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taekook au;

Taehyung is the most popular idol in the country, so naturally everyone at the year-end award function has their eyes on him, but he has /his/ eyes on a young man with a video camera that’s there to record the event. Little does he know, Jungkook despises all idols.
“I can’t believe you’re living out my dream, Jungkook. It’s not even fair!” Jimin whined while hitting Jungkook’s arm as they walked to their next class.

Jungkook just rolled his eyes, “Trust me, it’s the last thing I want to do, but my photography advisor says it’s a golden
opportunity or whatever and that if I do well, I’ll be able to get a job right after we graduate next semester.”

“And not to mention, you’ll get to see all the beautiful and talented idols.” Jimin added, a little quieter.

Jungkook stopped in his tracks. His eyebrows furrowed
and a scowl appeared on his face.

“That’s the worst part. I can’t stand them. I just need to go in, do my job and leave,” he snapped.

Jimin smiled softly, “I know, I know. Which is why I said it’s unfair. I’d do anything to just see some of them, especially Kim Taehyung. Ugh.”
Jungkook shook his head and continued walking, as Jimin went on.

“I’m sure he’ll be there since he just had a successful comeback, everyone says he’s going to win the ddaesang this year. Literally everyone’s obsessed with him!”

Jungkook shot him a sideways glance, “Except me.”
“That’s because you’ve never seen him! His top-tier visuals, his deep voice, his vocals, his—“ Jimin gushed.

“And I don’t plan on seeing him more than I have to,” Jungkook replied, getting annoyed.

“But please, we’ve been friends all these years and we’ve always shown each
other things we liked, so why won’t you just let me show you one of his music videos?” Jimin pleaded.

“It’s worse enough as it is, seeing idols’ pictures plastered on every billboard and every bus stop, why would I voluntarily watch any of them,” Jungkook said.

“Whatever, I’ll just be really annoyed that you get to see him before I do,” Jimin grumbled.

“How about this? If I see him, I’ll sneak a close up picture of him or something, for you?”

Jimin’s eyes lit up as he smiled, “I knew you had a heart somewhere in there Jungkook-ah.”
“Don’t get too carried away. I’ll only do that if I can even get close enough. Otherwise I’ll just treat this like any other photography internship, I’m there to work.”

Jimin smirked and whispered under his breath, “We’ll see how well you can focus once you see him in person.”
“Huh? What did you say?” Jungkook asked.

“Oh nothing, we’re getting late to class,” as he began jogging away from the confused younger.

Jungkook groaned. The weekend couldn’t come fast enough, he wanted to get this over with. It was just a step towards his career, nothing else.

“Why are we friends again?” Jungkook mumbled as he sat cross legged on his bed, watching Jimin rummage through his closet.

The other boy poked his head out momentarily to reply with a cheerful smile, “One, because I’m your roommate so you have no choice. Two, because I have a
better fashion sense than you, and three, I give you good ideas, like this one.”

He held up a glittery black top.

“What the—? Where did you even get that? It’s not from MY closet,” Jungkook shouted.

Jimin burst into a fit of laughter, “I know it’s from mine. I just think you
need to stand out if Taehyung is to notice you.”

Jungkook got up and gently started pushing Jimin out of his room.

“For the millionth time, Min, I have an all black staff uniform, photographers are asked to blend in to the background as much as possible, not stand out.”
Jimin pouted, “Can I atleast do your hair? I can gel it up in the fr—“

“No! I’ll have these huge noise cancelling head phones on so it would get messed up anyways.”

“That sucks. You’re telling me you won’t be able to hear his voice? When he’s performing? Accepting his award?”
Jungkook shook his head no, trying to stifle the smile that was emerging upon seeing the genuine look of disappointment.

“Fine, fine. I don’t care if you hear him or not, but you better, YOU BETTER, get me his autograph, else we’re not friends anymore,” Jimin squinted.
Jungkook nodded, as sincerely as possible.

“And just so I know you actually got it, and didn’t just buy a fake off the internet, I’m giving you my personal photocard of Taehyung, from his latest album. You have to get this signed. No excuses.”

He handed the card over and left.
Jungkook flipped the card over in his hand and looked at the man whose photograph was on the other side and raised his eyebrows.

He’d seen Taehyung before, of course, on posters, in advertisements, but he had never paid much attention nor dwelled on the image, but now with the
photocard in his hand, he couldn’t help but to trace over each delicate feature of the man.

Not only was his face classically handsome, but his expressions and hooded eyes gave him a charismatic persona. He was what a photographer would call “the perfect subject.”

Not much work
needed to go into lighting or angles, or exposure and contrast because these types of people looked stunning regardless.

Jungkook scoffed, putting the card on his desk next to all the other equipment he’d be bringing to the event tomorrow evening.

Such a shame he’s an idol.

Jungkook rested his chin on the window as the taxi cab brought him to the event venue. He took in the dark, unforgiving clouds overhead, like the perfect winter storm was brewing. He hoped he’d be done and out of there before the weather got too bad.

As they approached the
stadium, Jungkook could already see the lines of fans and spectators lining up outside the entrance, clad in their favorite group’s merchandise, waving their light sticks, and screaming loudly. So loudly.

Jungkook scrunched up his face in disgust. He had argued with his advisor
to try to find him another assignment, at a sports event, a reality show, even a chess tournament would have been more appealing, but apparently the particular network that was hosting this event was at the top of the entertainment industry.

“Only a fool would turn this down.”
As the taxi came to a halt, Jungkook grabbed his bag of equipment and made his way to the staff & crew check in desk, awaiting instructions.

Once inside the empty stadium, he marveled at the grandeur of it. The seats were still empty but the flashing lights, the resounding music
the golden decorations. Jungkook would be lying if he said he wasn’t impressed. As he set up his tripod for a wide angle of the stage, he also prepared a second hand held video camera for when he needed to get close up shots of the idols in their seats.

He gagged at the thought.
As the live viewers began pouring in, Jungkook slipped on his over the ears headphones, immediately silencing the growing cheering. He took his place behind the tripod, angling it so that he had a good shot of the idols walking in.

He didn’t recognize most of them, thankfully.
When most of them had settled down, Jungkook noticed the crowd getting more rowdy, he couldn’t hear them or the announcers but from their expressions and shouting.

Jungkook reached into his jacket pocket, withdrawing the photocard Jimin had given him, he read the name again.
He nodded, so that’s who everyone’s waiting for. Kim Taehyung.

Jungkook blew out a puff of air in indifference, crossing his arms. Why did this guy have to be so dramatic and show up late on purpose, just for the attention?

It’s like these people lived off of it.

Then he saw him, making his way through the entrance to his assigned seat, bowing and waving to the crowd.

If Jungkook had thought he was just photogenic, seeing him in person was a different experience altogether. Unlike the photocard, Taehyung had messy blonde hair. He had
paired a golden suit and a few gemstone accessories with it. On any other person, that outfit wouldn’t work. It would have looked gauche and overstated, but on Taehyung...

Jungkook let out a breath, shaking his head, instead trying to focus the lens on the approaching idol.
Because he was so distracted by the smile, by the eyes, by the perfect shape of his body, it took several moments for Jungkook to realize Taehyung was coming right towards him. He gulped.

However, the idol still had his eyes on the crowd, waving to his eager fans, finally he
reached his seat, in the row behind where Jungkook stood with his camera.

Great, Jungkook thought, rolling his eyes. Now he’d have to compete with the hundreds of other cameras and phones aimed in the direction of the idol.

He fiddled with his tripod for a bit, as the hosts
introduced the show. Montages and clips on the screen behind them. Jungkook then took his handheld camera and decided to pan behind him.

He sweeped over the audience and paused on Taehyung, who was looking directly at him.

Jungkook quickly moved the camera away, why did his
cheeks feel so warm all of a sudden?

As he took some shots of the scene in front of him, his curiosity returned, had the idol accidentally made eye contact? Had \he\ done something wrong?

With the camera still angled forward, Jungkook pretended to stretch, not so subtly.
He turned to look at the idol, this time they made eye contact, it was so quick and brief, Jungkook almost wondered if he’d imagined it.

He wasn’t sure what the expression on Taehyung’s face had been. He almost wished he had recorded it so he could go back and re-view it.
He shook his head yet again, bringing his hood over his head.

Why did he care so much? It was just a dumb idol. They were all emotionless at the end of the day. Puppets, he thought.

And yet he felt goosebumps all over his limbs, subconsciously aware of the other’s gaze on him.

Taehyung hated attending these functions. There was no point, he thought. Awards only pitted artists against each other, even though, he believed everyone was talented in their own ways.

The more success and praise you obtained, the less the other idols and singers liked you.
But his agency had somehow managed to convince him. “For the sake of your fans, they want to see you.” And his fans were a weak spot for Taehyung. They believed in him before he even believed in himself. He owed them everything.

So, albeit with a little reluctance, he had come.
But he almost immediately regretted the decision, what with the constant snickering he heard from idols around him and the taunts. He knew what they were saying.

They believed he was only successful because of his looks. Yet others would try to get his number to date him.
He hasn’t made a single friend in the industry, expect for maybe his manager. And attending these award shows was like a painful reminder that he likely wouldn’t make any friends in the future either. He sighed and took his seat, grateful at least for his kind & supportive fans.
That’s when he first noticed him.

A young man, not much older than himself. He seemed to be a photographer or part of the video crew based on how he was dressed, but unlike the other staff that bustled around, searching for the best shots. This man hadn’t moved from his spot.
When he turned around with his handheld camera to pan the audience, Taehyung finally saw his face, and quite frankly he was stunned.

Not only was he undeniably cute, but the facial expression on his face was surprising. Was it, indifference? Nonchalance? Almost a disdain.
His lips were draw up into a pout, clearly annoyed by the sight he saw, and his eyes were squinted at the screen.

When he panned over Taehyung, they widened, and Taehyung noticed how large they were. The transition from irritation to shock was comical.

Taehyung kept a steady
and unwavering gaze on him. The way he stood, one knee propped out. How his back slouched and his hood kept his line of vision narrowed.

He clearly didn’t want to want to be there either. Taehyung smiled to himself, as he headed backstage to get ready for his performance.
How much time needed to pass before you could sweep over the same view again? Jungkook wondered.

Not like he /wanted/ to see Taehyung, more that he wanted to see if the other was still looking at him.

Who cares? He figured as he turned around to pan the familiar set of seats.
But he quickly noticed the empty chair. The man was gone, and Jungkook wasn’t sure if he was relieved or disappointed.

He wasn’t sure why his heart dropped a little, when he saw the name appear on stage and the spotlight turn on to reveal Taehyung, dressed for his performance.
First, there was that long black robe he had changed into. It perfectly contrasted with his golden hair, giving him an angelic look. The way his belt clung to his narrow waist and the way the front opened just enough to reveal his sculpted collarbones and long, slender neck.
Then there were his movements, fluidic and majestic, as if the air was moving around him and not the other way around. If he looked this incredible visually, Jungkook could only imagine what he actually sounded like. What had Jimin said about a deep voice?

His eyes weren’t able
to leave the monitor of the camera, fixated on Taehyung as he moved across the stage. Fixated on his fingers that caressed his face, fixated on his hips that led way to long legs, fixated on the single red earring in one ear. It was hypnotic.

That’s when Taehyung looked straight
in Jungkook’s direction, causing the other to fumble forward, shaking his tripod a bit. A rookie mistake.

‘Snap out of it,’ he reminded himself, ‘it’s his job to pull you in.’

But when he looked up again, the stage had gone dark indicating the performance was over.

Once he returned to his seat, Taehyung noticed the cute cameraman had gotten significantly more restless. He tapped his feet nervously, rocking side to side.

He liked to think it was because of his performance, after all he had really outdone himself this time. As the hosts
began announcing awards, Taehyung kept his eyes trained on the young man. Unlike the other staff & crew who clapped along or at the very least smiled, his facial expression remained stoic, even annoyed.

Suddenly, he turned around aiming the camera directly at Taehyung, which
caught the idol off guard. He offered a quick smile before realizing, that wasn’t the only camera on him, the announcers were calling his name as his name flashed on screen. He had won “Artist of the Year” and hadn’t even noticed. He got up swiftly and headed to the stage.
Jungkook was sure now that the idol had been looking at him, and not just once. Why had he smiled?

He kept the camera focused on Taehyung on stage as he accepted the award, gold just like outfit. He was saying something now, which caused members of the audience to cover their
mouths, some were crying.

Jungkook didn’t even need to hear to know it was probably some elaborate sob story and that these viewers ate it up. Pathetic, he thought.

As Taehyung made it back to his seat, Jungkook noticed the announcers saying something into the microphone with
a look of concern, then the words “Weather Advisory” flashed on screen. Jungkook took his earphones off to listen. They were concluding the show early and asking everyone to get home soon, as the storm outside had worsened, and was causing power outages.

Jungkook did not have to
be told twice. He swiftly bent down to grab his camera bag and tripod, not even bothering to fold and pack it, and jogged towards the staff elevator.


As soon as the announcement was made about the storm Taehyung had messaged his driver to wait for him, he had something to do.
And that something was to catch up with Jungkook and talk to him. No one had ever piqued his interest as strongly as this man had and Taehyung simply could not just let him disappear. He wanted to talk to him, and this urge was so inexplicably strong it led him into the elevator.
Jungkook was stooped down in the corner, facing away from Taehyung, finally putting his camera equipment in the bag.

“H-hey.” Taehyung called out.
“Hey man,” Jungkook replied, still turned.
“I-I just wanted—“ Taehyung began again after a beat of silence.

Then it went dark.
Suspended somewhere between two floors, the two men found themselves stuck in the elevator during what seemed to be a complete power outage.

“Are you fvcking kidding me?” Jungkook shouted.

Taehyung couldn’t see him, but it sounded like he’d gotten up and was trying to push
buttons. None of which worked. He took out his phone, no signal.

“Hey, it’s okay, we’ll be fine.” Taehyung said.

“No we won’t!” Jungkook was screaming now. “But you know who will be? Those idols! They’re probably being escorted home in nice, warm private cars. While us staff
are always left to suffer. It’s like we’re a lower class or something. They don’t know what it’s like in our shoes! They just live in their perfect little bubbles.”

Taehyung froze, glad he hadn’t introduced himself just yet.

“Y-yeah, exactly,” he said instead.

Taehyung wasn't exactly sure why he didn't stop Jungkook. Why he didn't interrupt once as he continued his angry tirade against idols and how "corrupt" and weak they truly were. Why he felt pity rise from within him when the angry words turned to quiet sobs as the other cried.
Taehyung guided himself along the walls of the elevator until he bumped into Jungkook, reaching his arms out to draw him close and comfort him.

"It's okay. You're upset right now. We'll be out of here soon. Shh."

Jungkook let the stranger's warmth envelope his freezing frame.
"W-we wouldn't be stuck in this damn elevator if not for those brainless zombies that need constant validation to survive--" he sneezed into Taehyung's chest.

Taehyung smiled endearingly, the words of the other didn't phase him at all. If anything, it made him more curious.
"It's just unfair, you know? How those scum bags get to do whatever they want with no consequences and us normal people often live with the consequences? It's like they sell their souls for fame." Another sneeze and sniffle.

Taehyung took off his gold coat and draped it over
Jungkook's hoodie. The boy quickly brought it closer, now slightly more embarrassed by his outburst and grateful for the stranger's presence and kindness.

"Hey, man. Listen, I'm really sorry for just bursting out into a rant like that. I've just been annoyed all night."

"Well, for one. That Taehyung guy. I don't know who he thinks he is. Like just because he's insanely handsome, doesn't mean you just manipulate people?"

Taehyung froze again, "Y-you think he's /insanely/ handsome?"

"Yeah, who doesn't? My friend gushed over him every day, but I
saw him for the first time today. And yeah, let's just say I get the hype."

Taehyung was glad it was dark, because he was blushing. Hard. "A-and how exactly did he manipulate you?"

"I'm not sure. I think he noticed me staring at him too long and he looked back. And you know the
worst part? I don't even hate him like I hate the rest of them. If that isn't manipulation I don't know what is?"

"A-and why don't you hate him?"

"I dunno." Junkook's voice had risen now, words punctuated by hiccups. "He is wicked talented I guess, and unlike the other idols,
he seems to be the only one with a genuine smile."

"A genuine smile huh? What do you mean?" Taehyung was enjoying this a lot.

"The kind that makes even an annoyed person like me feel fuzzy inside. Ugh! Look at how pathetic I sound right now."

Jungkook let go of Taehyung's arm
hit his head in frustration. "It's this damn cold getting to me!"

"Okay, okay. Is it okay if I hug you-uh?"
"J-Jungkook." He was shivering now. "Yes please, I'm f-freezing."

Taehyung brought the other closer, wrapping his arms around Jungkook's back. "Is this good, Jungkook?"
Jungkook could blame his abundance of conflicting emotions on the fact that he was stuck in a dark elevator in the middle of winter storm with a stranger, but he felt safe in the embrace.

"W-what's your name by the way?"

Just then, the lights flickered on.

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Jungkook noticed the gold jacket around him first, and when realization hit of where he’d seen it, he looked up, right into Taehyung’s eyes.

He stumbled back with shock. A lot of thoughts raced through his head then, why hadn’t Taehyung said anything to stop him, why hadn’t he
defended himself, and why had he instead helped and comforted Jungkook. It didn’t make sense in his mind, but before he could make sense of the situation, the elevator finally came to a grinding halt into the parking garage. As the door slid open and the two men got out the first
thing they noticed is how deserted it was. Just a few cars here and there. From the view of the road below, they noticed the streets had since been covered with ice and dustings of snow, no one was driving. The once bustling city stood still.

“Come on, let me drive you home.”
Unable to even look at him, Jungkook quickly shook his head. “N-no, thank you. I-I’ll call a cab or my friend Jimin.”

“Fine, I’ll wait with you.”

Taehyung leaned against a railing, despite the frigid cold, the gold suit jacket Jungkook had discarded, now draped over his arm.
Jungkook scrambled to dial the numbers, he wanted to be out of Taehyung’s sight as quickly as possible. But the taxi companies had all shut down for the night, not willing to put their drivers at risk and Jimin, well, knowing him he was probably asleep. It was close to midnight.
He shoved his fists and his phone into his pocket, the last thing he ever thought he’d do is accept a favor from an idol, but it was freezing and Jungkook knew Taehyung wouldn’t leave until he did.

“You can drop me home.”
Taehyung smiled again, before leading them to his car.
His driver had long evacuated after not hearing from Taehyung for a while but luckily he had an extra pair of keys. Jungkook was surprised for a number of reasons, one Taehyung’s car was nothing fancy like he’d imagined idols’ cars to be, and two he knew how to drive himself?
They waited a little until the vehicle heated up. Jungkook decided he’d pretend to fall asleep for the hour long journey back home and Taehyung didn’t stop him.

As he slowly reversed out to begin his careful maneuver to the road, Jungkook’s eyes remained opened under his hood.
Jungkook felt bad. No, he felt embarrassed as he recalled each and every hate filled word he’s spewed from his mouth just minutes before at the man that was now, quite literally, saving him, when he didn’t have to.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Taehyung hum.
It sounded like a lullaby, slow and melodic. The humming soon turned to quiet singing, the melody swimming in the air between them, each note pounding on Jungkook’s heart. He wished he hadn’t pretended to fall asleep, Taehyung would have been singing louder, and he would’ve loved
to hear it. So he decided to sit up, sliding his hood off, but keeping his eyes trained at the ice covered windshield.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Jungkook. Did I wake you up?”

His voice dripped, sweet and heavy, like honey.

“N-no, not at all.”

They went back to silence.
Jungkook wasn’t even sure how Taehyung was still driving, despite the slippery roads and low visibility. It was a miracle they had even gotten this far.

He cleared his throat, “Th-thank you, T-Taehyung. For dropping me off.”
His voice was shaking, from the cold & nervousness.
Taehyung just smiled, shooting a quick glance over at the man next to him, before gluing his eyes back to the road.

“A-also, I’m r-really sorry about all the stuff I said back there. I didn’t mean—“

Taehyung let out an airy laugh, “Don’t apologize Jungkook. You were just
speaking your mind. And being surrounded by people that are constantly telling you they love you, it felt good to hear someone that didn’t. It humbles you, you know?”

“Yeah but—“ Jungkook started, before Taehyung cut him off again.

“And for the record, I completely agree with
everything that you said. Most idols and celebrities lose sight of a lot of things, normal life being one of them. So it was refreshing to hear it. I also wish you’d heard what I said when I accepted my award, maybe you’d hate me a bit less.”

Jungkook wished he could say he
didn’t hate him, at all. He wished he could say, he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of him all night and that sitting in the car, next to him, he felt like he was in the presence of an angel.

“But you had those huge headphones on, so you probably didn’t. I announced my
hiatus from the idol world. For the time being, I’m trying to step away from all the attention and fame I was thrown in to too quickly.”

Jungkook’s breath had stilled, he was now turned towards Taehyung, fully attentive.

“I was just a shy boy from Daegu that liked to sing. I
came to Seoul to sell some CDs and next thing I know I was recruited off the street, primed and styled for the spotlight, and thrown in to a world that was so cut-throat and competitive, it made me start hating the one thing I loved the most, singing.”


“I haven’t lived
a normal life since I was very young. I haven’t had the luxury of having normal friends, a normal family, a normal education. And from the outside, it may look like everything’s perfect and shiny, but I can tell you Jungkook I would do anything in the world to be like you again.”
“I have dreams too, you know? I wanna meet someone, fall in love, go on stupid dates, call each other goofy nicknames, fight over what we’ll name our kids. But the higher I climb in my world, the further away that dream feels. So I hope you can replace your resentment towards me
with pity, instead. And please don’t apologize. At all.”

Jungkook now felt significantly worse, hearing Taehyung’s words. Now it made sense why his performance had been so electrifying and why the audience was in tears when he’d gone up to accept his awards. Why he’d shown up
late, hesitant and a little saddened.

“Taehyung, you will. You’ll do all of that and more.”

He tried to comfort him. “And I don’t hate you. Like at all.”

“Mm,” Taehyung smirked. “I know, you called me /insanely/ hot remember.”

Jungkook’s face turned beet red all of a sudden
“And just so there’s no confusion. I /was/ staring at you all night, trying to make eye contact with the cutie hiding behind the camera because I think you’re /inanely/ hot too.”

Jungkook wasn’t sure how, but he was even redder now. “You, wha—“

“I’m just messing with you. I
know you hate idols. Such a pity, really.”

Was Taehyung pouting? Jungkook would be lying if he said his heart didn’t skip a beat.

Jungkook also wasn’t sure how long he’d been admiring Taehyung’s side profile. How could anyone have such perfect bone structure?

Taehyung cleared his throat. “Um, Jungkook. We’re here, I think? Is this your apartment building?”

Jungkook spun to look outside before nodding gingerly.

“Th-thank you. Again.”

Taehyung just nodded, “It was great to you meet you Jungkook. Have a good night.”

Jungkook wasn’t
sure why he said what he said next. Maybe it was the leftover guilt of what he’d said to the other. Maybe it was his way of thanking him, but the words just tumbled out.

“The weather is getting much worse, would you like to stay over until it gets better?”

Taehyung let out a
puff of air. “I, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. It’s pretty late—“

“No! Please, you can’t go home like this, I won’t be able to sleep...”

Jungkook what? He was sure something had possessed him.

“Please Taehyung! I’ll give you my room to sleep in, also my roommate makes
great breakfast. I also have warm pajamas.”

Taehyung smiled widely now.

“How can I say no to warm pajamas?” He unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out of the car.

Jungkook’s knees were shaking. He had just invited Kim Taehyung for a sleepover and he’d accepted.

They tiptoed into the dark apartment until they got to Jungkook’s bedroom, Taehyung assumed his roommate was already asleep in his own room.

He looked around slowly, taking in the sight of superhero posters, comic books, strings of Polaroids, all kinds of camera lenses, and so
so many books. He decided he liked it, it felt cozy and homey. He noticed a cute plushie in the form of a penguin resting by his pillow, and immediately went over to squeeze it.

“Hey!” Jungkook ran over and snatched it back, “That’s um that’s my um, that’s my roommate’s.”

Taehyung smiled at him, “You have such a cute room Jungkook, I had expected it to be dark with spikes on the door or something. But you’re just a softie.”

The word made Jungkook smile too. In the light of his room now, he could finally take in the sight of Taehyung. His golden
suit had long been crumpled and wrinkled, but his smile and face remained just as beautiful. In fact even more so now that Jungkook was so close. He shuffled through his wardrobe and breathed a sigh of relief.

He’d luckily washed his favorite pair of pajamas. He handed them to
Taehyung and showed him the shower.

A few minutes later, Taehyung stepped out of the bathroom wearing the other’s woolen plaid pajamas. Even in his bare face, no longer adorned by jewelry, Jungkook couldn’t help but stare.

He made his bed ready for Taehyung.

“Thanks for
having me.”

Jungkook was sure his face was still a little pink from when he’d been blushing earlier. So he decided to change the subject.

“So why exactly did you come in to the staff elevator behind me?”

But before Taehyung could even answer Jungkook’s stomach grumbled. Loud.
Taehyung giggled. “Guess bullies get hungry too.”

Jungkook threw a pillow at him, laughing. “Shut up, us staff don’t get fed at these stupid events, unlike you guys. I haven’t eaten all day. AND I’M NOT A BULLY.”

“Okay relax, relax. Do you have ramen?”

Jungkook nodded.
“Perfect, you go take a shower and change into your pajamas while I make you some. It’s the least I can do as an idol.” Taehyung said, still teasing.

When Jungkook emerged in another pair of comfy PJs and hair sopping wet he couldn’t believe Kim Taehyung, was standing over his
crappy stone, stirring ramen, humming and wearing his pajamas. More importantly, he couldn’t understand why his heart kept doing flips in his chest. In just a few hours, Taehyung had completely overturned every stereotype about idols Jungkook had previously believed.

“Aah, right on time. Go sit, I’ll bring it to you.”

As Jungkook sat down he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the other. He hasn’t really been in a serious relationship before nor had he really considered it, but seeing Taehyung pout to himself as he searched the cabinets for a
bowl, and then walk over and place the dish in front of Jungkook, he couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it would feel if this was an everyday occurrence.

Taehyung took a seat adjacent.

“Your roommate must be a heavy sleeper.”

Jungkook laughed, now completely comfortable in
Taehyung’s presence.

“He is. Also this ramen is really really good. Why didn’t you take any for yourself?”

“Not sure if my elite body can handle broke college student food.”

Jungkook got up with his chopsticks and force fed Taehyung a bite.

“Ah! Loser, you burned my mouth.”
“And Your Majesty never answered my question! Why did you follow me into the elevator?”

“Maybe because I thought you were cute? Didn’t I say that already?”


“And also because you looked just as bored as me and I wanted to have a normal conversation with you.”

“It seems like you like it when I make fun of you thought?” Jungkook smirked.

“Like I said it’s nice to talk to someone who isn’t fangirling/boying over me.”

“Wait till you meet my roommate.”

“I’ll be gone by the morning cutie.”

“Oh so you’re a hit it and quit type of guy?”
“Alas I wish. Too bad you’re a bully. I can’t even hit it.” Taehyung winked. “Also, do you think your roommate would be okay with me sleeping with his plushie tonight? I always need something to hold.”

Jungkook mulled over it. “Yeah you can have it.”

Jungkook finished up the
ramen and led Taehyung back into his room.

“Do you need me to tuck you in too Princess?”

“Oof Jungkook, don’t get me hot and bothered by these nicknames so late at night.” Taehyung winced.

“Can’t tell if you prefer being degraded or praised.” Jungkook chuckled.

“Good night peasant. I need my beauty sleep.”

“You know what? I take back what I said. I hate you with a passion.”

“You have my cooties from our hug in the elevator.” Taehyung said.

Jungkook shut off his lights and headed to the couch to sleep. A wide, goofy smile on his face.
Jungkook awoke to a loud high pitched screech followed by a deeper louder scream, he ran to his room, and there was Jimin on top of Taehyung.

“AH JUNGKOOK! Why did you let me get drunk last night? I’m hallucinating right now! I see Kim Taehyung in your bed in your pajamas.”
Jungkook laughed, “Jimin, you’re not. It’s really him!”

“And I’m a baby giraffe. You know how I know I’m hallucinating because he’s even holding Mr Penguiy, you’ve never even let me hold him, so it must be my eyes playing tricks on me.”

Jungkook couldn’t stop laughing.
“Good morning Jimin.” Taehyung giggled.

“And now he’s talking to me, my imagination has gotten out of hand. I’m going downstairs to Yoongi hyung and Hoseok hyung’s dorm, they always make me the best hangover cure.” He quickly ran out of the room and a few minutes later they
heard the front door of the apartment click close.

“He’s cute.” Taehyung yawned. “Does he always wake you up by jumping on top of you?”

“Why are you jealous?”

“No, he should be jealous of me. Apparently I must be a little special If you let me sleep with Mr Penguiy.”
Jungkook winced.

“Fine. Yes that’s my plushie, yes I need something soft to hold to when I sleep.”

“Hm,” Taehyung hummed, “Wish you told me last night, we could have cuddled. I thought you were allergic to idols.”

Jungkook blushed at the mere thought.

#taekookau #vkookau
“Okay, seeing as you scared my roommate away, I guess I have to make us breakfast?” He started to head back to the kitchen but Tae jumped out of bed and beat him to it.

“Jungkook, please allow me. Seeing as my presence and status as an idol has been nothing but a nuisance in
your life, the least I can do is crack a few eggs open.”

Jungkook stared open mouthed. Why was he so considerate? “Fine, I’ll go wash your clothes.”

“Aw, you’re so cute.” Tae cooed, spinning around while tying an apron around himself, once again accentuating his small waist.
Jungkook busied himself with collecting their clothes from last night and beginning the laundry. He smelled the delicious aroma of breakfast wafting through the house.

The truth was, in just the little time they’d known each other, Jungkook had begun to like Tae. His smile.
His mannerisms, his charming personality and not to mention his attractiveness. Jungkook had never liked anyone as much and that fact scared him. Relax, he thought, he’ll be gone soon.

Wait, he’ll be gone soon. He ran back to the living room, where Taehyung had already layed out
the omelettes and toast he’d made, impressive considering the lack of much else in the other’s fridge.

As they sat next to each other digging in, a million thoughts ran through Jungkook’s head. He didn’t want this to be the first and last time he hung out with Taehyung.
“So, now that you’re on break, what are you going to do?”

Taehyung finished chewing, thinking the question over. “I honestly haven’t thought of that. I don’t really have any friends here, so I guess I’ll just be by myself” He pouted.

He’s doing it on purpose, Jungkook thought.
But then again, how could he say no to those puppy eyes and that sweet face?

“Well we have winter break off of college coming up in a few days, you’re more than welcome to stay with me and Jiminie until then and then we can hang out together?”

“Ah! Really?” Taehyung exclaimed.
“Thank you! Jungkookah, you’re really the best. I’d love too! Maybe you’ll even start liking me by then.”

“We’ll see,” Jungkook smiled. He already did. More than he even realized.

That’s when two things happened, simultaneously. One, Jungkook felt Taehyung scoot closer and wrap
his arms around his shoulder for a quick hug of gratitude, and two, he heard the familiar banter between Jimin and Yoongi as they fumbled to open the door. Jungkook was so thrown off, he remained glued to his spot on the couch, trying to revel in the quick second hug him and
Taehyung shared.

“For the millionth time, Jimin we are NOT in a simulation and you’re NOT hungover. I swear if you guys are pranking—“ both boys stood frozen in the door frame taking in the sight of Taehyung, the Kim Taehyung, dressed in Jungkook’s pajamas, wearing the kitchen
apron, in an embrace with Jungkook.

“See! I told you I wasn’t lying.” Jimin shouted. “How did Jungkook find an actor to look just like Taehyung?”

A flustered Jungkook and Taehyung quickly stood up.

“Jeon Jungkook, care to explain what’s going on?” Yoongi said.

After Jungkook had recapped the events that had led up to Kim Taehyung sitting in his apartment that morning, both Jimin and Yoongi had joined them on the couch.

The four unsure how to proceed.

“S-so, you’re telling me /the/ Taehyung is sitting next to me,” Jimin kept saying.
Taehyung kept giggling and Jungkook was getting impatient. As much as he loved Yoongi and Jimin, and they’d naturally spend their weekends together, he kind of wished it was just him and Taehyung alone again.

He liked the friendly banter, the teasing, he liked seeing the side
of Taehyung that no one else saw.

Jungkook cleared his throat, Yoongi coughed.

“I guess I should head home now.”
Taehyung stated, prompting a loud “No!” from all three of them.

“The roads are still bad, it snowed a lot last night.”

“I want to ask you so many things!” Jimin

“How about we go sledding?” Yoongi suggested. So that’s how the four found themselves bundled up, with Taehyung fitting perfectly into Jungkook’s winter clothes.

Taehyung enjoyed every single moment of it. So this is the life and these are the types of friends he’d
been missing all along? The spontaneity of being able to get up and do whatever you want instead of having fixed schedules, it was exhilarating.

Since they didn’t own actual sleds, the boys got creative, Jimin and Yoongi got onto an upturned cardboard box, which worked fine
until it got soaked and sent them both tumbling face first into a snow bank. Jungkook and Taehyung used the cap of the giant trash can outside, holding each other tightly for support.

Taehyung stared at Jungkook as the other argued with Jimin and Yoongi about who’d won the last
race. His face had paled in the cold, but the tip of his nose and the tops of his ears were bright red and his cheeks were dusted pink, from where the freezing wind still hit them.

That’s when Taehyung felt something hit him. He looked up, the three boys had thrown a snowball.
“SNOWBALL FIGHT!” Jungkook shouted. Then the four got busy, bending down to create forts and snow balls and launching them at each other.

Since this was Taehyung’s first time playing, his weak fort got destroyed almost immediately so he decided to help by defending Jungkook’s.
When Jungkook wasn’t looking, he noticed Yoongi and Jimin plotting to bombard him with snowballs together.

“No!” Taehyung screamed, launching himself in the direction of the fort, slipping on the ice in the process. The other three approached a laughing Taehyung on the ground.
“Taehyung! Are you okay?” Jungkook knelt.

“Yeah I’m fine, I twist my ankle all the time.”

“No! We hurt /the/ Taehyung.” Jimin wailed.

Taehyung kept laughing, “Guys it happens all the time during my choreo, I’m used to it, I just need to keep it elevated & warm.”

Jungkook picked Taehyung up bridal style, so effortlessly that Taehyung didn’t even realize he was being carried until he found his face inches from Jungkook’s.

“I could have walked you know, just needed support.”

“Shut up,” Jungkook scoffed, “Who asked you to get your ankle
twisted over a stupid game. My snowball fight was not worth all the pain?”

Jimin and Yoongi hung back giving each other knowing looks. They hadn’t known Taehyung personally, but they did know Jungkook and this was a new side to him. It was pleasantly surprising.

“So Yoongi
hyung and I were going to watch a movie since Hoseok hyung’s visiting home this weekend. Do you guys want to join?”

Jungkook spun around, still holding Taehyung. The quick motion caused Taehyung to raise his arms and hook them around Jungkook’s neck for stability, sending
electric shocks up and down Jungkook’s spine.

“N-no! I’m gonna go take care of Taehyung’s injury. We’ll see how he feels later.”

“Why are you stuttering Jungkookie?” Jimin didn’t miss the chance.

“And why is your face so red?” Yoongi added, smirking now.

Jungkook growled.
He turned back around and entered the building, not stopping until he’d reached the end of his bed again, bending down to carefully place Taehyung in the center.

He looked down at the idol who’s strands of blonde hair peeked out from under his hat, his eyes gone wide and mouth

“Woah, I didn’t know you were so strong, I would have messed with you less.” Taehyung said.

Jungkook smiled, “Tae, you did not have to do that, seriously. Now take off your over clothes and I’ll go bring the heating pad and pillows for your foot.”

Taehyung just nodded.
But when the other left the room, Taehyung got an idea. He smiled to himself, it was too much fun to see Jungkook get flustered not to, too pure to see his tough guy exterior melt into a shy mumbling persona.

Jungkook returned with the materials to find Taehyung hadn’t moved.
“Can you help me?” He batted his eyelashes, “Please it hurts too much, Jungkookie.”

As expected the other turned a bright hue of pink, not only at the nickname but at the prospect of having to undress the most attractive man he’d ever seen.

He got to work slowly. Meticulously
unzipping the jacket and undoing the buttons of the snow pants.

“Oh you’re wearing the pajamas underneath.” He said out loud, not meaning to.

“Yeah? Why do you sound disappointed?” Tae bit his lips to stop his smile.

“See I knew I was irresistible! Even to you.”

Jungkook scowled, “You are not. I do not find you the least bit attractive.” A lie, he knew but he couldn’t let Taehyung win this one.

But as he approached Taehyung’s head to remove the hat, he felt the other’s slender fingers wrap around his wrists, snapping him forward so he
fell onto his lap, almost straddling him. Taehyung’s playful expression had darkened into something more serious, as his eyes looked straight into Jungkook’s.

“You AND I both know that’s not true. The truth is you find me just as hot as I find you, but you’re too stuck up to
admit it or do anything about it. But I’ll let it go for now, Jeon, since we’ve only just met, but wait and see, you and I will get closer and you’ll be telling me how much you like me. And I’ll say, see I told you so, Jungkookie, and then we’ll kiss or something.”

Jungkook sat
there stunned at how bold the other was. He felt heat rush to his face and his thoughts ran a mile a minute.

Taehyung’s laughing brought him back to reality and he got up to wrap the heating pad around the other’s ankle.

“I love messing with you. You turn into an embarrassed
little ball of pink blush. You’re so cute.”

Jungkook pinched Taehyung’s leg, getting the other to quickly stop laughing and wince in pain.

“I can’t believe I agreed to be friends with you Kim. I can’t stand you. At all.”

“And I can’t stand. At all. So if you could please
rub my ankle I would appreciate it.”

“You’re so corny.” Jungkook smiled, as he sat by his feet & took them gently. He’d never been this whipped for anyone.

Taehyung had played him so many times now, purposely making him flustered, but Jungkook was enjoying every minute of it.
Taehyung had fallen asleep now after Jungkook had fed him warm soup and medicine. When he stepped back out into the living room, he saw Jimin sitting on the couch, waiting for him.


“Dude what the heck is going on? I’ve been your friend for years, and
I’ve never seen you so much as give another guy a second look and here you are babying Taehyung, who I still think is a hallucination. You literally left for the award show yesterday claiming your hate for all idols and then come home with THE biggest one, and invite him to stay
with us and spend break with us?”

When he put it that way, it did sound a bit strange. Jungkook sat down next to him, taking a deep sigh.

“Honestly Jimin. I have no idea why I did what I did. I think originally it was because I felt guilty for cussing him out in the elevator
especially when he’d been nothing but sweet to me—“

Jimin threw a couch cushion at him, “You dumbo, you cussed him out!! In FRONT of him!”

“I know, I know. Anyways, since then he’s literally only proved by belief about idols wrong. He’s really different from what I thought and”
He paused to take a deep breath, playing with the hem of his shirt, “I like spending time with him.”

“Ha! I told you! No one can resist him.”

“Why does everyone keep saying that?” Jungkook was back to his annoyed self, “It’s not like I’m confessing my undying love for him.”
“You will soon, Kookie. I am no love guru but the way you guys look at each other, it’s different. Yoongi hyung noticed it too.”

Jungkook’s jaw hardened, “Jimin. He’s an idol, at the end of the day. And pigs will fly before I ever even think about dating an idol.”

Jimin crossed
his arms, “Yeah, whatever Jungkook. You said all of this before you left yesterday and now the man is literally asleep in /your/ favorite pajamas in /your/ bed.”

Jungkook started, “Yeah well as I’m sure you’re already aware as a fan, he’s on hiatus so I’m treating him like a
normal person, the day he returns to that life, I’ll forget him.”

“We both know you’re lying to yourself, Jungkook. It won’t be long before you realize it, and when you do I don’t want you to run away from it just because Taehyung is an idol. This could be a really good thing
for you. How long are you going to go around carrying that poison in your heart? Leave the past and move on. Taehyung is different. Give him a chance.”

Jungkook looked down at his lap. Jimin was right, Jungkook was stubborn.

“I need time. We’ve only just met, plus who even
knows if Taehyung likes me in that way? Can’t we just be friends for now?”

Jimin went over to hug his friend, “Of course you can Jungkookie. I want you to be happy and you just look really happy with him. That’s all.”

Jungkook smiled up at his friend, “So do you want to watch
something with Tae and I later?”

“Tae, huh? Already at the nickname level?”

He laughed watching Jungkook’s shy smile.

“No I’m going to leave you two alone, plus I’m an awkward blubbering mess around him anyway, Yoongi hyung and I might go out later tonight.”

Jungkook nodded.
“Also I’m still not completely convinced that all this is real and I feel like any moment now I’ll wake up from my dream and come running into your room to tell you how crazy it was. But until then, I’m just going with the flow.”

He turned to leave, leaving Jungkook smiling.
If this was in fact a dream, he didn’t want to wake from it. He wanted Taehyung to remain the angelic idol he’d come to like, because his childhood perception of idols had been shaped by a past reality and it was a nightmare.

One he had suppressed in the corners of his mind.
One he’d tried to forget after all these years. One he’d only shared with Jimin.

“Jungkook?” Taehyung’s voice called out, bring him out of his headspace.

“Coming!” Jungkook said back, as he headed into the room. Jimin was right, he was going to give them a chance.


Jungkook and Taehyung had spent a lazy afternoon snuggled in the blankets reading comic books and watching anime’s. Jungkook was pleasantly surprised to realize Taehyung was just as invested in the storylines and the characters as he was and cried with him at the sad endings.
After dinner, Jungkook finally retrieved his camera bag and laptop.

“So you can keep reading, I’m going to start editing the footage I got yesterday and preparing it for submission.”

“Can I please watch it with you?”

And again how could Jungkook possibly say no. So he slid
into bed right next to Taehyung, trying not to dwell on the fact that the other had snuggled up to his arm and rested his head on his shoulder.

As the footage started, both men noticed very quickly that Jungkook had filmed Taehyung the most, even when others idol groups had
been performing, even when important announcements were being made, the focus of Jungkook’s lens seemed to find its way towards the handsome idol again and again.

Taehyung tried not to smile. Jungkook meanwhile was panicking, he hadn’t realized how his own fascination upon
seeing Taehyung in person had translated into his sloppy camerawork. They looked on as the footage transitioned into Taehyung’s performance.

“Wow, I look really good. Don’t I?” Taehyung said, Jungkook feeling each word fall against his ear since they were so close.

special.” He mumbled out.

That’s when the camera shook, the footage becoming blurry and unfocused and Jungkook facepalmed himself.

“Nothing special? It seems to me like you just panicked there? You sure it had nothing to do with me? Purposely making eye contact with you?”
Jungkook slammed his laptop shut, finally becoming aware of his heart thumping loudly in his chest. He liked the feeling of Taehyung leaning on him, but he knew if he’d stay like that any longer, he might do something he’d regret.

“I’m sorry Jungkook, did I cross a line?”
Jungkook turned to look at the other man, and it hit him just how close they were, their noses a mere centimeters away from each other, one pair of sparkling eyes scanning the other.

“No, not all, Taehyung. It’s not you. I’m just mad at myself. This footage was supposed to be
my best work yet, my amazing senior project, the one that would land me the perfect job, but this is so terrible, no amount of editing can make up for it.”

Taehyung noticed the look of disappointment in Jungkook’s eyes. The tough, crass image the other often portrayed replaced
by one of defeat.

“Hey, you’re not a bad videographer at all. You were just uncomfortable in that environment and it’s hard to do your best when you are in a place where you don’t want to be.”

Jungkook nodded, looking away, partially to absorb the wise words of the other and
partially because he couldn’t stop looking at Taehyung’s lips, wondering if they were just as sweet as his honey voice.

“But what am I supposed to include in my portfolio now? What do I tell my advisor?”

Taehyung reached out to rub Jungkook’s back, the action reminiscent of
the situation inside the elevator, it was calming and comforting.

“Since I feel partially responsible for distracting you—ow!” Taehyung laughed as Jungkook fake punched him. “How about I take you on a trip abroad? And you film the best footage you can there?”

Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“Abroad? As in a different country?”

“Yeah! Travel vlogs are really popular these days and I’m sure you’ll be able to get amazing footage. Plus we’ll have a ton of fun!”

Jungkook nodded, “You’d really take me?”

His eyes shone with eagerness.
Taehyung nodded, “Of course, wherever you wanna go cutie! Hopefully somewhere warmer so we can escape this weather.”

Jungkook grinned and surprised both himself and Taehyung by hugging him. “Thank you! I’m so excited.”

Woah, Taehyung had not expected that, but he liked it.
He had the sudden urge to then do everything in his power to see that happiness on Jungkook’s face forever.

“Let me go home, make the plans, and pack and I’ll come get you for the flight next weekend?”

“Perfect! I’ll be done by classes by then too. Do I have to do anything?”
Taehyung couldn’t help but reach out and pinch Jungkook’s cheeks.

“No you big baby. Just pack a suitcase of clothes and be ready Saturday morning. I’ll take care of everything. You can invite Jimin and Yoongi too if you want, if they’re not busy—“

“No I’m sure they are.”
Taehyung smiled widely, “Aw just say you want to go on a private vacation with me and go.”

Jungkook grabbed a pillow and hit Tae with it.

“You’re the one that suggested it, loser.”

“Ahh! Okay okay, you’re right. I couldn’t watch you sulk anymore. I hope you’re feeling better.”
Jungkook nodded, smiling.

“Much better, thank you! I better start preparing my equipment, oh maybe I’ll buy a new lens too.”

Taehyung nodded, reciprocating the smile. He looked forward to it too. Plus there’s nothing he liked more than being the reason behind that bright smile.

Jimin sat arms crossed, eyes squinted on Jungkook’s bed, watching the other pack haphazardly, throwing his clothes into his duffel bag.

“Min, you’ve been glaring at me for atleast an hour now, say something?”

“As I watch you trying to decide between your gray & black sweats
I can’t help but be reminded of a time not so long ago where I was helping you pick out clothes, and now you’re going on an all-expense PAID TRIP WITH MY DREAM MAN. And I feel like a fool because you had me convinced you hate all idols but here you are trying to impress Kim
Taehyung with your sweaty gym clothes. Really living the Y/N life here.”

“First of all, the what life? Second, stop saying all expense paid it makes me sound like a sugar baby, he offered it and I agreed, and I’m not trying to impress him, I just don’t wanna look poor in front
of him.”

Jimin shook his head and dragged Jungkook out of the room by his wrist, throwing his snow boots and wallet at him.

“I’m taking you shopping. If you’re living a fan fiction, might as well do it right I guess. We’re going to make you look so good, Taehyung won’t be able
to take his eyes off you. Wait you guys haven’t kissed yet right?”

Jungkook stopped in his tracks. He wasn’t angry at the thought. It was something that had crossed his mind more times than he’d liked to admit.

“Shut up Min.”
“Answer the question!”
“No idiot.”

“Good then it’s my mission to make you look so delicious on this trip that you guys can’t keep your hands off off each other.”

Jungkook shook his head, there was no point.

“Don’t empty out my wallet please.”

“No promises. Plus the kiss will be worth every penny.”


Jungkook tugged nervously at the bottom of shirt. For the day of the flight Jimin had picked out a peach colored button up and black skinny jeans and Jungkook had even let him gel his hair.

He looked good. Really good. Or so he thought until Taehyung rolled up to pick him up.
So far Jungkook had only seen the idol in the golden suit and his own pajamas, so now seeing him in ripped jeans and a casual loose shirt that exposed his neck and collarbones, he felt the wind knocked out of him. It also didn’t help that his hair was now a dark brown color.
“Wow, look at Jungkookie today!” Tae whistled, leaving his car to help Jungkook put his bags in the trunk. “Might have to stop calling you cute and start calling you hot.”

Jungkook had gotten used to Taehyung’s flirty jokes, so he just nodded and replied, “Not too bad yourself.”
As they drove to the airport, Jungkook wondered again why Taehyung didn’t drive a fancy car or why they were flying economy to their destination and no on a private jet or something, Taehyung certainly had the money for it. But he decided not to pry too much, instead asking

where are we going exactly?”


“What? Like actually?”

“Yessir. I booked us one of those private resorts that sits on top of the water, you get to land via boardwalk. The waters will be crystal clear & the weather’s supposed to be beautiful, you’ll get some great shots.
Jungkook smiled to himself. It sounded heavenly already.


“So is there maybe a reason why they’re a heart of rose petals on the bed, and a congratulatory wine and chocolate for us?” Jungkook smirked.

Taehyung looked embarassed, “I’m sorry. There was a discount for couples who
had just gotten married and wanted to come here for their honeymoon. So I may or may not have said that we got married. Don’t worry, it was just for this. Sorry!”

Jungkook just fell back on the bed, marveling at how soft and bouncy it was.

“It’s perfect!”

Taehyung threw off
his shoes and joined Jungkook as they both just lay there for a while, taking in the view of the blue sky above them, from the window on their ceiling.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be like this everyday?” Taehyung almost whispered.

“Without care, without someone dictating every
minute of your day, with no plans or ideas, just opportunity, and endless possibilities.”

Jungkook propped himself on his elbow as he turned to look at Taehyung, who was still lying down, eyes now closed.

He studied the long eyelashes, the perfect nose, the arch of his eyebrows
the way his chest swelled up and down with every breath. He was ethereal, and as Jimin said, the man of everyone’s dreams, and in that moment Jungkook just felt really lucky to be there with him.

Taehyung’s eyes flew open, “Are you staring at me Jungkook?”

Jungkook looked away
blushing to himself, he’d gotten caught.

Taehyung playfully inched closer, bringing his mouth dangerously close to Jungkook’s cheek, so much so that as he spoke his lips lightly brushed his skin.

“Baby, if you want something from me just let me know. It’s my job to make sure
you enjoy your time here.”

With a spout of confidence that seemed to spring from nowhere, Jungkook shoved Taehyung away, this time climbing on to his lap, straddling his chest.

“Trust me Kim, when I want something from you, you’ll know. Because I won’t ask for it.”

Up until then Taehyung had considered himself to be harmlessly flirting with Jungkook. After all he was a cute boy, who turned into a flustered mess each time. Plus he knew deep down that Jungkook’s deep seated hate for idols would prevent them from pursuing anything serious.
That is until that moment, when he looked up into Jungkook’s face, not even registering his words, because his mind was telling him one thing but his heart was telling him to just grab Jungkook by the back of his neck and pull him down into a kiss. Hold him closer & not let go.
Taehyung broke eye contact, gently pulling Jungkook off of him.

“Okay, sorry. I went a bit far just now. Just stop me when I do. Now let’s get some rest, we have tourism to do tomorrow.”

Jungkook sat dazed. A bit too far?

And how was he supposed to sleep with a thumping heart.

The next morning they awoke to the sound of knocking on their door, scrambling off their respective sides of the huge king bed.

“Hi! I’m a staff of the resort here to tell you about the benefits of the honeymoon package.”

Taehyung shot an apologetic look towards Jungkook.
“Basically, you guys are entitled to couples massages and the private sauna at any time. And to ensure you get plenty of date nights in during your stay with us, we’ve automatically made reservations at our sea view restaurant, so just come any time after 6 pm. Additionally, if
you two would like privacy, please do use the “Do Not Disturb” door tag so no one interrupts anything.” She winked, as the two boys half-cringed, half-blushed at the insinuation.

“If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the front desk, and enjoy your stay! Congrats!”
Taehyung shut the door before apologizing to Jungkook, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it was going to be such a problem. I should have just paid the regular price.”

Jungkook scoffed, “Are you kidding? We get all those privileges? I’d literally kiss you for a full body massage if I
had to. My muscles are so tensed.”

Taehyung looked down, smiling to himself. He wondered if Jungkook was just joking.

“Alright, lets go around the island, you get the videos you need, we’ll come back and get that free “date night” dinner. And then tomorrow morning we’ll
schedule the couples massage, and use the rest of the day to relax before our flight the morning after?”

“Sounds good to me.” Jungkook said, he ignored how his breathing quickened as the words date and couples left Taehyung’s mouth.

They had two days of this trip, and he was
going to make the most of it. Although he couldn’t exactly pinpoint why Taehyung’s demeanor had changed from confident flirt to shy & apologetic over night. He missed the comments & compliments.

He grabbed his camera bag & turned to Taehyung, “Let’s get filming!”


And so their day was spent walking on warm sandy beaches, resting under large green palm leaves, and swimming through the bluest waters.

Jungkook got more than sufficient footage, of the beautiful landscape, the wild life, the art and the beauty. As they finished off by
watching the sunset together, Jungkook turned his camera towards Taehyung who had his eyes shut and was smiling in the direction of the horizon, trying to bask in the last few sun rays.

Throughout the day, Jungkook had been filming Taehyung in moments when he looked happiest.
When his smile was the brightest and his eyes sparkled the most. He would edit those pasts out later and make a separate video as a surprise for the other. A small way to thank him for the amazing experience so far.

As they headed back to the resort, stomachs grumbling Jungkook
said, “Shall we go on our little date to the restaurant? Wouldn’t want to be late to our reservation.”

Taehyung giggled, “Of course cutie, guess we gotta dress the part too.”

They headed off in opposite directions to change. In reality, neither had been on a date so they were
not sure what to expect, but they were determined to dress to impress, so Jungkook pulled out a formal button down and blazer, one that fit over his shoulders and brought out the outline of his thin waist, paired with slacks that accentuated his long, toned legs. He admired his
reflection in the mirror, while rubbing cologne over neck and wrists. Although he’d never admit it he was thankful Jimin had forced him to go shopping for decent clothes, he snickered at the thought of wearing his sweatshirt and hoodie if he hadn’t.


He turned around
to look at the stunning man in front of him. Taehyung was wearing a red silk shirt that hung loosely around his body but was tucked into high waisted white pants that gave way to his perfect body proportions.

A multitude of rings adorned his fingers & a single dangling earring
hung from his earlobe. And Jungkook wasn’t sure if it was that vision or the faint floral scent the other had on that dizzied his mind.

“Gorgeous.” He whispered watching Taehyung’s cheeks color lightly at the compliment.

“Am I going deaf or did Mr Jeon i-hate-all-idols Jungkook
just compliment me non-ironically?”

Jungkook walked toward him and hooked their arms together, feeling butterflies, were they called, fluttering in his stomach.

“Well, tonight you’re my date and a real gentleman always flatters his date.”

Taehyung nodded, “Hmm, maybe if you
impress me enough tonight, we’ll make it to a second one.”


They sat across from each other at a booth that had an all glass window overlooking the ocean below. The lights were dim and Taehyung and Jungkook awkwardly smiled at each other past the little candles between them.
Soon enough a waitress approached them ready to take their order. Except Taehyung very quickly noticed that she was more interested in getting to know Jungkook than what he wanted to eat.

With the excessive giggling, eyelash batting, and subtle touches Taehyung became irritated.
He cleared his throat, drawing both their attention.

“Excuse me miss,” he hissed, “My /husband/ and I are quite hungry since we’ve had a long exhausting day, would you please hurry with the order?”

The waitress straighted up and nodded with a curt smile. Jungkook noted the
daggers Taehyung was throwing her with his intense gaze, if looks could kill.

Was he /jealous/? Jungkook loved the idea of it.

“Sweetheart, could you also get us a bottle of your best champagne?”
“Of course, cutie.”

That was it, Taehyung got up, angry, hands balled into

“No one calls my husband a cutie but me.”

The girl just threw her head back, “Oh please. You guys aren’t married, where are your wedding rings?”

As much as Jungkook was enjoying watching Taehyung defend him, he didn’t want to create a scene so he calmly pulled Taehyung
back down, this time into his lap, as he gently caressed his cheek, while looking at the girl.

“How dare you accuse my husband and I of not being married on our own honeymoon? I was just trying to be nice but it seems your manager should know how her staff shamelessly flirt with
their patrons?”

The girl seemed to get the message as she finished hitting down their order and ran back to the kitchen. Taehyung got off Jungkook’s lap and sat back in his seat with a huff.

“Hey...you okay?” Jungkook asked.
The truth was, Taehyung wasn’t sure why he’d reacted
that way, after all, him and Jungkook were friends, there was no need to be possessive. And now after the fact, he felt almost embarrassed.

“I-I guess that’s how anyone on a real date would have gotten mad.”

Jungkook smiled at the other fondly, “Were you jealous Taehyungie?”
Taehyung’s heart fluttered at the name of endearment. He just nodded.

“Yeah. If you were my real husband, I would have knocked that girl out. Why’d you call her sweetheart by the way?”

Jungkook chuckled, “If you were my real husband, Kim Taehyung, and we were on a real date I
would have hid you away from the world, because you’re like a glass doll that needs all the protection and love in the world. If you were my real date I wouldn’t have so much been as looked at the girl, because I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away from you, and if you were my
real date, I’d wonder every single minute of every single day, how I got so damn lucky?”

Taehyung’s mouth opened in shock and Jungkook’s eyes widened as he realized the words he’d just said.

And for the second time since meeting him, Taehyung wanted to just reach over grab him
by his collars and kiss him. And that’s when he realized, it was too late, he’d already fallen in love. Fallen in love with the passion that shown in Jungkook’s eyes when he looked through his camera lens, fallen in love with the cute smile and full cheeks.

“H-hey, Jungkook.”
Please change the subject, please change the subject, Jungkook prayed. He hadn’t meant to say what he did, not rationally anyway even though it’s what he felt.

“You never did tell me, why you hate idols so much? And whether I changed your mind about them?”

Taehyung hoped the
answer would be a yes, would be a promise for a future, any future together. But instead he was met with downcast eyes and fidgety hands as Jungkook searches for the right words.

“Tae, maybe one day I’ll be able to tell you, but I can’t yet. I’m not ready, and right now you’re
not an idol, you’re just Taehyung, so no need to change my mind.”

Taehyung nodded, although his thoughts felt cloudier than ever. He was sure Jungkook had grown to like him, even a little, over the time they’d spent together, so his heart couldn’t help but break a little at the
fact that Jungkook still felt the same way. Because after this little break from reality, they’d both return to their old lives. So would Taehyung once again become some random stranger that Jungkook despised?

He shuddered at the thought, deciding to ignore the idea for now.
As they finished up dinner and walked back to their room in silence, the tension hung between them.

In another life, Taehyung thought, their date would have ended differently. They’d probably be swinging gently in each other’s arms, swaying to music that only they could hear.
Jungkook broke the silence first, “Taehyung, sorry if this is a personal question, but I’ve been wondering since I first sat in your car that day after the awards. If you’re one of the biggest and wealthiest idols, how come you have such an average car? Why don’t you own a jet?”
Taehyung couldn’t help but chuckle at the question. So innocent and sincere. He wished he could go back to just a while ago when he liked Jungkook as just a friend, and nothing more.

“Well. I wasn’t exactly born with a silver spoon, so I know how life is like for the less
fortunate. I donate most of my earnings and wealth to soup kitchens, orphanages, and charity organizations. It helps keep me humble and feel like I’m actually doing something of value. Having my own jet, paying excessive amounts of money for material things could never bring me
the happiness that I get from knowing some kid somewhere is going to sleep on a full stomach with a smile on his face, you know?”

Jungkook stopped walking turning to look at Taehyung under the light of the bright moon above them. A look of admiration flickered in his eyes.
“And in the future when I have my own family and kids, I’ll never spoil them to think money or fame is everything, because it’s not.”

Jungkook gulped, it scared him how much he had grown to like Taehyung. And with the answer he’d just gotten, he was now more sure than ever, that
the pounding of his heart wasn’t because he liked Taehyung as a friend. It was because he liked every single fiber of his being. So full of purity and good, unlike what he’d grown up believing. He was so unlike /him/. /He/ had been disgusting and emotionless, but Taehyung was
everything right in the world, and maybe it was this thought that made Jungkook finally blurt out what he’d been holding in for a while.

“C-can I kiss you?”

Taehyung stepped closer, bringing the other close by wrapping his arms around his neck.

“Last night you said if you’d
wanted something from me, you’d take it without asking. So take it.”

And Jungkook did, he took his time with the kiss, felt every inch of Taehyung’s lips, enjoyed the sweet taste of his mouth, palms lingering on his waist, then his hips.

Taehyung broke away first and Jungkook
noticed the tears forming in his eyes.

“Taehyung?” He whispered out.
“I’m sorry Jungkook. I just want to know how you feel about me before we continue, because I really like you. No, that’s not true. I think I love you, & if you don’t feel the same about me, if you still hate
the Taehyung that I’ll have to go back to being on stage, then I don’t want my heart broken. So please take back what you said, please tell me you can see yourself loving me, all of me?”

Jungkook’s hands dropped at the sudden confession. He had gotten so swept away in the moment
he hadn’t realized the gravity of what had just happened, and it scared him, just as much as it scared Taehyung, because as badly as he wanted to reach out and embrace the other and tell him that he was starting to fall in love too, he couldn’t get past the betrayal of the past.
He couldn’t forget what /he’d/ done. And so the tears gushed out of his own eyes, no longer able to look at Taehyung.

“I-I’m sorry Taehyung. I’m not sure, right now.”

And so the two got into bed that night, silent and hurting and fell asleep without another word.


The next morning Taehyung woke up to the sight of Jungkook inches away on his own pillow, still fast asleep. He watched the early sunshine fall across the soft contours of his face. And as recollections of last night came forward, he felt nothing but deep regret.

He should have put his feelings aside, gone with the way things were going, not taken it too seriously. Jungkook was clearly hung up on something from his past, something that he couldn’t get past, atleast not yet, and Taehyung trembled at the thought that whatever progress they
had made, his own haste had just ruined. He rolled over on his back to stare at the sky above. He realized the last thing he wanted now was to lose the friendship the two had developed.

So when Jungkook woke up, scrambling to sit up, and say something, Taehyung said it first,
“Jungkook, listen, I’m sorry for overwhelming you last night and pushing you towards a boundary you established that shouldn’t have been crossed. Please forgive me, I hope we can still enjoy the rest of today and stay friends?”

“Taehyung, I’m so sorry for hurting you, I want to
be with you because I really like you too, just give me some time—“ his words choked into slow sobs, until Taehyung pulled him into his arms.

“Hey. Shh. We don’t have to talk about this or what happened last night. Let’s pretend it was just a dream and take all the time you
need. I’ll always be here.”

“Remember you said you’d kiss me for a body massage. Well you did, so now let’s not be late, even peasants deserve pampering.”

Jungkook laughed, grateful that Tae had chosen to lighten the mood with old jokes. Although now they were laced with pain.

“Jungkook are you okay?” Taehyung asked with a look of concern.

And Jungkook was not, in fact, okay.

Coming to the massage and now the sauna together was not a good idea because Jungkook couldn’t tear his eyes away from Taehyung’s long golden legs, which were covered with
drops of sweat from the heat. He also couldn’t forget the taste of Taehyung’s lips. Sweet, just like the rest of him, and just the thought made his tongue dart out to lick his own.

/Get it together, Jungkook/ he scolded himself. But he did have to commend his self restraint
because in any normal situation, if a man like /that/ was sitting next to him, he would want have done a lot more.

But not in this case, in this case his own sense of respect and care towards Taehyung, who he still had relatively only met recently, surprised him immensely.
So as his body continued to react, his mind reminded him that Taehyung wasn’t the type of person to play around with or use. He was the type of person that deserved unwavering and unconditional love so until Jungkook was sure he could give that to him it’d be better to stay away.
“Yeah I’m fine. It’s just, I really liked it here with you. Us, alone. I wish we could stay here forever.”

Taehyung nodded in understanding. If only that was possible.


A few weeks had passed since Jungkook and Taehyung had returned from their trip. Jungkook had busied
himself with putting the final touches on his video assignment and submitting it. Taehyung was back to his busy schedule filled with recordings and practices, and life in many ways had moved on.

Except for the fact that both men couldn’t get each other out of their minds.
Every time Jungkook shut his eyes he saw Taehyung’s bright smile. And every time Taehyung lay in bed before falling asleep he remembered Jungkook’s cute nose scrunch.


So one Saturday, Jimin could no longer bear to see a moping Jungkook sulking around their dorm.

Jungkook sat down with a huff across the room.

“Listen. Life’s too short to purposely hurt yourself.”
“No, you’re too short.”
“Stop insulting me as a way of deflecting. Talk to me I promise I’ll help. I’ve put up with your annoying self for years.”

Jungkook signed, it was true
And so he told him everything, from their jokes and conversations to their kiss and what happened after.

“So you’re telling me you got to kiss /the/ Kim Taehyung?”

“That’s all you got out of all of this?” Jungkook shook his head.

“What level of dumb are you to reject HIM?”
“I didn’t reject him. Jimin, I think I like him too much. And I want to love him completely, but he’s an idol.”

“Jungkook, but you very well know, he’s nothing like /him/, he could never be. And at some point you need to forgive him and move on, especially now that nothing can
be done about it. See I told you, you’d run away. You’re running right now Jungkook, and it’s not fair to Taehyung. I know he said he’ll wait, but can you guys survive that long. You’ve been crying for weeks now, go talk to him.”

So Jungkook did. He prepared a basket of gifts.
Random foods they both liked, flowers and the CD of the footage of Taehyung he’d collected from their trip. He had edited it together with their favorite song.

And when Taehyung opened the door to a nervous looking Jungkook the next day, holding a basket as large as him, he
breathed out a sigh of relief before hugging him.


Jungkook gulped at the word.

“T-Tae, I missed y-you.”

They stood in the doorway, hugging before Taehyung pulled Jungkook inside, showing him his very average looking house and leading him to his sofa.

“I’m so glad you’re here. What do you wanna do—“

“Tae. I want to talk to you. There’s something I need to tell you.”

Taehyung swung around, his bright smile fading into a serious expression as he watched Jungkook pull a torn photograph out of his wallet.

“Do you know him?”
Taehyung recognized the man to be an older generation idol, one that many current idols looked up to for his fame and talent. It was too bad he had passed away in an unfortunate car crash some years ago.

He nodded at Jungkook.

“He’s my father. Well, was my father.”


Taehyung looked at Jungkook, half expecting him to crack a smile and proclaim he was joking, but there was no such thing. The other simply sat cross legged on the floor, leaning his head back against the sofa, as Taehyung stood frozen, listening.

“My mom and he were childhood
sweethearts, you know. The kind that had promised each other to stay together forever and start a family by the time they even got to high school. They were so in love.

Then he decided to audition for a boy group, and because singing was his passion and both could use the
money, she supported him through his trainee days. She gave up her own education to make sure my father was always fed and taken care of, since both were so far from their families. And right before his debut, they had me.

It hadn’t been planned but they were still very happy.
After his successful first music video, he was on the road a lot for promotions with his group, he came home less and less, and then the excuses began.

My mom was no longer allowed to bring me to meet him in the studio, because if paparazzi caught a glimpse of us, it’d ruin his
image. Apparently no one likes idols they think they can’t have, so someone who was already in a relationship and had a child was not ideal. Then he began spending his free time and days off vacationing in foreign countries with models and engaging in scandals and affairs that my
mom found out only through the news. And yet, she still always reminded me growing up that one day soon when he was done making money he’d come back and we’d finally be a family. So I grew up without him in my life, no presents on birthdays, no one to watch me at my sporting
events, no one to scold me when I started slipping in my classes.

And then one day my mom came home, with a bruise on her eye, like she had been hit, and I didn’t need to know who it was from, because I already knew it was the person she’d sacrificed her life for.

So fueled by my teenage emotions, my pain disguised as rage and anger, I drove to his studio to confront him. And he called me many things that day, a burden for dragging down his career, a beggar just like my mother, and countless other insults, but the one line I clearly
remember was him calling me a mistake. That he didn’t consider me his son and wished he could go back and undo it.

So we both broke off all contact with him, I returned to my life, empty and saddened, and a few years later when we heard of the crash, neither of us shed a tear.”
Jungkook let out a shaky breath, willing the tears that had collected in the corners of his eyes to stay put as Taehyung had sat down in front of him, taking his hands and holding them and pressing their foreheads together.

“So that’s how I grew up resenting idols because he
made me believe they all lost emotions and compassion and became enslaved to their own desire to become more and more famous. That’s the mindset I had when I first met you and that’s the only hesitation that kept me from making you mine any sooner, Tae. I was scared. Because I
have gone through the pain of having a broken family and watching my mom’s love and hope for us fade day by day, until it completely disappeared and I didn’t want that again.

But then I realized you’re nothing like him at all. You’re caring, you’re humble, you’re the greatest
thing to happen to me, and like Jimin said I’d be a fool to let you go. It’s not every day that you get to kiss and hug the most handsome man in the world.” He let out a short giggle.

Taehyung was the one crying now, “Baby, Jungkookie. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, he didn’t
deserve a son like you, look how amazing you turned out to be despite it all. And I completely understand your hesitation when it comes to me. But I can’t imagine a life without you in it. So let’s take things slow. I want to earn your trust and love, and spend every day proving
that I’m nothing like the idol your father was. Even if takes me the rest of my life.”

Jungkook leaned over and hugged Taehyung, so tightly he wasn’t even sure how they were breathing, but they both had serene smiles on their faces.

“I love you, so much, Taehyung. Sorry it
took me so long.”

Taehyung just mumbled into the crook of Jungkook’s neck.

“I can’t hear you, princess.”
“I said, I’m physically never letting go of you again.” Tae said louder, making Jungkook grin once again.

“Good, because I don’t want you to. Ever.”

#taekookau #taekook

Jimin cleared his throat then coughed loudly until Taehyung and Jungkook finally untangled themselves and caught their breaths.

“Literally never thought I’d say this but, you guys are gross.”

The duo laughed and looked at each other. In casual baggy hoodies and messy hair,
they looked like normal boyfriends, no one would have guessed Taehyung was a top idol and Jungkook was hired as his official cameraman.

“Sorry Jimin.” Taehyung meekly replied. “We didn’t see you come in.”

Jimin placed a hand over his heart, “It’s okay, king, I was talking to
Jungkook mostly. You’re perfect.”

Jungkook glared at his roommate, “Is there a reason you interrupted?”

“Yes. Since as of today it’s officially been a year since you two are together, I want my credit. I pushed you to go to the award show, I helped you shop, I pushed you out
the house to go talk to Taehyung. And I’ve gotten nothing in return. I gave you one photocard for the autograph and you never even gave me that.”

“Jimin literally what are you talking about? Taehyung practically lives with us. You still need an autograph?”

“That also doesn’t
make any sense. Why you two prefer to stay in a cramped college dorm when you’re so rich, please move out. Yoongi hyung wants to know when he can move in.”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows, “Wait...”

Jimin nodded, blushing a little.

“In conclusion, I’m mad.”

Taehyung got up to
go hug Jimin. “Sweetie I’m so sorry Jungkook’s such a terrible friend. How about I offer you front row seats for all my concerts from now on and personally deliver signed copies of my albums to you?”

Jimin looked like he was just about to faint. Jungkook took this as his cue to
pick Taehyung up, and start carrying him to their room. “That’s enough Tae, Jimin might explode.”

“Put me down, peasant!” Taehyung laughed. Even though they both knew how much he enjoyed being carried by Jungkook.

Jungkook placed Taehyung on his bed, getting in with him and
cuddling. “So baby, it’s really been a year huh?”

Taehyung flicked his chin, “It would have been longer if you weren’t so emotionally constipated.”

Jungkook laughed, brushing their noses together. “I think we’ve made up for that. Remember the night we met in the car you told
me you wanted to meet someone, fall in love...”

“Call each other goofy nicknames, raise a family together, yes I do.” Taehyung finished, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck.

“I can’t wait for all of that. I know we’re still young, but still.”

Taehyung leaned over to kiss
Jungkook. “I think I finally figured out what present I want to give you today for our anniversary.”

“What’s that?”

“A private performance of the song I sang the night of the awards since you weren’t blessed by my angelic voice.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes but this was true.
Taehyung did have an angelic singing voice, “But you can decide what I wear.” He winked.

Jungkook’s eyes widened, then he smirked.

“Mr Penguiy is too innocent to witness that.”

Taehyung climbed on top of Jungkook, “I was thinking about what Jimin said. He’s right we should
get our own place, you move in with me for now, and let him have his privacy. Mr Penguiy could get his own room too.”

Jungkook grabbed Tae’s neck and brought him down for another kiss.

“That sounds good to me, princess.”

“I love you Kookie.”
“I love you more, Tae.”

-the end
[a/n]: ahh, it’s over :( this was one of those stories i didn’t want to end bc i loved the characters so much, but here we are. truly wanna thank you all for interacting, quoting, and leaving the sweetest comments. look out for a new prompt soon, until then lots of love & joy ♥️
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