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Four years ago I had no twitter, no blog, nothing.

Today, people have spent tens of thousands of hours listening to my podcast, reading my blog, attending events, enjoying my book, and following the story here on twitter.

How did I go from zero to here?

It's a doozy of a tale:
Back in 2015 I found myself running charter schools after years of developing real estate. (that's a story to be told as well).

I was just a 'normal' guy doing normal things, with a hobby posting in forums and reading man-type blogs.

And then my friend @Cernovich got on twitter
@Cernovich I followed him here. I had no idea what was up. #GamerGate was a thing. I just watched and tried to figure it out.

I'd tweet some, but it was only for a few people.

Stuff you'd never tweet to 25k.

Edgy and fun. It was a lark mostly.

I thought no one would ever see it.
@Cernovich Then one day I asked questioned one of Mike's tweets. He said write it up and he'll post it to Danger and Play.

So I did.

It got a ton of replies as D&P was the hottest thing around in 2015.

I felt the electricity of engagement for the first time. I was hooked.
@Cernovich So I started my own blog. Just a shitty little D&P/B&D copy cat theme.

And I started writing about what I was interested in at the time.

Sex and relationships.

I was anonymous.

It was fun.


So I said some crazy stuff. True stuff, but outlandish nevertheless.
@Cernovich I was writing about male / female dynamics and learning that the same things which had the bedroom turned upside down, also had our politics upended.

Feminism, critical theory, the attack on masculinity. I was beginning to see the bigger picture.

And then...

Trump happened.
@Cernovich "man" twitter exploded into political twitter.

trump vs clinton embodied the conflict between traditional masculinity and radical feminism.

everything we'd talked about in the old forums was now becoming part of the national narrative.

it was exciting.
@Cernovich Mike helped created an entire new genre of twitter and blogging.

He and many others helped create an entire new scene.

We all were writing, blogging, tweeting, doing whatever we could to participate in the election.

There were big events like the Deploraball and Bull Moose.
@Cernovich a new community formed + made a lot of new people who became my friends.

god knows I needed new ones.

posting about politics on facebook alienated me from my friends and even my family.

many relationships were destroyed in '15/'16 for all of us. but many new ones were made.
@Cernovich All the while I'm tweeting and blogging anonymously, making new friends, and spending time on the MAGA scene....I'm still doing my old job, running charter schools and helping poor kids get better educations.

Everything was going great.

until THE PHOTO.
@Cernovich Most of the MAGA types are heterodox. We may have been democrats or libertarians, and we all had friends from across the spectrum.

And one day we all decided to hang out and do an "escape room" together.

Afterwards the attendant took a picture of our group. Harmless right?
@Cernovich One of our friends brought an associate of theirs, Chelsea Manning, the whistle blower or traitor - depending on how you saw it.

We all hung out and had fun. We even beat the escape room.

Chelsea ended up in our group photo. No one thought anything of it.
@Cernovich Mike Cernovich held another event in NYC called A Night For Freedom. It was an epic party.

There was a bunch of press there.

Chelsea Manning showed up.

How could a progressive icon attend a MAGA party?

That became the news.

It was a scandal.
@Cernovich As the scandal unfolded, that innocuous picture made its way onto the internet.

Chelsea Manning in a photo with a bunch of (so-called) Alt-right nazi MAGA types was all of a sudden a BIG DEAL.

the crazies on the left were incensed.

they began to identify everyone in the pic.
@Cernovich As I was going home from NYC the next day, I began to get texts from people I hadn't spoken to in years.

Facebook messages starting coming in.

People I barely remembered were asking me, JACK WTF ARE YOU A NAZI NOW?!

It was annoying but it didn't seem like a big deal...yet.
@Cernovich But the next day.

Everything changed.

The world darkened.

And I was exposed to something I had only read about.

I was about to become a combatant in a game I didn't really know I was even playing.
@Cernovich A Night for Freedom was a Saturday.

Sunday was the lull.

Monday was when it all began.

A text comes from work:

Check your email.
@Cernovich Dear John (my real name):

You are hereby suspended until further notice, pending an investigation into your social media and online activity.

We will contact you with more information.

And with that, my phone was reset off site, my email was shutdown and I was in the dark.
@Cernovich WHAT THE FUCK.

It was 10pm.

I got on twitter to see what was happening.

I didn't know what to expect.

But I knew it had to be bad.

My 'normie' work was now investigating my social media and blog posts.


Remember when I said I wrote stuff I thought no one would see?
@Cernovich It turns out ANTIFA saw that picture w/ Chelsea Manning, they figured out who I was, and then launched a twitter campaign to get me fired.

I had become a living example of the online information wars.

ANITFA contacted my employer and everyone in my field that I was a NAZI.
@Cernovich My heart rate and blood pressure are actually rising right now just remembering this moment.

A trap door had just opened and I was plummeting into the unknown.

I was sick.

My private anon life and my public normie life were about to fuse into a life changing disaster.
@Cernovich ANTIFA said I was a Nazi because I was once photographed in the same space as Jason Kessler, the infamous organizer of the Charlottesville disaster.

Turns out, I was just covering the protest against them in DC, not participating, but no one cared.

@Cernovich On Tuesday my phone blew up with distraught friends, angry associates, and progressive media looking to skewer me.

The onslaught was on.

I had to post this statement in response.

@Cernovich Think Progress ran a hit piece. They dug into my old deleted blog posts. Chum bloggers followed suit. An army of repeaters amplified the message.

They each doxxed me, spread lies, and smeared me....for what?

@Cernovich Someone set up an entire medium and twitter account to just post my worst tweets.

Someone even scooped up exchanges I had with @EdLatimore about "Coffee so black" tweets and claimed they made me a racist.

People dug through all my internet trash using the wayback machine.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore One photo with Chelsea Manning and ANTIFA made me a target for character assassination.

Lacy MacAuley was the primary culprit.

@Cernovich @EdLatimore The local press picked up the story.

WAMU, the local NPR affiliate did a relatively even handed piece.

@Cernovich @EdLatimore Elizabeth Nolan Brown at Reason also wrote a reasonable response.

@Cernovich @EdLatimore Even the ACLU was interested in the story.

My government employer was clearly violating my first amendment rights.

The legal director wanted to take the case.

He wrote a massive paper about it.

But the ACLU board rejected it bc:

"we don't want to alienate our partners"
@Cernovich @EdLatimore That was the first time I realized the ACLU had been overrun by SJW.

They didn't want to take my first amendment case because it might offend the BLM and HRC associates.

Fucking sell outs, the ACLU.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore I was suspended, being investigated, and about to be fired. I was losing my job, my career, my livelihood. I was crushed.

and I was afraid.

But I kept telling myself, I may have lost all this, but at least I still have my family and at least my son and I still have baseball.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore See, I'm divorced. And I don't get to see my kids as often as I'd like. So I started coaching little league to see my son more often.

It became OUR thing.

We both loved the time we could spend together, and I loved coaching those kids.

But now our little league gets this:
@Cernovich @EdLatimore Someone printed out my old blog posts on sex, on feminism, and on immigration...

then printed out info from the SPLC, which they claimed proved by my associations that I was a REAL NAZI

and sent it all to my little league board.

and that's when it all got worse.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore That's when I got banned from coaching little league.

They took my job, my career, my reputation, and the most precious thing I had in my life: time spent with my son...time spent building a community, time spent volunteering....they stole it all.

@Cernovich @EdLatimore (even a year later, the board still wouldn't allow it me back)

@Cernovich @EdLatimore but wait there's more!

in the midst of all this, my employer actually swear to god SWATS me over a tweet.

The cops banged on my door in the middle of the night with a blown up picture of a tweet I sent!

@Cernovich @EdLatimore At this point:

- lost all my old friends
- lost my job
- lost my reputation
- lost my career
- lost little league
- lost time with my son

dark days indeed.

and i'll admit. i struggled for a while. a WHILE.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore I had the support of some tremendous friends.

@The_Red_Hen stuck by me.

The kids, while confused, still loved me.

& no matter how often I just wanted to crawl into a hole + give up, I knew that I had to fight back.

I couldn't let this be the end of the story.

I had to win.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen So what did I do?

I rolled out the antifragile playbook.

I'd been reading all about it. I'd seen it in practice.

I knew that I could, no I MUST, take this crisis and turn it into something positive.

Bad publicity is publicity and it was my chance to take advantage.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen First off all, I never once fucking apologized for anything.

Because I know I didn't do anything wrong.

If people think I'm a nazi that's their own shit. Not my issue, in fact, it's a symptom of the bigger problem.


(except to my kids)
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen Then I just got to work.

I finished Democrat to Deplorable.

It documents everything which lead us to the Trump moment.

you can can get it here.

People are saying it's a fine book, a tremendous book!

@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen Notable stops on the tour were at University of Virginia

And Evergreen State College!

@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen Naturally the drama followed me around the country. I was:

cancelled from Columbia University

and banned from University of New Mexico

@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen The book was a success, I cracked the top .5% of all of Amazon, I sold more books some days than Paglia, Coates, Rather, even Hunter Thompson.

Almost all five stars.

Amazing feedback from readers and reviewers.

And it's still selling today.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen I started the podcast which has logged ten's of thousands of listening hours.

I raised the level of content, guests, and discussion.

And now it's something I'm very proud of.

@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen And then, my biggest accomplishment yet, I started the Liminal Order, a private membership community.

Our goal is combat all the same forces which led me to this point.

But we do it by improving ourselves and helping others.

No negativity.

@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen I was able to take a circumstance which ended my job, my career, my reputation, one that completely nuked my old life....and use it as a launch pad to do some good in this world.

So in some weird ways I'm grateful to ANTIFA for the opportunity.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen ANTIFA thought they were striking me down, but instead they've only made me 100 x more powerful.

Yes, they are Darth Vader and the evil empire

and, yes I'm Obi Wan in this analogy.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen Today I am full time committed to creating powerful content that helps combat some of this shit I had to endure.

I get to create podcasts, blog posts, exclusive content and more - all because of the support of you amazing people.

It's been a helluva road but I'm in a good spot.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen See this venn diagram?

I'm right in the fucking middle now

thanks, in part, to antifa.
thanks, in part to friends like @Cernovich and @willchamberlain
thanks, in part to @The_Red_Hen
and thanks most of all to you guys.

h/t @MikeRMedici
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici But wait - There's one more happy ending here.

Remember how I was banned from coaching little league? How I could no longer help my son and be with him?

Well my son was really worried how he'd manage without me.

turns out, he didn't just get by, he freaking exploded:
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici Son was the league MVP.

Made his all star team.

Lead his team to the City Championship.

Was selected by the Nationals to throw out the first pitch.

Made it to the Little League World Series...

And then hit a walk off game winning home run on ESPN....
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici But he, like his dad, had a journey to endure.

Early in the game he made a mistake. He was catching and thought there were 3 outs and dropped the ball. 2 runs scored.

He thought he lost the game.

ESPN Zoomed onto his face under the mask and showed him crying on TV.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici He like, all the good boys who loved their teammates, was distraught because he thought he let everyone down and ruined their chances.

He just wanted to help them win, not be the reason they lost.

ESPN highlighted his tears and shame with 6 cameras focused on him.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici But he kept fighting. & as fate would have it, he got a chance for redemption.

With 100's of people in the stands, 1000's of people watching on tv, @HunterDrewTFA in attendance, and me, his biggest fan cheering him on-

he had his redemption with 2 outs.

@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici @HunterDrewTFA I am proud of him every day.

I'll just remember that day more than others.

That day he became not just my son to coach, but a little man worth admiring.

He could've wilted, they could've beaten him, but he marshaled the will to win, + win he did.

Thanks for inspiring me, Son.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici @HunterDrewTFA I cried so hard that day.

So much anger, fear, resentment, shame, pride, determination had built up inside me and when he hit that homerun it all came out.

Everything was tied together.

I wasn't in the dug out with him because of what happened.

I wasn't coaching bc of ANTIFA
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici @HunterDrewTFA But with one swing of the bat it all just released and I realized, yes, it is going to be ok...and not only that...it's going to be fucking amazing.

My son is stronger than ever.
I am stronger than ever.
My will to win is stronger than ever.
@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici @HunterDrewTFA and that my friends

is how I went from there



@Cernovich @EdLatimore @The_Red_Hen @willchamberlain @MikeRMedici @HunterDrewTFA @JackPosobiec @jeffgiesea @CassandraRules @IvanThrone @pearsonified @primalpoly @DrDavidLey @AJA_Cortes @tannerguzy @LogoCentrifuge @JeffGodwin @beachmuscles @Pat_Stedman Additional thanks to:

@EdLatimore Goldmund @Timcast @RubinReport @johnrobb

and everyone else I'm not remembering right now.

Every podcast guest
Everyone who bought the book
Everyone who RT'ed along the way
Everyone who joined the Liminal Order.

Oh snap! I knew I’d overlook someone. Thanks to @ZubyMusic too! I was an early guest on his podcast - before he transitioned to a woman even!
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