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1. Discurso do Presidente Jair Bolsonaro na abertura da Assembléia Geral da ONU.
"Mr. President of the General Assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, Mr. UN Secretary General, António Guterres, Heads of State, Government and Delegation, Ladies and gentlemen,
2. I present to you a new Brazil, which resurfaces after being on the brink of socialism.
A Brazil that is being rebuilt from the yearnings and ideals of its people.
In my government, Brazil has been working to regain confidence in the world, reducing unemployment,
3. ...violence and the risk to business by reducing bureaucracy, deregulation and, in particular, by example.
My country was very close to socialism, which put us in a situation of widespread corruption, severe economic recession, high crime rates and uninterrupted attacks ...
4. ...on family and religious values that shape our traditions.
5. In 2013, an agreement between the workers' party
(PT) government and the Cuban dictatorship brought to Brazil 10,000 doctors without any professional proof. They were prevented from bringing spouses and children, had 75% of their wages confiscated by the regime...
6. ... and were prevented from enjoying fundamental rights, such as coming and going.
Actually slave job, believe me ...
7. Supported by human rights entities from Brazil and the UN!
Even before taking office, almost 90% of them left Brazil through unilateral actions by the Cuban regime. Those who have decided to stay will undergo medical qualification to practice their profession.
8. In this way, our country no longer contributes to the Cuban dictatorship, no longer sending $ 300 million to Havana every year.
History tells us that as early as the 1960s, Cuban agents were sent to various countries to collaborate in the implementation of dictatorships.
9. A few decades ago they tried to change the Brazilian regime and other Latin American countries.
They were defeated!
Brazilian civilians and soldiers were killed and many others had their reputations destroyed, but we won that war and safeguarded our freedom.
10. In Venezuela, these agents of the Cuban regime, led by Hugo Chávez, also arrived and today there are approximately 60,000, who control and interfere in all areas of local society, especially Intelligence and Defense.
11. Venezuela, once a thriving and democratic country, today is experiencing the cruelty of socialism.
Socialism is working in Venezuela!
All (the people) are in poverty and without freedom!
12. Brazil also feels the impacts of the Venezuelan dictatorship. Of the more than 4 million who fled the country, part migrated to Brazil, fleeing hunger and violence. We have done our part to help them through the Welcomed Operation, carried out by the Brazilian Army ...
13. ... and praised worldwide. We work with other countries, including the US, to restore democracy in Venezuela, but we also work hard to ensure that other countries in South America do not experience this disastrous regime.
14. The Foro de Sao Paulo, a criminal organization created in 1990 by Fidel Castro, Lula and Hugo Chavez to spread and implement socialism in Latin America, is still alive and has to be fought.
15. Ladies and gentlemen,
In pursuit of prosperity, we are adopting policies that bring us closer to other countries that have developed and consolidated their democracies.
There can be no political freedom without economic freedom as well. And vice versa.
16. The free market, concessions and privatizations are already present today in Brazil.
The economy is reacting by breaking the vices and strings of nearly two decades of fiscal irresponsibility, state rigging and widespread corruption. Openness, competent management and ...
17. ... productivity gains are immediate goals of our government.
18. We are opening the economy and integrating with global value chains. In just eight months, we concluded the two largest trade agreements in the country's history, those signed between Mercosur and the European Union and between Mercosur and the European Free Trade Area, EFTA.
19. We plan to move forward with several other agreements in the coming months.
We are also ready to begin our process of joining the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). We are already advanced, adopting the highest worldwide practices in all areas, ...
20. ... from financial regulation to environmental protection.
21. Ms YSANY KALAPALO, now let's talk about Amazon. Firstly, my government has a solemn commitment to the preservation of the environment and sustainable development for the benefit of Brazil and the world. Brazil is one of the countries richest in biodiversity and mineral wealth
22. Our Amazon is larger than all of Western Europe and remains virtually untouched. Proof that we are one of the countries that most protect the environment.
23. At this time of year, dry weather and winds favor spontaneous and criminal burning. It is noteworthy that there are also burnings practiced by Indians and local populations, as part of their respective culture and way of survival.
24. Problems any country has them. However, the sensational attacks we have suffered from much of the international media due to the Amazon fires have aroused our patriotic sentiment.
25. It is a fallacy to say that the Amazon is a World Heritage Site and a misconception, as scientists attest, that our forest is the lung of the world.
Using these fallacies, one country or another, instead of helping, embarked on the lies of the media and ...
26. behaved disrespectfully with a colonialist spirit. They questioned what is most sacred to us: our sovereignty!
One of them at the G7 meeting dared to suggest applying sanctions to Brazil without even listening to us.
27. I am grateful to those who have not accepted to carry out this absurd proposal. In particular, to President Donald Trump, who well synthesized the spirit that must prevail among UN countries: respect for the freedom and sovereignty of each of us.
28. Today, 14% of the Brazilian territory is demarcated as indigenous land, but we must understand that our natives are human beings, just like any of us. They want and deserve to enjoy the same rights as all of us.
29. I want to make it clear: Brazil will not increase its already demarcated area as indigenous land to 20%, as some heads of state would like to see it happen.
There are 225 indigenous peoples in Brazil, as well as references from 70 tribes living in isolated places.
30. Each people or tribe with their chief, their culture, their traditions, their customs and especially their way of seeing the world.
31. The vision of an indigenous leader does not represent that of all Brazilian Indians. Often some of these leaders, such as Cacique Raoni, are used as a ploy by foreign governments in their information warfare to advance their interests in the Amazon.
32. Unfortunately, some people, inside and outside Brazil, supported by NGOs, insist on treating and keeping our Indians as true cavemen.
33. Brazil now has a president who cares about those who were there before the Portuguese arrived. The Indian does not want to be a poor landowner on rich lands. Especially from the richest lands in the world. This is the case of the Ianomâmi and Raposa Serra do Sol reserves.
34. In these reserves, there is a great abundance of gold, diamond, uranium, niobium and rare earths, among others. And these are huge territories. The Ianomâmi Reserve alone has approximately 36,679.70 square miles the size of Portugal or Hungary, ...
35. although only 15,000 Indians live in this area. This shows that those who attack us are not concerned with the Indian human being, but with the mineral wealth and biodiversity in these areas.
The United Nations has played a key role in overcoming colonialism and cannot accept that this mentality returns to these halls and corridors under any pretext.
34. We must not forget that the world needs to be fed. France and Germany, for example, use more than 50% of their territories for agriculture, while Brazil only uses 8% of land for food production.
35. 61% of our territory is preserved!
Our policy is zero tolerance for crime, including environmental crimes.
I want to reaffirm my position that any initiative to help or support the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, or other biomes, must be...
36. treated in full respect of Brazilian sovereignty. We also reject attempts to instrumentalize environmental issues or indigenous policy in favor of external political and economic interests, especially those disguised as good intentions.
We are ready to, in ...
37. ... partnerships, and adding value, sustainably harness our full potential.
38. Brazil reaffirms its uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of human rights, to defense of democracy freedom of expression, religion and press freedom.
39. It is a commitment that goes hand in hand with the fight against corruption and crime, urgent demands of the Brazilian society. We will continue to contribute, inside and ...
40. ... outside the United Nations, to building a world where there is no impunity, hiding or shelter for criminals and corrupt people.
33. In my government, Italian terrorist Cesare Battisti fled Brazil, was arrested in Bolivia and extradited to Italy. Three other Paraguayan and one Chilean terrorists, who lived in Brazil as political refugees, were also returned to their countries.
34. Terrorists under the guise of persecuted politicians will no longer find refuge in Brazil. Earlier, socialist presidents before me diverted hundreds of billions of dollars by buying part of the media and parliament, all for a project of absolute power.
35. They were judged and punished thanks to the patriotism, perseverance and courage of a judge who is a symbol in my country, Dr. Sérgio Moro, our current Minister of Justice and Public Security.
41. These presidents also transferred many of these resources to other countries to promote and implement similar projects throughout the region. This source of funds has dried up.
42. These same rulers came here every year and made uncompromising speeches on topics that never met Brazil's real interests or contributed to world stability. Even so, they were applauded.
43. In my country, we had to do something about the nearly 70,000 #homicides and the countless violent crimes that annually massacred the Brazilian population. Life is the most basic of human rights.
44. Our #military police were the prime target of crime. In 2017 alone, about 400 military #police officers were cruelly murdered. This is changing.
45. Measures were taken and we were able to reduce the number of homicides by more than 20% in the first six months of my administration.
Seizures of #cocaine and other #drugs have reached record levels.
46. Today Brazil is safer and even more hospitable. We have just extended visa waiver to countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia and Canada, and are considering adopting similar measures for China and India, among others.
47. With more security and with these facilities, we want everyone to know Brazil, and especially our Amazon, with all its vastness and natural beauty.
It is not being devastated or consumed by fire, as the media has lied. Each of you can prove what I am talking about now.
48. Do not miss Brazil, it is very different from that printed in many newspapers and televisions!
Transcription of Mr. Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, speech to the UN General Assembly
(... to be continued)
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