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1. #PaperPlanes
I’m over in another dig & I make a paper plane connect. Been seeing this for a while, BUT why? What does it mean, & what does it mean to [them]?
I decided to l👀k. Warning⚠️ This is a deep, long dive but important pieces revealed.
2. As you can see in painting we have Bush throwing 2 paper planes, sitting like a child (criss-cross applesauce), w/ 2 towers down. 911. This was artist that painted Bill Clinton’s creepy #bluedress & red heels 👠 up in #Epstein’s home.
What is a paper plane?
3. Folded money💵 (paper) shown below, you’ll see what the art turns into = 911. This is what we carry around all day🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😠 So [they’re] using this method for curses, or collective manifestation w/ unwitting participants? Now we know. They know about paper folding so should we...
4. So let’s start w/ the beginning of paper planes. History says it has roots in ancient China as invention of paper cane, yet possibly Japan really grew the form of paper airplanes into existence. Leonardo Da Vinci Is credited with using paper planes to model his ornithopter.
5. History of #paperplanes continued. Consistent story. Seems normal right?
So what is up with M.I.A.’s weird paper plane song? 🤔💭 If paper planes are so innocent why are the used as symbolism? Let’s look...
6. So let’s look deeper into M.I.A.’s #paperplanes. Julian Assange tweeted her song back in 12/31/2017. Did he just like it? Hhhmmm... deeper meaning?
7. M.I.A.’s #paperplanes song lyrics b/c I can hardly understand what she says in her video🙄
“ Fly like paper, get high like planes” “I got visas in my name” (note use of plural) She “makes em all day.” “skulls & bones” = the Secret Society, “Poison”
8. More on M.I.A.’s #paperplanes song
“Burner” phones, “pack & deliver like UPS” (This reeks of #humantrafficking!) “Already in hell” “more records than the KGB” referring to blackmail records.🤔💭
I will drop below the significance of VISAS
Lyric video 👉🏻
9. Here’s part of an external thread by @paulacblades001 on why visas are important and how they can be / are being used to traffic. #sextrafficking #humantrafficking #P1 entertainment visas. #crowdjustice Dig in there 👇🏻
10. Let’s dig M.I.A. (Aka Mathangi Arulpragasam aka Maya) #Paperplanes #4 in US, sold 4MIL+copies. Dad grad fr. Moscow🤔(more on him in a sec!). Born in London, When 6 family moved to North Sri Lanka. 11 back to London & mum worked directly as seamstress for the Royal Family!
11. M.I.A. #paperplanes Worked w/ remix Jay-Z💡!Group Clash & “Diplo” credited for creating song w/ her. She says lyrics are about problems getting her visa b/c “them thinking that I might fly a plane into the Trade Center” 🤔 Yeah, NO. I don’t get that from her song. 👉🏻Bronfman!
12. A mix to say least. Suggests Obama give his Nobel peace prize back, states China’s influence w/ UN preventing prosecutions of war crimes. FB & GOOG “by CIA” harmful to internet freedoms, person of year Edward Snowden!😳supporter of Assange, stood by his side! AND a 👉🏻#4EVA!
13. Yes that photo is M.I.A. w/ Twit founders Dorsey & Williams. Maya was engaged to Benjamin Zachary Bronfman aka Ben Brewer (Green Owl), & had their son in 2009. Bronfman’s of Seagrams 77 & also Lehman Family, oh and let’s recall Aunt Clare...
14. Aunt Clare Bronfman, pleads guilty in connection to NXIVM sex cult, connected to #humantrafficking (Bronfman, Raniere, Rothschild, Epstein, Zorro +) Big tangled web!
15. Why did I highlight #4EVA above?👆🏻 See external thread as we have worked on these theories in past. It always comes full ⭕️! You’ll have to go deep into thread 🧵👇🏻 & see comments.👍🏻
16. 1 more drop on Benjamin Bronfman: Oh l👀k, it’s Stanford, again🙄. He’s working w/ Stanford Research 🤨 via his role as “Strategic Advisor” at Global Thermostat.
17. Take mental note M.I.A.’s father rcvd ed. in Moscow, Russia for engineering. B/c activist & revolutionary from Jaffna founding EROS during Tamil Independence mvmnt, then went on “peace” role w/ UN:“GSI Initiatives implementing UN Sustainable Development Goals”👉🏻NEEDS own dig!
18. 1 thing that really caught my attention was M.I.A.’s logo #symbolism. 2 hands joined in that manner = butterfly🦋, symbol for “child l0ver” accord. to FBI docs 2007. Also MK Ultra Monarch programming. & what looks like paper cutout🤔💭 #origami? Won’t get into🌹at this time.
19. So I’ll drop a few details on a MK ULTRA Monarch 🦋 programming b/c it will lead us to the brain . 🧠
Remember her song: “...running when we hit them lethal poison for the system”?? see technique of MK Ultra IV administration...👇🏻 #PaperPlanes
20. What Monarch 🦋 programming looks like on celebrities. They are required to present it to shape the younger, easily influenced populations. Make it mainstream cool 😠
21. More details on #MKULTRA / #MKSearch & #monarch #mindcontrol programming
22. Another extensive article on the subject of #MKUltra #Monarch #mindcontrol
23.Why do [they] use the term Monarch, a butterfly🦋? I think there are multiple reasons but 1 of them being the 🦋 in your solar plexus & in your brain 🧠, so I wanted to show you visually. The birthplace of the seed & the communication device (receiver) to our Creator. #mirror
24. #paperplanes With what we know w/ the connections above, I went on the search for planes & mind control. DARPA is said to already be implanting neural devices into the brain using Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) to pilots up to 3 jets w/ their thoughts.
25. This study even states Building the Brain‘s “Air Traffic Control System” equating it to “a busy airport” ✈️ & studies the need for children to develop these skills.🧠 #paperplanes

26. More screenshots from the Harvard study on “Building the Brain’s Air Traffic Control System” ✈️ ....
27. All the while digging #paperplanes I have my mind on this movie #Kubo & The Two Strings. 🤔💭 MUCH #symbolism I’m not going into now, except that he uses paper in a magical way to create origami stories that takes him on a journey & saves his town & life. Power behind paper?
28. The movie “Kubo” was about a Japanese boy w/ his magical papers. So I’m thinking perhaps #paperplanes are really in reference to #origami since according to history it began in China but popularity in Japan made it take off✈️. Pun intended😏 Is there a belief it holds power?
29. So I found this great & in-depth article about #Origami, & how it peaked the interest of mathematicians. Note the reference to 👉🏻“Its all in the Third Degree.”
Note the reference to her making 👉🏻 a paper crane...
30. ... more on this article about the power of #origami
Origami technology folds a mirror origami style to be put into a rocket. Auto air bags have an algorithm to fold up, & self-assembling robots for clues on how proteins fold in the human body...
31. There’s a legend of “mystical powers of the Japanese crane”. It was made significant after 911 - “Key terms”
Symbol of Peace? Story of Sadako & The Thousand Cranes. Legend says if you fold 1000 paper cranes you will have your hearts desire come true. #Senbazura #Hiroshima
32. #Origami used recently in Hong Kong & Times Square as a symbol of hope & peace. Note Obama went to #Hiroshima & made Paper Cranes. But is the legend of cranes really all about peace? ✌🏻I recalled recent video I had seen that had something much different to say about cranes!!
33. Watch anthropologist, @robertsepehr’s video “Lost Civilizations Beyond the End of the Earth”.
At 6:22 he discusses Hyperborea & a race of pygmies.
“...ocean waters rush inwards towards the center, where the four rivers intersect b/w the islands...
34. “... to the pole where they plunge deep into the earth. 33 leagues in circumference is the black island, driven by powerful magnetic currents under earth main meridian lines...”

35. “... here live Pygmies at most 4 feet tall who are like those called Skræling (Norse word) in #Greenland” - #Thule

“Homers Iliad describes this tribe beset by cranes in a terrible & violent war between large & deadly cranes and the valiant & courageous pygmies....”
36. “Pliny the elder noted the pygmies were displaced from their ancestral homes by the cranes unrelenting onslaught.”
@robertsepehr states “ Chinese annals record similar accounts...
37. Robert Sepehr - “... we have an undeniable collective memory of ancient millennium long & worldwide pygmy versus crane war resulting in victory of the crane and the near total extension of the Pygmy”
Cranes don’t sound too peaceful to me!! 😳
38. Fossils have been found of giant storks aka cranes, & small people together further supporting the war of pygmies & cranes.
39. Back to paper planes that may really be origami. Does origami have anything to do w/ mind control? Oh yes it does! DNA Mind Control Robots in Humans. “All ready happening... nanoscale robots.. Brain-Machine interface” This experiment is in insects👇🏻
40. Enter DNA Origami & nanomachines 🧬
Note 👉🏻 Building a Bridge
41. Paul Rothemund of CalTech TED on DNA Origami 🧬- DNA Folding. “To create tiny machines that assemble themselves”
42. More on DNA Origami 🧬 - See video for complete TED talk. “Using DNA in ways that nature never intended.” 😳
43. Another talk about DNA Origami 🧬 with the “Blue Waters" Supercomputer.
44. DNA Origami 🧬 is also being combined with CRISPR DNA genetic engineering. 👉🏻

(At least 2 studies have shown editing cells might actually trigger cancer & “CRISPR can actually take aim at healthy DNA”)
45. “DNA Origami: The BRIDGE from top-to-bottom.
There’s a lot more research to be done on this topic.
#photons #nanotechnology
46. Guess who else likes #paperplanes? And Marina Abromovich, and Aleister Crowley, and Clinton and Illuminati?
Jay-Z, Freemason. In fact he created a clothing line called “Paper Planes”. 🤦🏻‍♀️
47. S. Carter Enterprises trademarked Paper Planes brand. Note black and white Freemason dichotomy.
48. He literally wears it. #paperplanes #symbolism will be their downfall.
49. More Jay-Z #paperplanes symbolism.
Now I know there’s more to the album 4:44 and you’ll notice the 4:44 on the paper plane. ....
50. You can see what mainstream thinks 4:44 means, & some of that might be true, after all, we can manifest numbers into reality. But I think there’s a deeper reveal to see. ... 4 is the letter “D” in the English alphabet. Pretty simple right?
Take it a step further....
51. So Jay-Z’s “13th” Album was titled 4:44. 4th letter is D so it’s D:DD. Now D = 24 Sumerian, 24+24+24 = 72. 72 important in mysticism. The 144 faces in tetrahedron; 2 Pyramids w/in a ring. (64/8=8) (72 +72 = 144 (think 144,000 in scriptures). 72 fulfills only the male piece.
52. Back to subject of #paperplanes & #Visas #symbolism.
You MUST get in this external thread by @paulacblades001
She’s cracking the shell on how [they] engage in Human Trafficking through Visas. #Ukraine #USAID #Soros #HRC #Biden & much more
53. Adding another thread link to make sure I have it all. It’s blending so much! #B1 #WorkVisas #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #USAID #Ukraine
54. Forgot to add sooner this important connection by @JackalsLast 4:44 and 5:5 “wings of death” 💀

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