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Jeffrey Epstein was immersed in science + sex.

Is it possible Epstein was involved in a secret gov program re: Artificial Intelligence, robots + sex dolls?

This is Xiaolce who looks like a 16-year old girl.

"Sex dolls (male and female) won’t mind if their owners hit them, for example, if that gives them pleasure. No one will go to court for that kind of abuse. If the user prefers, they can get a sex doll that looks like a child instead of an adult."
Who made Xiaolce the doll that looks like a 16-year old girl? Bill Gates.

Weren't we all wondering about the Bill Gates connection to Jeffrey Epstein? The Artificial Intelligence connection would answer that question, I believe.
Many of the top names of the scientific IA community were part of Epstein's circle:

Marvin Minsky (who is said to have had sex w/Giuffre), Stephen Hawkins, Martin Nowak, the many scientists at MIT and Harvard. I want to introduce you to some work by Martin Nowak dated 1999.
Martin Nowak is known for his work in his book "Evolutionary Dynamics" and if one studies each of the chapters there is one in particular that stands out. It is called “The Continuous Prisoner’s Delimma” by Lindi M. Wahl and Martin A. Nowak,1999, Harvard
In 'The Continuous Prisoner's Delimma' Nowak studies how cooperation can be attained via a strategy. The strategy involves an opponent. It studies the evolutionary outcome when a wide range of strategies play against each other.

When you compare this to Epstein's behavior...
when Epstein "tests" the willingness of his child victims such as in some cases he begins to masterbate, in other cases he tries to touch the girl, he changes up the strategy and "rewards" his victims with money. In some cases, like the study, the "opponent" leaves but the...
majority "stay" becoming "Perpetual Prisoners".

Epstein shows no feelings either to or for his victims. His behavior is itself calculated and consistent.

When researchers study AI they use behavior in humans to help them build a successful robot. Epstein appears to have had..
the perfect human laboratory.

Which is very disturbing on many levels, but this appears to make a lot of sense.

If he was an "intelligence asset" like Alex Acosta said when he was pressed for an answer as to why Epstein got a slap on the wrist; and when we recall that Epstein
was not abiding by the work release rules, got a "work release" program, and was even having sex with young girls at his Palm Beach mansion while he was supposed to be in jail.... THIS IS NOT as we all know normal.

However, if he is a top secret asset then...
the Artificial Intelligence angle could explain why the leniency, it could explain almost every part of this atrocity against girls and women.

AI is a tool that is being used not just for sex but for WAR.
In fact, MIT, the university that has been in MSM the most regarding it's faculty and staff as people who knew that Epstein was trafficking underage girls is spending $1 BILLION on AI
Jeffrey Epstein is said to have funded a robot named SOPHIA. It's use was supposedly as companions for the elderly.

There has been a lot of controversy over Epstein's funding of Sophia with the company who made the IA vehemently denying Epstein had anything to do with her. However, everyone is denying + pushing themselves away from the Epstein child trafficking case. Leslie Wexner, Leon Black
among them. Here is a wiki page on Sophia.

This theory does not deplete the very real possibility that Epstein used the children as "weapons" in the sense that he very likely did engage in blackmail.

One of the things he drilled into his trafficked victims when he "lent" them to his "friends" was to ...
gather information and tell him the details.

Imagine the limitless use of an AI sex doll? Aside from the obvious legal limitations, physical limitations, a sex doll could be a collector of secrets.

Secrets are what Epstein collected with the trafficked girl.
It was only in July that Harvard deleted information on its website regarding a dinner at Harvard’s “Evolutionary Dynamics” program where Epstein, Reid Hoffmanl Joi Ito and Martin Nowak were to attend.
Post WWII the US brought back from Germany 44 scientists. Labeled them "prisoners of peace" and hid their horrific crimes against humanity. These scientists helped the US w/ everything from infectious diseases (as a war weapon) to the Apollo space flights. smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/why…
In trying to wrap our minds around the Jeffrey Epstein "machine" and its purpose we need to remember the past and what our country has done in the name of "peace".

What we all seem to agree on is the Epstein worked for someone/some government(s) and was protected.
The Artificial Intelligence role would explain his initial lenient sentence, his apparently illegal NPA; it explains why he had to be "suicided"; it explains why his accomplices have received immunity, and frankly it explains why his co-conspirators may never be prosecuted.
In 2016 people questioned why Jeffrey Epstein flew to Saudi Arabia. Epstein is said to have had close ties with Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz (MBS) who was at the time Minister of Defense.
In 2017, Sophia, the AI Jeffrey Epstein was said to have invested in, "spoke" in Saudi Arabia to raise money. Saudi Arabia at the conference made Sophia the first AI citizen of Saudi Arabia.

In 2011 Epstein was part of a dinner party held by TED Conference in Long Beach, California. It was less than 2 years after he was released from jail. At the dinner were Artificial Intelligence leaders: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin + Marissa Meyer.
Marissa Meyer is the author of The Lunar Chronicles with a twist on classic fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White, etc but which take place in a futuristic world inhabited by Artificial Intelligence creatures like cyborgs and androids. #Epstein #AI

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