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This is a thread, comparing Trump's behavior and tactics, his mental state and the state of the country, to Hitler and Nazi regime. It is by no means comprehensive and I encourage others to, likewise, add to the list for posterity's sake.
Hitler lived in Vienna, establishing his anti-Semitic beliefs. He wrote Mein Kampf to express these ideas.

Trump read Mein Kampf for enjoyment at night during his 1st marriage (per court testimony), memorizing Hitler’s tactics. It's only known book trump has fixated on.
Hitler’s rise depended upon the downtrodden economic position and militarily conquered position of the German people.

Trump rose while corruption, oligarchy & propaganda, along w/GWB’s destruction of economy merged to create an anger & desperation among the former middle class.
Hitler: Fragility of Weimar Germany political system created chaos and dysfunction. Rise of extremist parties. Bent on destroying new German nation. "most imp of these radical anti-Repub parties were communists on left & National Socialists (Nazis) on the right.” ~Paul Bookbinder
Trump: Yrs of pillaging $ assets of mid class by indivs& corps w/financial access to congrssnl leaders, result in laws such as limitation of min wage, etc, eroded power/existence of mid class. Citizen anger at being shut out rose, creating fertile ground for populist candidate.
Hitler murdered his political enemies to consolidate power: "Several conservative opponents of the Nazi regime like former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher or Edgar Julius Jung were murdered during the Night of the Long Knives in 1934.
Trump appears to have conspired on the murder/coverup of journalist Khashoggi, 3 times making excuses for the Saudi prince who is identified by our intelligence agencies as the perpetrator of this heinous crime against our nation. He also worked (unsuccessfully, thus far) to...
... turn over Fethullah Gulen to Erdogan’s corrupt gov. Trump worked to expose r own intelligence assets to Putin, appearing to work for Putin, rather than the United States of America. Russian state television openly mocks their bullet-less takeover of our nation through trump.
Hitler took power and control of Germany through manipulation, not by military force.
Trump is solidifying his power by internal destruction of everything we hv built in this nation for last 100 or more yrs. One by one, he's destroying our institutions from the inside, cheered on by followers who likewise, through their actions, applaud this destruction of...
... our nation. Libertarians & other groups who hv long advocated for destruction of r democracy created a fertile ground for this. Likewise, Koch funded “Tea Party mvmt” was extension of that will 2destroy r way of life, creating one in which weak would fail & fall by roadside..
..A vicious dystopian future.
Hitler was the recipient of a nation, weakened by years of propaganda and corrosive rhetoric.
Trump was the recipient of a nation, weakened by years of (Fox, Koch, et al derived) propaganda and corrosive rhetoric.
Hitler used blanketing of the radio waves to extend his propaganda. He gave away small transistor radios. The only catch: The only station they received was his station.
Trump’s party used the same tactic with a twist. Many wonder why states like WI changed so radically to these vicious beliefs. For at least a decade, Repubs worked to make sure most radio stations viable in WI were the populist, republican propaganda stations. The white males...
..., toiling at work every day, had only one station TYPE to choose from and it was psychologically targeting white males, straight to their brains, all day long, 5 days a week. A propaganda success, if there ever was one. An evil act, if there ever was one.
Hitler controlled message w/help & direction of Goebbels. Goebbels wrote in diary, "No 1 can say ur propaganda is too rough,too mean;these r not criteria by which it may b characterized. It ought not b decent nor ought it be gentle or soft or humble; it ought to lead to success."
Trump has “TrumpTV” with Fox, his self-declared propaganda station. We now have multiple “Goebbels”, including Rupert Murdoch, Fox talking heads and behind the scenes Fox executives, who create message and display it, 24/7, to eager, vicious audiences....
... thenation.com/article/fox-ne… Combining the television propaganda with trump’s own twitter account has been an effective, deplorable system of propaganda to ill educated or ill hearted people.
Hiter: “Germany First."
Trump: “America First”. “MAGA”. “KAG”. The slogan “America First” was initially implemented by Anti-Semitic conservative groups in the United States.
Hitler was appointed "leader of the German Reich for life”
Trump regularly indicates he wants to be leader for life, to not leave office. Unlike our venerated first president who, instead of seizing power, gave it over to the people in perpetuity, trump intends upon a lifelong autocracy. Per his own words. They TELL you what they will do
2010 exhibition in Germany: "The opening coincides with a study published this week in which one in 10 Germans professed they would like a "Führer" figure to “govern Germany with a hard hand", while 35% said they considered the country to be "dangerously overrun" with foreigners.
Trump uses fear of the “other” to keep his racist, misogynist, bigoted flock in order. Muslims. Homosexuals. Mexicans. Women. Anyone other than white male Christians. Racism. Bigotry. Misogyny.
Germans had a fetish for uniforms, flags, and Nazi memorabilia. The swastika was popular and “in your face” aggressively promoted.
Republicans have a fetish for Confederate flags, American flags, trump hats. The trump hat has become the defacto symbol of this fascist administration, like the swastika before it.
Prior to Hitler’s rise, the Nazi opposition groups outpolled Nazis. “...but in a runoff election the following month he outpolled Nazi leader Adolf Hitler by about six million votes.”.
Trump lost the popular vote, even with voter suppression tactics which were vicious and successful, by 3 million votes.
Hitler wanted to rid Germany of the Jews, disabled, homosexuals, Roma and Sinti, and other minorities that did not fit in to his idea of an Aryan race. The Nazis labelled these groups ‘a-social’.
Trump began his campaign by labeling Mexicans as rapists & criminals. He tried to immediately block Muslims from entering U.S. He repeatedly demeaned disabled people. His party is openly anti-homosexual and clearly desires a Christian governance with misogyny at its forefront.
“The point can not be stressed too strong,” says Norman Rich, “Hitler was the master in the Third Reich… in his ultimate control of power and authority, Hitler was indeed the Fuhrer.”
"There is no Republican Party. There’s a Trump party.” ~John Boehner, [R] former Speaker of House. Trump mused “the ppl would demand” he stay in office past a 2nd term, has claimed Congress cannot legally impeach him. Defending right to fire any...
... Executive branch official, even one investigating crimes by him or his associates, Trump casually stated he runs “the country.”
Hitler blamed everyone else for Germany's shortcomings/losses. "Germany did not lose the war on the battlefield, but through betrayal at the home front. Jews, Social Dems, and Communists were held responsible.” Blaming of others was key to bullying takeover.
Trump immediately blames others for every setback, every day. Reminiscent of an out of control 2nd grade bully. He will even blame his own party members if he cannot find another scapegoat. Today’s derision of Senator Romney is just one of the daily examples.
Hitler was not a Christian, but utilized Christian rhetoric to gain power. "In his book Mein Kampf and in public speeches prior to and in the early years of his rule, he described himself as a Christian. Hitler and the Nazi party promoted “Positive Christianity”…”
Trump is clearly not a Christian, has reportedly paid for 8 abortions, knows nothing about the Bible, as indicated by his utterances. However, power hungry Christian coalition and millions of Christian Evangelicals are his base, ignoring his ...
...vicious behavior, with goal to establish U.S. Theocracy. The leaders support corrupt fossil fuel industry for personal gain. Many Christian leaders have indulged in his corrupt business deals. washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/0…
Hitler established Concentration Camps, which later became Death Camps for millions.
Trump established Concentration Camps, whose conditions increasingly mimick Hitler’s camps. Reports of no food, water only available out of toilets, deaths of numerous kids due to poor conditions, massive weight loss of children there for only weeks, loss...
... of children and inability to track their whereabouts, and a horribly secretive nature of these obviously unnecessary detention facilities makes the rising concern of genocide apropos.
White Supremacists love Hitler.

White Supremacists love Trump.
Nazis campaigned on the need to secure borders from Jews fleeing persecution in Russia.
Trump campaigned on the need to secure borders from Muslims fleeing worldwide persecution and war.
Hitler can best be described as a malignant narcissist. Narcissism is characterized by persons who have grandiose and infallible sense of self, little to no empathy or compassion for others and lacking remorse or shame. A malignant narcissist adds sadism to the mix.
Many prominent psychiatrists have noted that trump appears to be a sociopath and a malignant narcissism.
Sadism: Hitler used to play 'prac jokes' on staff by pretending 2b incensed. Nothing comp to how he acted w/July 20th plotters. He ordered men hung by piano wire &hv anguish recorded so he cld watch it later. He is said to have watched these morbid films many times and loved it.
Trump is a sadist. "Malignant narcissism is a combination of 4 traits, which includes narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality disorder (psychology of a criminal and someone who routinely lies) & sadism.” ~Dr. John Gartner The sadist aspects of Trump’s apparent...
... mental illness, acc to Gartner, means “he is driven & gets intense pleasure from harming, humiliating, & degrading other ppl.” “I’m not saying he’s Hitler. I’m saying he has same psychology. He’s of same type, cut from the same cloth…. He is someone,...
....who if given the chance, would enact that same kind of destructive agenda.”
Hitler was unconstrained by prior standards and quickly, through a suspicious fire at Reichstadt, seized power of his nation.
Trump is clearly unrestrained by democratic norms and has, multiple times since prior to his election, verbalized an interest in nuclear weapons and questioned why we don’t use them more often. He has now....
... sent troops to Saudi Arabia, the nation which was responsible for 9/11. He is aware that if he is put out of office, he will be immediately indicted, making his retention of his office for life a personal imperative.
Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Saddam Hussein all regularly purged staff. This tendency of malignant narcissists reflect paranoia abt own staff. They ...
...keep purging so anyone w/independence r purged& results only “yes men”. They want to be able 2act out worst impulses- anyone who constrains them becomes their worst enemy.
Trump has had the largest inexplicable turnover of staff in the history of our nation. Additionally, instead of getting them approved by the senate, he is using an historic number of “Acting Heads of Departments” to allow him to...
... purge his replacements just as easily. Dr. Gartner states, “there is literally nothing Trump won’t do…. He is going to try and take as many of us down as he can before he will resign.”
Hitler was a liar. He admitted that the closer he got to people, the more often he would lie. Once he was given a basket of all the treaties he had broken and cried from laughter. He also...
... had a dim view of morality in general, calling conscience a “Jewish invention.” In fact, Hitler projected many of his own character failings on the Jews. He called them dishonest and deceitful when he himself was insincere.
Trump is a liar. He has told obscene lies on a more than daily basis, over 20,000 lies at last count.
Nazis wanted to “BUILD THE WALL”: Benjamin Carter Hett’s history of Hitler’s rise, The Death of Democracy, notes Germans freq lamented their “bleeding border” of immigrant Jews fleeing Russian persecution on East. “Certainly we want to build a wall, a protective wall,” ~Goebbels.
Trump wants to “BUILD A WALL” and he added the racist “Make Mexicans pay for it”. A double whammy. Unsuccessfully, thus far.
After the Nazi rise to power in 1933, Hitler created his own military force. He established Wehrmacht, a modern offensively-capable armed force, fulfilling Nazi regime's long-term goals of regaining lost territory as well as gaining new territory and dominating its neighbors.
Trump, from the beginning of his presidency, established his own, privately paid security force. politico.com/story/2016/12/…
Hitler attacked his domestic foes.
Trump attacks his domestic foes. realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/…
Adolf Hitler was an extreme anti-Semite, convicted traitor, and leader of a violent paramilitary force. In a remarkable press campaign, the Nazis reinvented him as a genial Bavarian gentleman.
Trump was a longstanding FAILED businessman who turned to the Russian mob for support, in turn laundering their ill gotten gains for decades. Through a reality show, he has portrayed himself to his followers as a strong, successful businessman.
Hitler’s agenda made many people and corporations wealthy. Companies such as IBM, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, The Associated Press (AP), Kodak (who used...
... corporate sleight of hand to profit and who has never apologized for their role), Bayer (the maker of the Zyklon B gas used in Death Camps, and who apologized), and Hugo Boss are just a few.
Trump made many wealthy, to include his own illegal, immoral self enrichment. Oil companies, media companies, aluminum and steel companies, private prisons (deplorably making....
... money from building and staffing his concentration camps, among others), pharmaceutical companies, banking and investment companies, and lastly but certainly not least, the defense industry.
Hitler took credit for economic prosperity which he did not cause.
Trump took credit for economic prosperity created by Obama, then doubled down with tariffs to destroy not only our economy, but upset the balance of economic power in the world against us.
Wealthy individuals and corporations supported Hitler because they rightfully thought Hitler would enrich them.
Wealthy individuals and corporations support Trump in order to benefit from his tax breaks, which enriched the wealthy and did nothing for the middle class. At the EXPENSE of the middle class. They know where their bread is buttered, the middle class does not.
Hitler gained Catholic support by introducing new favorable rules (which were lies, of course) and the Christian group ceased obstruction to his forward motion.
Trump uses the fake political gambit of “pro life” (which are lies, of course, as European reports say trump has paid for at least 8 abortions that we know of) to gain uniform Evangelical support. The U.S. Christian church may never recover from its association with these thugs.
As innocents fled Germany, they again found themselves under German rule as Hitler rapidly took parts of Europe. Many were prevented from coming as refugees to the United States and many perished for this short sighted behavior.
Trump has indicated a desire for war regarding multiple countries now. It is unclear what is stopping him, but at some point, he will not fail. A secure refuge on earth may be impossible if he secures the full control of the wealthiest nation on earth.
Hitler demonstrated a previously unheard of level of cruelty. Hitler didn’t massacre millions in 1936. It started w/words, it accelerated w/obscene actions that went nearly entirely unchallenged, and culminated with his minions committing some of the worst atrocities in history.
Trump completely lacks any conscience whatsoever, demonstrated by his treatment of asylum seekers. It is more than clear, his accelerating...
... and intellectually, emotionally and spiritually obscene behavior is going nearly entirely unanswered. This is an abomination to our knowledge of history. WE KNOW HOW THIS STORY ENDS.
#ImpeachTheMF and put him and all his people in prison. We didn't jail them the last time and they grew, like a bad petri culture. THEY HAVE TO BE DEALT WITH NOW.
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