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Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part XVI: We Are All Swamp Dwellers

September 28, 2019
Parshas Nitzavim
2) I apologize for my blog being a little f*cked up for about a week. As my husband says, "this is what happens every two weeks, you mess with your blog:" 😫😫😫😫😫😫

--> "Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State" "thread of threads."

3) A word of caution: This is gonna be one of "those" kinda threads, so if you're looking for focused research
4) Where we are at in the #Torah #Bible this week:

Parashat #Nitzavim / פרשת נצבים

Torah Portion: Deuteronomy 29:9 - 30:20
Haftarah: #Isaiah 61:10 - 63:9

5) What I am hoping to do today is to connect three things:

* Some personal reflection on religion
* The "Excommunicated Jews" thread
* The Torah portion
6) @martingeddes was kind enough to link to the "Excommunicated Jews" thread (series), which deserves to be properly written up. Of course the researcher in me cannot stand to have a hypothesis hanging out there without some sort of finality to it; life.

7) And the reality is that I have limited time and more thoughts than time, if that makes sense. My preference therefore is to share absolutely everything, even if it's rough; thus the unedited tweets-to-blog and fulltext blog shares, etc.
8) Why do I share, even if it's not as polished as it should be? Even if there are corrections to be made later?

Because, and not to be morbid about it (but I am morbid) I am afraid that something might happen to me, and that data will be lost.

Sorry if that is a downer.
9) It is of course also hugely egotistical; as if all my ramblings make sense.

I love what my husband said to me today: "Just hit the 'factory reset' button you'll be better off."

10) Alright.
11) Here is something else funny my husband did.
12) We got into the elevator the other day, and I said something about the announcement in the elevator panel; it was housed behind clear glass and it was framed.

My husband said: "Look! It's the Deep State, looking at you."
13) I said this (outloud it sounds absolutely moronic): "It is true that whenever I write a thread about certain things, they kick me off the Internet."

My husband said: "Oh my God."

He said: "Look, do you see that wire sticking out of the elevator panel? It's them!"
14) Reflecting on this, I think about the fact that I follow a number of accounts which appear to have some connection to the military intelligence community.

They are constantly talking in code; I feel inadequate for not understanding it; and so to both sides, I'm ignorant.
15) It's very strange.
16) But there are other sounding boards in my life, as well. And they are very attuned to the Deep State (for lack of a better term); we can all tell when they're "doing something" and of course Greta Thunberg is a gigantic psy-op.
17) I remember when I told my Facebook friends that I thought Michelle Obama was not actually Michelle (you know what I mean, hopefully) and boy did I get excoriated for that, until I took it back, and then I was actually sorry I'd done that.

My original opinion stands.
18) There was similar speculation about Thunberg, and the link doesn't matter now, and I think there may also be some truth to that.

I am 100% convinced that the cabal sacrifices children either through murder or through some kind of gender reassignment surgery (boy-girl).
19) These are my personal speculations, but insofar as they are personal speculations, they are a certain kind of data and that data does mean something.

The question is, what?
20) The "Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State" thread is important - it really needs to be a book - even though the original premise is flawed.

Meaning, the problem is NOT that people are fake Jews.

It is that they're REAL, but say 100% FAKE things.
21) In other words, for example, the Rothschilds are a genuinely Jewish family.

But as the Torah (Bible) portion points out this week, they say FAKE THINGS under the guise of being REAL.

Does this make sense?

Let me pause for a minute and read your reactions before continuing
22) Now this is the part that may be a little controversial - where I say that we are all the swamp. (This is also a currently favorite radical leftist chant, because they cannot stand their filthy selves.)
23) Connecting to the rabbi's speech today, where he focused on some seemingly repetitive text in the portion. (As a principle of textual analysis, we believe that the Torah does repeat text without a deeper purpose.)
24) Hold on, someone just vacated the good seat. And I need a coffee. One sec.
25) OK, so in Deuteronomy we read the following:
26) For context, Moses is telling the Jewish people that we will inherit Israel but shall surely sin and be tossed out (do you think perhaps my morbid nature is somewhat genetic) unless we resolve not to fall

27) And there seems to be a repetitive admonishment about choosing between good and evil.
28) Deut. 30:15 -- "Behold, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil"

Deut. 30:19 -- "I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live"
29) Why doesn't the Bible simply say: "Do what God tells you and all will be well."
30) Instead we have God, speaking through Moses, negotiating with the Jewish people by providing a set of permutations.

Life and death

Good and evil

Blessing and curse
31) The Jews are told that all of these things exist, and then to "choose life."
32) Why choose life? "So that you and your offspring will live."
33) The rabbi pointed out, and this was a great point I thought, that God did not cast the ultimate choice as being between good and evil because people have the tendency to RATIONALIZE everything they do.
34) In other words, I do not choose to be evil, just like I don't choose to be a fake Jew.

Rather, I choose to be what I conceive of as "good," even if I am (God forbid) the rottenest person on the planet.
35) I have had to block some people on social media, and/or others have blocked me, because I am convinced that THEIR version of "good" is in fact EVIL.

And vice versa.
36) In other words, and I know this is hard to believe because "we are us and we know that we are on the right side" -- just as our convictions run strong and deep, SO DO THOSE OF OTHER PEOPLE.
37) That does NOT create a false moral equivalence.
38) It DOES help us understand why God does not tell us, ultimately, to "be good" -- because look at what some people do with the idea of "good."
39) God does not tell us to "choose blessing and not curse," because "choosing blessing" is choosing to PLEASE THE OTHER rather than to make THE RIGHT CHOICE.
40) Pausing for a second to read your reactions.
41) Of course things are never that simple.

Having been in therapy (a lot, and I strongly encourage therapy, group therapy, meditation, support groups, art, church/synagogue for HEALING not just worship)

...I believe that BAD PEOPLE are COMPELLED to PROJECT evil onto good.
42) The human conscience is tied to God. And the person who has fallen from God's grace will cling to it by pointing out the hypocrisy, failings, stupidity and general lousiness of the "other side" every chance they get.

It's an excuse for avoiding changing the self.
43) The wonderful part of being a human being is the very messiness of the psyche.

We are all the swamp - we are all a bundle of rationalizations, good intentions, deeds of varying qualities - etc.

It is just a matter of DEGREE.
44) That is why my thread fell apart in the middle.

While it is true that there was a Jewish cult that converted to Catholicism, and while we could locate its influence in numerous splinter ideologies, an excessive focus on the "bad guy" is an exercise in chasing ghosts.
45) The "bad guy" is not only "outside ourselves," the bad guy is "inside ourselves" as well. And so it's a fallacy to solve the problem by yelling "THEM, THEM, THEM" over and over again.

The problem is solved when we destroy the cabal EVERYWHERE.
46) The Torah portion says "choose life, so that you and your children will live" because LIFE is the only metric that endures.

Things that are TRUE give LIFE.

Things that are FALSE give DEATH.
47) The mainstream media are false.
49) If there were no Deep State, then the media would be appropriately balanced in its critical coverage of President Trump, instead of 92% negative.

50) There is a book called "The Gift of Fear." It's a reminder that when you feel accurately afraid, this can save your life.

Truth is life.

Falsehood (being told you're OK when you're not) is death.

51) In synagogue, the rabbi said that the snake ("nachash" in Hebrew) was given the ability to "nip at our heels" rather than interfere in major cognitive decisions.

This matters.
52) The snake represents evil, and evil hits us with "death by a thousand cuts."

The media is the tip of the razorblade.
53) The cabal doesn't turn us into brainwashed slaves DIRECTLY.

Instead they give us bits and pieces of TRASH, and they keep on saying that it's TRUE.

54) The cabal doesn't put up gruesome images of babies dripping blood.

They give us cute puppies.

55) They fill our heads with fantasy.
56) It becomes normal for a child to want to go to a casting call.

It becomes normal for a parent to encourage this for a child.

"What are you talking about, 'child rape factory'"
57) I know absolutely nothing about the "Liddle Kidz Foundation" but this photo makes me want to spray the screen with disinfectant.

Yet they've presumably used the image for years, and nobody questioned it.
58) You see, it is not the REALLY BAD STUFF we have to worry about the most.

You know the stuff I'm talking about.

The obvious sick stuff, like "gender-neutral Barbie."

59) What we have to worry about is that everybody shops at Target.
60) It's the MIXING of good and bad that draws people in.

The SUBTLE stuff.
61) Let's tie this idea to something more immediate.
62) Remember, one direction of research is to explicitly tie illuminati stuff to perversions of Judaism - that's not where we are at right now. (It's a good area to study, very rich, in fact I got lost when I tried to do it and go back to Rome.)
63) Another direction of research is to show how some people, of whatever religion, ostensibly try to do good in the world, but really act as a mechanism for bad.

This week's Torah portion speaks to the rationalization.

Choose life - not your version of good.
64) In the Torah, we see many times that MIXING inappropriately is a form of rationalization.

Certain food is KOSHER.

Certain food is NOT.

65) Mixing things leads to RATIONALIZING EVIL.

A child is not an adult.

A girl is not a boy.

Even with fabric, we are told to NOT MIX THINGS. (wool and linen)
66) (One thing that I know is a problem, for me, is that I do mix things sometimes, for example I use the Internet on the Sabbath. I make no pretense to be a perfect human being.)
67) The philosophy of mixing things is very, very important to the globalists as it is their gateway to normalizing evil.

There is no adult or child, only people.

There is no nation or border, only people.

There is no private property, only people.

Get it?
68) If you understand this, you understand why an excessive focus on understanding the occult ways of the cabal is a distraction.

It's a distraction.

Believe me, you and I do not want to know.
69) The focus instead should be on LEGAL versus ILLEGAL activities that are PROVABLE in the realm of FACT.
70) The focus should be on BOUNDED laws, meaning laws that pertain to OUR NATION, and not on getting involved in secret cabal deals that are transacted AROUND THE WORLD.
71) Because it involves distinguishing between one Nation and another, and because it involves enforcing the laws of one Nation at a time, PATRIOTISM IS HOLY.

72) The excommunicated Jew, albeit a real Jew, hides within another religion or doesn't. The main thing is that they push a FAKE FORM OF MORALITY that is above all CONVENIENT FOR THEM.
73) Al Gore isn't Jewish, but he's got the idea down pat.

Globalism in the form of "climate crisis" EXEMPLIFIES THAT FAKE MORALITY as we know it is inevitably a cover for YET ANOTHER CASH COW.

74) It is with this in mind that we can understand the holy nature of @POTUS speech to the United Nations on September 24, 2019: "The future belongs to Patriots not globalists"


75) The opposite of life is DEATH, and the radical left CLAIMS to be about people first while in reality being nothing more than a terror-enabling, hate-spewing, nonstop machine of war and dismemberment.

76) The glamorous media glamorizes these animals

77) Instead of teaching critical thinking, the academic community glorifies monstrous censorship and violence

78) Ordinary people find themselves hopeless and helpless against a seemingly overwhelming machine

79) It will unravel beginning with Adam Schiff
80) So very helpful in Haiti
81) George Clooney zipping up his pants

82) Child prostitution passing as marriage in Iran

83) Every single thing you do to speak out in a way that DISTINGUISHES true good from true evil makes a difference.
84) You can do it, no matter who you are or what you've done.

Have a good day, and a peaceful day.


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