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1) So which one are you, Mulder or Scully?

#FACTSMATTER #TheTruthIsOutThere

Creative Commons photo by Gage Skidmore.
2) So I was talking to my husband this morning as he was reading the paper.
3) I would say that in a general way, he is more Scully and I am more Mulder.

(If you recall, in the show "The X-Files," they played FBI agents - both evidence-based, but she was the rationalist. He was focused on hidden connections.)

4) So without getting into the particulars of the discussion, my husband made a general comment on the news, based on the fact that a particular news story was reported based on observable evidence.
5) First I said, "You probably don't want to hear what I have to say" (because my area of research and consistent focus on the shadowy hidden underside of things is annoying to him).
6) Annoying not just because not all facts are immediately observable, and not just because my way of talking is kind of yenta-ish, but also because there is a manic quality to conspiracy theorists when they're theorizing.
7) I don't know about you, but I think of reality like a thousand-piece puzzle, and the pieces are all on the floor, in a mess.

(Free photo via Pixabay pixabay.com/photos/pieces-…)
8) I feel a strong need to put the pieces back together again, and not just because it's academically interesting to do so.

(Free photo via Pixabay pixabay.com/photos/man-por…)
9) Rather, I have perceived for about ten years that America is in existential danger.

(Free photo via Pixabay pixabay.com/photos/nuclear…)
10) You have to understand that I never wanted to be studying this subject matter - at all.

This is what I wanted to be studying, and what I did study for many years - the art and science of #branding.
11) I remember when one of my kids was little. And she did not speak for the first three years of her life. It was a very upsetting experience.
12) I remember that I went to the pediatrician, and he told me it was fine.

And then to the fancy doctor, on the Upper East Side.

(Free photo via Pixabay pixabay.com/photos/taxi-ca…)
13) They were uniformly condescending to me, as a mother.

"Don't worry Mrs. Blumenthal. It's fine! She'll be fine! Some kids take longer to speak than others."

You know that fake face they make, and the way they talk.

(Free photo via Pixabay. pixabay.com/photos/doctor-…)
14) And then we moved to D.C., and I took my daughter to the renowned Dr. Epstein.

I believe he has since passed away.

15) Dr. Epstein was an ear-nose-throat hero.

If you lived in the DC area around 2000, and you needed an otolaryngologist, you knew who he was.

Epstein had her in surgery n about 5 minutes, for an adenoidectomy.

(Free photo - pixabay.com/photos/clinic-…)
16) As I recall, Dr. Epstein had a hearing issue himself, and he grew up and saved the hearing of many, many children.

My daughter couldn't talk b/c she had giant adenoids blocking her throat, & that was why she only wanted butter (yes) and potato chips, which were easy to eat.
17) It is only from the pain you yourself experience, that you are able to effectively understand and help others.
18) I did not care about conspiracy theory, until I perceived that my world was at risk.
19) And in particular, without belaboring this -- because I've said it and written about it many, many times -- it was the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry that made me start to wake up.

20) I was a Public Affairs Specialist at DHS/CBP and my husband was the CTO at the ATF. The intersection of 2 worlds.

Terry was murdered with guns the ATF "walked". They equipped him only with useless bullets. The government killed him.

Photo. pixabay.com/photos/files-p…
21) But the government that killed him was not the good men and women of DHS/CBP. It was not the good men and women of the ATF. The government that killed him was a shadowy cabal that had appointed the charming Barack Obama as its figurehead.

22) The doctors who dismissed my daughter's situation were incompetent.

But the cabal behind Obama was extremely competent at marketing their spin to the public.

Even to me.
23) I lived in a kind of la-la land until the murder of Agent Terry, writing about branding, being a speaker, going to interagency events, exploring new and cool social media platforms...
24) ...but when I saw his face on the TV screen that day in January 2010, I and then they interviewed his crying mother....his family....and the media did not cover it except for @SharylAttkisson

I knew that something was very, very wrong.

25) There were other things that were odd as well. They started a social media network called "Our Border" that did not seem to go through any kind of clearance or channel. There was a rumored "inner circle" of 5 people including Napolitano...we couldn't communicate normally.
26) There was a Border Patrol agent in the Public Affairs office & I showed him (literally showed him, like held up to him) two stacks of research that I had printed out from the unofficial ATF online forum.

"Something is very wrong."

"The agency is divided in half," he said.
27) I talked to my boss at the time, who was never political at all - at all. Pure public service.

She said: "You don't want people questioning your loyalty, Dannielle."
28) Let me pause for a minute and read your reactions so far.
29) So to continue.

In 2012 I took a job at USAID, as the Communications Dir., Bureau for Management ("M" Bureau). It oversees contracting, real estate, IT, budget, etc.

A major part was answering questions from Congress.

30) From the minute I walked in to USAID, I was absolutely dazzled. All over the place you see the photos relating to foreign assistance. It is 100% a job you feel very good about.

31) I did notice that we took a long time to answer Congressional inquiries. Months.
32) This is very different from where I currently work (VA -- please note that I do not speak for them here, all opinions are my own, always).

We get no more than a month, even if the inquiries are complex.
33) And I am not crediting any particular Administration here. The emphasis on quick responses goes back a number of years.
34) In my job at USAID I worked for an SES who was an absolutely fearsome and amazingly brilliant individual.
35) This individual had the highest standards of customer service and her weekly meetings were dreaded by all.

You have never seen a man sweat until you have seen him at her weekly meeting.
36) The problem with the response time, as usual in the Federal government, was that the subject matter experts took a long time to get back to us.
37) And I did notice a lot of things when I was there (again not to belabor it), and I would say that this is true across the board.

The civil servants lean Democrat, but don't think they're political.

They are extraordinarily passionate about serving people.
38) While there is always waste, fraud & abuse (this is a given, it's "deviance" in sociology) the problem seemed to me to stem from outside sources.

Either contractors wanting money.

Or some other force...which I could barely perceive, let alone name.

39) I also noticed, but did not understand, that USAID was involved in something called "democracy building" or similar - I guess I was naive in that I thought this meant actually stabilizing countries?

I noticed that they had anti-corruption efforts in place.
40) I thought to myself that USAID was like a bunch of spies going around & doing good works, & thought to myself "that's a little extreme, don't you think" & then I saw "Argo" where that actually was portrayed - spies as English teachers in '70s Iran.

41) Why am I telling you all this?

Because I am the ultimate simpleton.
42) I am the first one to question, and question, and question again: Can this really be real?
43) I remember when they murdered Ambassador Stevens. I was at USAID.

And I remember seeing the photos of his mutilated body dragged through the streets, and they said those photos were fake.

No, I don't think they were fake at all.

44) And then they insisted it was a YouTube video.

As gullible as I am sometimes, I saw through it right away.

45) Around the same time I was following the case of Nechemya Weberman in New York. Weberman was sentenced to 103 years in jail.

Weberman is one of the most evil individuals ever to talk the planet, what he did.

Even more upsetting was the coverup.

46) More and more, I began to see that the roads of my life were converging. Not because the same people were acting bad at work and in the Jewish world. But because the same DYNAMIC was operational - corruption, coverup, pretend.

(Pic: pixabay.com/photos/road-wa…)
47) We could pursue this line of discussion even further, and I could give you other examples, but I wanted to provide some insight into how I became a Mulder and not a Scully.

It was because I saw the evil shadow of a cabal in the government.

Just like in the Jewish world.
48) The Internet facilitated all this, of course. I remember in particular reading "The Ulsterman Report about Obama," and World Net Daily. Something was extremely putrid, and it was forbidden to even utter a word.
49) Living this double life, I of course felt very alienated.
50) Jumping ahead a few years...
51) Another watershed moment would soon change everything.
52) August 25, 2014, Donald J. Trump stated:

"Obama sent weapons through Benghazi to ISIS yet he is holding up shipments to Israel. What is he thinking?"

53) Earlier that year, I recall that I saw Trump on TV saying that if he were to fight ISIS, he certainly wouldn't tell them what he was going to do.

I recall as well that he said he was considering running for President.
54) I thought it was kind of a joke.
55) Like, I knew Trump from Celebrity Apprentice.
56) Around this time in my career, my husband was at the State Department, and I worked at the National Archives.

Fortunately my husband did not have to deal with Hillary's emails, but he was also in enough of an orbit that we both knew something was very wrong.
57) During his time, the very senior official John Hackett left abruptly, and we didn't know why.

Now we have an idea.

58) I can't find the link now but I remember reading recently that John Hackett was followed.

When I read that, I sent it to my husband and said, can you imagine....Oh My God
59) Fortunately he got out of there, and I got out of NARA as well.
60) I never want to leave a job, but God pushed me.
61) And I ended up working in DC, near the White House.
60) Sometime in 2015 (this was during an interim job) I had to give a short presentation at the White House (still very cool) and we were waiting across the street and I mentioned to my boss that I wanted to demonstrate about causes I believed in, but was afraid.
63) *correcting the numbering, the prior one was 62
64) I told my boss that my father always told me not to demonstrate because the FBI will take pictures of me.

As a child I wanted to demonstrate to free Soviet Jewry.

As a young woman I wanted to demonstrate with the JDL, - I believed what Meir Kahane was saying about Israel.
65) In college I went to Israel for a month to study (~Jan. '90); took a flight that stopped in France first; was reading Rabbi Kahane's book on the plane, and he was actually in the airport. He autographed it.

He was assassinated less than a year later.

66) As a bureaucrat I later found my father's wisdom to be profound.

Don't make trouble he said.

Don't be the nail that sticks up and gets hammered down.
67) My boss told me different - he told me to get out there and speak up.
68) My boss was Frank Gayle.
69) So with a lot of fear I did do that, and it was when Netanyahu came to Congress to warn them of Iran - Obama's "very bad deal."

70 Here are my videos from that day. A day when very few Jews showed up - but the Christian Patriots were there for us.

71) Video #2.

72) Video #3.

73) "The Demonstrator" was not an identity I felt comfortable with. This was me just four months prior. "Successful Dannielle" "Branding Dannielle" etc. etc. etc.

74) Fast forward again and it is July 2016.
75) I remember posting to LinkedIn saying that I thought Hillary Clinton was the best choice for president.

Because everyone thought she would win.

Because "she's a feminist."

Because even though I knew vaguely that her emails were screwed up, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA.
76) But it was very soon after that - I am not sure how soon - became aware of the Alefantis Instagram, and the Podesta emails.

It seems to me that it was summer, and my change of mind was abrupt.


77) Soon, at first tentatively and then vigorously, I was posting about "spirit cooking" and those extremely photos Alefantis had posted.

I didn't even know what I was seeing, or talking about, and I still don't want to!
78) All that time, I was covered in fear.

In fact I wiped my Twitter account multiple times.

It all sounded absolutely crazy.
79) But at the end of the day, the more I read, the more I understood that it was either stand up and do something, or have the cabal completely take over.

(Remember also I had been reading A LOT over the years.)

80) As many of you remember, there were multiple "anons" during the campaign, including FBIAnon in the summer of 2016, and this was how I learned about "SAP" or "Special Access Programs" being on Hillary's bathroom server.
81) So when "Q" (#QAnon) showed up, it was really more of the same.
82) Many of you helped with the initial questions Q posed. I tried to organize them with the answers. (November 2017)

83) And of course, Sarah Ashcraft showed up in December 2017. Her Twitter is worth reading very thoroughly. Over the past few years, I have found her contribution to be immense.

84) The NSA Child Crimes account showed up in April 2019, I believe.

(Obviously, I am skipping a lot of stuff here, and important people to follow)

85) Somewhere in the middle here (January 2019), I published a compilation of my writing (NOT selling anything BTW - it's pretty much all free online)


86) Yes, I am working on a second compilation
87) The point is that as part of the Truth Community, I have developed a set of shorthand speak and axiomatic beliefs that are still not shared by people like my husband, who need to see a judge, jury and trial before they'll go along with it.
88) Is that day coming?

89) What has to happen first?
90) Enough people need to see the truth.

They need to feel the danger.

They need to do some research FOR THEMSELVES.

Enough to realize it is literally THE COUP PLOTTERS OR US.
91) In the meantime:

May God bless you, and

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