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THREAD! *open letter*
To the critics, those who question, those who want more information, those that want to help Mr. #JulianAssange & the #transparency movement.

I have seen your questions, DMs and blog posts & since I know criticism is hard to take I will address some issues.
This thread will contain criticism of both my friends and the ones running the operation to save Mr. Assanges life. In both cases it is constructive criticism. Not because I'm so smart, but because I've been around more blocks than you know. Why? Because I dont advertise my work.
First a few direct experience based undeniable truths
- Courage Foundation know they shit
- Wikileaks have weathered more storms than you have seen
- Not all anomalies are born from ineptitude
- We all love transparency but even WL need to keep cards close 2 their vest (cont.)
- Money donated to WL through @couragefound are professionally handled by experts and regular audits occur
- An esteemed "board of trustees" guarantee tht fact. Do they make mistakes? Of course!
- There exists a solid legal strategy based on precedence and experience (!)
Questions I Hear 1: "Lack of up to date information." a)

Half of the reason for this is because calling the coach of your competitor to tell him of your whole line up and strategy is the best way to loose the Champions League Final or The Superbowl.
Questions I Hear 1: "Lack of up to date information." b)

The other half of it is simply because a few good women and men are fighting the biggest baddest army of asshats the world has ever seen. Their wallets are deep and they can stoop so low that... call Guinness Book of...
Questions I Hear 1: "Lack of up to date information." c)

That takes care why you dont hear much about legal strategy. What about PR and campaigns? Since Colvin left there is lack of skills and no time - in that dept. Additionally some time in the past it was decided (cont.)
(cont.) that anyone is welcome to organize campaigns. "Crowd source it anarchistisch!" - I muse that they might have thought back then. Since then a lot of weird shit has gone down and back fired horribly. Furthermore they have had bad experiences with "PR guys" (cont.)
(cont.) that actually have a close friend frmrly in US Intelligence. I think that at this point in time changing the strategy and paying good money for organizing PR towards wholly unperceptive corporate media would be a waste of good money needed for all the legal work.
Questions I Hear 2: "The legal team did not apply for bail."
Of course they did not. It was a technical hearing, not a bail hearing. Bail would have been applied for at the proper time. Now, feel lucky that we learnt from Day 1 that the extradit. judge is a corrupt crook too.
Questions I Hear 3: "No word from Assange." a)
There are several reasons, main of which is that they have isolated him almost completely. The second is that Mr. Assange is sick. What legal or support team would advise their client to talk while reduced? Non! Sound strategy
Questions I Hear 3: "No word from Assange." b)
What expert have you ever heard advise that a client indited for everything under the sun to chit chat publicly when every word he says can be used by the governments trying to break him? Dont be silly now.
Questions I Hear 3: "No word from Assange." c)
We have heard from Assange from his replies to people around the world. Some of it very good and some maybe a danger to future tactics and attacks from the UK/US gov and their trained spies and narrative spinners.
Questions I Hear 3: "No word from Assange." d)
The 1st that happened was that we heard from Assange. Through videos and photos taken by another "prisoner". Anyone with a smidgen of experience will tell you that he was likely the target of a CIA direct action with an A++ result.
Questions I Hear 3: "No word from Assange." e)
Mr. Assange is now isolated between 22 and 23 hours per day. He interacts with almost no one, has no computer, news, legal databases or contact with US lawyers. When he every now and then is let speak to someone, it should lawyers...
Questions I Hear 3: "No word from Assange." f)
... family and friends. He has little time and a lot to do. So does his reps. I for one do not expect them to inform me, I would be horrified if they spent more than 15 minutes talking to me. A waste of time given the task they face.
Questions I Hear 4: "Why attack us for questions?" a)
Supporters question things. Thats good, they are a resource and an extension of the hive mind that will save Mr. Assange in the end. It would seem some ardent supporters, especially those connected to a particular (cont..)
(cont..) and successful campaign, have adopted an aggressive stands against any critic. Feds dressing up as trolls, right wingers or feminists, (oh yes they are here in full force), government lovers, real trolls and asshats plus the worst: the butthurt - a fracking pain! (cont.)
(cont.) but treating supporters with concerns just like the aforementioned is hurting the support for Mr. Assange. You are hurting "your Julian!"

Take a chill pill & help them get answers, and then go right back to defending Mr. Assange. Please?
Questions I Hear 4: "Why attack us for questions?" b)
Another reason why I beg you to chill and not harass: A crowd of a few dozen supporters with no previous experience dealing with state actors, sub contractors and their former CIA master minds - is sooooo easy to (cont.)
(cont.) manipulate. It would take me less than two days to initiate a fracturing and dividing a movement acting like WL supporters over the last year. And Im not a CIA agent with $180 m USD in my budget and at least 250 colleagues from 6 different agencies.
Questions I Hear 5: "Why doesnt @couragefound answer?" a)

There are literally dozens of reasons why. Main one being manpower and the staggering workload that they have. They have budget constraints too. Besides, should they stay on Twitter all day or serve their beneficiaries.
Questions I Hear 5: "Why doesnt @couragefound answer?" b)

It does not mean they are hiding something, it only means that they are either focused and/or overworked. Supporting them should be our main concern, IMHO and very personal opinion.
Questions I Hear 5: "Why doesnt @couragefound answer?" c)

When they are able to it they will probably update their website descriptions about donations, because they like you, will want to ooze trust to increase donations. IMHO, you can expect to happen in a short few weeks.
Questions I Hear 5: "Why doesnt @couragefound answer?" d)

If and when they find the time they should send out newsletters to supporters signing up. Unless they already do. (I get all the press releases and it helps a lot but treating your donors as clients is a thought too, no?)
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