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One day, Brahma was holding his audience, and all the gods, including Siva, were seated there. At that time Daksha, who was also a progeny of Brahma, entered the hall. In honour of his great entrance into the hall, all the gods stood up in obeisance.

But Siva did not get up. He remained seated, minding not the
coming of Daksha. Incidentally, Sati, the daughter of Daksha, was married to Siva, so Siva was Daksha’s son-in-law. But Siva showed utter disregard for his father-in-law ++

and did not rise from his seat when all others stood up offering obeisance. This enraged Daksha, who stood with uplifted arms and said, “Oh, you gods! Please listen to what I am saying. Here is an idiotic fellow seated in the audience of the gods.
Shameless is he. He has no respect for anybody. He wanders about half-naked and lives like a beggar. To him I gave my daughter; what a mistake I have committed! Shame to all for having him in this audience!”

Daksha went on shouting like this for a long time, & all the gods shut their ears bcoz they could not bear to hear it. Siva also heard all the abuses poured upon him by Daksha, but he did not utter even one word. He just walked out of the palace & returned to Kailasa.
One day, Sati observed celestials travelling in their aerial cars. She looked up & asked them, “Where are you going?” u don’t know?” asked one of the gods, “How is it that u don't know? ur own father is performing a glorious yajna, to which he has invited all the gods,
Sati was in great chagrin that an invitation had not been extended to Siva. She was disturbed that her father had ignored both her and Siva, but as he was her father, she told Siva, “I want to go to my father’s yajna.”

Lord Siva said, “It is not proper for you to go there.” “Why?” Sati asked. “Daksha does not like me. He has no regard for me, and therefore, you going there is not proper,” replied Siva. But Sati said, “No, he is my father.”

“He may be your father, but he hates me, so you should not go if I am not going. I am not responsible for the consequences,” said Siva. “What consequences? I shall take care of myself,” Sati told him. “I am telling you again, it is not good for you to go there.

You will not gain anything by it, and this adventure will not end in anyone’s happiness. I advise you not to go,” warned Siva.“No, I must go,” Sati insisted. “I don’t think I should send my attendants to take you there. It would be highly improper of me,” said Siva.
“I shall go with my own attendants!”said Sati. Sati collected all her attendants and marched, under the impression that she, being the divine daughter of this great Daksha, will be highly honoured in the midst of all the gods.

With great expectations of glory before her, she went to the yajna and stood at the gate. She expected someone to come and receive her, but nobody looked at her. Daksha gave scarce regard for her, and for fear of Daksha, no other god would utter a word.

Of course, her mother & associates came and hugged her, but she rejected their greeting, perhaps because her father was not concerned with her. She looked here and there.“What's happening? How is it that no one is receiving me?” Sati thought.

Then she remembered the words of Siva. “I disregarded him,and came here. Now neither can I stand here, nor can I go back to him shamefacedly.” She expected somebody to come. Nobody came. Time passed like this, and the yajna was going on.

The gods turned their backs to her. It was a very serious situation. Sati stood up,& loudly proclaimed in a ferocious language, “Due to the impropriety of this yajna where the great master Siva is not invited, it can't be called a divine sacrifice

when the chief divinity is not present. Fie upon all u gods! Shamelessly u have attended the yajna of this irresponsible Daksha, whom I no longer regard as my father. Siva is being disrespected. The two words ‘si’ & ‘va’ are sufficient to give salvation to people, &
such a divinity is being disregarded here. Is this a divine sacrifice? Are you gods? Have you any sense? Daksha didn't invite Lord Siva, and you come and sit here at the feet of this terrible person whom I shamelessly called father.

I am very sorry that I was born to him.” Sati sat down, with great sorrow burning her body. She sat in a state of yoga, invoked agni from within herself, and the yoga within burnt her. Flames came up and consumed her. All were shocked.

What is this that has happened? They had nothing to say either this way or that way. All were wondering what to do.There was nothing that they could do, nothing that they could say. They were shocked, nothing but shocked. News reached Lord Siva.

He could have opened his third eye and burnt everybody if he wanted, but he had something else in his mind. He pulled a hair from his head and struck it on the ground. A fierce giant rose up. “Order, master!”said the giant.

“Go and destroy the yajna of Daksha,” said Siva. With the fierce retinue of Rudra, this giant called Virabhadra rushed to the sacrificial area of Daksha where all were seated, & when this fierce onrush of militant demoniacal forces entered the yajna, the ritviks,

the priests performing the yajna, were frightened.They immediately invoked a counterforce from the fire, which rose up by d millions & attacked Rudra’s retinue.There was a tussle between the 2 forces, but suddenly Virabhadra overcame all d opposition & severed d head of Daksha.
Rudra came to know all this. He was mad with rage. He ran,hugging the body of Sati, and rolled all over like a crazy person, as if he was dancing the final tandava of destruction before him.The whole world was terrified becoz nobody knew what he was going to do.
He would not stand in one place. He ran from place 2 place over d whole creation,as it were holding Sati’s body, looking as if he was inebriated & had lost his senses. He was conscious only of the dead body of his Sati, & was moving fiercely like a whirlwind, like a tornado.
All the gods were frightened. They went to Lord Vishnu & said, “Please do something. Everything is in danger. He is not going to leave her body; & what he will do finally, nobody knows.” Then Vishnu released his sudarshana chakra, which sliced Sati’s body into little pieces;
and because of the ravaging movement of Siva, the pieces were scattered and fell in seven different places. It is believed that all the spots where parts of Sati’s body fell are shakti sthalas, and even today they are worshipped in various parts of India.

Then the gods, including Brahma and Vishnu, went to Siva. Vishnu greeted Siva and said, “Calm down. Please pardon this man Daksha. His behaviour was due to ignorance, & you should not punish an ignorant
person. Calm down. Bless him.

Let him be allowed to continue his yajna. After all, he is a foolish person, and are you going to be so enraged at the foolishness of this man?” Then Lord Siva calmed down. But how could the yajna continue when Daksha’s head had gone?

So a goat’s head was brought and fixed on Daksha, and he was enlivened to the person that he was. He immediately realised his mistake and prostrated - sashtanga namaskaram - before Lord Siva, and chanted the Rudra mantra, Namakam and Chamakam.

Some people humorously say the mantra was made by uttering the sounds cha me, cha me, because goats make that sound. The yajna was completed. Brahma,Vishnu and Siva blessed the yajna, and everything went on well.

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