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“This is normally the time at a conference when I’d say how happy we are to have you all here. But the key emotion we’re feeling right now is not gladness but grief.” @pbethancourt @ERLC #caringwell
After reading John 9, @drmoore tells the story of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing and the shards of shattered glass that had once been a stained glass window of Jesus’ face. People asked where was God. And people ask that now—where is the face of Jesus in the abuse crisis?
. @drmoore mentions abuse in movie companies, Roman Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, ending with an emphasis on the Houston Chronicle report (by @RobDownenChron et. al) exposing 700 cases of sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches. #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo @ERLC
“One of the major drivers of church sexual abuse is this sense of invulnerability. ‘It couldn’t happen in church’ or ‘it couldn’t happen in our church.’”

@drmoore then calls out people who say the numbers are too small to be considered crisis. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Dr. Moore says that if we think protecting brothers and sisters is a distraction from the mission of the church, we don’t understand the mission of the church. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Dr. Moore says that when abuse is made known, people so often pull out scripture. “Everyone is King David!” They shouldn’t only be forgiven but immediately given authority again.

“Jesus says ‘no.’”

@drmoore #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo
Says wolves aren’t the only problem. Hired hands who get scared and run when trouble comes—they’re a problem. They’re “willing to allow the most vulnerable among them to be offered up—simply so they can have a measure of tranquility and peace.” #churchtoo #sbctoo
“Brothers and sisters, Jesus never protects his reputation by covering up sin.” @drmoore #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Calls out reaction of “they were two consenting people” in situations where one person was grooming and abusing. Says that’s not a shepherd’s response—that’s a hired hand’s response. @drmoore #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo
. @drmoore says the question is whether the church will be shepherds. Will the church stand with the vulnerable or those who would prey on them? Mentions policies, reporting even suspicions immediately, caring for and empowering survivors. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
According to @drmoore, satanic presences do not just exist “out there” in the world. They’re in the church, too. The world isn’t asking if wolves exist. They already know that. They’re asking if there’s a good shepherd. #sbctoo #churchtoo #caringwell
“‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ is a call to action.” - final words from @drmoore #CaringWell #sbctoo #churchtoo
Next up: Survivor from SBC Sexual Abuse @SusanCodone

Says youth pastor asked her to stay behind one night at camp. Wrapped tetherball around her so she was tied to the pole. Asked her to “heed God’s call” and help him in his ministry. Kissed her. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Says he took pleasure in “desecrating the house of God” by abusing her in the church. Don’t tell—“your family will have to move, you’ll lose your salvation, your dad will have a heart attack and die. You’re hurting my ministry.” @SusanCodone #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo
Went to her pastor who said she seemed to have brought it on herself. He asked explicit questions about what had occurred. Stood over her and said, “@SusanCodone, if you won’t tell me what happened, why don’t you come back to the bedroom and show me what happened.” #caringwell
Says she didn’t understand she’d been abused till after a year of therapy in her twenties. She thought it was her fault. She’d been told she’d brought down men of God. @SusanCodone #CaringWell #sbctoo #churchtoo
Survivor Story @JackieHillPerry plays notes that echo through so many of these devastating stories. Familiarity didn’t mean safety. The assault must have been a mutual act (he was 16. She was in first grade.). Learning language of “abuse” years later brought freedom. #CaringWell
Gregory Love of @MinistrySafe says we build fences to keep out abduction offenders, but they’re only 4% of the child sexual abuse problem. 94% are preferential offenders—names Nassar, Sandusky—and check-in systems, background checks, often aren’t enough. #caringwell #churchtoo
“Idealism has no place among us this week. Only faith perfected by works.” @BethMooreLPM #CaringWell #churchtoo #sbctoo
“We take courage because it is our heritage. The early church was characterized by boldness...history will record this scandal in the SBC. What will be said about the generation on deck when it broke is on us.” @BethMooreLPM #churchtoo #sbctoo #caringwell
Beth calls out the way complementarian theology became so highly prioritized as a core value in the SBC that it has become synonymous with orthodoxy. Says women in such few places of power leads to nowhere for victims to go. #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo @BethMooreLPM
Some—mostly women—give standing ovation to @BethMooreLPM as she says that if complementarianism were woman, she would say it’s being abused and someone needs to call the police, and God help us if the police are in on it. #churchtoo #sbctoo #caringwell
. @garyhaugen, Founder/CEO of @IJM says the world sees the church in general and SBC in particular as being late to the abuse crisis, and assumes they will leave early. But, based on his experience with IJM, if good guys stay, they win. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
All of this “wonderful, quality” work at #CaringWell, @garyhaugen says, can be undermined by a simple human fact—we get tired. He prays that the leaders who have shown up will commit in advance never to go away in the fight against sexual abuse. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
When IJM published “Good News about Injustice” with @ivpress in 1998, it was the first book-length treatment of biblical justice in the English language in 100 years. @garyhaugen #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo
Says 100-year loss of biblical justice in church led to preaching David and Bathsheba as only adultery and not abuse of power, Sodom and Gomorrah as only homosexuality and not oppression, ignoring that David stood by when Tamar was raped. #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo
I couldn’t make live tweeting happen today, so I thought I’d share this summary by @jackmjenkins of #CaringWell so far. I’m still here through tonight and tomorrow—if you’re watching online or are here and want to talk, DM me! religionnews.com/2019/10/04/in-…
@jackmjenkins "When abuse hits a family, there's no GoFundMe page. There's no Instagram post. There's no meal calendar. It's a lonely battle. And it's one that takes friends who are in it for the long haul." @jamie_Ivey @ERLC #CaringWell #SBCToo #ChurchToo
@jackmjenkins @jamie_ivey @ERLC "Are we creating an industry around this? I don't think so. And I pray not. Here's my hope—my hope is in a God who brings beauty out of the ashes, including the ashes of the church. But yes, my preference is a lengthy season of listening not hosting." @BozT #CaringWell #ChurchToo
@jackmjenkins @jamie_ivey @ERLC @BozT "Embrace the voices and lives of all survivors, who are the Good Samaritans. I know they will give you a constant hope that perhaps winter is coming to an end inside the church and spring is on the way." @BozT #CaringWell #ChurchToo #SBCToo
@jackmjenkins @jamie_ivey @ERLC @BozT Up now: panel with contributors to Becoming a Church That Cares Well for the Abused curriculum produced by the @ERLC.

Moderator: @BradHambrick
Panelists: @DianeLangberg @RevChrisMoles Karla Siu @leslievernick
We need to start with humility and reverse the dynamics of power in relationships with abuse survivors, @DianeLangberg says. The survivor needs to have the power. They get to say when they want to talk and when they don’t. #CaringWell @ERLC #sbctoo #churchtoo
Karla Siu, Clinical Social Worker, encourages pastors to form partnerships, understand what social workers do. Says social workers may be apprehensive to engage w pastors/ministry leaders and vice versa and those prejudices need to be broken down. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Dishonor and destruction aren’t all that different, says @leslievernick. A healthy sinner recognizes when they’ve crossed the line. Marriage fractures when we don’t take responsibility for dishonor. It becomes destructive. #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
“We can’t expect a marriage to stay intact when you’re continually dishonoring and there’s no repair.” @leslievernick #churchtoo #sbctoo #caringwell
Most churches want to address marriage, then abuser, victim gets whatever is left over. Glory of God should always be goal. We’ve made marriage our sabbath (“sabbath was made for man not man for sabbath”). Church has accepted contrition that’s not real. @revchrismoles #caringwell
Q: what should we do when someone shares their story with us?

@DianeLangberg: I wouldn’t use many words, but I would honor their courage. Says most helping us egocentric because it’s based on our own feelings. Can’t help victims that way. They’re at the center. #caringwell
“I don’t get up to walk across the room and get a tissue without announcing it [when I’m with a survivor who is sharing]. ...it’s about me becoming little on their behalf. That’s the incarnation. That’s what Jesus did.” @DianeLangberg #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Q: what do ministry leaders do when they’ve heard enough to be concerned but not a total red flag?

Siu: in holding space for the victim, we have to discern what is best for them. We learn from them...it’s important that we don’t take on the investigative role. #caringwell
Siu says to “go ahead and make a call to CPS or adult protective services” who may or may not take the case but can make an investigative decision. Tell the victim what steps you have to take. Pastors are mandated reporters. #CaringWell #churchtoo #sbctoo
“1 Peter 3 has been weaponized in a lot of our pulpits and counseling rooms, as if women ONLY have gentleness and quietness as a response to trouble.” @revchrismoles #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
“Church, I think we need to abandon our love for power and follow the Savior. I truly believe that the evangelical church has wrapped itself up in the kingdom of the world when it comes to leadership...many of our pastors...are power players.” @revchrismoles #caringwell
Siu says she grieves when we don’t seize on the hope we have in Christ. Breaks her heart when we don’t enter into the dark and broken spaces despite knowing the resurrection. Mentions Nouwen’s The Wounded Healer. #CaringWell
“I would like to urge you to think about the precious truths that you teach and how they sound to victims of abuse. You stand in the pulpit and preach—well!—on God as Father. Have you ever wondered what that’s like for an incest survivor?” @DianeLangberg #caringwell #churchtoo
“We have made our churches a den of robbers. Do you know what that literally means? A safe place for predators.” @DianeLangberg #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
“The building of the kingdom of God only comes by fidelity to God and his ways.” @DianeLangberg #caringwell #SBCtoo #churchtoo
Says victims are the voice of our Lord to his people—to you and to me. They’re a picture of us all before God and we are to be a picture of God to them. @DianeLangberg #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo
“Jesus was not crucified for our systems,” says @DianeLangberg to scattered cheers and applause. “They are not eternal. We are.” #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Likens victims cast out of the church to bones in the killing fields. Says SBC was founded in a killing field—formed to protect slavery. And now it’s perpetuated in sexual abuse. Bones are rising up and crying out. @DianeLangberg #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
Juxtaposes killing tree in Camodian killing fields where babies were murdered in the name of “cleansing” with the killing tree we call the cross. “There too it seemed as if God had left...”. @DianeLangberg #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo
“[Jesus] walked the killing fields of this earth. He still does. And He weeps...He calls us to see what evil power does to vulnerable people...if we do not obey Him, we do not love Him.” @DianeLangberg #caringwell #churchtoo #sbctoo
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