪🤪
The Security problem we are having is bad enough, but Media houses like @channelstv @ARISEtv etc & YOU keep going on with fallacy of presumption.
To what end?
@AishaYesufu After calling Tarraba, Benue ethnic clashes FULANI HERDSMEN attack for years, now that election is over, Jukun & TIV are facing reality in their region. Should Buhari be blamed for such MIS-INFORMATION by YOU PEOPLE?
@AishaYesufu When you LIE just to make a point on INSECURITY & the people of Katsina have to debunk your LIES, that is fallacy of presumption.
The situation is bad we know, stop adding your own narratives to sell your negative perspective.
@AishaYesufu In d final analysis, you're free to call Buhari any name.
Call him #Inept #Incompetent #Clueless, in fact call him BUTIKU like Mummy Oby, Wisdom will eventually be praised by her children.
The difference between noise & sound can only be told by d AUDIENCE.
Pls @threader_app and @threadreaderapp kindly compile.
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