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Watching the Brady Bunch House Renovation on HGTV.

Could you imagine that a 3-times married,
hooker screwing braggart who grabbed women by the Pussy getting elected
President of the United States of America?

When respect still lived.
It isn't like people didn't know what he was.

He claimed to be RICH. I'm paying for my election myself.
(I think he made loans to himself, from himself then paid them back with campaign funds?)
Who knows the real answer to this one?
I remember that
Warren Buffett (a real rich man)
said not many reputable people did business with Trump because he had a reputation as a crook and a con. He called him out on his income taxes.
It made me think of a carnival barker.…
When Trump kept being featured on TV
because of his bragging about being rich because he got a small loan from his Dad.
(Long story there, you should know better by now).

He told us how great he has managed money, and how was going to take care of everyone.
Everyone would have the most beautiful health insurance, better than Canada and the rest of the world and the Government would pay for it.

Oh yes, no one would touch #SocialSecurity and #Medicare. He would not allow it.
Since at the time I was 76 and both those "entitlements" were most of my budget, and by then I didn't care much for his Rally speeches and rowdy chants, I decided to do some research.
Hard to decide where to begin.
Let's begin with him and his Dad.
Trump's father was a member of the Jamacia Queen's area KKK. Run by someone named Layne who was a banker and Real Estate guy in New Jersey.
Heard Trump tell Howard Stern, "yesssss, I belong, but it is just a social club now. We don't do marches anymore."
His Dad (Trump's) was arrested in a KKK 1927 march against those 'Catholic NY Police'.
Then a few of his don't likes started popping up in the research.
Sued some NY Native Americas because their casino was a big competitor. Ran undercover ads insinuating they dealt in drugs.
He and his Dad were charged and convicted of violations of fair housing acts in NY. Many suits. Paid millions in fines. Refused to rent to blacks or people of color.
Used Government $ obtained to build affordable housing, instead built exclusive high rent houses & apartments.
Another round of lawsuits, they 'settled' most of them, paying the huge fines & then claimed settled so wasn't guilty? Hmm
Another thing that stood out, was his Full Double Page ad calling for the death penalty for 5 black teens for raping & murdering a white jogger...
Even after they were later cleared by DNA (after serving time in jail) he ran another ad demanding return of the Death Penalty.

Beginning to think that I did not care much for Donald J Trump. Businessman or 'good' citizen.
Since I had spent 20 years in finance, my last job doing mortgage loans, I started reading his Bankruptcies. By the end of them, American banks no longer loaned him money for his Real Estate Deals. Very revealing.
A detailed reading of Bankruptcies, NY Lawsuits
between him and various lenders, you started getting the names of associates. Sometimes sues, sometimes worked a different deal.
Even the IRS collected millions for the 'transfer of funds' without documentation. Also an infusion of funds from his Dad. (Bought chips at Casino)
Then didn't cash in. Left Donald with the cash to make a delinquent mortgage payment.
Saddest reading was videos and articles posted by people he had conned & refused to pay for work done on his Read Estate deals. Many were by children of men who lost their business and
died broke. Many even lost their homes (besides business). It didn't matter that they were carpenters, contractors, furniture business for years, had worked in the company for their father & grandfather...everything gone. Few survived his bankruptcies or lawsuits.
Then Whoop te Doo
That video was released with Trump laughing and bragging about,
"I can't help it. I just grab and start kissing. Grab 'em by the Pussy. When you are rich and famous you can do anything, they let you."
So many women came forward.
But he just called them all liars. And then remarked about many that, "they aren't my type".
Remember #MeToo
Then the call out to Russia about the "Emails" and the chants of "Lock Her Up" .
So back to the Businessman.
IRS says he had the record for the largest loss in one year.
And to this day is fighting to not disclose
his Tax Returns.

Another year or two under Trump will Bankrupt the United States.
Already bankrupted Trust and Integrity.
I live in this country and can't trust one thing he says.
Imagine being the leader of another country, even his beloved Tyrants can't trust him.

Someone with more money and influence can change his tune in a second.
Just depends on where Donald thinks he can graft the most $
He isn't a real Republican,
He is just a Con Man who has used them,
but of course, they also have the @CorporateNazism (cl & read) using them.
The 1% of the world.
What a shame.
These last few weeks, many Republicans in the House have announced they will not run again.

To bad, there aren't a few Republican Senators who will register as Democrats, change the Senate Majority, remove Mitch and try to help save our country, democracy and our constitution.
I call my Republican Senators each day
and leave a message.
Not much hope, but I can only keep trying.
Nazism isn't for the workers, it is for the owners.
Good Luck America. I hope we survive.
An old video from August 2016.
I tried.
U.S.A Belongs to US The Citizens of America
The U.S.A Belongs to US, the Citizens of America
Make sure you vote to keep our country for us… not a Dictator who wants to tell us all what to do..his way.
unroll @threadreaderapp unroll
and thank you. ❤️
Hash Mark is #CorporateNazism

sorry. Old and sometimes forgetful.
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