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FULL TIMELINE: Giuliani & Trump's illegal activities in Ukraine span 2+ yrs. The Biden stuff is really only 1/10 of the quid-pro-quo, negotiated w/ Giuliani as back channel, starting May 2017.

I never finished my info-graphic 👇, so here I'll do a Rudy Retrospective: 5/17-5/19.
Full disclosure...I hate writing about Rudy anymore. But it's important for folks to know what has really been happening here *FOR A LONG TIME*. I have 🍺cracked & Bad Religion playing, so I may grow increasingly belligerent, idk 🤷‍♀️

The last article I wrote about Rudy & Ukraine actually picks up at the very, very beginning of the quid-pro-quo *as I have tracked evidence related to it*.

"Rudy, Ukraine, and the plot to fire Comey" -- 1/24/19

Feb 2017:

Giuliani became the Ukraine back channel after Sater/Cohen peace plan fell apart w/ Flynn's firing. Giuliani was supposed to get rich traveling the globe as Trump's "Cybersecurity Advisor", but bc of his TriGlobal connects, he ends up *the guy*.
Feb - May 2017:

By May, an arrangement was worked out by TGSV b/t Trump, Giuliani, Pavel Fuks, Kharkiv Mayor Kernes, FM Klimkin, Pres Poroshenko, FM Lavrov, and Pres Putin.

At first, the goal was just to re-establish secret peace plan negotiations.

May 3 2017: Comey admitted in testimony before congress that FBI had opened an investigation into Trump's Campaign & Rudy leaks.

May 9: Trump fired Comey to keep the plan on track. The back channel then became a way to pressure Ukraine re investigation.
~May 1-9: As Comey fired, Giuliani's team from Safety & Security (GSS) is actually IN KHARKIV kicking-off their "consulting contract" w/ the city.

May 9-10: Kislyak, Lavrov & UKRAINIAN FM KLIMKIN are in D.C. at the WH, as Giuliani meets w/ Tom Bossert.
May 11: People still don't pick up on this, but KLIMKIN WAS AT THE WH 5/10 TOO. He met w/ Pence & Trump gave him a photo op, positing this on twitter the next day 👇


This is where Artemenko's allegation of a $400K bribe from Poroshenko to Cohen came from.
May 2017:

Most of what I outlined above *would have been intercepted* by FBI & CIA just in the course of normal surveillance of foreigners (esp Ru/Uk traveling to US). This was part of what made Andy McCabe open an urgent counter-intel investigation!
June 2017:

Next they dealt in Poroshenko's guys. Giuliani flew to Kiev, met w/ Victor Pinchuk, Mayor Klitschko, & a bunch of gov't officials, incl Pres Poroshenko & Prosecutor Lutsenko (that's who they want to investigate Biden now.)

But back then...
My first article explained what was agreed to b/t Giuliani & Poroshenko's team in June 2017👇

"Rudy Giuliani met with Ukrainian President Poroshenko twice last year amid U.S.-Ukraine arms deal negotiations" -- 7/27/18

June 2017:

I've described these circumstances to death, but basically...

Poroshenko was FUCKED! But so were Trump & Putin if Ukraine didn't stop investigating Manafort & cooperating w/ Mueller.

A long-sought javelin missiles order hung in balance.
June 20:

Poroshenko gets the smallest of tokens from Trump, after months of cold shoulder. Trump agrees to briefly meet w/ him during his visit to the U.S.

Right after this, the investigation into Manafort is handed off to Lutsenko to "languish".
July 8: G20 -- the 1st time Trump & Putin meet. The culmination of 2 mo of negotiating b/t teams in NYC, Kharkiv, Kiev, & Moscow.

It became the model of how this backchannel operated. Giuliani out in front, w/ Trump & Putin's meetings formalizing "deals".
July 9 2017: The day after Trump returns from his 1st meeting w/ Putin, he announces a "joint cyber task force" w/ Russia.

This is where I believe the *PROMISE* for a "grand bargain" was first made, which I've documented exhaustively.

Many events cascade from here.
Jul- Nov 2017: Tillerson closes the State Dept for Cyber Issues, Rudy's team travels back to Kharkiv for a 2nd meeting, and Trump begins "stalling" Ukraine's javelin missile deal already approved by congress.

🚨Nov 2017: Trump begrudgingly agrees to present the admin's arms package to Ukraine. But guess who shows up to Ukraine for a formal state visit w/ Poroshenko just one week ahead of time?

Yes, 🧛‍♂️. And for good measure, a few "real estate" pals. 😉
Dennis Berman is the father of this guy from TGSV 👇 h/t @ThomasS4217

The parties “discussed ways to overcome Russian aggression & the course of reforms in Ukraine” and “noted special importance of Ukraine-USA cooperation in cyber security sphere.” 🧐🧐
@ThomasS4217 Nov 20 2017: 😂😂

Giuliani arrives first in Kharkiv on the PRIVATE JET OF ALEXANDER ROVT to meet w/ Kernes h/t @MacFinn44

Who btw, at the time, is under investigation by Mueller for a post-campaign loan of ~$3.4M from his investment company!
@ThomasS4217 @MacFinn44 🚨🚨FARA ALERT🚨🚨

Nov 21 2017: Giuliani officially becomes an unregistered foreign agent *at the very least* on this trip to Kharkiv. Why?


A promise, guys.
@ThomasS4217 @MacFinn44 Nov 2017 - Mar 2018:

Giuliani returns to US, Poroshenko ends Manafort investigation, Ukraine intel stops cooperating, a delegation from Kharkiv arrives in NYC.


@ThomasS4217 @MacFinn44 Mar 28 2018: Kharkiv delegation dovetailed w/ a trip Giuliani took 2 days later w/ 2 unknown men to N Hampshire. This is where "big-boobed" (per Page Six) Dr. Maria Ryan pops in. Giuliani helps her hospital move 20M medical records to AthenaHealth Cloud.
@ThomasS4217 @MacFinn44 April 2018: NYT & others reported that Ukraine DROPPED MANAFORT INVESTIGATION & STOPPED COOPERATING W/ MUELLER!

Where do you think they got the idea from? This was the outcome of Giuliani's backchannel negotiations in May, July, Nov 2017 & Mar 2018!

@ThomasS4217 @MacFinn44 I mean, there were several of these reports re Ukraine quid-pro-quo in 2018, they just didn't call it what it looked like👇. It was obvious, it's just that no one was paying attention to Giuliani at the time.
@ThomasS4217 @MacFinn44 Round II tmrw, but I'll stress it.

*The MSM wants to keep this confined to Biden.*

They know everything in this thread 👇. They are going to continue providing cover for Giuliani bc he is their #1 anon source & he has compromised them.

@ThomasS4217 @MacFinn44 ROUND II:

Let's recap what we've covered so far.

Jan 2017: Giuliani named Trump's "informal" Cybersecurity Advisor
Feb 2017: Peace plan falls through, Giuliani & TGSV step in to set up a new back channel
~May 1 2017: Giuliani's team from GSS travels to Kharkiv for kick-off
May 3 2017: Comey reveals FBI investigating Trump/Rudy
May 9: James Comey fired
May 9: Giuliani, Lavrov, Kislyak, Klimkin arrive DC
May 9: GSS announces Kharkiv on website
May 10: All of the above visit WH
May 11: Trump posts "Let's Make Peace"
May 11: Bossert announces cyber EO
May 2017: Bribe rumors swirl in Ukraine
June 2017: Giuiani travels to Kiev, meets w/ oligarchs & gov't incl Poroshenko
July 2017: Trump meets Putin at G20
July 9: Trump announces "Joint Cyber Task Force" w/ Ru
July 19: Tillerson shutters Cyber Office
July 19: GSS back in Kharkiv
June/July 2017: Poroshenko visits WH, moves Manafort investigation to Lutsenko to "languish"
July: Ru Cyber Envoy Andrey Krutskikh tells media "joint task force" talks still under way but don't include "senior officials"
July-Nov: Trump stalls Ukraine's Javelin missile deal
Nov 2017: Trump approves arms package presentation
Nov 20: Giuliani goes to Kharkiv, meets w/ Kernes
Nov 20: Giuliani PROMISES KHARKIV a US support office
Nov 22: Giuliani meets Poroshenko in Kiev to discuss “Russian aggression” & "cyber cooperation"
Nov/Dec 2017: Poroshenko cancels meetings w/ CIA & Mueller
Dec 2017: Trump approves $41.5M sniper system, javelins still on table
Mar 2018: Kharkiv delegation travels to US for 👏private tours of NY/NJ DEPT EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT👏
Apr 2018: Poroshenko confirms missiles received
Everyone have all that? Don't miss the part where TGSV publicizes:

"A separate topic in the meeting was devoted to discussing software development issues related to the United States Centers for Emergency Response."

Now let's follow Rudy on his Summer 2018 world tour. 👍 💃
March 2018:

Remember I said 👆 that days after Kharkiv delegation, Rudy traveled to a small rural hospital in NH to move 20M medical records to AthenaHealth Cloud?

Dr. Maria Ryan (an Iran nut) & her daughter then accompanied Giuliani on his world tour.
April 2018: Giuliani's wife would soon file for divorce alleging an affair b/t Giuliani and Dr. Maria Ryan.

June 2018: Giuliani travels to Israel, Scotland, and France w/ Ryan.

It wasn't an affair - they were working together. I wrote about it here 👇
June 6 2018:

By now, Rudy's been paid by Kharkiv/Kiev since May/June 2017, negotiated an ARMS-FOR-SILENCE quid-pro-quo for Trump, gotten Kharkiv access to NY/NJ Emergency Mangmt, & participated in a medical data transfer in NH.

Time to party.🥳
Jun 7 2018: Rudy (w/ 🍸 hangover) visits Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem.

I've detailed in threads/articles the relationship b/t Hadassah, Israeli gov't, Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow & Victor Vekselberg.

Hard to pick just one!
Since I'm mentioning Vekselberg, I'll make clear other oligarchs involved:
1. Victor Pinchuk: Rudy gave talk w/ him in Jun 2017
2. Alexander Rovt: Flew him on private jet Nov 2017
3. Pavel Fuks Revealed to be funding Kharkiv contract

+ Mayors Kernes (Kharkiv) & Klitschko (Kiev)
Back to Rudy's summer 2018 world tour.

Early June: Israel to tour an Israeli & Ru gov't linked hospital
Mid June: Aberdeenshire, Scotland to golf at Trump's International Links
Late June: Paris to attend an MEK conference in Paris & and then a trip to Normandy.
July-Nov 2018:

What was Rudy up to w/ his intn'l cybersecurity "advising"?

Based on my tracking of developments in U.S. cyber policy & info warfare tactics used in 2018 midterms, I believe he was setting-up the infrastructure & targeting.

To understand this, recall the following:

July 2018: A delegation from Israel, Saudi, and Qatar arrives in Helsinki ahead of Trump/Putin Summit, hoping to land a "GRAND BARGAIN"
July 2018: Trump & Putin meet, Trump commits treason on the world stage
Also in July 2018:

July 4: U.S. Senators travel to Moscow to meet w/ Ru Govt
Jul 6/7: Giuliani lunches w/ Trump in NJ
Jul 10: Trump announces Kavanaugh, w/ Giuliani in attendance

And there's this w/ our buddy Rosenstein, who announces Ru hacking charges just a few days later👇
And there was also THIS👇, after Trump/Putin treason summit.

July 17 2018: the Ru Embassy tweets that they are ready for "practical implementation of agreements in the area of global security reached in Helsinki."

Oct 2018:
That's all I say re my research & TL for Giuliani's 2018 midterms cyber offensive bc I don't want to overload an already crazy TL...

Let's go to Armenia.

So, remember I said the back channel "process" was Giuliani would "pre-negotiate" then Trump/Putin would "agree"?
🚨Oct-Nov 2018:

At this point, something bigger is going on w/ Trump's back channels then just Rudy's illegal arms negotiations & cyberwar hijinx.

And it involved energy.

Here you'll find Advisor John Bolton & Secretary Rick Perry enter the story line.
Broadly, Bolton & Giuliani's activities:

Oct 22: Giuliani in Armenia for cyber conference attended by Ru Officials, meets w/ Armenian Defense Minister & others
Oct 22: Bolton goes to Moscow to discuss nuclear missiles
Oct 24: Bolton goes to Armenia
🚨🚨Nov 2018:

After Helsinki in July, Trump & Putin announced plans to hold further talks in Paris in Nov, during France's celebration of the 100th Anniversary of WWI armistice.

They secretly did, & it's what I've been calling "TREASONFEST" ever since.
Before I detail the events of TREASONFEST, I want to explain how the public never found out.

Nov 9: WH press pool travels w/ Trump to Paris
Nov 10: Trump cancels his schedule bc "rain" & stays at hotel
Nov 10: Press pool launders that lie, asks no Q's
ED NOTE & INTERMISSION: I know this thread is long as sh*t, but it's 2 FULL YEARS of secret back-channeling I've documented! It's a lot to take in.

🙏Thanks to everyone who's sticking w/ it to understand the full scope of the whistleblower's potential allegations.


As shitty as crooked arms dealing & cyber warfare is, it's prob not the intelligence matter that would create this level of concern. But when you're talking about giving away nuclear secrets...that's different.
I call the Nov 2018 Paris trip Treason-FEST because 30+ GOP congressman also traveled there that weekend, paid for by dark money group @RiponSociety. W/ over a dozen lobbyists & foreign agents on the board, this constitutes an FEC violation. But hey 🤷‍♀️
@RiponSociety Nov 9-11 2018:

Also traveling to Paris for that weekend's events were:
1. Jeffrey Epstein
2. Tom Barrack

Epstein's plane even flew over to Slovakia just days earlier for a quick "run".
H/T @MacFinn44
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 Nov 8-11 2018:

As Putin, Trump, 30+ GOP, Epstein, Barrack, maybe some Slovakians & who knows else was in Paris, Rick Perry was in Poland & then...you guessed it. Ukraine. His visit caused quite the controversy. 👀
h/t @arapaho415 and @itssuzann
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann For context, what's Rudy up to? Back in the states, STOP THE STEAL is raging in FL, *WILD FIRES* ARE RAGING IN CA, & a bunch of alt-right Twitter accounts had gone dark, including Giuliani...idk where he was.

This is also when McConnell & Murdoch meet.
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann PARIS
Nov 10 2018:

30 GOP congress members are in Paris attending a "foreign exchange" program sponsored by @RiponSociety & @FranklinCenter. On the AM agenda was a panel discussion about "NUCLEAR POWER" w/ a French co doing Uranium biz w/ Russia.
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter PARIS
Nov 10, 2018:

Meanwhile, across town Trump hunkered down in his hotel, "hiding from the rain" & "brooding" over his midterm loss.


Deals where getting done, he spent the day on the phone w/ UNNAMED world leaders. 🤷‍♀️

(I was pissed! 👇)
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter Nov 10: Trump/Putin attend a dinner
Nov 11: Trump/Putin attend memorial & lunch
Nov 11: Trump departs early, it "leaks" Nielsen fired
Nov 12: Paris Call signed by 50 democracies
Nov 12: Ukraine uranium tax law change
Nov 14: Senate stalls sanctions
Nov 15: Trump signs @CISAgov
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov Nov 13 2018:

Ukrainian politicians are caught on hot mic discussing "paying the rent" to the U.S. by passing new tax breaks for uranium enrichment. While in Ukraine, Perry met w/ mining companies he may be in biz w/...

@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov Nov 14 2018:

Citing "little evidence of broad Russian effort to disrupt midterms", Senate opted to essentially "run out the clock" on imposing the next round of sanctions.

No one paid attention because everyone was talking about Neilsen being "fired".
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov 🚨Dec 2018:

Who made the decision to run out the clock? Mitch McConnell.

Then began the "charm offensive". Over the course of December, Oleg Deripaska successfully negotiated a deal w/ U.S. Treasury to end the sanctions against aluminum company Rusal.
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov Dec 2018 - Feb 2018:
W/ gov't shutdown, Whittaker in charge, Mattis resigned and Barr being rammed through, Giuliani got back to the business of being Trump's paid on-air clown "TV lawyer" (aka MSM #1 anon source for Mueller scoops).

A lot of 🍸lunches...
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov (That👆should be Feb 2019).

Jan 25 2019: News of a "$115M nuclear contract draws scrutiny on Perry." Centrus would reportedly buy it's uranium from Russian state-owned firm TENEX.

Now, remember that French energy co at that Ripon meeting in Paris?
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov Electricite de France SA happens to also be one of just 10 customer that Tenex has. Oh, btw Tenex is owned by ROSATOM...

That's the uranium company Flynn was trying to help build Power Plants in Saudi Arabia while he was NSA.

@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov Skipping ahead for a sec, remember back in July when @ninaandtito✌️kept tweeting #readthecummingsreport?

I read it - trying to find any connects b/t the Perry deal and/or Paris meeting...i didn't, but I don't know the nuclear topic well. Anything there?
@RiponSociety @MacFinn44 @arapaho415 @itssuzann @FranklinCenter @CISAgov @ninaandtito Round 4 tmrw to finish off w/Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman. Honestly, by Mar 2019 I was so sick of Rudy I want to focus on other things. But @mrspanstreppon & @DerWouter have done killer work tracking that!! Not sure the best to drop but I'll dig more later! ✌️
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