TIMING MATTERS: A THREAD on the MAJOR points in the timeline of the #Russiagate / #Ukrainegate operation by the Clinton operatives working with the @DNC and State Department that EVERYONE seems to be missing.

VERY important, so RT it.

I’ve been saying for years that people make a HUGE mistake making Fusion GPS & Glenn Simpson the fall guy in the #Russiagate story.

He’s a patsy. This is MUCH bigger and it’s easy to prove, if you are open to facts.

This started BEFORE that...even before the ‘hack.”
So, let’s establish the times of one key event — when did Fusion GOS hired Christopher Steele, who put together the Steele dossier?
If we look at Glenn Simpson’s sworn Senate testimony, it was May or June of 2016.
This next fact on Steele is important too.

In this video, we see Jonathan Winer longtime John Kerry aide and State Department official discuss how he brought Steele into State, about six years ago.

Steele wrote memos about Ukraine. 🇺🇦

Winer also discusses this in an op-ed he wrote for the Washington Post.

Winer was being briefed by his associate Steele while he worked at the State Department in the summer and fall of 2016.
Also at State and ALSO being briefed by Steele in 2016 with the envoy to Ukraine put in place by Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland.

She discusses that in this interview, within days of Winer dropping his op-ed.

So that’s TWO State Department employees being briefed by Steele; Jonathan Winer & Victoria Nuland.

They both have 🇺🇦 Ukraine connections, as does Steele.

And there’s one more State Department who is VERY relevant to the whole story...Clinton’s Oxford roommate Strobe Talbott.
Strobe Talbott is one of the Clinton’s oldest and closest friends.

He headed the Brookings Instituion for years.

And is the THIRD State Department official briefed by Steele.

This is already looking very much like a State Department operation.

The 🇺🇦 Ukraine connections are everywhere.

Strobe link to a VERY important connection.

Back in the 1970s, Strobe married the twin sister of a man who would become a shadowy Clinton operative: Cody Shearer.
Read that Jonathan Winer op-Ed from earlier in the thread and you’ll that he was shown the little discussed “second dossier” that Cody Shearer assembled.

Steele gave it to the FBI.

But it’s totally misnamed. Why?

Because it came first, as you’ll see soon.
It’s a common mistake. This article calls it the Second Dossier.

Here’s an excellent article by @LeeSmithDC about the Shearer Dossier and it has lots of detail. Well worth a read and it contains something VERY significant.

Remember at beginning of the thread I showed that Christopher Steele was HIRED by Simpson in May / June of 2016?

But Cody Shearer was assembling HIS dossier BEFORE STEELE WAS HIRED.

He was discussing Trump / Russia in MARCH OR APRIL of 2016.
Remember the name Cody Shearer. We’ll come back to it in a moment.

Another example of how this was a set-up by Clinton connected people comes in this article that I’ve been talking about for two and a half years & @DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa.

Longtime @DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa was working with the Ukraine 🇺🇦 embassy to try and get dirt on @POTUS...also in March / April of 2016.

For that’s TWO Clinton connected people working actively to connect @realDonaldTrump to Russia BEFORE STEELE was hired.

The @DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa worked extensively throughout 2016 with a convicted domestic terrorist named Brett Kimberlin.

Brett was known as the “Speedway Bomber.”

Some details in this great @ChuckRossDC piece.

These are @TheDemocrats.

Brett Kimberlin is horrible.

He set the bombs off when police were investigating the murder of his girlfriend’s mother.

She thought Brett was molesting her granddaughter.

And after he got out of prison, he did work in Ukraine 🇺🇦 & married an underage 🇺🇦 girl from thereI .
I made this video about Brett Kimberlin a few years ago.

He sued me.

His case was thrown out of court.


And he has a LONG history with the Clintons.

While in prison, when Bill Clinton was running for President in 1992, Kimberlin claimed he sold Dan Quayle pot.

He lied, of course.

But got press from the @DoonesburyComic.

These are @TheDemocrats A
And who hooked Brett Kimberlin up with @DoonesburyComic in 1991?

None other than Cody Shearer.

Yep. These are @TheDemocrats.
Here’s the 1991 article about convicted serial bomber and pedophile Brett Kimberlin lying for the Clintons in 1991 after being hooked up by Clinton operative Cody Shearer.

In 2016, BOTH OF THEM when liking @POTUS to Russia BEFORE Steele..

So to recap what I’ve proven so far...in their own words...

The 2016 @POTUS Russia hoax is DIRECTLY traced back to:

People like Cody Shearer and Strobe Talbott go back to Bill Clinton’s college days.

Many people with 🇺🇦 connections

People who worked for Bill in 1990s.
Quick commercial break.

My followers have known most of these details from my reporting for over two years.

And there’s A LOT more.

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Let’s add another key collaborator in the 2016 election interference into the mix: the Senator John McCain.

Let’s first talk about what he did, and then talk about his connections that explain why he did it.

McCain and the @McCainInstitute played a very direct role.
As we’ve already shown you in their own words, both Victoria Nuland and Jonathon Winer weee being briefed on the Steele dossier in the summer of 2016.

They both claim they urged Steele to go to the FBI because they were SO CONCERNED.

What was going on here was information laundering.

They wanted the information to appear to come from Steele.

This includes the first dossier prepared by Cody Shearer, which Winer says he got from Syd Blumenthal...which did get the FBI.
The fact that Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Scherer were involved in this is the tell that this has been a Clintonland operation.

They are friends, associates & fiercely loyal to the Clintons for decades.

I’ll discuss them more them later in this thread.

This is why THEY couldn’t be the ones to provide the “concerning“ information to the FBI.

Because then the information would be known to come from Clinton operatives.

So they used Winer and Steele to launder it.

Like money laundering, with information. Hide the origins.
John McCain was part of exactly the same information laundering operation with the Steele Dossier.

He used a man named David Kramer from the @McCainInstitute.

Significantly, David Kramer pled the fifth about his role in distributing the Steele dossier.

This is something that @POTUS needs to look into and so does any one loyal to him.

Did YOU know someone pled the fifth in the story?

It goes deeper, though.

We are not nearly done with John McCain yet, but at this point we need to introduce one of the THREE foreign-born billionaires who are also at the center of this conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected @POTUS.

You’ve heard of George Soros, I assume.
George Soros has been somewhat mischaracterized as “That guy who funds everybody on the left.”

well that’s true to some extent, it’s more accurate to say he funds the ESTABLISHMENT left, international NGOs AND the military industrial complex.

And McCain and @McCainInstitute.
It’s worth pointing out at this point that Kurt Volker is the executive director of The McCain Institute.

@POTUS is surrounded by snakes, vetted by corrupt people we will discuss much later in this thread.

George Soros also played a significant role in the US backed coup in Ukraine 🇺🇦 that put the government in place that would interfere and the 2016 election on behalf of Clinton.

Here he is bragging about it years ago on @CNN.

And there is a quid pro quo here, because there’s a symbiotic relationship between a program Hillary Clinton put into place in the dozens of George Soros backed NGOs in Ukraine .

Hillary Clinton was SoS, she launched a program called Civil Society 2.0

If you watch that video, you’ll hear the State department official talk about how the Civil Society 2.0 program created something called tech camps to teach activists how to use social media.

This gave support and taxpayer dollars to foment unrest.

And they worked as intended in Ukraine. You’ll see in this video from 2013 to remember the Ukraine Parliament was saying that this Clinton/Soros project was being used to overthrow the democratically elected government..

Did you know the US did this?

And after Hillary Clinton launched this civil Society 2.0 project,George Soros became one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors.

It’s also important to note at this point given the state departments funding of Tech Camps, that the malware supposedly used in the hack of the DNC came from Ukraine 🇺🇦.

I included that detail & many others in my last article at @BreitbartNews in 2017.

Oops, earlier in the thread I included the same video twice.

Here is the 2103 video of the Ukrainian parliament remember talking about the United States overthrowing the government using the Civil Society 2.0 program put into place by Hillary Clinton.

Earlier in the thread, we talked about convicted of domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin a.k.a. the Speedway Bomber, who was working with DN operative Alexandra Chalupa.

In the past, he was funded by George Soros and John Kerry wife.

Remember we also discussed the role of Sidney Blumenthal, the longtime Clinton dirty tricks operative?

He has received large payments from the George Soros funded group Meeia Matters for America.

You’re starting to see that George Soros is EVERYWHERE.

We’re not actually done talking about the funding of the coup in Ukraine 🇺🇦 let’s take a quick break and do something that the US media has not done and ask how it affected the PEOPLE of Ukraine.

Please watch this video. It’s been a disaster. Watch.

Meanwhile, we are told by the United States media that Russia is the bad guy and that they “invaded’ Crimea.

So how are things in Crimea? How are things for the people there under Russian rule?

Again please watch this.

You can see in those two videos that despite the propaganda in the United States from the media & politicians in both the Republican and Democratic party, people are better off in Crimea and much worse off in Ukraine.

Everyone is lying to you about Ukraine. Are you seeing that?
Do you watch those videos?

They weren’t from Russian media or even pro Russian media.

They were from France and the BBC.

The fact are so clear they can’t hide them. The people of Ukraine suffered while elitists bastards like @JoeBiden, @HillaryClinton and Soros make millions.
This is actually the part of this whole story that bothers me the most - nobody seems to actually care about the people of Ukraine.

The United States government put in a leader.

Ukrainian voters voted him out in a 70% landslide.

We should be ashamed.

Another quick commercial break to remind you that the independent, always factual, always sourced journalism that I do depends on the donations of citizens like you.

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PayPal.me/Lee tranahan
Let’s get back to Sidney Blumenthal, who has managed to stay off the radar in most media accounts but as I’ve shown is clearly right at the center of the 2016 election interference by the Democrats.

We’re going to talk about Sidney Blumenthal and George Soros funding and it’s worth noting that the pro Democrat media considers talking about FACTS and NUMBERS to be...racist.

and please understand, there was a HUGE amount of money circulating around the Clinton campaign in 2016.

Much of it came through PACs.

So, at the risk of being called racist for pointing out facts and numbers, let's go over some of the numbers and see how George Soros spend some of his money in 2016.

Let's look at OpenSecrets.org

We'll start with the $10,500,000 George Soros gave to Priorities USA Action.

(You only see $8.5 million here.)

Who are they?
Priorities USA Action is a feeder PAC that gives a STAGGERING amount of money to other PACs, which in turn support Hillary Clinton & @TheDemocrats.

In 2016, $71 MILLION dollars in their donations came from "Securities / Investment" which means "Hedge Fund Managers" like Soros.
Check out he Priorities USA Action page and you'll see that Soros isn't even their biggest donor. But it's mostly all hedge fund people.

Go look up Paloma Partners (who gave $21 million) and these other donors.

Priorities USA Action spent over $6 million to promote Hillary...

But they spent over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX MILLION to oppose @realDonaldTrump.

And that's just direct spending.
Most of the Priority USA Action money went to media buys, which means advertising to big media companies...

But notice that $4,000,000 went to a group you've probably NEVER heard of - Immigrant Voters Win.
The keen eyed may have noticed that George Soros second largest individual PAC donation went to...Immigrant Voters Win.

This is what I mena by the money circulating.

Soros gave $10.5M to Priorities who gave $4M to IVW, and Soros ALSO gave them $3M.
And where did Immigrant Voters Win give THEIR money?

The biggest donation ($2.4 million) went to vaguely named Community Outreach Group...
And who did Community Outreach Group give THEIR money to?

Well, $2.4 went BACK to Immigrant Voters Win.


But their BIGGEST donation went to Planned Parenthood Voters...which....you see where this is going, right?
Now you see how the money flow, in and out and all around because Planned Parenthood Votes got 2 of their top 3 donations from...

Priorities USA Action...

And George Soros.

So the next time @TheDemocrats talk about "money in politics" you should either laugh. Or cry.
@TheDemocrats Let's be clear...this is AN INTENTIONAL clusterfuck.

The people in power in BOTH parties WANT this to be confusing. It's tricky to follow for the same reason that money laundering connections are hard to track.

Hidden in plain site.

"Follow the money?" Good luck, suckers!
Oh, and that Immigrant Voters win group you've never heard of?

Who else got their money?

See that Terra Strategies Group. (Based in Iowa, by the way...early primary state, so interesting choice.)

What do they do?
Well, voter fraud, for one thing.
By the way -- who reported on that?

@BreitbartNews? @nytimes? @CNN?

Nah. It's BURIED at the bottom of this story on @espn.


Now that you have a sense of the circular nature of Pat funding let’s talk about Sidney Blumenthal and the various Clinton related PACs he was working for in 2016.

This article says his net worth is about $4 million I mentions a few different political action committees
Blumenthal was getting money in 2016 from American bridge 21st-century, and not surprisingly their top Donations came from George Soros.
21st century American Bridge then sent some of that money on to another pack that Blumenthal is getting paid for them, Correct the Record.
But THEN you’ll notice that Correct the Record - anothet abrock connecting operation by the way Dash sent a lot more money back to 21st century American Bridge.

Again, if this seems confusing, it’s by design.

Remember Blumenthal is collecting saleries from both.
Correct the Record is a specially not worth it because they were behind Hillary Clinton’s “bot army” - a complex social media propaganda and intelligence operation that was far faster than anything the Democrats even accused Russia of.

But ‘accuse first” Is a disinfo tactic.
It’s also worth noting here that Correct the Record didn’t just use its dishes and deceptive social media tactics against @realDonaldTrump but also against Hillary Clinton’s primary rival Bernie Sanders.

Many Republicans may have missed some of the significance of the Hillary campaign to destroy Bernie Sanders as it relates to the story of 2016 election interference.

At one point during the campaign, Team Clinton accused Sanders of a “data breach.”

Almost immediately, the DNC cut the Sanders campaign off from all access to fundraising data.

The IT company assisting the DNC was...Crowdstrike.

Yes, that @CrowdStrike.

And Sanders didn’t know it, but at that point the @DNC WAS the Clinton team.

It would not be revealed until 2017, but earlier in 2015 the DNC had signed a secret Joint Fundraising Agreement with Hillary for America.

That agreement, which the Sanders campaign was not aware of, let Hillary to choose the communications director.

The communications director handpicked by the Clinton team was a man named Luis Miranda.

Again, remember that nobody knew any of this at the time except for a select few people.

Now...remember that DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa who was colluding with the government of Ukraine 🇺🇦 to interfere in the 2016 election?

Her point of contact as exposed by WikiLeaks was luis Miranda, the secretly chosen communications director put in place by Clinton.
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