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It’s time for a thread, an #AWS thread, to make sure you know your CloudFront from CloudTrail, and Athena from Aurora … with a little help from the #devcommunity


A is for Alarm

If you are new to #AWS and are using the free tier you may want to add a #CloudWatch Billing Alarm to make sure you don't run into any unexpected charges.

Learn more about CloudWatch with @kylegalbraith…
@kylegalbraith (3/28)

B is for Bucket

#AWS #S3 buckets store objects, similar to files and folders on your local machine.

Learn more about S3 with @DavidOjedaL…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL (4/28)

C is for CLI

The #AWS #CLI allows you to issue commands from the command line. It's useful for uploading files to S3 buckets and launching EC2 instances.

Learn more about the CLI with @Code2Bits…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits (5/28)

D is for DB Snapshot

#Amazon #RDS creates a storage volume snapshot of your entire instance. You can restore this using the AWS Management Console, the CLI, or API.

Learn how to automate this process with @Goozenburger…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger (6/28)

E is for Edge location

#Amazon #CloudFront is the #AWS CDN. It caches information closest to the user to the next user can download a copy faster.

Learn more about CloudFront with @kylegalbraith…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger (7/28)

F is for Firehose

#Amazon #Kinesis Firehose is exactly what it sounds like, a way to stream data in near real-time to S3, #Redshift or #Elasticsearch…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger (8/28)

G is for Group

#AWS #IAM allows you to securely control individual and group access to your resources. Users by default have no access until you assign them a role.

Learn more about IAM with @DavidOjedaL…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger (9/28)

H is for Hosted Zone

#Amazon #Route53 is Amazons Domain Name System which routes users to Internet applications by translating names like into IP addresses

Learn more about hosting a static website with @mariordev…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev (10/28)

I is for Image

An #AMI is a type of virtual appliance which serves as the basic unit of deployment for services delivered using #EC2.…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev (11/28)

J is for Job Flow

#Amazon #EMR provides a scalable framework so you can run Spark and Hadoop processes over an S3 data lake. Once the job completes, the EMR cluster is terminated.

Learn more with @julsimon…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon (12/28)

K is for KMS

The #AWS #KMS Service makes it easy to create and control encryption keys on AWS which can then be utilised to encrypt and decrypt data.

Learn more with @MatChilling…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling (13/28)

L is for Lifecycle

A lifecycle is a set of rules that allows you to transition #S3 objects through the storage classes as they move from “hot” to “cold”

Learn more in this practical example with @veermanhas…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas (14/28)

M is for Messages

#Amazon #SNS allows applications to send time-critical messages through a “push” mechanism, eliminating the need to periodically check or “poll” for updates

Learn more about how it all fits together with @FRosnerd…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd (15/28)

N is for NAT Gateway

A NAT gateway enables instances in a private subnet to connect to the internet but prevents the internet from initiating connections with the instances.

Learn more about networking and VPCs with @grahamlyons…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons (16/28)

O is for On Demand Instance

There are four ways to pay for #Amazon #EC2
Spot Instances - 90% off On-Demand
Reserved Instances - 75% off On-Demand
Dedicated Hosts

Learn more with @liquid_chickens…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens (17/28)

P is for Persistent storage

#Amazon #EBS is a persistent storage device that can be attached to a single EC2 instance for storage.…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens (18/28)

Q is for Query

#Amazon #RDS makes it easy to provision a managed relational database instance in the cloud. For cases when a NoSQL database is more appropriate #AWS offers #DynamoDB

Learn more about DynamoDB with @mushketyk…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens @mushketyk (19/28)

R is for Read replica

Read replication can be part of your disaster recovery plan. You can promote a read replica if the source database instance fails.

Learn more with @li_chastina…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens @mushketyk @li_chastina (20/28)

S is for Scaling

Auto Scaling launches and terminates #Amazon #EC2 instances automatically according to user-defined policies, schedules, and alarms.

Learn more with this overview from @LianaMelissa12…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens @mushketyk @li_chastina @LianaMelissa12 (21/28)

T is for Tagging

Using tags in your metadata helps to identify who is using each resource and gain control over costs.

Learn more about what you should consider when trying to manage costs with @PowerDownCloud…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens @mushketyk @li_chastina @LianaMelissa12 @PowerDownCloud @alex_barashkov (23/28)

V is for Virtual Private Cloud

A #VPC is a virtual data center is a logically isolated section of #AWS made of Internet Gateways/Virtual Private Gateways, route tables, network access control lists, subnets, and security groups.…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens @mushketyk @li_chastina @LianaMelissa12 @PowerDownCloud @alex_barashkov (24/28)

W is for WAF

#AWS #WAF protects web applications from attacks, like specific user-agents, bad bots, or content scrapers, by filtering traffic based on rules that you create.…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens @mushketyk @li_chastina @LianaMelissa12 @PowerDownCloud @alex_barashkov (25/28)

X is for X.509 certificate

Use x.509 certificates in #AWS Certificate Manager to identify users, computers, applications, services, servers, and other devices internally.

Learn how this works with @baensele…
@kylegalbraith @DavidOjedaL @Code2Bits @Goozenburger @mariordev @julsimon @MatChilling @veermanhas @FRosnerd @grahamlyons @liquid_chickens @mushketyk @li_chastina @LianaMelissa12 @PowerDownCloud @alex_barashkov @baensele @codeanalogies (27/28)

Z is for Zones

There are multiple data centres or Availability Zones(AZs) in a Region so if there is a problem in one AZ another can pick up the slack.

Learn why you should take this into consideration with @FRosnerd…
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