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Isaac Kappy MEGA Thread Part 1

I've been taking a time off my large threads but I've decided to do at least 2 a month. Simple premise: 20+ chained tweets with pictures & vast research denouncing the scumbags who had it coming.

LARPs don't like me. Let's keep it that way.
Isaac (2/17/1977-5/13/2019) was an actor, writer, producer & indie musician who came out vs the establishment by denouncing the prevalent pedophilia in Hollywood, the music industry & politics; knowing that by doing this he would get black listed by friends & colleagues alike.
During a live Periscope stream on 7/22/2018, he denounced Seth Green & wife Clare Grant as pedos & confirmed rumors on others like Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, James Gunn, Lloyd Kaufman, Yarvo & others. The mainstream media relentlessly attacked his character shortly after.
Isaac was the frontman for the L.A. based indie band Monster Paws, whose sound was described as music that “sounds like yer winning something.” Kappy formed another band named Charles McMansion, whose first official video T.I.P. debuted in 2015 on S4 of Vanderpump Rules finale.
Isaac began his acting career in 2006, his most important role was in Thor (2011). He also co-wrote two short films in 2007, Time Cougars and The Surrogate. He also appeared as an extra on the critically acclaimed AMC show Breaking Bad, where he played a "rowdy prisoner".
Isaac posted on Twitter: “People are talking a lot about #pedophile jokes. The craziest pedo joke I ever heard was when Seth turned to me and said ‘this is where we keep the children!’ As he was pulling back a secret bookshelf that revealed a hidden room at his Malibu house.”
The “#pedophile jokes” Isaac was referring to included the massive collection of pedo-laced tweets that resurfaced from Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, as well as questionable tweets from other major players in Hollywood that Mossad shill Mike Cernovich "exposed".
Isaac named other major players in what he described as an international child trafficking ring: The Rothschilds, the Bronfmans (NXIVM), Jimmy Savile, Macaulay Culkin, Oprah, Harvey Weinstein & Marina Abramovic. “The higher you go, the more sick it gets.”
Issac said Seth Green invited him to join the Illuminati in 2018, stating that he would be given "$250K a year & any car that he wanted". This after a dinner party w/ the couple where Green told Isaac that they "needed to talk about chicken". Pedo slang for very young children.
On 7/30/2018 Isaac appeared for his 1st interview regarding his claims on YouTube channel Lift the Veil w/Nathan Stolpman. Isaac claimed that he'd been leaking info to the NSA via the QAnon board on 8Chan & via anonymous tips with the DHS.
Enter Michael Whalen, best known as "Vegan Mikey", an alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor who was interviewed by Nathan Stolpman on Lift The Veil. Mikey said he attended parties in Portland, Oregon where he witnessed children being taken to private rooms w/ adults.
Mikey said one of the parties was at Trey Shannon's home, Voodoo Doughnuts co-owner. Within days & with no reason provided, YouTube removed the interview. Articles were published by the MSM linking Isaac, Mikey, Voodoo Doughnuts & Comet Ping Pong, QAnon & all things #Pizzagate.
Enter Macaulay Culkin, the once retired child actor who denounced some Hollywood horrors while living in Paris. He was brought back in & used for damage control for Spielberg, Hanks & Green, appearing on Joe Rogan's podcast speaking casually of his "Hollywood experiences".
Culkin once claimed he heard from a Hollywood exec Heather O'Rourke was not only abused & murdered, but also used to tailor some human leather red shows, shoes used by lots of pedos. Culkin seems to have been reprogrammed & sent to also discredit Isaac. Bunny Ears is disturbing.
Enter Paris Jackson, who has been part of the "system" ever since her father died; in fact there's rumors that she was abused by an "uncle". She's Culkin's goddaughter and their relationship is kinda weird. She accused Isaac of choking her up at a gathering, which Isaac denied.
Enter Robert "the Deplorable", who alleged similar abuse had happened to children in Auburn, Indiana, adding that leaders in the small town were complicit in covering up the abuse & were part of a satanic cult. A few days later another citizen confirmed Robert's story.
In September, Isaac & Vegan Mikey recorded a Skype video in which Isaac attempts to clear up a few things, including what happened with PayPal freezing Mikey’s account, the attacks by Gabe Hoffman from An Open Secret and the (TRUE) rumors that Mikey was a convicted felon.
Kappy appeared at the 2018 Politicon conference photographed w/ Zionist social media princess Laura Loomer and Media Matters mastermind David Brock, before he skipped the country to spend a summer in Australia. Once there, he stayed at SRA survivor Fiona Barnett's house.
In the first scope Fiona & Isaac did together in Australia, they specifically spoke about the AZ National Guard (Camp Navajo) and two people Fiona outed as FBI informants who also worked for the National Guard. They also called out Gabe Hoffman, Craig Sawyer, and Richard Branson.
Richard Branson’s island in the British Virgin Islands was rented several times for NXIVM events. Necker island is close from Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was also listen on Epstein's black book, further confirming his involvement.
It's here where things got really weird, Fiona & Isaac had a falling out due to a number of things but mainly due to Isaac's friendship & business ordeals w/ known blood diamond trafficker Peter "Elaihi" Priest, who has been caught lying constantly about what happened.
At the time, Fiona suspected Isaac of being connected to the dodgy dossier psychological operation launched against her. Eliahi Priest was part of the “Insignia Gate” operation; he's linked to a number of dodgy events, like claiming he had illegal Uranium in his possession.
It seems it was reported Elaihi paid for Isaac's plane ticket to Australia, which seems odd. Why would a blood diamond mercenary counterintelligence buffoon be interested in Isaac at all? Elaihi has proven he doesn't care about SRA survivors, why would he want to help Isaac?
He didn't. It was a plan to entrap Fiona who had recently pissed off some MI6/CIA assets working with the ITNJ commission against child sex trafficking. Fiona's testimony was deliberately censored by Sacha Stone, the head of the commission but she released her uncensored version.
I'll publish part 2 in 24 hours, should I create a new Tweet for part 2 or add to this one? I'd like to hear the preferred way for readers!

I will continue up until Kappy's death explaining exactly what I think happened & exposing most of these Mossad Media Matrix LARPs.
Isaac Kappy MEGA Thread Part 2

After the plan to entrap Fiona was sabotaged by Isaac himself, he goes back to the US. Eliahi kept $18K+ worth of BTC that Isaac meant to invest in blood diamonds to sell them in the US & make a profit. EP says they had a falling out over Q, LOL.
Gabe Hoffman, producer of An Open Secret, mercilessly attacked Isaac on Twitter upon his arrival. He claims to be an advocate for victims of child sex abuse and child trafficking, but spends a huge % of his time online harshly bashing victims & whistle blowers who come forward.
Isaac talks about John Brennan & his involvement in getting visas for the 9/11 terrorists. He also links Huma Abedin to Carlos Slim & John Cusack. During his last Periscopes he focused more on Jeffrey Epstein, calling him the keystone of the whole elite human trafficking rings.
Isaac believed Epstein was controlling all the major pedogate LARPs in what he named the "Mossad Media Matrix" including names like Hoffman, Benza, Loomer, Cernovich, Jones & the Podesta group. He called this Periscope "Brackets & Jackets".
The AZ Dept of Public Safety stated that Isaac died after he “forced himself off” a bridge the morning of 5/13. He jumped to his death off a Transwestern Road bridge near Bellemont, Arizona onto I40, where he was hit by a passing pickup truck whose driver didn't give a statement
"Authorities said 2 teenagers driving by got out of their vehicle and tried to physically restrain Kappy from jumping, but failed. No one else was injured during the incident and the investigation has been closed."

The 20 ft bridge seems like the strangest choice for a suicide.
Tom Hanks, the A-lister called out by Isaac as a pedo, tweeted about “roadkill” on Route 66 while filming a movie in Albuquerque where Isaac was from. Posted 42 days before Isaac "jumped". He was 42. Masonic symbolism? You can see a cap in the dirt with a P carved in it "Cappy?"
The red handkerchief package said 1977-made in CA. Isaac's DOB is 2/17/1977 & it being placed over the green handkerchief w/ Breaking Bad's RV is clearly Hanks boasting about the Cabal's latest sacrifice. Red in freemasonry represents the 2nd half of the Hegelian Dialectic.
"Throw down the gauntlet", referring to the practice of challenging someone to a duel by throwing your gauntlet (glove) down in front of the person you're challenging.

Isaac’s IMDB page was updated with news of his demise. His nickname was changed to “Judas Iscariot”... by who?
BART GRAVES was the department of public safety spokesperson for Isaac‘s death. He is also the spokesperson for the DNC w/links to the Clinton Foundation & Warner Bros pictures. Arizona is said to be dominated by the mob & human traffickers who bribe the police on the regular.
Isaac’s Clues (from last Periscope):

“It happened a few days ago. Bad things are coming my way; I can assure you of that. I crossed a line I shouldn’t have crossed.”

He sabotaged the plan to set Fiona up. Betraying EP & the Cabal set him up for execution. A "Judas Iscariot".
What he did could still endanger people, he knew he was going to be killed & sounded defeated. “I didn’t take money. I gambled on something stupid, it was, 'Oh, look at that'. Without thinking!” BLOOD DIAMONDS.

Someone said "Blink twice if you are under duress", & he did.
Immediately after his death Kayla & Michelle (neighbor & landlord) started streaming, going through Isaac's things, bank statements (Illegally) while acting suspicious. "No use crying over spilled milk" & quoting Tom Hanks's film "The Green Mile". Cabal witches & their mockery.
I start paying attention to Robert the Deplorable who dissected Michelle & Kayla's behavior accurately. Simultaneously he begins to entrap Vegan Mikey into exposing himself, asking for $ and names in exchange for publishing Isaac's dead man's switch, which he never publishes.
Mikey denied any involvement even after Robert exposed Kappy seemed to be 2 steps behind Isaac's location before he died. Turns out Mikey "forgot his mobile" in Nevada, convenient huh? No GPS tracking, no timestamps. He was in the hospital the day Isaac was killed, coincidence?
Gabe Hoffman, an avid detractor of both Isaac & Mikey suddenly decided to intervene in something that wasn't his business, claiming Robert & me were insane for saying Mikey might had been involved. Hoffman flip flops worst than Hillary, figures why his family are avid HRC fans.
1 time is fine, but when Robert got attacked (some doubt him but I believe it) Mikey was AGAIN in the ER this time due to a bar brawl! Robert was hung w/an electric cord & only survived as the cord broke. Two times in which someone got killed (or almost) & Mikey had an alibi.
Before his death, Isaac left an ominous message on IG, all the previous content was deleted. In the post, he signed out with the legend "RETURN OF THE KING". That's the name of one of Eliahi Priest's AWFUL hip hop songs, you can see him coked up rapping on FB video & Soundcloud.
Let's take a look at Priest's posts on May 12, looks like someone got paid big! Now, you could argue he paid for diamonds w/gold or viceversa & that no one would be that stupid & brag after arranging a murder. Never underestimate Elaihi's stupidity, expendable spies?
I personally believe Kappy was set up for murder by the MEGA group (Wexner, Epstein, Spielberg), as the financial arm of Mossad, they hired Elaihi Priest as a mercenary via Gabe Hoffman & Craig Sawyer. Mikey sold out for the $18K+ BTC Priest had kept from Kappy to get it done.
Hoffman is Blackcube Intelligence. Elaihi was used as a disposable mercenary. His rep is so bad even other LARPs are using him as a scapegoat. Hoffman is simply doing Spielberg/Hanks/Geffen's bid, managing the LARP squad. Defango was probably used as an intermediary for the hire.
Tom Hanks is a freemason, level unknown. Steven Spielberg is a 33° freemason & makes sense they would know of the hit if they set the plan up, THEY KNEW, and Eliahi KNEW. Can't you see? Freemasons & "intergalactic" Knights Templar wannabes get along, see for yourself...
Craig Sawyer being a LARP based in AZ & a trained killer might have been involved, at the very least he was deflecting & informed just like Defango, Lestat, Unirock & all the other cretins who are out there still to this day trying to dox, entrap & confuse whoever is researching.
When I created this diagram, people like Sacha Stone & Eliahi Priest reacted up in arms. Others like Phoenix Enigma & Defango mocked it. No, I don't think the LARPs like PE & D are Mossad! LOL, they are hired shills to spread disinfo & muddle the waters.
PART 3: I know many follow Phoenix Enigma & he is a decent host. I'm no troll, I give credit where credit is due. But he is shady, gives airtime to shady witnesses & publishes fake videos of Issac dead Ctrl+V'd on the bridge. Why publish that & not reveal the source? Malicious.
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