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1. Welcome to today's WH Shadow Briefing. As we near ever closer to 200 days without a White House briefing, the #shadowbriefing has got the questions and the answers that @PressSec would give if she had the nerve.
@PressSec 2. Let me start with the transcript. The White House was happy to release it because as @realDonaldTrump says this is the most transparent Administration in history. The President gets a bad rap as a liar. He told you all that he put pressure on the Ukrainians to manufacture
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 3. dirt on Joe Biden and he said he do it again. The transcript totally confirms that. He said he did it and the transcript showed he did it. Why is everyone getting so worked up over this. All he did was use the power of the Presidency with a foreign entity to try to
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 4. influence our elections by discrediting an opponent. For god's sake, he did this in 2016 and 2017. When are you all going to figure out that there is nothing wrong with abusing power to help him. I mean he uses the office to line his pockets through his properties, why would
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 5. have a problem with this. You all need to get over yourselves here. Q. Did the President call Nancy Pelosi and try to head off impeachment by offering some sort of deal. A. Of course he did. He didn't do anything wrong but he doesn't want to get impeached. He offered
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 6. her a free condo in Trump tower in NY and 5 years free membership at Mar A Lago. He was shocked she didn't jump at that. He's currently working on an offer that he thinks can make all of this go away. Q. do you have any concern about @potus behavior on live tv today?
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 7. A. We are very concerned about this. We have talked to the cable tv networks multiple times and begged them not to put the President on live TV. He literally makes a fool of himself every time he does it. I mean really Hillary's emails in Ukraine. Hunter Biden getting
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 8. $1.5 billion from China. Have you seen that guys wardrobe, he aint got no $1.5 billion. But you are the enemy of the people because you won't edit him. It would be so easy--just edit out all the lies and silly statements and use the rest. You'd do that if you were patriots
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 9. Q. Was Rudy working for the President as his personal attorney or for the US government. A. Both, he's got the same deal we gave Bill Barr...both err on the side of the personal defense side of course. What you might not know is Rudy is also the Secretary of State.
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 10. We knew we couldn't get him confirmed so first we put up Tillerson and then Pompeo...but trust me, Rudy is in charge. He has such passion, such passion, just ask..wait who is he with now? Q. What's the President's state of mind as he faces potential impeachment. A. Can
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 12. go on background. Yes? Ok. He's scared shitless. Not since he sank his fourth of fifth business and had to go face his Dad again to be bailed out has he been so scared. We're all a little scared over here because it's not like he was the most stable guy before this.
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 13. We can go back on the record now. Q. On the record, what's the President's mood. A. He's doing great, never better. He knows the socialist left will destroy itself. Q. Has the President talked with Vladimir Putin about this controversy? A. Yes. Q. When. A. Not going
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 14. going to get into that. Q. Well how often. A. Almost every day. Let me expand on that a little. This may be a tough time for the President here at home but the relationships he's built overseas will serve him well here. When the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Russia and
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 15. North Korea start tweeting support for @realDonaldTrump this whole thing is going to swing the other way. Americans love dictators. Trump is just sorry Hitler, Mussolini and Franco are around anymore to support him. Is Franco still dead(generational joke there)
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 16. Q. How much trouble is Barr in here? A. A lot. I guarantee he'll go down before the President will. That's the way it works in this organized crime Administration. Q. How about Rudy? A. Answer is the same. While Rudy is a made man, just remember what happened to
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 17. Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. Q. Is it appropriate the Democrats are doing all this during the UN General Assembly? A. Well its probably just as appropriate as Republicans releasing the Clinton deposition while he was at UNGA. Q. Donald Trump Jr. is tweeting that
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 18. Hunter Biden shouldn't have been doing work that looked like he was trading on his father's name. A. I really wish he hadn't said that. Has he met his sister and brother in law. They're running half the government and they have zero experience.
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 19. Q. You seem a little down, like you're under siege. How are you. Well I'm enjoying answering a lot of questions about how it feels in a WH under seige but most of all I wish @PressSec would just start to brief again. I can promise I'll get the press to be nice again
@PressSec @realDonaldTrump 20. anything you need, I'll get it for you. I'm just exhausted from having to do my job everyday and yours too. Help a guy out.
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