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So many people will never know what its like to be pain free or worry free because of the status of their health.
I wanna talk about why it means so much to me that @BernieSanders has fought so hard for me and you to have what we need to be healthy.
Ive never had anyone truly fight for me for anything.
I know a lot of people that have health issues. From their teeth to arthritis to a heart condition.
They dont deserve to live like that simply because theyre poor. Theyre people
When I found Bernie, healthcare didnt matter to me. None of the issues he was fighting for did. I had never voted and wasnt super interested in politics. Things stayed that way for a while. Young and having fun you know?
Then it happened
He announced he was running for President & my heart jumped for joy. Here is this man, doesnt know me at all but he wants me to be ok, better than ok. He wants me to thrive.
I was so excited. I did everything I could. I registered to vote. I campaigned. I phone & text banked.
I just knew he was gonna make it. Then the primaries happened. Things weren't going how we thought they would. Alright how can we salvage this? What can we do or say that will make people understand? Nothing worked. Money was too strong. Power was too big.
Once again the forgotten were forgotten. Abandoned. Told it doesnt matter and to sit down and shut up because we're acting like children.
We didn't.
Why should we? We as Americans have the right to express our disgust and disdain with the problems we see.
During the time between 2016 and now i've learned so much about Bernie and his ideas. His compassion and integrity are unmatched by anyone ive seen in Washington.

My health, mental and physical, has been declining a lot over the past year and a half.
I started drinking more to deal with the depression of my Mom passing. Then it became a substitute for food. I would eat one small meal at night then get drunk then sleep as much as I could so I didnt have to think about being broke and sad.
A bottle of cheap vodka is cheaper than groceries. As a result of not eating properly because I had no money my physical health started to decline. I noticed that I was losing weight and getting sicker more often. I had the flu for the first time in my life this year.
I have a stomach issue that comes and goes. Marijuana helps it but I cant afford to buy it and even if it could it isnt legal where I live.
My teeth ive noticed have started getting worse. Another side effect of inadequate dental care and lack of nutritious food.
Some would say well get a job. I have a job the problem is I work commission. I dont get paid hourly. I may not make anything for 3 days straight. I have a very hard time working with the public now. I used to and I liked it but since my Mom passed its gotten worse.
My anxiety becomes too much, I get nervous & have panic attacks. I have ADHD & as a result I'm unable to focus for long periods of time. My anxiety is made worse by my depression & financial situation. To look at me you'd never know anything was wrong. Mentally or physically
All this to say only those that are suffering in these ways know the relief that comes from having someone like Bernie stand up for you. For your right to live. For your right to not go bankrupt because of medical bills. Your right to be healthy.
They say we're a cult. We're bros. We're sexist, racist.
We aren't. We're hurting. Personally. Daily. Every minute. Every second.
Not because of Donald Trump but because we've been left behind.
Our lives dont matter because we cant afford to pay to live.
Bernie gets that. He gets that insurance companies are killing Americans more than guns, more than terrorism.
He wont compromise on his promise to us. I respect and admire him for that. I love him because he cares about me when he doesnt have to.
He could easily say, well I've made enough money. I have great healthcare and will be able to retire and live comfortably.
He isnt doing that. He is still fighting Every day for us as he has been for decades.
Some take issue with his record. To those people i say, come talk to me. I wont be mean if you arent. Keep an open mind and listen. Ask questions but expect the truth even if you dont want to hear it. I'll never lie about Bernies record.
We are extreme. We have reasons to be. We are defensive. We've been conditioned to be that way. When you're constantly fighting how can you not be? You may not like our attitudes toward politics but remember we're people and we all have reasons for doing what we do.
I could talk about corruption in the DNC but thats not what this is about. This is about my understanding of what I need and want for this country. Would you accept a half measure for your child? For your parents? For your partner?
You don't know me but I have a family. Loved ones that care about me and need me to be around for a while. What should i tell them if they ask why I'm so sick or why I cant get out of bed? Should I say well baby it just wasnt time for me to have healthcare?
Should i say because defeating Donald Trump was more important than me living or being healthy? Should I sit down and explain that I might not be able to take care of them or be there because im sick? What if I died? Who would care take of them?
These are the things that Bernie supporters think about. These are the reasons we fight so hard for HIS #MedicareForAll bill. There is no room for middle ground. Theres no room to skirt around the issue. The insurance industry is for profit for a reason.
I know this is a long thread but I wanna say one more thing directly to Bernie, @ninaturner, @WaywardWinifred and everyone else fighting for M4A
Thank you so much for your dedication to us. To our health. To our peace of mind. There will never be words for me to describe
how much it means to me. I appreciate you and I'm thankful for you. You'll never fully know the inspiration you bring. The hope that you inspire. I hope we win. I think we can but even if we don't it doesnt change the impact y'all have made not only on politics
But on also on the lives of millions of people. We will forever be grateful to you and I can only speak for myself but i will always fight beside you until every person has healthcare, peace of mind, and stability.


I meant to tag more people but felt weird doing it.
Oh well I'm a weirdo sooo...

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