Yoongi quickly turns around –not quite quick enough as he has had the time to see Seokjin's toned stomach– and his cheeks turn a bright and burning red.

"Oh my fu— What are you doing?" he says in a strangled voice.
He hears a chuckle behind him, and Yoongi can't see Seokjin but he's pretty sure the man is completely naked by now. Well, he hopes— wait no, that's not—

His thought are cut by the older man's voice. "It's fine Yoongi-ssi, I have underwear on. You can look."
The other doesn't know if it's an authorization or an invitation but whatever it is, he lets out a deep breath and turns back around to face Seokjin. An almost-naked Seokjin, muscular but lean Seokjin, god those THIGHS Seokjin, and all above else smiling brightly Seokjin.
"Wh-why did you fucking do that?" Yoongi asks again, trying his best to look the man in the eye and not in the abs.

Seokjin shows the small lake behind him. "This! Do you think I'd be crazy enough to pass on an opportunity like this? Free pool, Yoongi-ssi!"

"Yeah, it's cute right?" Seokjin chuckles again. "It's okay if you don't like it, tell me and I'll stop call—"

"No," Yoongi cuts him. "N-no, call me whatever you want, it's fine."

For a moment, Seokjin doesn't say anything and they're just looking at each other.
"Alright, 'whatever you want it's fine', are you going to join me?"

Yoongi rolls his eyes lightly at the joke. "I don't plan on catching a cold, no..."

Seokjin sighs deeply. "Live a little, Yoongi-ssi!"
And Yoongi feels kind of insulted at that, just kind of, and he's going to say something about it expect the dark haired man doesn't give him the time to do that as he turns around and jumps into the water, curling into a ball and grabbing his nose as he screams, the sound +
+ cut by the crash with the calm water surface.

Seokjin's jump takes Yoongi by surprise and the latter shrieks when drops of water hit his face.

"Oh, oh come on!!" he shouts defeated as he realizes a good part of his clothes got wet in the process.
He crosses his arms, taking an angry pose, waiting patiently for Seokjin to come back up so he can scream at him.

But he waits, and waits, and soon he starts to wonder if the figure under the water is moving.

"Seokjin?" he says, his angry expression falling.
"Seokjin come back up this isn't fucking funny." He sighs. "Come on, why is everything a joke to you!"

He waits a bit more but Seokjin is still not moving.

"Fuck," he murmurs, coming closer to the edge. He kneels close to the water and leans a bit forward, extending his arm.
And he tries to grab Seokjin, a worried expression on his face, but turns out the man is alive and well, and grabs Yoongi first, pulling him into the water with him.

Yoongi shrieks. Again. He crashes face first into the lake.
Kind of panicking, Yoongi swims back to the surface, catching his breath and pushing his hair out of his face.


Seokjin's head comes up to the surface until his mouth is out of the water, his bangs stick to his forehead over his eyebrows and almost covering his eyes.
Neither of them say a thing, Yoongi just looks at Seokjin with a disbelieving stare, and Seokjin looks –kind of?– sorry.

The brunette opens his mouth, starting an apology, but he doesn't have the time to say anything more than "I'm sorry I shouldn't ha—" before Yoongi jumps at +
him and pushes him below the surface with a mischievous grin. But Seokjin doesn't lose his cool, and drags Yoongi in with him again.

They're both underwater, drying to fake-drown the other like little kids, and Yoongi is losing.
If you ask him why he'll fight you over whether it was because of Seokjin's obvious size advantage or the fact that Yoongi had clothing weighting him down.

But no matter who wins, they both come up to the surface for air, catching it in fits of laughter, splashing water around.
Against all logical argument, Yoongi only takes his drenched clothes off when both men get out of the water after swimming around a bit and talking about every and any thing, their voices echoing against rocks and the water surface.
He honestly feels a bit self-conscious when he looks down at his pale skin and thin structure, shivering because of the wind that hits his wet skin, compared to the other man's large shoulders –really fucking large– and light tan.
But when he crosses the brunette's stare, something in him seems to flutter away. Maybe it's the way his eyes wander quickly his body, sparkling with awe and curiosity... Or maybe that's just him projecting, he thinks, shaking his head and twisting his shirt to get the water out.
"I have a spare shirt," Seokjin says.

Yoongi looks at him, eyebrows raised. "What?"

The older smiles and adds "You look cold. Take my shirt for tonight."

"Oh right, thank you."
The light has started to fade, the horizon turning a light shade of orange, and the moon peaking from behind thin clouds.

"We should make the tent before it's dark." Seokjin says, and so Yoongi agrees and helps him.
It's a strange sight, really, two half naked men –not the same half, with Yoongi in the lent shirt and his spare (and dry) underwear, and Seokjin with some gym shorts that have probably not been used to gym in a long time– build a tent in the middle of nowhere at sunset.
"Aaahh finally!!" Seokjin sighs as he sits –more like drops himself– on the thin camping mattress. "Thank you for helping, Yoongi-ssi, I don't think I would've been over before nightfall without you."

Yoongi chuckles, sitting beside him. "You're that bad at it?"
Seokjin laughs –that squeaky and still oddly charming laugh–, his shoulders moving up and down. "I'm just not really used to it, I suppose. I started this road-trip thing a week ago as some kind of escape from work."

Yoongi nods. "Is your job hard on you?"
"The job's fine, the boss isn't really." Seokjin sighs, and something in his eyes reminds Yoongi of sadness.

"Is he an ass?"

Seokjin smiles, "You could say that I guess. But I think he just doesn't want to be there."
Yoongi shrugs "He could quit. It's not that hard, I've done it almost as many times as I've gotten fired."

Seokjin drops his head "I'm not sure he has much of choice..."

Yoongi doesn't know what to say, he's not sure he has anything to say, nor if he should.
Seokjin looks back up at Yoongi and his sadness seems to fade, replaced by a kind smile. "Enough about that, what do you do in life, Yoongi-ssi?"

"Except getting abandoned at a gas station in the middle of nowhere by my friend you mean?"
The brunette laughs, giving Yoongi a push of his shoulder.

"Not much really, I have a few jobs here and there..."

Seokjin rolls his eyes. "Not that, like, what do you like to do when you don't /have/ to do anything? Don't answer sleep."
"I'm out of answers, then, too bad!" Yoongi chuckles.

"No but really."

"I like music. I produce some stuff here and there, but it's not like I have much time to make anything worth sending to agencies or anything. I give some demos to my friend Jungkook, though."
"That's amazing! Do you have anything I could listen to?"

"Oh, er, I don't know, I..."

Seeing Yoongi hesitate, Seokjin shakes his head. "No it's okay, I don't want to push you. I understand, music's kinda personal, right?"
Yoongi smiles, Seokjin does too.

They talk more, and a bit more again, and they actually talk until Seokjin falls asleep listening to Yoongi talk about that time he was in a ramen restaurant and he got kicked out because he slurped too loud.
Yoongi wakes up to a bright light filling the tent, where he lays alone, the covers fallen off him sometime in the night. He stands up and exits the tent, his eyes barely open and his neck feeling sore.

"Good morning sleepy head," says a voice.
Yoongi opens an eye after rubbing it, and sees Seokjin getting up.

"Mornin' hyung," he mumbles back.

Seokjin gets closer but stops, looking at the younger man with a rather fond look.

"What?" Yoongi rasps out, raising an eyebrow.
"Nothing," Seokjin replies cheerily, "you look cute is all!"

While talking, he raises a hand and comes to ruffle Yoongi's hair. The latter feels his cheeks get hot again and he catches Seokjin's wrist, trying to stop him from ruining his hair even more than it is because of dye.
Then, Yoongi realizes his action has made Seokjin come far closer to him, only inches left between them.

It's stupid and it's totally inappropriate but Yoongi suddenly really wants to kiss him. Like, really. So much that he actually does kiss Seokjin. On the lips. With his lips.
The touch doesn't even last 3 seconds, just a short peck, nothing but lips against lips and hand around wrist, and Yoongi quickly pulls back, letting go of Seokjin.

"Fuck, I'm," he says stepping back, his face growing redder, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done th—"
Seokjin cuts his rambling by stepping forward, an arm catching his waist, making Yoongi stand on his tip toes.

Turns out Seokjin too really wanted to kiss Yoongi, seeing how fervent the kiss quickly turns. Soon they're out of breath, and Yoongi feels his legs start shaking.
They part, Yoongi's teeth dragging on Seokjin's lower lip lightly. In the midst of kissing, Yoongi found himself holding onto Seokjin's torso and shoulder, as Seokjin's arm is around his waist and his other hand is cupping Yoongi's jaw, thumb caressing his cheekbone.
They look into each other's eyes for a bit, Yoongi's are wide, and Seokjin's are shape by his smile.

"That was, um," Yoongi starts.

"The best kiss of your life?"

Yoongi chuckles and hits his shoulder playfully. "Unexpected is what I meant!"
"Hey, Yoongi?" says, his eyes sparkling, his fingers playing with the ends of Yoongi's hair.


"Where do feet kiss?"


"Under the mistletoe!"
Yoongi thinks he has never ran faster than he's running right now, hand in hand with Seokjin.

Like perfect /idiots/, Yoongi and Seokjin spent almost an hour giving each other little kisses, talking and teasing and laughing, and realized rather late that they had to go.
Seokjin had driven a little over limits, Yoongi telling him he was fine, holding strongly onto his waist.

And now they could see the stage where students were getting their diploma. Yoongi would never hear the end of it if he missed Jungkook's turn.
The both of them made their way up the seat rows, Seokjin laughing and Yoongi very seriously looking for his friends.

Until he saw Jimin waving from afar, telling him to come quick. Because now he could see Jungkook, ready to step on the stage.
Yoongi caught up with his friends, a bright smiling Taehyung, a scolding Jimin, an awkward-feeling looking Namjoon, and a visibly annoyed Hoseok.

Jimin looked at Seokjin and at their joined hands with a raised eyebrow. "Who's the supermodel?" He asked, whispering, seating down.
Yoongi took a seat and Seokjin followed –taking Jungkook's empty one–.

"Well I met him at the gaz station where—"

"JEON JUNGKOOK!" the mc called, and Yoongi's attention snapped to his friend stepping up the stairs.
Yoongi watched as Jungkook walked towards the stand, and when he saw that his hyung had finally arrived, he waved widely, a big bunny smile on his face, completely ignoring the guy who was congratulating him.
He mindlessly took the diploma and waved quickly at the clapping crowd. Yoongi was standing, clapping and cheering loudly, as were all of his friends –and Seokjin– doing too.

As soon as he could, Jungkook walked off the stage and ran towards his friends.
The boy didn't slow down until he was close enough to hug...both Yoongi and Seokjin. Even if Yoongi was very happy to see Jungkook, he was nevertheless taken aback.

"I'm so glad you both came!!" he said cheerily, adding "Even if you're late." in a whisper (shh you're not alone).
"Wouldn't miss it for anything in the world, Kookie-yah." Seokjin said, pinching the younger's cheek.

Yoongi's mouth was gaping. "You guys... know each other?" he asked, incredulous.

Jungkook turned to him with big eyes, and laughed. "He's my cousin! I could ask you the same!"
"Well he's my..." Yoongi started, frowning.

Seokjin smiled at him and completed: "Boyfriend, i'm his boyfriend."

Jungkook's jaw drops. "Wait WHAT? Since when??"

The 'what' was said in sync by Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung. Hoseok and Namjoon too look surprised.
Hoseok adds: "How come did I not know? I'm your best friend!"

Yoongi chuckle. "Since today, and i'm sorry Hoseok but you literally abandoned me on the side of the road." All eyes are round as coins. "Actually, thank you for that, I wouldn't have found him there if you hadn't."
Jungkook's graduation party is pretty intense, and it seems like he's invited his whole promotion to it. But Yoongi doesn't really mind, he got free booze, Hoseok and Namjoon seem to have resolved their feelings as they're making out very messily on a couch, and he has Seokjin.
Seokjin who brings him a cup filled with a mix of god-knows-what that actually tastes like heaven, and kisses his temple as they dance together on the slow beat music.
"I'm glad we met like this," he says above the loudness of the room, "I would've liked you any way but at least now, we'll have something to tell our kids."

Yoongi chuckles and kisses him.
🌱🏍🌱🏍 FIN 🏍🌱🏍🌱
bonus!! (1/2)
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