We will apply Artificial Intelligence in order to solve laws
Conference program on this topic to be announced soon, we promise

We will also post the info about the hotel for this conference, which definitely happened this year
There is nothing suspicious about the fact that the link to the hotel page is only available on some of the pages
Looks like it really did happen, just badly managed.

Maybe they need an AI to keep their website up to date.

“She’s not aware of any of those things,” Paul Cohen says as a hypothetical woman undergraduate of color steps off a bus into the big complex university

“It becomes urgent to model all of that, because they affect policies,” says Paul Cohen. So there you go, we will use AI to solve the law

One of these hilarious slides in one of these videos has a picture of a Smart City with all the things labeled “POLITICAL POLITICAL POLITICAL.” As if to say to the critics, “Ha! We said it. It’s all political. Checkmate.” We will have to find it later.
Going through the 2018 keynotes. At 4m 30s Paul Cohen uses the language of "diversity" to refer to interdisciplinary work, and the language of "working collectively" to refer to this scary project of building the whole entire world into One Big Database

"An audacious idea. The idea is that we can, in fact, model the world's complicated interacting systems well enough to manage them rationally." Paul Cohen (5:30)

Oh, and the "diverse community" includes intelligence agencies.

Here's the inspiring video pitch. "She's not aware of any of those things. Few people are."

Guess who is among the Chosen Few

Okay, so the Smart City is at 1:51 in the inspiring pitch video. And exactly one building is labeled "POLITICAL." There is a quote somewhere that "everything is political" and we will find it in a moment

For now, simply marvel at the moon labeled "LUNAR"

8:20: "Rewarding specialization is the wrong strategy if you're trying to tackle systemic problems"

This is the logic whereby ignorance is a qualifier, not a disqualifer.

What happened to "working collectively?" Why not work collectively with experts?

Here it is, at 12m 30s: Smart Futures have four characteristics. 1. There are multiple possible futures, and they are intended. "We get serious about the idea that there are many futures, and that we get to choose which ones we develop"

2: "Smart futures are model based, evidence-based, and rational....They are entirely hypothetical at first, but as they are informed by data, they become the basis for decisions, and hypothetical futures become real ones."

Did you notice the jump? On what basis do "we" get to decide which futures we should build?
3: "Smart futures are made by and of human and machine intelligence....smart future will have inherent in them much greater human and machine intelligence" (13:45)

But he just said humans supply the intelligence.

4: "Smart futures are fully cognizant of interacting complicated systems—AND I REALLY DO MEAN COGNIZANT. Some combination of human & machine intelligence....has to help us steer" (14:15)

...And just like that, determinism sneaks in through the back door.

"Is Smart Futures a crazy idea and an impossible dream?" (14:35)

Yes, it is.

We will keep looking for the quote about everything being political.

Here's a fun little nugget: "Some of these methods are so advanced that they don't yet have names." (16:05)

Amazing! We are speechless in the face of Breathtaking Progress!

Here's Paul Cohen...attempting to discredit a critical talk.

"My goodness, after that lunch talk, I feel almost stupid saying it, but to promote rationality (laughter)....Yes, I'm really depressed by that presentation" (0:50)

"We can do a really great job [modeling] and not be able to accomplish a single thing....All of the work we are doing must be contextualized into the broader societal context." (1:35)

"I am painfully aware of my own inability to [contextualize work in the broader societal context]." (2:12)

Don't worry, he's aware! He's got this handled.

"I've spent my whole life in academia [except for the years spent at DARPA]" (2:15)

"So for that reason the panel this afternoon, AS PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT SPENT THEIR WHOLE LIVES IN ACADEMIA."

Paul Cohen is a vicious person.

"How we few, WE HAPPY FEW, can take our marvelous technological innovations and contextualize them in a way that we actually can make a difference." (2:45)

Behold Paul Cohen, the Great Leader of the Techno-Aristocracy.

We're going to go find that critical lunch talk now. The one that was such a threat to Paul Cohen's pipe dream that he felt the need to lash out on the basis of "I don't know what I'm doing but I've been doing this all my life and I know what I'm doing and YOU DON'T SO THERE"
It must have been this talk, at 12:30—2:00 PM: Lunch talk: Speaking of Complicated Systems—Washington and the Media in the Age of Trump and Facebook. Howard Fineman, News Analyst, NBC News.

Looking for the video...
Update: The talk that Paul Cohen didn't like is not available via the Videos page.

@howardfineman Do you happen to recall giving at talk in Pittsburgh on May 22nd, 2018 at 12:30-2:00PM on "complicated systems?" A talk which Paul Cohen perhaps invited you to give and then didn't seem to like?
@howardfineman Anyway, Paul Cohen, Dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information, is a vicious and petty person who makes every attempt to suppress critiques of his vision to build the entire world into One Big Computer Model in order to inform The Law
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