Divya Dwivedi (@Aloft_Incumbent, a deracinated HINO & Le-Li Hinduphobe) is saying that #Hinduism/Sanatana Hindu Dharma was "invented" in 20th century?

I am OBC Telugu & a Proud 🕉️ Hindu like my ancestors & I am aware of my ancient 🕉️ heritage.

You're wrong on many levels "deracinated"@Aloft_Incumbent:


You're spewing hateful-colonial construct also used by Radical Christian missionaries, Hinduphobic Left-DMK to deride us Hindus🕉️ by saying that we don't have any identity, existence before 20th Century.

Tell us @Aloft_Incumbent, What is our religious or dharmic identity before 20th century?

Who were our Kings? like #SriKrishnadevaraya, #Shivaji etc.

Which are our New year festivals?like #GudiPadwa, #Ugadi, #Vaisakhi, #Puthandu, #Vishu etc based on 🕉️ Dharmic calender.

What about our ancient literary, devotional 🕉️ Dharmic works that are available across the nation?

Vedas, Upanishads, Itihasas, Puranas etc.
Ramayanas like Valmiki's, Molla's, Kambar's.
Nalayira Divya Prabandham,
Tirumurai, Amuktamalyada, Gita Govinda etc.

What are they?

All our Hindu🕉️ Gods & their worship is part of our #Hindu Dharmic identity.

Aditi, Indra, Agni, Vayu, Varuna, Ushas, Prithvi.
Brahma-Saraswati, Vishnu-Lakshmi, Shiva-Parvati, Ayyappa Swamy, Ganesha, Murugan, Karuppu Sami.
Yellamma, Maisamma, Pochamma, Kanaka Durga, Kali,

Vaishnodevi, Meenakshi,
Venkateswara, Alamelu,
Andal, Ranganatha, Jagannath, Balarama, Vithoba, Narasimha.
"Maryada Purushottam" Ramachandra, Sita Devi, Hanuman,
"Leela Purushottam" Krishna, Radharani.

Their worship didn't exist before 20th C?@Aloft_Incumbent

#Hinduism or Sanatana 🕉️ Dharma is not like some other faiths saying, it got started at that time, so existed from that time frame.
Are you trying to say #MahatmaGandhi founded it in 20th century?

Here's probably the oldest existing 🕉️ temple.

Unlike most Polytheist faiths & Ancient Pagan cultures which now got extinct across the world due to Abrahamic invasions and for other reasons.

Our Sanatana Hindu 🕉️ Dharma still exists; Thanks to our 🕉️ Hindu ancestors & their continuous resistance; we didn't give up.🚩


How ignorant, stupid and Hinduphobic of you @Aloft_Incumbent to say that we "Hindus are false majority" seriously?

You're implying that lower castes which in constitutional terms referred as OBC, SC, ST are not Hindus at all but part of "False Hindu majority."

Many left-liberals like you @Aloft_Incumbent try to portray us OBC, SC, ST Hindus as non-Hindus, want us to fight UCs & reject Hindu
🕉️ Dharma.

Let me disappoint you:
I am an OBC, In fact i am more Dharmic than many of my UC, Brahmin frds & I know devoted SC, ST Hindus.

My roomie is ST Valmiki, his surname is "Ramayanam"
Do you Le-Lis know how much devoted Hindu he is?

Leave UCs for a minute, As an OBC Hindu, I have Hindu🕉️ culture, ancestry.

What makes you think only Upper castes are "real" Hindus? should we then let go of our Dharma?

🕉️ saints came from across jatis, castes, regions.
They're highly revered by all Hindus.
Non-UCs also contributed to 🕉️Dharma.

Nandanar(Dalit Nayanar), Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy, Tukaram, Sree Narayana guru, Mata Amritanandamayi & many more.…

I'll remain Hindu
🕉️ @Aloft_Incumbent

Our ancestors gave us, Kula devata(family deity),
Grama devata(village deity)
Ishta devata(one's personal deity)-mine "Lord Krishna"

Hindu🕉️ heritage includes all Vedic, Puranic, Kula, Grama, Ishta devatas(deities) worship etc.


Eradicate Caste Discrimination but in which manner?

Many 🕉️ Bhakti movement saints to reformers like Dayanand Saraswati, Sree Narayana guru worked for it.

Before Annihilating caste, practically 1st we need to "remove hatred between castes."
Tough but possible.

I have been in association with several Hindu🕉️ groups in my life, none of them showed casteism.

Casteism is across religions in Subcontinent, one can change faith but not caste (present in Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jains too) & you can also see "Casteless Hindus" too.

Casteless Hindus mostly are foreigners; converted to Sanathan Hindu Dharma & many became Yogis, Saints, Priests etc

How does caste matter to them?
Varna is fluid, that's why many castes in Subcontinent have claimed different Varnas to suit themselves at different times.

But by making Upper castes vs Lower castes(as if there's no casteism among lower castes, Dalits); Savarna vs Avarna; Brahmin vs Non-Brahmin in the anti-Caste propaganda and demonizing the former section outrightly will only makes things worse in society & Ntg reformative.

Think of Sanathan Hindu🕉️ Dharma beyond caste also, caste is not the only factor; if so several Hindu Bhakti saints, groups won't come up;

Also many OBC, SC, ST communities have got their culture related to Hindu 🕉️ Dharma, so don't do disservice to them, for us, for me.

& How castes came? Not only wrt work but also because of clans, certain communities also became castes over a period of time;

so main issue wrt casteism shouldn't be anti-hinduism but caste discrimination (this is where one can be anti-casteist) by treating all equally.

So this agenda that one should denounce Hinduism to be anti-caste from left-liberal circles sounds not only absurd but also itself impractical to let us OBCs, and SC,STs to strip off our cultures;

Rather we should bring castes on same level for socio-economic upliftment.

This is where the discrimination part will end;

Inter-Caste marriages, Priesthood to interested people across castes, spirituality etc (which are also happening in several places, several Hindu🕉️ groups like Arya Samaj, ISKCON etc) will surely help to eliminate casteism.

The agenda of dissing, demonizing some upper castes, terming every dharmic hindu(be it UC,OBC,SC,ST) as "brahminical", "casteist" won't give any reasonable justice but will divide society further.

So one needs to be anti-casteist but need not be anti-hindu at same time.

If Le-Lis like you @Aloft_Incumbent, think seriously about eliminating Casteism, don't be hypocrites by promoting Casteist political parties just to counter #Hindutva & @BJP4India, RW.

#Hindutva as an ideology, cultural assertion on paper is surely Anti-Casteist but also

it needs to be implemented correctly in society to reform & to reclaim what's ours but again sadly some people who support #Hindutva are also Casteist.

Hindu 🕉️ Dharma has seen tremendous adaption with time without losing it's roots even when adversaries, invasions came.

To put it in your own words, like you @Aloft_Incumbent said.

"We are disturbed by Anti-Hindu Le-Lis like you appropriating some Hindu communities under garb of human rights, secularism using them as pawns for your agenda bcoz the ideological continuity between Indian

Le-Lis & Colonial time Britishers, Radical Missionaries exist. And the Indian left is corollary of the idea that Hindu 🕉️ Dharma & Hindus shouldn't exist and this is a false dream.

People like you were influenced by enemies of Hindus to do propaganda against Hinduism

(not just Hindutva) in order to hide the fact that lower caste people are also devoted Hindus.

Infact Lower caste people have been victims at hands of Indian Left e.g. Marichjhapi Massacre of Dalits, and killings of Tribals by Naxals and people like you played role to

construct a false notion that Indian Left cares about lower castes and create false "identity politics" by brainwashing them with Anti-Hindu agenda in Universities.

The only relevant question in today's politics is whether people will boycott Hinduphobic Anti-Indian Left

(who support anything Anti-Hindu) and embrace Hindutva & save themselves from deracination and delusion that Hindu 🕉️ Dharma was "invented" in 20th century.



India that is Bharat which is predominantly 🕉️Hindu in culture since ancient times have 2 options.

Follow #Bharatratna, teacher who defended #Hinduism from west like #SarvepalliRadhaKrishnan


Follow Le-Li, HINO teacher like #DivyaDwivedi(@Aloft_Incumbent)


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