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#LIVENow in a few minutes with Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Global Gestapo 12: Gloria Naylor & Stephen O'Keefe--The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate at Youtube.com/RamolaDReports -- join us!
#YoutubeCensorship Global Gestapo 12-- apparently too hot to handle for Youtube has been REMOVED, as violative of Community Guidelines on Hate Speech. I have sent an appeal but will upload on Vimeo & Bitchute in a few. 2/
While Dr. Karlstrom & I speculate on reasons why, I think it mostly means someone reported this video as "hate speech." This raises the question at heart of #HateSpeech #FreeSpeech: Is it a crime to speak about #Zionist imperialism, #Jewish supremacism, and facts of history? 3/
We spoke of Gloria Naylor, whose book 1996 records the terrifying inroads into her life, privacy, work, and safety as an #NSA relative of a disturbing neighbor unleashed a COINTELPRO targeting and terror campaign on her. amazon.com/1996-Gloria-Na… 4/
We spoke of Stephen O' Keefe who describes terrorizing "Jewish mob stalking" and surveillance campaigns against him in Canada run he surmises by a #Zionist superstate network infiltrated into the police, the intelligence services, all of society. gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/deceive-and-hi… 5/
We spoke candidly of counterintel ops and containment ops in "TI" activism including the last few weeks of my reportage which has elicited extreme attack by the nefarious Intel mechanism which most definitely includes the #CIA #MockOp watching-media & running-TJ mavens. 6/
We spoke candidly about prominent targets such as myself being subjected to kill-campaigns, as I reported last night. Many targeted are literally being killed, while "whitehats" in Intel watch us being killed--no-one can say we have not reported it. everydayconcerned.net/new-columnists… 7/
We spoke in fact of the "Living Death Sentence" handed down to targets by the Intel agencies -- #FBICrime #CIACrime #DODCrime #DOJCrime #NSACrime #DHSCrime -- and the hubris of that assignation, by the coterie of criminals in #USGOV who are STILL getting away with it. 8/
We spoke of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, who appear to have written a manifesto for the current age, where the Surveillance State is imposing extraordinary powers of secrecy and military might against all who dare to express their minds. 9/
We spoke of the Crimes Against Humanity being committed by this Surveillance State & we examined the historic evidence that points to the #Zionist & Judaeo/Masonic/#Satanist aspect of this superstate which is infiltrated into all arms of society today. We cannot deny history. 10/
We spoke of much else, all related, including independence, intellectualism, innocence being attacked. We were candid, open, questioning. We certainly were not endorsing or calling for violence/hate agnst anyone or group. Analyzing, excavating, & truth-telling is not inciting.11/
We issued a call to all educated to seriously pay attention to what we are reporting. We spoke of AI, hiving, supercomputing, Internets of Things and Humans, the Transhumanist agenda which seeks to subsume and subjugate all of humanity. 12/
We were impassioned and authentic and fearless, as we always are. Is the Surveillance State Jewish? Is it Zionist? Did we hit a nerve? Do they not like people speaking their minds? Kidding.Guess they're freaking out. I did write them a nice note, too long for their Appeal form.🤨
Is Youtube the Surveillance State? Is Youtube the Zionist Superstate? (There's also the Luciferian Superstate, the Transhumanist Superstate.) PS: I also spoke candidly of my own targeting and my own thinking. re. being targeted and persecuted w. weaponry. Maybe THAT was it. 😇
Still loading. Link here: vimeo.com/ramoladreports…
Banned on Youtube, miscast as hate speech, candid conver. on Zionist underpinnings of the modern persecutory #SurveillanceState, w. targets innocents & destroys lives, dreams, potential in its deadly arc to a transhumanist future.
Still loading...I'll post link again soon.Guess we hit all the trigger pts on this one. Meanwhile, enjoy this quote from Gloria Naylor, who wrote 1996 despite friends telling her not to. She's right: If those being emasculated by #TopCrims using #FBILies don't speak, who will?16/
Finally posted. The video that sent drones out from Drone Central to hover and hit while posting. In tandem with TITAN trucks from the #FusionCenter brigade embedded with the neighbors--quite literally.

Please share widely, pl. speak openly. 17/

Who knows to what extent the #Zionist #Israeli #JewishSupremacist Superstate is running the world? They are definitely way up there on top of that pyramid. But it is a basic human right to speak freely, to speak openly, question openly, and share information openly as well. 18/
Further, it is Unconscionable to commit #WarCrimes on people all over the world and then hide behind #Secrecy inside Intel agencies/military branches, issuing forth "#HateSpeech" guidelines to stop any excavation and exposure. No-one shd be held sacrosanct like that. No group.
#DisclosureOnTargeting #BannedOnYoutube Now on Bitchute: Global Gestapo 12: Gloria Naylor and Stephen O'Keefe--The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate bitchute.com/video/JDuAw4E9…#BitChute
My further thoughts on this subject. Please note, all my podcasts are open-ended, investigative, exploratory. Guests' views are always their own. Mine are usually clarified in the podcast. Will issue a "Mission" statement on my work shortly. Thx to all. 🌸
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Astonishingly, I see Global Gestapo 12 now restored on Youtube. No word from them in my mailbox...did my appeal and Note video work? (Must be?) Anyway, glad it's back -- but it Has provoked thought & I will write more on it soon.
Torn between "Appeal Approved," a reposting of the video, and probably Influencers inside @Youtube seeking tear-down, Global Gestapo 12 was once more removed, and a note sent to me via email saying they were taking it down. They acknowledged my video appeal.Looking for options...
to livestream meetings/videoconferences as both @Zoom & @Youtube are failing me currently. (Just look at quality of vid. on Waves of Light 1, that's @Zoom sabotage.) Vimeo livestreams/doesn't do web meetings, as Gotomeeting/Zoom do. Anyway, researching. Pl. send suggestions, thq.
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