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#AmberGuygerTrial 👩🏾‍⚖👮‍♀️💬🤳🏿🦱
You can watch coverage of the sentencing of #AmberGuyger LIVE here:
Lord... welp, let's hope sentencing goes well. (Her demeanor is more serious now. haha)
It's underway. Her mother just got on the stand.
Mother of #AmberGuyger is in tears, testifying that Amber was molested as a child...which I guess is supposed to explain or make us feel merciful toward her cold blooded murder, abuse of the badge and anti-Black racism.🤷🏾‍♀️
I actually feel bad for #AmberGuyger's mother...but that has nothing to do with Amber Guyger. #StillGuilty of cold blooded murder.

Amber's mother through tears: "She's feel really bad about it."
Consequences will do that.

Botham's family and community feels worse.
Sister, #AlanGuyger, testifying that #AmberGuyger was "bubbly" and the kind of girl everybody wanted to be around. Who is "everybody"? And what color were they?
#AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
They now have a Black woman testifying as #AmberGuyger's black friend. Who is also a police officer. Who, like Amber's family, testifies abt how sweet and loving Amber is.

"She's been good to me"
...So she can't be racist. *blank stare*
"You're ready. You're ready to get out there and do this job." - the detective that trained Amber; What she said she told the young police trainee phenom that she describes as #AmberGuyger.
Thomas McPherson, fellow police officer, testifies that all the officers + #AmberGuyger are run into gun fire brave and "close knit".
The commentators are now discussing the glaring fact that #AmberGuyger's family, one after another, got on that stand and NEVER ONCE APOLOGIZED to the family for the death of #BothamJean. They suspect that perhaps bc it wouldn't have looked sincere. 👀 *clears throat*

The text messages contain her racist comments w fellow police officers & disrespectful fat shaming comments made about their police supervisor behind his back and their failure to follow his instructions.
AmberGuyger's defense objected to talk and questioning of the officer about the text messages.


BUT GET THIS: They objected again. The judge STOPPED the questioning. Said she won't allow it, BUT RECAPPED IT ALL AND HAD THE LAWYER "EXPLAIN WHAT WAS IN THE TEXTS!




AND THEN THE JUDGE SAYS, Yeah, I won't allow it.

They are now presenting #AmberGuyger's light skin Latinx friend from the 9th grade. (Maybe we'll get a Muslim friend & a Jewish one, too, before this over! How exciting!) Described Amber as bubbly and tormented w feeling like she doesnt deserve love...


She is now weeping.

#AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
...so if Amber didn't murder these POC she's known since 7th grade, she can't be AS racist as SHE HERSELF said she is in her own texts as posts.


The maybe-Asian friend reiterates weeping that #AmberGuyger is "remorseful" and not as bubbly anymore.
*texts AND posts
This beautiful woman has been through h*ll and back. And she is also to be a Black example of #AmberGuyger's humanity bc Amber didn't kill her or harm her in the face of Amber's clear inhumanity evident in her own words and #BothamJean's death.
#LawandaClark deserves respect and honor for how she turned her life around. That is courage. #AmberGuyger does NOT deserve a cookie for choosing not to destroy the Black woman. That is NOT courage.

Racists, like domestic abusers, do not abuse every single eligible person.
That's not how any of this works.

Just bc a man doesnt beat all women, it doesnt mean he doesn't beat his wife.

Just bc a White person isnt cruel to every single Black person, it doesnt mean they're not racist when Black or POC aren't looking & listening.
They are at recess now.👩🏾‍⚖

Whew, Chile! #HelpUsLord #AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
Right! Meanwhile, they should have questioned THE FRIENDS about THEIR OWN racial views and anti-POC biases, their awareness of #AmberGuyger's racist posts and what they thought about them.

Because that IS how White Supremacy works. #AmberGuygerSentencing
Like an infectious diseases, White Supremacy in its airborne ubiquity, can & does infect ANYONE, including POC. And THOSE POC will then not only make excuses for the racism, but worship in adoration the very emblem of their own oppression, if not adapting & adopting the ideology.
Commentators are back. Court isn't yet, though.

They just said, "If you have to start off a text with 'Not racist but', just stop right there. It's probably racist."

#GoodTip Love to see White ppl helping White ppl. 😂😂😂
#AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
"Sudden Passion" clause of murder in Texas could affect #sentencing by lowering it.

It states that it's applicable if there is "Immediate influence of sudden passion of an adequate cause"

like if a husband came home and found wife in bed with another man
Commentator says that means, "Anger, jealousy, rage...and in this case, I think they'll say FEAR."

Jesus. And we know that's the ever effective hallmark of racialized murder & abuse of Black bodies by White assailants. A claim that only works bc melanin has been deemed dangerous
The guy commentator says he doesn't think invoking the "Sudden Passion" clause and fear will be effective though, especially bc they tried throwing that out there in trial and it didn't float.

Let's hope so.
#AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
"All rise."

They're back.
The defense rests.
The state closes.
The judge is reading the charges to the jury. "The court accepts the verdict of guilty....You will not concern yourself with guilt or innocence."
#AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
The judge is instructing the jury on how to fill out the forms and that the options are the sudden passion clause or not and that they can fill out any amount of money in her fine sentencing. #AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
"We ALL were robbed of Botham."

Closing argument by prosecution, holding up a picture of #BothamJean, and all of her racist pinterest, social media and text posts, showing the texts of her racist comments from two days prior to Botham's murder, etc.
Jury will have copies of all of #AmberGuyger's texts and posts, incl her text to White police officers that she doesnt like BLACK POLICE OFFICERS & that MLK celebrators should be pepper sprayed by the police.

Prosecution also reassures jury that the fine isnt paid by her family.
Defense is up now with closing statements. Instructs jury to think about #AmberGuyger's #WeepingRainbowCoalition of friends and that Amber played in a "mariachi band" when deciding her sentence for murder and looking at Amber's racist texts and posts.

"Think about that."
Defense: "Mariachi band...Think about that."
Defense just explicitly instructed the jury to NOT think about police brutality & police murders of (Black) ppl that they've heard about in this country. He said THIS case is too unique and has nothing to do with any of that.

Okay, Chief.
Prosecution is back up. Judge gives 11min for the rebuttal closing argument. Prosecutor is coming DIRECTLY for "sudden passion" clause: "It does not apply here bc #Botham did not provoke his own death."

GET IT, SIS! #BlackLadyCourtroom
"Did more community service than probably any of us in this room."

"He had a lot of love to give to his family...his community."

You're hearing the prosecution do what must be sickingly done for any hope of valuing about Black death.
The prosecution is convincing the jury that #BothamJean was worthy of life.

"His sentence should be no lower than 28 yrs...for how many years he was alive."

*deep sigh*
That's it. Jury dismissed.
The commentators estimate the deliberation could/may take 6hrs or until tomorrow.

Lead prosecutor talking to #BothamJean's parents after jury dismissal:
Welp, that's all, folks.

Lord, bless the families and friends of both #BothamJean and #AmberGuyger. Send angels to the Jean family, his community and the Black community so effected by all of this. Send the Guygers and ppl like them deliverance from their racism. In Jesus' name.
If you're not watching the comments being made in the press interview of the prosecution, YOU SHOULD. They ain't suga coatin'. #BothamJean
#AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The jury rejected the sudden passion clause.

Has to serve only 5yrs before up for parole.

#AmberGuygerTrial #BothamJean
Victim Impact Statements are about to start. #AmberGuygerTrial #AmberGuygerSentencing
Victim Impact Statements:
"I forgive you...I love you just like anybody else. I wont say I hope you rot and die just like my brother did. I want the best for u...And the best would be give your life to Christ...what #Botham would want you to do."
That's all the family has. The rest have declined to speak as the sound of one weeping in grief for #Botham permeates the air of the courtroom.

The judge leaves her bench, goes to speak w & embraces the family membrs of #BothamJean.

Then goes to #AmberGuyger, giving her a Bible
Judge Kemp embracing #AmberGuyger after giving her a Bible and speaking to her.

Commentator in tears: This is extraordinary.

Other Commentator: I've never seen anything like this.

There is NO PEOPLE like MY PEOPLE.
There are two things I hate about this:
Concern #1: This scripture comes to mind, "What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid." (Rom 6:1-2a)

I do believe police who engage in abusive behavior will see this extension of mercy and grace as an opportunity to "continue in sin".
Concern #2: People will critique and rebuke this family's right and choice to forgive, reducing their choice and characterizing this act as a concession to White power and White religion as a vehicle of oppression.

In this they will be wrong and do this family an injustice.
It is just as much the right of a man to believe & have faith & choose forgiveness as it is natural and understanding to feel anger (which I'm sure they do bc anger & forgiveness are not mutually exclusive).

If they choose not bitterness, let them have that. LET THEM BE FREE.
Botham Jean's mother is boldly calling out "THE CORRUPTION" in the Dallas PD. She is dragging them through the truth and accountability. "His privacy was violated. She intruded on him. And that wasn't enough, she killed him!...Our life must move on, but it must move on in change"
Told you.
Forgiveness and Anger are NOT mutually exclusive.
Forgiveness and Accountability are NOT mutually exclusive.

And now the commentators r humuda humudaing, struggling to do the same. Making excuses for the injustice.

Momma forgives. Momma also is not playing witchyall.
The God that commands me to forgive is the same God that said "Speak...the truth...; execute the judgment of truth & peace" and that every sin has its "just recompense of reward".

FORGIVENESS and JUSTICE are not mutually exclusive.

It's WHITE SUPREMACY that tells you they are.
AND I agree w this, too.
#Forgiveness should NEVER be abt proving your humanity to White ppl and that is absolutely what White ppl since the beginning of their raping & pillaging on this soil have and do make it out to be. If you gon do it, do it for you.
But I wish a nigga would tell me I CAN'T forgive who I want to forgive bc WHITE PEOPLE do xyz and if I do, WHITE PEOPLE will think or do whatever

Is you free or ain't you? Forgive 'cause that's what YOU want or need to do. Screw everybody else & these bizarre inverted rationales
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