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1 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest A thread:

Yesterday Dutch farmers protested in The Hague against harsh "green" government policies.
2 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
"This photo shows the distance between politicians and the rest of the people.

The farmers had parked their tractors well. Discipline, care, coordination. You politicians will never get that."
3 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
I will give my the disputed issue in this thread.


Dutch puppet politicians are trying to rob farmland, for their cabal masters. But our farmers are woke and wise; they will probably manage to stop the theft.
4 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Yesterday early morning on the highway.
Some farmers drove over 200 kilometers with their tractors.
5 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
It was the worst jammed morning rush hour in Dutch history.
Yet many people were cheering the farmers on.
9 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Farmer kids had their own tractor protest rally, 160 km to the North East.
10 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Tractors drove like tanks over a metal fence in The Hague.
Powerful visual language.
11 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
"At the end of last week, the mayor said that at most 5 tractors were allowed on the #Malieveld. At the beginning of this week, the police said it could have 75. But it has become much more: hundreds"
Thousands maybe.
12 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Most other Dutch are compliant and easy to herd. They are massively being hypnotised by an overload of fake news and diverting TV shows.

Only a few individuals question anomalies in major news stories.
13 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
No farmers, no food.
That is: when our farmers are chased away, we will import food from countries with weaker attitudes on animal welfare and environmental issues. Sad!
14 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Farmers have "boerenverstand": farmers' wisdom, horse sense.

Farmers are less easy to scam than the rest of the population, and they have the guts to resist the treacherous government.
15 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
The government sent agent provocateurs. I had witnessed such dirty tricks in 2015 at a demo in Utrecht.

This time the undercover agents were called out, and they left without doing harm.

Note the earpieces.
16 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
That is me in my Q shirt. No farmer whom I spoke had heard of Q.

But they do see that Donald Trump is working hard for their American colleagues, whereas Dutch (and other European) politicians do the opposite.
17 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
This trailer had a banner saying:

"Measuring = knowing
Stop the green lie"

Farmers on the trailer gave away carrots, potatoes and onions to passers-by. They understand that our puppet government is robbing them.

Nice view from the deck.
18 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
What is it all about?
Politicians create fake problems and fake solutions; raising taxes or doing other kinds of robbery for their cabal puppet masters.

With the money the cabal buys politicians, media, judges etc.
19 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Last year Dutch politicians decided on new energy policies that will cost the Dutch in the order of 1 trillion €.
They had not mentioned this huge change in their election campaigns.
The Dutch are too dazed to protest.
20 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
The current fuzz is officially about nitrogen/NOx emissions. More than half is from the transport sector. Other sectors have steadily reduced emissions in the past 30 years.

Writeup: "There is no nitrogen crisis at all"
21 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
There is only a crisis for bookkeepers.
D'66 ("democrats") politician had said: "half of the cattle stock must go".
This policy was not announced in any election campaign.
Nobody voted for this => electoral fraud.
22 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Green-left party leader Jesse Klaver, who never had a normal job in his life:

"The bio industry is bankrupt."

No it is not and it will not be, how hard our corrupt politicians may try.
23 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
Thierry Baudet, leader of the young party Forum voor Democratie, explains the scam ( in Dutch).

Forum voor Democratie is maybe the only Dutch political party that is not controlled by the elite.
24 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
The EU imposes strict NOx emission norms. Farmers initially got exemptions. Last May a high court ruled that the exemptions were invalid.

Politicians play innocent & dumb. It is one big theater show.

(Landbouw=agriculture; verkeer=transport)
25 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
If 50% of the cattle stock would disappear then
- Dutch economy suffers bigly.
- 5000 km2 land released: farmers sell for about 10€/m2; projects developers can buy for 200€/m2.

Another trillion € is again at stake.
26 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
The Minister of the Interior is of Finnish-Swedish nobility; incorporated into Dutch nobility in 2002.
Prince Bernhard Jr. owns 100s of real estate objects in Amsterdam.
Are the nobility&royalty after land&real estate?
27 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
IMO the elite is grabbing land.
That not only serves their greed; it also keeps the main population from accumulating wealth. Most people are in debt positions. People can't afford to lose their job so they keep silent.
28 - #boerenprotest #farmersprotest
The world has been this way for thousands of years. But now Donald Trump is fighting the ruling elites in the USA.

They will go down, also in Europe.
Nobody can stop what is coming.

Thank you, fantastic Dutch farmers!
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