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1. A couple days ago I started a thread asking if Mitt Romney was supposed to have been Q+? I got attacked right away. My message wasn't clear.

I was trying to ask, was the 2012 Republican candidate supposed to have started #TheGreatAwakening?

2. The visceral and direct attacks against me by #QAnon showed there's still a lot of emotion based thinking out there, and not enough logical thinking. It also showed my contributions for nearly 2 years have earned me little to no equity. There was blood in the water!
3. I posted a follow up clarifying my question. No effect.

As I should have done in the first place; here's a thread that will detail exactly why I posed this question. The facts are mind boggling! Was the 2012 election supposed to start the #PATRIOT movement in this country?
4. There had been 4 terrible years of Hussein. He destroyed the nation's morale. He hates America, hates our troops, hates police, encourages violence, openly supported black lives matter and pushed socialism. We had seen HRC's time with him, the abuse of office, the corruption.
5. There were a LOT of pissed off Americans who were "Waking Up" to what was happening. A muslim terrorist sympathizer in office, running illegal guns to terrorists and cartels, and calls for acceptance and tolerance of society destroying movements topped it all off.
6. People throughout the world saw an American president bowing to dictators, pledging to kings, apologizing for America's exceptionalism and systematically breaking the nation down to prepare it for socialism. America was ready for a change.
7. What really sparked my interest in all of this is the marked changes that @realdonaldtrump went through in his opinions towards Romney. In 2011, Trump had openly and heavily supported the then Massachusetts Governor.

8. Trump put his hat in the ring for a 2012 run but backed out in May of 2011.

"Donald Trump bows out of 2012 US presidential election race...announces he will not seek the Republican nomination, claiming he is 'not ready to leave the private sector'"

9. Trump left the race in plenty of time to make sure a front runner didn't lose votes on him. He was being strategic in making sure Romney had full GOP support.

If Trump had already been approached by #QTeam, why drop out so early and support Romney?
10. Donald Trump wholeheartedly endorsed Mitt Romney. Interesting how much applause Trump got when he endorsed him. Trump, according to the media at the time, was irrelevant to the 2012 presidency. Yet, Romney was GRATEFUL for the endorsement!

11. On February 3rd 2012, Trump was interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer regarding Trump's endorsement of Romney. Blizter asked Trump if he would give financially to Romney's campaign, Trump responded with "I'll do whatever it takes to get him elected".

12. To just think. A few days ago a bunch of you called me stupid, an idiot, lost, ignorant, a shill, or a sheep...because I asked if Romney was supposed to have been Q+?


Thanks Anons, thanks for the respect.
13. "According to Cohen, Trump has given millions to SuperPACs supporting Romney's campaign, and is also one of the campaign's "bundlers" — an exclusive group of big-money fundraisers who the Romney campaign has kept secret."

14. Trump made several media statements endorsing Mitt Romney, this one may be the most grand. Trump was sold out for Romney, explaining how he was going to easily beat Hussein. There's something significant said here at the 6 minute mark. Check it out!

15. I could go on and on here. There's over 300 tweets from Donald Trump congratulating, supporting, endorsing and committing to finance Romney. He says repeatedly that Romney is the right man for the job. Type in Romney on this Trump twitter archive.

16. But in September 2012, doubt seemed to creep in. Trump continued to support Romney unabashedly but every few days, Trump began to see the cracks in Romney's armor and his strategy. Trump began asking, why isn't Romney attacking here or there, on this issue or that?
17. All the way through election night Trump supported Romney. Right down to the wire. Still, Trump had started to see something was going wrong with the Romney campaign in mid September and continued to push advice and questioning why Romney was doing what he was doing.
18. Many say October 23rd debate was where Romney lost the vote. He openly praised Hussein for killing bin laden. He cowered under hussein's accusations and lost his train of thought several times, neglecting to go after hussein where he could have. That was the turn in the tide.
19. Then, the unthinkable. ""He wanted to be president less than anyone I've met in my life. He had no desire... to run," Tagg Romney said. "If he could have found someone else to take his place... he would have been ecstatic to step aside.""

20. Trump responded. He released a tweet verifying the discovery that Romney never wanted to be president. Then, the questions started coming. The big one, how could Hussein win with over 8,000,000 losing their jobs in Hussein's first term?

21. Then, a stark turn. Trump began rolling out insults and the jabs at Romney. It became more serious and eventually, accusations of affiliations with W Bush and Hussein started. There were dozens of tweets, to many to post them all. This may be when DJT started receiving intel.
22. “Frankly, he just choked, choked like a dog, and we cannot allow that to happen again. The Romneycare is still with you, many other issues including the 47% statement that’s going to be brought up again, and he’ll lose for the same reason,”" - Trump

23. Trump really laid into Romney in early 2015 and it got heated. The accusations went from broad to specific, far passed politics and into claims of Romney being aligned with "The Establishment", now known as the #DeepState. Then, BAM. Trump starts talking about Stuart Stevens.
24. Trump started slamming Stevens, degrading him for Romney's campaign failing in 2012. HOWEVER, a term came to light that all of us in #QAnon are familiar with and suddenly, the whole damn thing starts to make sense. CLOWN.

Stevens may very well have been old guard ClA.
25. There's another little key thing here, Trump begins referring to Stuart Stevens, aka the CLOWN, as Romney's campaign manager. That's incorrect. In fact, Romney's 2012 campaign manager was Matt Rhoades. Interestingly enough, Rhoades never really comes up in ANY Trump tweets.
26. Romney went as far as being in a Clinton campaign ad, to make sure Trump lost in 2016. Anybody know what that Supreme Court mention is? Not sure I understand its relevance. So, since the twitter storm by Trump about Romney during the 2012 and 2016 elections, things have...
27. ...once again seemed to die down. Romney apparently called Trump to congratulate him on his POTUS victory. Or, perhaps DJT was just trolling :)

Trump's attitude has in fact turned to one of support towards Romney. All the way to being cordial and even endorsing Romney's...
28. ...senate run in Utah, which he won. I believe there's something to Trump outing Stuart Stevens, yet never once mentioning Matt Rhoades or really anybody else from Romney's campaign. Was Stuart Stevens outed as a CLOWN by POTUS to make sure we knew who and what he was?
29. And, if he was Romney's handler, was it forced or was it friendly? So, back to this video by @POTUS on the 23rd.

Strangely enough, Stuart Stevens reposted DJT's video of Romney, of course, with his foolish shilling attached.

30. I find it ironic that Stevens account is not blue checked. After all, he's a big wig political consultant and campaign manager, right? He's been in and out of presidential election campaigns, rolled capital hill, etc. And yet, here he is, one of us little peons. Shunned much?
31. His account is nothing but diatribe and anti-Trump propoganda. Expect anything less? He's a real piece of work!

32. Back to my original question. When was "The Plan" created? When was "The Plan" supposed to begin? Did it include a Republican candidate winning the 2012 election against a fake and fraud who hated America but won the 2nd term afterall because of Romney betraying America?
33. There's one bit in #QDrop 520 that may suggest the map, or, the QDrops and their interwoven connection, were planned over a 3 year period.

If in fact the preparation for the Q drops/map/key were created and planned over a 3 year period, we still...
34. ...don't really know what 3 year period, when that period began and when it ended. It could've been concocted 10 years ago and put in motion October 28, 2017. Or, it could've been 3 years of work, completed on October 27th, 2017. Savy?
35. So, #QDrop 14 posed the question. "Was Trump asked to run for president?". Qmap did a good job of posting a research answer to this highly important drop. There's too much to copy and paste here, I highly encourage you to read the drop and the answer.

36. Another EXTREMELY important drop to read and study through, is #570. qmap.pub/read/570

That drop contains the information on the #DeepState's 16 year plan to destroy America. Hussein did his half the first 8 years, HRC was supposed to carry us into the final 8 years.
37. THAT is why Trump was asked to run for president. Would he have given up in 2012 if he had been asked at that point? Was Romney asked to run in 2012?

A few days after Trump won the 2016 election, Admiral [R]ogers broke visited Trump in Trump tower.

38. It's widely believed it was in that meeting that Rogers informed Trump he was being spied on. Trump apparently did not return to Trump tower for quite some time. This would infer that Trump did NOT KNOW he was being spied on, or was it a ploy? If he didn't know, did Q?
39. Was the spying being monitored? It's understandable to think that exposing it would've jeopardized the mission of long standing Patriots who had operated under the wire for just the right moment. If Q team was aware of the spying, and they had asked Trump to run...
40. ...would Trump have stayed in Trump tower? Was it business as usual so nobody would know the gig was up?
Was anybody else asked to run for POTUS just in case Trump failed? Was Cruz a backup? He too was being spied on, remember?

After reading all of this and seeing the...
41. ...progression of support, endorsement, financial backing and promoting of Mitt Romney, are we still under the impression that Trump had been asked to run in 2012?

Afterall, Trump's extremely early drop out indicated he had no desire to run to the finish line.
42. Somewhere in the interim time, enter, Stuart Stevens...a long time campaign manager and advisor for the GOP's biggest establishment names. At some point, Romney went from eager to win, to eager to lose. He basically handed off the last debate to Hussein and gave up.
43. Still, it wasn't until about 2 years later that Trump finally started going after Romney's reputation. And, it went hot and heavy. Romney turned on Trump as well, biting the hand that so generously fed him. For 2 years Trump ridiculed and called out Romney.
44. After Trump won the election, a year or so went by and suddenly, there's an apparent peace in the water. Stevens removed? CLOWNS under control? Old Guard removed?

Well, that's it for me folks. A look at history, a few unanswered questions, but, a better perspective.
45. We have been blessed with a POTUS that has committed himself unwaveringly to the American people. We stand the best chance under @realDonaldTrump to securely regain our country and make it great again and Q has been there with us the whole time.

God Bless.

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