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1. We should not be focusing on #ClimateChange. We should focus on #environmentalconservation. Leftists may not agree there’s a difference but there is. EC is focused on caring for the environment and making improvements conservatively over time. Climate change initiatives? No.
2. Where climate change apologists go wrong is in many factors. For starters, targeting the cattle industry because of flatulence is absurd. If nature didn’t have a way for handling these emissions then animals and humans wouldn’t have evolved the way they have.
3. To say that we need to modify our diets like @AndrewYang clarified to deter the cattle industry only hurts the agricultural economy which America depends upon for 100% of its food. Damaging that sector is tantamount to suicide by leftist ideology.
4. Another way CC apologists err is simple application of initiatives. There’s no way any of us disagree that the environment shouldn’t be taken care of but rolling out initiatives slowly and over long periods of time is key to preventing large deficits.
5. Alternative energy cannot be implemented in 10 years and fully replace the power grid. To do so would be a massive undertaking that requires money that, simply put, we just don’t have. Such initiatives need research and a conservative application over time.
6. In order to prevent inflation of our national deficit and costs of goods inflating in response EC measures need to be implemented in small stages. I’d say 50 stages. One for each state. Once a state has fully implemented EC measures the next state on the list starts.
7. Also, EC differs from CC in many ways. EC focuses on the most important aspects of pollution in the environment. Leftist CC has no real focus just @AOC making alarmist statements with absolutely no evidence to support them like humanity’s extinction in 12 years.
8. Forget the fact that her statements have absolutely no evidence. What’s alarming is that people actually believe that nonsense. We should, instead, ignore her and focus on conservative application of useful initiatives to benefit our environment.
9. I know it’s an old concept but recycling is the foremost thing we can do to benefit our environment. In an initiative that is implemented in 50 stages mass recycling complexes should be erected where refuse is taken to dumps and from dumps to the centers.
10. This initiative not only eventually cleans out dumps but it also bolsters the economy by creating a large amount of raw product to be used in the creation of marketable goods. We could even stockpile raw product for international trade.
11. In order to decrease emissions of these centers, the exhaust of the factory is run through several stages of air purification before it is expelled into the environment. Natural gas is used to power any process requiring heat as it burns clean and would be easier to purify.
12. The complexes themselves would have dedicated solar farms with dedicated battery fields to store energy required to operate these factories almost 100% independent of the power grid.
13. The recycling initiative, after it’s been rolled out one state at a time, will have increased productivity, bolstered our gdp, create jobs in the factories and in freight, and stimulate the economy through tipping the scales of supply and demand causing deflation in cost.
14. Also, each district in every state will have enough complexes to handle not only current refuse requirements but still produce at a high enough capacity to empty out our landfills and dumps so the environment can, in due time, be cleaned up.
15. Another initiative in EC is the application of a solar power grid. If anything to supplement what we currently have. Again this needs a 50 stage conservative application to prevent costs from overrunning and inflation.
16. Every district of the states are evaluated for total Kw/hr usage during periods of time where energy consumption is at its highest. Creating solar/battery farms should equal the energy usage of that district in creation of energy if not at a little surplus.
17. Creating this energy supplementation grid will decrease the overall stress on the current power grid, decreasing operative cost, and ultimately the cost to deliver energy to the consumer. Not only that it will decrease emissions from power factories as a side effect.
18. The way these emissions are reduced is because the factories themselves no longer need to work as hard to create energy. However their emissions should also be addressed in the same manner the recycling complex emissions were by air purification before expulsion.
19. Again, because this needs to be VERY CLEAR, this needs to happen ONE STATE AT A TIME. DISTRICT BY DISTRICT EVEN. In this manner any federal subsidies in support of the initiatives aren’t overwhelmed and our economy has time to support the roll out of these initiatives.
20. I have other ideas but the point here is that we can’t do this all at once and we shouldn’t focus on useless measures that do nothing for our environment. Focus on what can be done like the above and go from there.
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