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(1) F'kin Greta

I really don't waste my time with this idiotic story, but since she's BIG in the news again, here we go. Thread incoming.

#QAnon #ClimateHoax
(2) Plot twist: Of course there's much more to this little girl with Asperger than meets the eye. But what really makes me angry is, that she is only 16 years old. What [they] are doing to her is nothing less than child abuse.

#QAnon #Greta

(3) Her mother (Malena Ernman) got a book deal only 4 days after Gretas first public appearance. Thanks to Q we know, that this was some kind of slush funds for the family. Scam.

#Greta #ClimateHoax
(4) But how did Greta enter the public stage? Through Ingmar Rentzhog from @WeDontHaveTime0 on 20 Aug 2018. This was the very first photo of her. Look closely - tagged on it are Greta Thunberg, Jamie Margolin, Zero Hour & others.

#Greta #ClimateHoax
(5) From here on, Greta became more famous by the day, esp. in Germany & Europe. It's beyond believable what she already accomplished for her handlers. But I want to focus on Ingmar Rentzhog first. See him on the third pic.

#ClimateHoax #Greta
(6) Ingmar Rentzhog is the founder & CEO of "We don't Have Time", a social network for climate activities. He collected almost €1 million via crowdfunding back in 2018. Also involved in:

- Laika Consulting AB
- We Don't Have Time
- Global Challenge
- FundedbyMe

(7) Ingmar is a "Climate Reality leader", who was trained by Al Gore in Los Angeles. Nothing to see here.

#ClimateHoax #Greta
(8) In the meantime, Greta also got an audience with Al Gore. What an honor.

#ClimateHoax #Greta
(9) And guess what - Jamie Margolin too, of course. Leader of @ThisIsZeroHour in America.

(10) Do [they] really think we are THAT stupid?

#ClimateActionNow 😂
(11) Back in April 2018 Q asked

Did you forget?
Do you feel safe?

#QAnon #NoDeals
(12) Anyhow... don't think this topic will vanish as fast. The network of the #ClimateHoax scam is astonoshing. They are pushing it all over the world. Since at least mid 2018.

#ClimateHoax #QAnon
(13) And it will lead directly to AOC and the "Green New Deal", as one can easily connect the dots here. Read:


#ClimateHoax #QAnon
(14) Paris accord = scam (trillions)

#ClimateHoax #QAnon
(15) Funny thing though... [they] are using little girls for their Propganda. Just like we had it some years ago in Germany. And it works again for the many brainwashed sheeple. Sadly enough.

(16) Have time & wanna read some investigative research? Connecting Greta, Ingmar, Al Gore, WEF, WWF, AOC, The Green New Deal, et al?


Here you go: wrongkindofgreen.org/2019/01/17/the…
(18) I know that @GretaThunberg is just a little girl who wants "to do the right thing". And most probably she has a good soul. But her parents sold it to the devil. So have mercy, if possible.

The fight of Good vs Evil is real.

#FridaysForFuture #FFF
@GretaThunberg (19) Greta has millions of eyes on her, while openly wearing an Antifa shirt. This has nothing to do with activism, but brainwashing children. And THIS is what really drives me mad.

#Greta #Antifascist

(20) Did the 16-year old Greta decide to wear it or are their handlers (= parents) pushing socialism & domestic terrorism for the love of money? Imho they should be locked up immediately.

#Greta #Thunberg
(21) Btw - speaking of Thunbergs family: Did you know, that her great-grand-father, Svante Arrhenius, was a nobel-prize winnig scientist? Back in 1896 (!) he already talked about the Greenhouse Effect (= CO2 scam). Pure coincidence.

#QAnon #ClimateHoax

(22) So we have a little swedish girl with ties to Al Gore through Rentzhog. Connections to the same fraudulent movement in America. Very suspicious parents / family. And next I will introduce you to Luisa: she is the bridge from Greta to #FFF and prbly another handler?

(23) People from outside Europe won't get it. But this movement is freaking BIG already. So many brainwashed sheep, especially children, in Germany are protesting. And no one see's the devils scheme behind it:

#FFF = #666
(24) Can you imagine this? Hundreds of thousands in Germany aren't going to school & work today. All thanks to Luisa, Greta & the Propaganda Machinery installed over here. Fkin UNbelievable 🤐


(25) Nothing new under the sun, mh?

#FFF #FridaysForFuture
(26) Back to Luisa: Here you have your direct connection to Soros & other cabal leaders. As he, Bill Gates, Bono & many others are behind the "ONE Campaign", a political NGO. And you better believe, these people don't have our best in mind.

(27) Yes, you already guessed it.
(28) Ask yourself a simple Q: How can this little swedish girl meet world leaders around the globe within just one year? Pope Francis, UN Guterres, Macron, Schwarzenegger, Lagarde, Juncker, Obama & many more?

#OneBigClub #QAnon
(29) Q drop 133

Hard to swallow. Important to progress. Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’. Think slush funds. Think war. Think environmental pacts.


(30) It's a global power structure, which only wants to enrich itself. This is reality. You know it. They know it. I know it. And pretty much the whole world knows it.

(31) But together we will end this shit. One step at a time. Dismantling the Old Guard and waking up others. This is how we will win.


/the end.
Haha. Just like that @GrrrGraphics offers us another great Meme. Coincidence or hive-mind? 🐸

ThankQ for your great work, Sir.
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